Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary 3 Days (Complete Travel Guide)

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Know more about Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary 3 days.

Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary
Sagrada Familia

Spain’s Catalonia area’s capital city – Barcelona is a bright and vibrant city.  Barcelona is full of wonderful architecture, cultural attractions, alluring nightlife, gorgeous landscapes, and sunny Mediterranean seas, all with joyous vibes. 

Barcelona is not only Spain’s popular destination but it is the most popular destination in the world.  It attracts millions of visitors/tourists every year.

Barcelona – a vibrant city in Spain is everyone like families, couples, singles, culture lovers, beach lovers, history & monument lovers, etc.  Spanish food is very unique and you will find many quirky restaurants in this city to try out. Plan a food tour in Barcelona by reading more on it.  Read here to know about Tips and Tricks for Barcelona. 


Now let’s go and check the Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona itinerary –


Basilica Sagrada Familia is the largest unfinished church in the world. The Roman Catholic church attracts 2.8 million visitors each year.  The construction of this church started in 1882 and is still going on.  Antoni Gaudi, a great architect took over this project and worked on this project until his death. 

It is believed that 70% of the work has been finished to date.  Current architects are following Gaudi’s patterns.  This UNESCO-listed, Sagrada Familia is in the northern part of Barcelona with 18 towers dedicated to different Biblical figures. 

Basilica Sagrada Familia is translated into The Basilica of Sacred Family.  The Exterior and interiors of Sagrada Familia Basilica have lavish and impressive sculptures like Jesus’s birth and other religious depictions of the Bible. Basilica Sagrada tops the list of planning Barcelona Itinerary. 

Read more about to know about skip the line Sagrada Familia.

Check or Book some famous tours in Barcelona – 

ILLa de la Piscordia / CASA AMATLLER 

This famous and amazing building was built by Puigi Cadafalch who combines neo-Gothic styles and some inspirations from houses of the Netherlands and therefore must be added to your Barcelona itinerary. 

This building is standing along with Gaudi’s Casa Batllo and Casa Morera.  Together these 3 buildings form a Block of Discord(Illa de la Discordia). 

Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona
IIIa de la Piscordia / CASA AMATLLER


It is a very famous building located in the center of Barcelona which is designed by famous architect named Gaudi.  The style of architecture is modernist. 

The building was refurbished by Gaudi on a previously built building in the year 1904.  Exteriors are decorated with multi-colored ceramics, glass, wave-shaped windows/balconies with uneven blue-tiled roofs.

  This is a UNESCO heritage site and a magnificent example of Art nouveau style and therefore tops the list of wonderful places to visit in Barcelona.

Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona
Casa Batllo


Barcelona’s most lively and famous street with full of tourists, culture centers/theaters, restaurants, cafes, street shopping, souvenir kiosks, florists. 

In short La Ramla street is a window to Catalunya culture.  This is located in central part of Barcelona with a stretch of 1.2 km starting from Placa de Catalunya and ending at Barcelona port – Port Vell. 

Walking on La Ramla streets is the most wonderful thing to do in Barcelona.


This garden is spread among 14 hectares and is located between Montjuiic castle and Olympic Village. 

It has many shrubs/species from 6 different zones like the Mediterranean climate, Canary Islands, Southern Australia, South Africa, Chile, and California. 


Barcelona hosted 1992 Olympic games. The whole Olympic events, games, and ceremonies took place in this Olympic village called Anella Olimpica.  This village is located on the hill of Montjuiic. 


It is also known by its short form – MNAC. Located on Montjuiic hill, it is famous for collections of Romanesque church paintings depicting Catalan art & design from 10th to 20th centuries

Check the calendar for special art showcase/events before going here.  Requires to purchase tickets for visiting inside.

 PORT VELL – Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary

Port Vell or Port of Barcelona played a major role from ancient times and shaped Spain’s future.  It is a famous tourist spot with a viewing gallery at 50 meters in height. 

There are many operational traditional pleasure boats that sail around Port Vell.  Also, there is a broad wooden walkway with a retail & leisure complex named Maremagnum.

The main attractions to visit in Port Vell are Museu d’ Historia and Aquarium.  


