Explore Mleiha … A Trip to Ancient Ages

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Let’s get back into Ancient Ages and discover secrets of early Ages.  Mleiha journey is a unique excavation tour program with many findings of ancient Bedouin culture, the existence of Iron-Bronze age and understanding of early ages human anatomy.  Therefore, Explore Mleiha A Trip to Ancient Ages

Explore Mleiha  ... A Trip to Ancient Ages
Explore Mleiha  … A Trip to Ancient Ages

Mleiha is located in beautiful emirates of Sharjah, UAE.  Research, excavations, and deep studies provide evidence of human existence in Mleiha region between 130,000 and 120,000 years ago.  Also, findings have shown the transportation or communication of mankind from emerging point – Africa across Gulf Peninsula towards Mleiha crossing the Red Sea and then progression towards Iran, India, Europe, and Asia.  Click this link for Mleiha Google Map location. If you want specialized tours from Mleiha official tourism site then check this

Explore Mleiha  ... A Trip to Ancient Ages
Mleiha region

Mleiha is basically famous among adventure lovers, nature lovers, and history buffs.  Mleiha is a perfect combination of beautiful virgin deserts, less crowded camping sites, archaeological sites, trekking fossil rocks, and other adrenaline-fueled thrills. 

Explore Mleiha … A Trip to Ancient Ages

We started to Mleiha after morning breakfast from Dubai.  As Mleiha is approximately 75 km from Dubai, it took 1 hour to reach there by our 4 X 4 SUV.  The drive is very beautiful with desert and fossil rocks on both sides and also desert plantations and animals can be seen in between.  GPS took us there and we first started our journey with a visit to Mleiha Archaeological Centre /Museum. This Mleiha Archaeological Centre opens at 9:00A.M. till 7:00 P.M. on all days. (check for Ramadan timings as they are slightly different).  This museum takes you to step back in time and have findings from Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron and Pre-Islamic Periods.  Entrance to this museum costs 25 AED per adult. I suppose some private group tours cover this entrance fees. 

Explore Mleiha  ... A Trip to Ancient Ages
Mleiha Archaeological center

The tour in Mleiha Archaeological center begins with 4-5 minutes short bilingual video(Arabic and English), explaining how early ages human life migrated from Africa to this regions. Afterward, within this museum, you can discover or learn about

History – origination

Social order – style of houses, keeping domestic animals

Diet – types of food

Trade – Commerce in those days

Arts – Pottery, jewelry, iron – bronze kitchen vessels and other art forms


This Centre is built on one tomb which is dating back from mid-Bronze age.  It is believed this tomb was constructed in about 2300B.C.  which has 13.9 diameters.  Though these Archaeological sites were looted by grave robbers, archaeologists have still managed to find out some things from ancient historical times like necklaces, bracelets, beads, copper & Iron vessels, stone tools, stone & Iron weapons.  These findings prove the ancient trade was running from Mesopotamia, Italy to the whole Gulf and spread up to India. 

There was also the existence of Falaj system – special Irrigation system in the dry desert area. This shows that cultivation of cereals and crops in ancient times propagated. 

Now our history tour ended here and we started our other activities in Mleiha…

Apart from the historical tour in Mleiha, there are many other things to in Mleiha region. 

Lets Explore Mleiha … A Trip to Ancient Ages

  • Go for a 4 X 4 sand dune bashing on virgin deserts, surrounded by fossils rocks.
  • Trek to fossil rocks
  • Camp with family/friends whole night with the picturesque view of deserts and star-gazing in nights.
Explore Mleiha deserts
Explore Mleiha deserts with different shades of sand and
  • Explore Desert plants and other species related to dry and hot climate.
  • Walk along with camels or explore camel farms of locals
Explore Mleiha  ... A Trip to Ancient Ages
Walk along with camel and visit to came farm nearby….
  • Polaris Buggy ride for a heart-pumping ride through Sharjah desert. Thrill seeker’s favorite activity. But you are not allowed to drive only can seat in the passenger’s seat.
  • Cycling trips, gliding, skydiving, Quad-biking are other adventures and open-air activities are common in Mleiha.
  • Nature lovers enjoy the sands of deserts with different shades and shapes. Also indulge in the calm and peaceful atmosphere away from busy city life.
Explore Mleiha  ... A Trip to Ancient Ages
A step into shaded desert … Loved those wavy patterns…………

How to reach Mleiha –  Explore Mleiha

  • Mleiha(located in Sharjah emirate) is about 75 km from Dubai and the drive is for 1 hour approximately.
  • Mleiha is about 60 km from Sharjah which takes around 45-50 minutes by road
  • Tourists can book Mleiha Tours online through many famous sites like Groupon, Cobone, Trip_advisor or Entertainer sites. The tour operator will offer you pick and drop facility from your location.
  • People who have rented a car or residing in UAE can go self-driving. But for dune bashing hire a professional available at Mleiha Archaeological Center.

Duration of Mleiha Tour– Mainly a Day trip and if camping then night also included.

Explore Mleiha Archaeological Site
Explore beautiful Mleiha Archaeological Site in sharjah, UAE

Basic Needs in Centre –

Refreshments with the view and cute Souvenir shop is located in Mleiha Archaeological Centre. There is a very neat and good facility for getting freshen up in the center.

