3 Days in Melbourne – Where to Go and What to Visit

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3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit

Melbourne is the second biggest, most-livable and most-visited city in Australia, right after Sydney. It’s considered as the Australian capital of culture due to its vivid music scene, plenty of museums, and a vibrant lifestyle. While most tourists who come to Melbourne spend at least a week, some come only for 3 days. They are usually there on a business trip. Although they are spending their time in some of the Melbourne conference venues, they also want to explore the city and make the most of their visit.  No matter if you are visiting Melbourne for business or pleasure, 3 days is a too short period to explore this magnificent city. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, you can see most tourist attractions and places, if you know exactly where to do. To help you out with that, here’s a short guide on where to go each day. I lived in Melbourne for a year and therefore has prepared itinerary for 3 Days in Melbourne – Where to Go and What to Visit. 

3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit
Melbourne Skyline across the Yarra river

3 Days in Melbourne – Places to Visit

Day 1 – Explore the CBD

You can start exploring Melbourne from its CBD. The central area of Melbourne has many amenities you can visit. You can start from the historic Flinders Street Station and go across the road to see Federation Square. From there, you can continue to the National Gallery of Victoria which is free to enter. Then, across St Kilda Road, you can see the Shrine of Remembrance and visit the famous Royal Botanic Gardens.

After that, you can visit the Parliament House, the Royal Exhibition Building, and St. Pauls’ Cathedral.

If you get off at Flagstaff Station, you can visit Queen Victoria Market. If you are a fan of cricket, you can take a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. When you finish this tour, it will probably be time for dinner, so you can head to Chinatown, where you can eat at some of the restaurants. While there, you can also have a drink at some of the bars and maybe even buy something from the numerous shops.

Highlights of 1st Day in Melbourne – 

  • Melbourne CBD and skyline of Melbourne 
  • Flinders Station
  • National Gallery of Victoria & Melbourne Aquarium.
  • Federation Square.
  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Parliament House
  • The Royal Exhibition Building,
  • St. Pauls’ Cathedral. 
  • Queen Victoria Market.
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground. And dinner at Chinatown

Day 2 – Get Out of the CBD to Explore the Nearby Suburbs

You can use the second day to explore the suburbs out of the CBD. The most popular ones are Collingwood and Fitzroy. Collingwood is a very trendy and colourful suburb famous among young professionals. You can even find an independent brewery – The Stomping Ground where you can enjoy the taste of a craft beer.

From there, you can head to Fitzroy where you can spend time in the local restaurants and bars. The most famous of them is the Naked for Satan which offers you excellent dining with a view. Once done eating, you can go on a Yarra River cruise to see Melbourne from another perspective.

Highlights of 2nd Day in Melbourne –

  • Collingwood.
  • Fitzroy. 
  • The Stomping Ground.
  • Yarra River Cruise & Melbourne Docklands.

Day 3 – St. Kilda and Brighton Beach

3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit
Melbourne Beaches Tour

You can spend your third day more relax mode, since you have visited most of the famous tourist attractions. You can start your exploration from Chapel Street where you can visit some boutiques. From there you can check out the Prahan suburb and visit the Prahran Market.

After that, you can head to St. Kilda. Due to being easily accessible via trams, you can get there without much trouble. You should check out the historic St. Kilda Pier where you can take a break to have a cup of coffee. From there, you can visit the Luna Park and take a ride on the Scenic Railway roller-coaster.

After such excitement, you can relax at one of the bars on St. Kilda Beach and have dinner at one of the restaurants there. From there, you can go to Brighton Beach. Known for the Iconic Beach Boxes, it’s one of the most photographed beaches in Australia. You don’t want to miss taking a photo in front of these colorful boxes.

3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit
Brighton Beach – Photo source – Pixabay

Of course, you can add or exclude other nearby amenities, depending on your time and interests. But, your trip around Melbourne will look something like this. So, plan your itinerary wisely before arriving there, taking into consideration your business obligations (if coming for business).

Highlights of 3rd day in Melbourne –

  • Shopping at Boutiques at Chapel Street.
  • Prahan market. 
  • St. Kilda Pier, St. Kilda Beach and Luna Park.
  • Brighton Beach – Beach boxes. 

Day trips from Melbourne

There are many exciting and world famous day tours and day trips from Melbourne. If you have more time then check these day trips from Melbourne – 

  • World Famous Great Ocean Road Drive.
  • Puffing Billyand Yarra Valley tour
  • Phillip’s Island & Penguin Parade
  • Mt. Buller’s for skiing and snow lovers during winter. 
  • The Mornington Peninsula 
  • Half day tour to Melbourne Zoo – The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens.

Best Time To Visit Melbourne

3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit
Spring in Melbourne

It’s always a good idea to visit Melbourne. It’s home to many festivals and events, so you won’t have time to get bored. However, if you want to know what’s the best time to visit Melbourne based on temperature and other factors, it would be in the period from March to May and from September to November. The temperature is moderate during these periods and the airfare prices are lower. Of course, you can visit Melbourne it the other months as well.