Enjoy the panoramic views of Barcelona city and breathtaking views of the sea from the top of Montjuiic hill while riding through a cable car.  There is a small castle at the top of the hill.

Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona
Cable ride in Barcelona from Montjuiic hill

COLOMBUS MONUMENT – Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary

 The Colombus Monument is a 60 m tall tower located at the end of La Ramla in Barcelona.  This tall monument was constructed to honor Christopher Colombus’s first voyage to America. 

At the top of the monument, there is a bronze statue of Colombus.  The statue of Colombus has a pointing hand towards the sea which has many beliefs people say, he is pointing toward America, towards his hometown but the most popular one is that pointing hand is towards the sea and is depicted as his achievement in naval exploration. 


A symbol of modern Barcelona. It is a 38-story bullet-shaped, a cylindrical skyscraper that was built in 2003. This tower has glass facades that are illuminated with changing colors of the Mediterranean region. 

These colors change after some time intervals and so this place should be visited during evenings/nights. 

Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona
Torre Agbar

PLACA DE CATALUNYA – Places to visit in Barcelona

The most lively square and the favorite meeting point of Barcelona.  It is the heart of Barcelona which is spread over an area of 5 hectares.  There are famous shopping centers, department stores, luxurious hotels, bars & theaters. 

It is connecting old Barcelona city with new/modern Barcelona city.  It is the main transportation hub of Barcelona. 

Major metro lines, and city railway line meets here and this is the main transportation subway.  City buses, Hop-On Hop-Off tourist buses, and Airport express buses have regular bus stops at this junction. 



How to commute? Top sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary

  • There is a widely spread and convenient public transport system in Barcelona.
  • There are many kinds of passes 2-day pass, 3day pass, or weekly pass available which can be used in all local transports – tram, metro, bus, and some public boats. 
  • Tourist buses or Hop-On Hop-Off buses are other options for sightseeing. 

How to travel From Barcelona to other cities?

  • From Barcelona, You can commute through Renfe trains(part of Eurorail network) to reach your next destinations. 
  • Rent a car or airplanes are another way to connect the cities of Spain. Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona

Renfe trains and railway station of Barcelona

What to eat in Spain?

  • Enjoy delicious tapas, Paella, and Mediterranean cuisine in restaurants specially located at La Ramla.
  • Barcelona’s street food is very famous and worth tasting for first-timers in Barcelona.
  • Read more about the best restaurants in Barcelona which you must try during your Barcelona city tour.   

What to shop in Barcelona? – Barcelona Itinerary

Handmade ceramics and pottery articles like ceramic jewelry, showpieces,  tiles, Spanish olives, and Sun-dried Tomatoes. 

Best season to visit – Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary

April to Late September (Early Springs to late Autumn).

Nightlife in Barcelona – Things to do in Barcelona Spain

List of famous nightclubs in Barcelona, Spain 

  • Razzmatazz
  • Macarena Club
  • Apolo
  • La Terrrazza
  • Opium Barcelona
  • Pacha Barcelona

Please save this list of Sightseeing Places in Barcelona Itinerary with other useful information for first-timer travelers to Spain. You can plan the Barcelona itinerary 3 days or 2 days after reading this useful Spain Travel guide.


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Things to do in Barcelona, Spain 

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  1. I just loved Barcelona. Such a vibrant city with so many things to do and so much to see. Your post brings back those happy memories for me 🙂

  2. I think Barcelona is a magical city! Seeing your photos really brought me back to my time there. I regret not taking the cable car or seeing the botanical gardens. I will have to do that when I return!

  3. I love Barcelona, and always find a reason to go back! The cable cars are a must, as is all of Gaudi’s buildings and attractions. La Sagrada Familia is a must see, and I think it will finally be finished this year after 100 years or something?!

  4. Where was this list when I went to Barcelona? Seriously love how you put it all together on one place. The only place we visited on your list was the Sagrada familia. And we didnt even get to go up to the top. But it was sooo Beautiful. Barcelona has amazing architecture and thats one of the reasons I love it so much.

