Perfect Things To Do In Salzburg Tour (Itinerary + Day Tours)

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In this article, read about the ultimate things to do in Salzburg tour – an excellent Salzburg Itinerary Tour guide.  Read about the best places to visit in Salzburg Austria when you visit Vienna for the Salzburg day trip.

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things to do on the Salzburg tour
Best Of Musical City – SALZBURG

Salzburg, the fourth biggest city in Austria, is one of the most beautiful cities in the north of the Alps.  Salzburg lies in the scenic Alpine surroundings, have well-preserved ancient city centers, and baroque-medieval-styled architectural buildings, and is the birthplace of a famous composer – MOZART. Salzburg city was set for a very famous musical Hollywood film – “The Sound of Music.” 

👉🏼Best Christmas Markets In Salzburg – Salzburg In Winter

Salzburg has an artistic lifestyle with music in the air, and ancient cobbled streets surrounded by the Austrian style of restaurants, cafes, and marketplaces.  Take a virtual tour of Musical City Salzburg tour.

Let’s take a tour of the Musical City – Salzburg which has all things to do, from the Alps mountains and countrysides to churches and ancient architecture. 

I stayed in Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt, a historic building in Old Town’s main location and a few steps away from major tourist attractions. Check here to book this perfect stay in Salzburg. 

Ultimate Things To Do In Salzburg Tour


It is also known as Hohensalburg Castle, located on the hilltop of Festungsberg Hill.  It is a 900-year-old, well-preserved fortress with enchanting views of the city’s spires, the Salzach river, and the Alps countryside.  This fortress can be reached by hike or by speedy glass funicular.  Read more info on this castle at their official site.  This fortress is the number one attraction of Salzburg, with a beautiful and rich history.  It has been said that nobody overtook this castle. 

Best Of Musical City – SALZBURG
Best Of Musical City – SALZBURG

View from top of hilltop Salzburg fortress – 


  It is a well-preserved ancient-styled shopping street.  In medieval times, as not all people could read or write, business names were displayed by specific symbols and pictures.  So these trade icons are still seen in the shops on this street. 

These symbols or icons are made up of wrought iron in vintage patterns. Even modern shops like McDonald’s or other brands display their name similarly.  This street is the most famous street in Salzburg and is always filled with tourists on late nights too. 

As this street is always so lively and beautiful, many shops of trendy stuff, jewelry, antiques, perfumes, leather goods, and toys offer a wide range of dining opportunities. 


 Number – 9, the house in Getreidegasse, is the peculiar attraction of Salzburg, as a famous music composer, W.A. Mozart, was born here. His family lived here for 26 years. 

This house is now a museum depicting Mozart’s early life and belongings.  Discover the well-preserved home with everyday items and furniture from the 19th century.  It is also a pilgrimage for musicians and music lovers. 

If you love to attend Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg then read this. 

Best of Musical City - Salzburg
Mozart’s birthplace


This famous Palace is located on idyllic hilly perch about 5 miles south of Salzburg.  As you know, “The Sound of Music” has been shot in many places in Salzburg, but “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” was filmed here. 

In this 17th century, the royal palace has well-maintained, manicured spacious gardens, trick fountains, and a marvelous place to play around. 


 It is a cultural highlight and ancient times center, the residence of the Prince-Archbishop’s power.  DomQuartier has the cathedral and Residenz.  Until 1806,  Salzburg was the second biggest church-state after Rome.

Prince-Archbishop was also referred to as “Half-Pope.”  Therefore, Salzburg was also known as Rome of the North.  Salzburg has many cathedrals, churches, spires, bell towers, and historic plazas, for which it is also known as the city of churches/cathedrals.


Baroque-styled cathedral, located next to Salzburg Residenz.  This cathedral was built first time in 774 A.D. but was demolished and rebuilt many times.  It is a splendid piece of architecture and historic beauty if Salzburg. 


This area is a UNESCO world heritage site full of historic architectural gems, ancient courtyards, market squares, traditional markets, Palaces, forgotten corners, and frescoed buildings.  This old town can be explored on foot, and you can easily spend a whole day here. 

Just walk down the old town’s narrow streets to discover medieval and Baroque architectural wonders.  All places like the entrance to the fortress, Residenz square, Cathedral, Mozart’s birthplace, and famous walking streets are in the old town area of Salzburg.  It can be done through walking tours. 

Best of Musical City - Salzburg
Taking Walking Tours to Old Town


 On the eastern side of Salzburg lies the Alps, and if you love nature, hikes, mountain biking, and paragliding, then this Gaisberg mountain is the perfect place for outdoor mountain activities. Also, you can drive the scenic Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria.

Around Gaisberg mountain, in the valleys, there are many small towns and villages. Wander around and explore the Austrian style of countryside life.  Big wooden houses/villas with lots of front and back space.

Go for a Hallein salt mine tour near Salzburg as very few people must know that Salzburg means Sal Fortress because of rock salt mines. Check the Best Places to Ski near Salzburg in Austria.


This palace has a beautiful garden with a collection of flowers, fountains, green grass, a winding path, and Angel staircase. 

The famous song “DO – RE – MI” in “The Sound of Music” has been shot here.  Summer is the best time to visit this place.  As we did our tour of Salzburg in winter, we could not find all flowers blooming. 