  • WINTER – If you are into skiing, you can visit Melbourne in the period from June to August, when it’s the Australian winter.
  • SUMMER – And, if you want to enjoy the Australian summer, you should go there in the period from December to February

Night Life in Melbourne

Being Melbourne most livable, vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Australia, it has many vibrant and colorful nightlife. Melbourne is very trendy city of southern hemisphere and all city has many nightlife options, but the most famous the the Melbourne CBD neighborhood. Some of the famous nightlife options are – 

  • Level 3 Nightclub (Crown Melbourne) 
  • Therapy
  • Club 23 
  • Bond
  • Spice Market 
  • Howler
  • The Esplanade

How to commute in Melbourne

3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit
Melbourne Trams

Melbourne’s public transport is very well developed and worth commuting through them. It has wide spread across the city in all directions, in the form of trains, trams and buses. The tram rides of Melbourne are very beautiful with views and amazing routes. You can also ride City Circle Tram which takes round of all city’s major attractions.

Check the route of City Circle tram by clicking here. 

Check Melbourne’s public transport timetable and route by clicking here.

Check Free tram Zone Map.

Ticketing of Public Transport in Melbourne

Flinders street stain - 3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit

Purchase myki to travel which is applicable on most of Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses. Myki is a re-usable smart card that stores value to pay your public transport fare.

You can buy and also you can top up your previous myki card at – 

  • 7-Eleven stores and many retailers 
  • Train stations – Flinders Street station and Southern Cross station
  • myki Ticketing machines at Metro train stations and some accessible tram stops and bus interchanges
  • Download app on your Android phone, via Google Pay or through their online  at Public Transport Victoria.
3 Days in Melbourne - Where to Go and What to Visit
Beautiful Melbourne skyline

Hope you loved reading 3 Days in Melbourne – Where to Go and What to Visit. I would love to know your favorite places in Melbourne and your experiences in one of the most livable city of the world – Melbourne.

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3 days in Melbourne

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  1. I travelled to Melbourne a few years back and stayed in St Kilda. I’m sad to say it wasn’t one of my favourite parts of Australia, I was suprised at how many down and out people we encountered in St Kilda. Having said that I enjoyed a walks along the beach, seeing the little penguins nesting in the rocks and watching the sail boarders whizz around the water.

  2. As a Sydney born, raised and resident I love it but I also love Melbourne. Melbourne and Sydney are distinctively different to one another; Sydney trades off her incredible harbour and city beaches and coast line north and south and Melbourne has the edge on the ‘urban and cosmopolitan’ vibe. Great tips; I’ve lived on both cities and love them both for different reasons.

  3. I love Melbourne! Despite my sister living in Sydney, it is still my favourite Australian city. I find it so much more culturally diverse & the food & drink options are fantastic. My cousin used to live in Fitzroy so I always try & visit the suburb whenever I return. It has a certain interesting & funky feel which I love. Glad to see it included. Thank you for taking me back there…;)

  4. Some awesome recommendations! I’ve lived in Melbourne for over a month now, but due to the lockdown I’ve not really got to explore very much! I did manage to get round the CBD a bit though, and out to St Kilda Beach. Will definitely be saving your post for what to do when things finally return to ‘normal’. Hope you’re staying safe!

  5. Melbourne suburbs definitely appeal with the Yarra river cruise. I have heard so much about that. Your third day for me has been the most interesting. Sitting on the soft sands, wading through the waters and the colorful matchbox houses – everything that I would love to spend time with. Good suggestions on the day trips from Melbourne too, I definitely would not want to miss that drive along the Ocean Road Drive

    1. Melbourne suburbs are stunning and even the nearby day trips too. You would really enjoy in Melbourne.

  6. My parents would have found this blog to be quite helpful, had their trip to Australia, not been cancelled due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. Found this itinerary to be quite helpful, as when i was doing a random search before, i could only see blogs about things to do, but not a legit itinerary for 3 days.

  7. Australia road trip is on my dream list, so I hope I will see Melbourne too. So, I appreciate this guide; it is constructive when planning a trip to Melbourn. I love the colors of Brighton Beach. I would like to visit the National Gallery of Victoria & Melbourne Aquarium and Melbourne CBD and skyline of Melbourne as well. I hope one day, I realize this dream!

  8. We missed Melbourne when we visited Australia the first time. And unfortunately we had to cancel the trip we planned for this year. But it is easy to see that we will need a few days in Melbourne. I love the interesting variety in the architecture in the downtown core. Hubby would certainly want to venture out to visit the Stomping Ground for craft beer. I am always up for a day at the beach. I love those colourful Beach Boxes. Great to know that public transit is a good way to get around. And that it is easy to get a transit card.

  9. Melbourne is such a big city. As I know myself, I am pretty sure I’d need more than three days to explore it at my pace. Especially that I wouldn’t give up visiting Phillip’s Island & Penguin Parade. One of my dreams is to see penguins, so this is a must for me.

  10. You certainly covered a lot of ground in 3 days! Glad you enjoyed my lovely city. It truly is the cultural and events hub of Australia and we are never short on things to do.

  11. I have seen so many photos of those lovely beach boxes but did not realise they were in Melbourne! I thought they were in Sydney! I love the fact that you include the city centre as well as the suburbs in this itinerary. That sounds like such an insider tip going for a coffee on the St. Kilda Pier <3

    1. You hit the best points of Melbourne even on just 3 days. I’m sure you didn’t get to do some of the awesome day trips. My daughter lives there so I’ve been to almost all. You gotta go back!

  12. I love Melbourne. We usually visit every 1-2 years since my sister is based there. Happy to know that you where able to visit the beach as well. I just love the cute iconic beach boxes. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your detailed itinerary.

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