  5. Sagrada familia is obviously a must when anyone visits Barcelona. Hopefully we can go this year and visit properly. Casa Amatller looks beautiful, it may be famous but never seen photos of it other than on your website! Love it. Then of course how can you miss the Casa Batllo, can’t wait to see that!

  6. Heyyy! That’s something I’ve been to! Loved Sagrada Familia and all those Gaudi architecture are all so amazing!!! I was there for just 1 day. Gotta head there again in a couple of months!

  7. I’m an architecture junkie! This is why I love Barcelona so much. I love the Spanish culture and architecture. It’s so romantic and dreamy. Great photos!

  8. Funny thing, I am from Barcelona and I have lived there for more than twenty years. Not long ago I wrote a post about things not to do in Barcelona and one of the main ones were: never eat in las Ramblas! hahaha Those places are low quality and extremely overpriced. I would have loved to know what your opinion on spanish food would have been if you would have eaten at a good restaurant :p
    That said, you got a nice list of points to visit here, although I think you are missing the Park Guell !

    1. I missed Park Guell as weather was not good… heavy rains… I liked Spainish food as it is very spicy and loved crowded la Ramlas. I agree with you about seeing a city while living in it or as a perspective from tourist’s eyes. They both differ a lot. A place favorite to tourist is least favorite among locals.

  9. Barcelona is always an amazing place to visit because there is always so much to see and do and it certainly looks like you fitted a lot in. The only thing i haven’t experienced are the cable carts in Barcelona so a trip back might be on the cards.

  10. The architecture of ILLa de la Piscordia is spell binding. And the Casa Batllo charms with its fairy tale like setting. I think I will enjoy Barcelona. I am a train enthusiast and will surely try the Renfe trains.

  11. Hi,
    I haven’t been to Barcelona and any part of Spain for that matter. I can now make out reasons as why it’s one of the top travel destination. Those architectural structures itself would make any photography go gaga.

  12. I have never been to Spain, but it is on my ‘go to list’. I did not realize there was so much to see there.
    ‘Casa Batllo’ looks interesting. I love Cable Cars and look forward to taking some brilliant photos of Barcelona.

  13. I was in Barcelona last summer and I loved the city! The architectures of Gaudi are truly amazing. There is so much to see and do in Barcelona. I will need to go back again sometime soon.

  14. There is so much to explore in Barcelona besides the architecture it is also a foodie’s paradise. agrada and Park Guell are our favorite places to visit in Barcelona. We were in awe of the Gaudi buildings they look like taken straight out of a fairytale. Hope to visit again some time soon.

  15. I had no idea there is so much variety in the architecture. So many lovely designs around the city. Very informative for Barcelona travel planning.

  16. We have got to get to Barcelona. I didn’t realize they celebrated Christopher Columbus’s “finding” the new world so that was a new one for me. it seems you always see Gaudi and the Rambla but not the kind of details like the Cable Ride to the top of the hill for the view. Nice roundup of things to do in Barcelona. We’ll make to reference it when we finally visit!

  17. I’ve always wanted to visit Barcelona, and I love the list you’ve put together. Gaudi is one of the reasons I’d love to go, just to experience the buildings as he designed the, with the play of natural light on all the ceramics and glass. It would be beautiful to see the Torre Agbar lit up at night. I didn’t even know that existed!

  18. I have been to Barcelona with a bunch of friends from my french courses at the university but it was only for a few days and we only visited three from your list! I wish now we could have taken our time to atleast visit the Casa Batllo, it’s gorgeous! And taking a cable car ride up to Montjuiic hill would have been nice for a great view of the city! Atleast,
    I remember that we ate very well; Paella, Tapas and sea food platter all the time. Let’s say this was more a culinary trip for us!

  19. The architecture of the city has swayed my heart! I wonder how the engineers of that time would carve such masterpieces without all the modern day equipments. Casa Batllo looks so fascinating and a perfect Instagram photo opportunity. Love its colourful ceramic decorations.

  20. Because I studied Spanish for seven years, I learned a lot about the country. However, I’ve never got a chance to visit and practice my language skills. I would love to see La Sagrada Familia in person although it seems frustrating that it was never finished.

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