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This is an old post and now Gharana has changed its menu so you can read my new reviews on it at – New reviews of Gharana.

Gharana” – a Hindi word translates to “FAMILY”.  Restaurant Gharana serves the authentic Indian cuisine from royal households of India, is located in Dubai (UAE).  Situated on the ground floor of Holiday Inn Al Barsha, this restaurant can be easily accessed through metro and car/taxis.  Restaurant Gharana presents diverse cuisines from famous Gharanas of India. India is a land of diverse cultures, cuisines, and music. This restaurant has specific regional cuisines with all uniqueness from different parts of India.  They serve authentic food from 4 gharanas

        Jaipur Gharana

        Hyderabad Gharana

        Awadhi (Lucknow) Gharana

        Punjab(Patiala) Gharana

These are the famous royal households/Gharanas from India, also famous for Indian classical music as well.  Many Indian classical music legends belong to these Gharanas.

The specialty of this restaurant is live music on all days.  So this restaurant not only presents the regional food options but have daily Indian music.  Live music band comprises of flute players, table players, male & female playback singers with a keyboard player.  So indulge in the authentic Indian flavors with live songs of your choice. 

What I ordered –

There are lots of variety in starters, main course, sides, bread, desserts, and beverages. 

Bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is also there on board with many unlimited offers.

Initially, they offered Papads(Indian) with mint dip(chutney). – Complimentary from the restaurant.

Reviews of Restaurant Gharana Dubai
Complimentary Papads

My order was from Jaipur Gharana and Hyderabad Gharana with bread. They have nice vegetarian options and being a vegetarian, I got a wide array of choices.  

I ordered Jaipuri Ratan from Jaipur menu and Paneer Methi Tuk from Hyderabad menu with Missi Rotis from bread section.

The quantity of the main course and size of bread are good. Not too less and nor too big. Perfect serving size.  All served hot, in time by polite and hospitable staff.

For beverages, I ordered Thandai (an Indian cooler drink).


Food – 4 out of 5

Ambiance – 5 out of 5

Service – 5 out of 5

Live Music/Entertainment – 5 out of 5

Cleanliness – 5 out 5


  • It is better to book your table in advance on weekends as it can be crowded at sometimes.
  • Make a list of your favorite Hindi, Bollywood songs so that you can ask for them to be sung – ON REQUEST. Even you can dedicate a song to someone special.
  • Music starts after 8: 00 P.M., so better to go after 8: 00 P.M.

DÉCOR / AMBIANCE – The colors and hues of the wall are light saffron or dark yellowish with traditional lamps all around.  Jaipuri Oak furniture and silver colored Jhula (swing) takes us to the era of Indian Maharajas (kings) and Maharani (Queens) period.  In short, restaurant Gharana is a royal heritage restaurant with live songs.

TYPES OF LIVE MUSIC – Ghazals, Sufi music, Bollywood hits, Old songs (Bhuli Bisri yaadein).  One night on weekdays, is dedicated as  Karaoke night where you can also sing your song with resident singers. 

RECOMMENDED FOR – Romantic Dinners, Family Eat outs, Couples, Celebrations, Special Occasions, Groups.


  • VALET Parking Available. Also, there are ample public parking slots in front of hotel HolidayINN.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Alcohol is served, having full Bar
  • Vegan options
  • Opens Late Night
  • Polite and Courteous Staff
  • Accept Credit Cards

 PRICE – AED 200/- for 2 persons approximately.

Restaurant Gharana has won many excellence awards from TripAdvisor, What’s On and many more accolades famous reviewers.

So go for your musical and delicious Rendezvous in Dubai at Restaurant Gharana

Note – I am not paid to write this review and I dined at this restaurant at my own expenses.  All views are my personal views.

All photos are taken by me and use of photos without permission would result in legal action.

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  1. Wow, this sounds interesting that they serve food based on different gharanas. I have heard of this restaurant a lot from my Indian friends who visit Dubai. It is a little expensive but the food is really awesome based on what I have heard and from your blog just confirmed that. Love the idea of live music every day.

    1. Thanks Shreya, yes you get to hear some melodious soulful music of your choice while having dinner. For having such experience paying few bucks extra is not a big deal.

  2. That is a very unique name for a restaurant. As you mentioned in India, we mostly use the word when we talk about classical music. I am glad that music indeed is an integral part of this restaurant. The ambiance looks great. I am sure it’s a great place for all the vegan and vegetarians looking for quality food in Dubai.

  3. I love Indian food and this restaurant sounds really nice! That drink sounds like something I would want to try too 🙂


  4. This is one of the best restaurant reviews I have read! I really appreciated the history and back story as well as descriptions of what you tried! The ranking system you used makes sense to me and I’ve just started to appreciate Indian Cuisine. Thank you so much for sharing! Cheers!

  5. I love the decor of this restaurant, and it sounds like you had a great experience! I’ve not yet made it to Dubai as of yet, but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit and I love Indian food so this will definitely be on my ‘to eat’ list! thanks for sharing xoxo

  6. Authentic Indian food at a restaurant in Dubai – who would have thought of that! Gharana looks like an amazing place to spend a lovely evening with live music, delicious food and great ambience. I visited Dubai a couple of years ago and I must say it’s a wonderful city. I didn’t know about Gharana at that time. But I’m definitely going to relish these Indian delicacies at the restaurant.

  7. Dubai always fascinated me, shame I did not make it yet to see this place. The food looks very good as well as the whole restaurant. I am a big fan of great Indian food so I think I keep Gharana in mind as a place to visit once I finally visit Dubai. The Thandai is completely new for me, I never tried that before,I am very curious how it might taste.

  8. Lovely review and I love the ambiance of the restaurant especially the first photo. I remember the the early days in Delhi when restaurants would have live gazals and as kids I never enjoyed it much, but now I do miss that since most places no longer have that. The food sounds delicious and I am always on the lookout for Indian food when travelling even though I prefer to eat local cuisine, but eventually one does have a craving to eat home food.

  9. Thank you for including the ‘features’ – that is becoming important to know in this age of electronics! The decor is stylish and the music is so fun – it creates a happy mood while eating.

  10. I enjoy dining at restaurants like this that provides live music too. 🙂 I’ll keep this in mind! I find Indian dishes rich in flavor, which I really love, but a little spicy for my taste. Your Thandai drink looks good!

  11. The restaurant Gharana in Dubai must make you feel like being back at home in India! With the great authentic Indian food and music, I would definitely return often! Perhaps for the karaoke night even though I don’t speak or understand Hindi but I always enjoy listening to other singing a false note!😂

  12. This definitely sounds like an interesting place and will keep in ind whenever I visit Dubai. I particularly like the name and then the further segregation of gharanas which end up giving flavours from across India. Very interesting concept

  13. Yummy! It all looks so good and tasty. And the Indian cooler looks intriguing. What was in it? I do admit to trying Indian food just about anywhere I go because it’s so delicious and has so many unique flavors.

    1. Indian cooler drink is named as Thandai and it means cooler, made up of paste of melon seeds, poppy seeds, black pepper, rose petals, rose water, soaked almonds, green cardamom, sugar and milk. People drink it when spring starts… very popular drink of color festival of India – HOLI.

  14. I love Indian food and whenever I travel I try to try Indian food in that city. The live music got me, that Jagjit Singh is one of my favorites 🙂 I might try Gharans when in Dubai – even the concept of Gharana is kind of new to me 😀

  15. I am undergoing those wordless moments and so feel this is place is just made for me…the ambience, the Indian veg cuisine and a soulful music…who needs more for a perfect meal…atleast I am happy with all it has…Every detail is well described and overall a great post

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