Things to do in Seville – Spain

About Seville

Seville is flamboyant, cultural and historic city of Southern Spain’s Andalusia region.

Houses of Seville
Houses of Seville

 It is believed  that Seville is founded by Greek god Hercules about 3000 years back.  Seville is famous for flamenco dance and also has rich Moorish heritage.

Flamenco dance from Seville
Flamenco dance from Seville

Things to do in Seville – 

1.)  Alcazar of Seville 

This is a royal palace of Seville, developed by Moorish kings.One of the most beautiful palaces of Spain. It has several hectares of garden inside and surrounding it.

Alcazar of Seville
Alcazar of Seville
Gardens inside Alcazar
Gardens inside Alcazar

Walls of Alcazar are adorned with authentic Spanish styled ceramic tiles.

2.) Plaza de Espana

Semi-circular styled Renaissance-Moorish styled grand palace is main attraction of Seville.  In front of palace there is 500 meter canal is built crossing 4 bridges.  This canal is popularly known as Venice of Spain.  Famous Star war series – Episode II and Lawrence of Arabia has been shot here.

3.  Seville Cathedral  – 

It is the largest Gothic cathedral of the world and also an UNESCO World heritage. 

4.)  Giralda – 

It is the bell tower of Seville Cathedral built during Moorish period as a Minaret. It has been since Medieval times. 

Giralda at Seville Cathedral
Giralda at Seville Cathedral

5.)  Streets of Seville – 

Walking in the streets of Seville with full of antique and ancient Spanish styled homes, colorful Andalusian buildings, tapas bars, cafes is worth to explore culture and architecture of Spain. 

6.)  Ceramics/Pottery work from Seville –

Seville is well known for hand made brightly colored ceramic tiles and pottery work.  These tiles are adorned on walls of palaces, houses and floors of each and every corner of this city.  Also utensils are made through this art. Best place to purchase souvenir. 

7.)  Flamenco Dance – 

Seville is also well known for Flamenco Dance and Dancers. Seville has a historic role in this dance form.  Also Seville has Flamenco Dance museum and houses many bars with live Flamenco dance with traditional Spanish music and dinner.

8.)  Spanish Food – 

If your are in cultural city of Spain that is Seville try authentic Spanish dishes like Paella and Tapas. 

Paella from Seville
Paella from Seville

9.)  Living in Spanish styled palatial Villa 

Traditional styled Spanish villa converted into hotel. 

10.)  Flora and Fauna of Seville – 

Seville also has many nature parks with many species of bright colored flowers. One of the famous park is Maria Lusia Park. 

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  1. Ah, Spain! This country isn’t so beautiful and it’s a shame that I haven’t been able to visit it yet. I’ll add Seville to my list for when I get to visit Spain, thanks for shainrg! 😊

  2. Seville looks like a great place to visit. I want to see the beautiful architecture of the cathedral. Will definitely put this on my bookmark as my future references to my next travel visit.

  3. Sevilla is my favourite city in Spain for all the reasons you list. I love the colours of the Giralda and Plaza de Espana too. You can’t beat Spanish food, I love tapas with morcilla!

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