Best of Musical City - Salzburg
Mirabelle Palace and Gardens

KAPUZINERBERG – Things to do in Salzburg Tour

History buffs love this place as it has many prehistoric sites and castles on the hill overlooking the Salzach river.  This place is on the other side of the river from Old Town.  These historic sites are considered to be of the Neolithic age. 

Best of Musical City - Salzburg

CHAPTER SQUARE – Best Places to Visit in Salzburg

You will pass through Chapter Square when you climb to the Salzburg fortress or towards the funicular entrance.  On this square is a beautiful fountain with Neptune – the God of Sea, holding a trident and crown. 

Also, you will see a statue of a man wearing a white shirt and black pent holding a giant golden ball.  This place is an activity center in an old town with giant-sized chess on the ground.

Best of Musical City - Salzburg
Chapter Square

Salzburg offers many other things like delicious gingerbread, bakery, and heritage beer. Salzburg has a 500-year-old history of beer.  Salzburg is also home to the largest store of Amber- a precious stone.

As Austrian spas are world famous and house the best spas worldwide, check out some spa getaways nearby Salzburg or Innsbruck. 

Best of Musical City - Salzburg

Europe’s largest AMBER store

I stayed in Salzburg for 2 days and 3 nights. But if you have only 1 day, read how to spend 24 hours in Salzburg. This musical city of Salzburg lies close to the border with the Bavarian state of Germany

Salzburg Itinerary

Day 1 – Salzburg Itinerary 2 days

After breakfast – The Sound of Music tour (see availability here).
After Lunch proceed to
After Lunch –  Mirabell Palace & Gardens.
Early evening – Mozart Residence.
Evening tea time –  Views from Kapuzinerberg.
Evening – River cruise.
After Cruise – Stroll across Altstdat Old town.

Day 2 – Salzburg Itinerary 2 days

  • After Breakfast – go on nearby day trips to Heffbrunn Palace, Innsbruck, or Tyrol.
  • Lunch at Innsbruck and return back to Salzburg
  • After lunch, take a stroll across the Old town – Getreideigasse.

Now you know some of the best places to visit in Salzburg and now can plan your Salzburg itinerary.


Salzburg can be reached through – Things to do in Salzburg Tour

  1. Munich (capital of Bavaria) is approximately 3.5 hour train ride
  2. Vienna (the capital city of Austria) is 2.5 hour train ride. You can also do Vienna to Salzburg day trip in your Austrian holidays.
  3. Prague (located in the Czech Republic)  – 4.5-hour train ride.

As Salzburg lies in eastern Europe, people visit Austria, Prague, and Hungary in the Far East Europe tour.

Where to stay in Salzburg? Musical Salzburg City Tour

Stay in the hotel that overlooks the Salzach river or the lively street of Getreidegasse.  I stayed in Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt.

Read this to learn about Where to eat in Salzburg with various Alpine cuisine options in some of the Michelin star restaurants.

Check more on Salzburg at their official website and more on Austria’s official website for information.  Also, you can check for many Alternative European city breaks

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I was in Salzburg this summer and fell in love with all the iron signs. I regret not taking the scenic Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria and visiting the salt mine. I have heard such good things about it and the ice caves, I didn’t realize there are two ice cave locations

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  6. Salzburg is indeed a lovely place. I’ve visited the city twice already and still would love to see it again. I just can’t get enough of the amazing views and of course the Sound of Music. 🙂

    Liz Gen

  7. Salzburg was my favorite city in Austria. I really enjoyed the Hohensalzburg castle and Altstadt the most when there. We also took a hop on hop off tour of all the sound of music sites which wife dear really enjoyed given she is a die hard fan of the movie.

  8. I love Austria and its relationship with music. My short time in Vienna was Amazing, and Salzburg has been on my bucket list for a while, especially Mozart’s house. I also loved the street signs, I wasn’t expecting McDonald’s to have one too! Hahaha

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  12. You have given me all the reasons to visit Salzburg. This is absolutely a fairy-tale destination for me. From the Hohensalburg Castle, HELLBRUNN PALACE, to ALTSTADT , I would like get lost in those tiny alleys and explore it. Its a beautiful place. I can imagine how beautiful it will look in winter with snow. I have already listed it on my list. Thanks

  13. I’ve always wanted to visit Salzburg! It looks so beautiful. My husband’s grandfather was baptized at the Salzburg Cathedral, so that would be one of the first stops for us. Love the idea of a tour of the countryside as well–the Austrian mountains look absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Austria is not often the first country in mind when talking about places to visit in Europe. But I do think that it has plenty to offer here. Salzburg has many great sights to explore, especially the fortress and the palace. I would love the chance to explore these sights someday. They seem to bring you back in time!

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  20. I was in Salzburg two years ago and I thought it was one of the prettiest places I’d ever seen.I’m impressed that you went in winter. I went in summer and got to take part in a classical music festival. I did almost everything on your list but my favorite was the fortress.

  21. Salzburg really is the stuff of fairy tales, it’s such a beautiful little city. I had forgotten it’s where the Sound of Music was filmed and loved your tour of the movie through the city. And those views from the castle are worth it just to see them! Just another reason to get to Austria!

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  25. The Sound of Music was my grandfather’s favorite movie, and I began watching it every year on his birthday after he died. I would love to visit Salzburg one day and take the Sound of Music filming locations tour. There are so many beautiful buildings and the architecture is so intricate! I would love to see the view from the fortress!

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