Recommendations for Mleiha Tour 

4 X 4 SUV is recommended for sand dune bashing or driving on sand. Also, you should know how to drive on sand dunes. It is not an easy task. It looks simple and so we took our SUV in sands but got stuck. Our rear wheels sunk into desert sands. So we called Mleiha Archaeological center for help. Their rescue team arrived at the spot within a few minutes of calling. They took out our SUV and I found them very helping and caring. 

Tips to Explore Mleiha –

    • Go early in the morning to avoid the harsh sun in the afternoon, as sometimes it is very hot.
    • Plan your trip in winters as Mleiha involves lots of outdoor adventure and sightseeing.
    • As there is only one refreshment center on site, it is better to carry more food items and lots of water.
    • Fuel up your car. Keep Air pump to increase or decrease the air pressure in rear wheels, during dune bashing. Tyre pressure matters a lot while driving on sands. They have to be adjusted now and then. 
    • Also, visit the Al Noor mosque in Sharjah which is in the city center and very close to Dubai. 


 While returning from Mleiha to Dubai, we had a stopover in Dahid village just a few minutes from an Archaeological center for purchasing fresh local products. There are many local fruit-sellers, exotic species of plants seller and pottery shops.  With a slight bargain, you can buy organic and fresh local stuff. We took some fruits on our way back home. 

So Don’t miss the exciting 65 million-year-old Fossils tour with trekking in nature, spotting of desert wildlife, admiring the beauty of sand dunes.

sharjah: Get Your Guide

Therefore Explore Mleiha …A Trip to Ancient Ages

Explore Mleiha
Road to Mleiha from Dubai

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………



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  1. Reading your post brought back pleasant memories of a trip to Mleiha last year. We had visited Mleiha from Sharjah. It was a great time that we had. The museum is really fascinating and the fossil sites really amazing. OF course the thriller was the dune bashing ride in the 4 wheel drive which was crazy to say the least.

  2. This trip looks really great! I love the nature so discovering the deserts is definitely on my bucket list. I didn’t know about Mleiha before but your post convinces me to visit here in the future.

  3. Sharjah is one of the Emirates that fascinate and interest me the most! I have some friends there, and my boyfriend’s uncle works there but I know nothing about it. If I were to visit Mleiha I’d definitely try and camp there too – from past experience I don’t think stars will ever look as beautiful as they do from a dessert!

  4. Wow! Such a beautiful historical place. I would love to go there! I never knew something that ancient is so close to Dubai.. But then again, I haven’t been to any Middle East country. It’s on the list though.

  5. Haven’t been to the dessert yet, but it’s also one of the many things I want to do. Riding a camel through the sand dunes would be a dream come true.

  6. Haven’t gone to this place yet, but would consider visiting next time! i would love to see that red sand dunes and the camels too! 😍😍

  7. Wow, I have been to the UAE so many times and somehow I have never been here or heard of Mleiha before. It looks so interesting and somewhere I will definitely visit on my next return. Thanks for the guide!

  8. Great post! I really like your detailed description and helpful tips! Especially the sand with different shades and shapes looks amazing!

  9. Those golden sands just draw me in and then the history. Evidence of people so long ago and getting to see that evidence has to be so freaking cool. Oops on getting stuck in the sand. I’m glad it was easy to get help. Finishing up with fresh fruit just seems the perfect ending for such an amazing adventure.

  10. I like deserts and dune bashing. Mleiha looks interesting. I could not visit this in Sharjah. This was indeed a virtual trip to ancient ages. Dahid village, Archaeological centre and desert fun sounds like a good weekend plan.


  11. Whoa! Now, that’s totally totally my kinda place to go… Places like these where iron age, stone age men lived, fills me up with so much emotions that they were our great great great…… grandparents!!! I’d most definitely try out the Polaris Buggy ride!

  12. One hears about Dubai and Sharjah, but never about Mleiha. The idea of such an ancient civilization is fascinating. Yeah, driving on the sand dunes by yourself isn’t a great idea if you aren’t an expert!

  13. This looks magical. I would love to camp out in a desert inn the Middle East. Great tip about not driving the sand dunes if you don’t know how. Sounds like an epic day trip from dubai!

  14. This dessert city in Sharjah looks so good. Yes it takes one back in times but who would mind revisiting the beautifu past. Great tips indeed, by the way I would love to try my hands on 4×4 here..;)

  15. As much as we love to explore the history of a place, abundance of nature and adventure activities makes for one of the top reasons to visit a destination and Mleiha sounds like a place to add to our bucket list. 65 million-year-old Fossils sounds intriguing. And we would love to stop by the colorful market at the Dahid village too.

  16. Mleiha, not sure how to pronounce it but looks like a great weekend outing for locals as well as must visit for tourists. It is great how they have mixed architecture and nature with adventure. Would definitely attract lots of crowds.

  17. I’ve never heard of Mleiha probably because I’ve still not been to UAE! The different colours in sand looks so interesting, and you can see this well from your photos. I know what you mean about driving in desert sand, it’s really not as easy as it looks! I’ll remember this place if I ever get to UAE.

  18. I really enjoyed reading this post. I have never been to UAE and after traveling to London a few years ago, Dubai has been on my list. But you have opened my eyes to another adventure I would love to take with my loved ones. True beauty in that country.

  19. Being a history buff just like you my first stop would be Mleiha Archaeolical center, well I can stay there and learn more all day 😀 I am not really a desert person, but I would love to see those sand dunes and would appreciate a safari! Hopefully one day I’ll take this day trip:)

  20. I had no idea that Mleiha existed! I don’t know much about the UAE in general, so that’s not saying much, but what a fun getaway from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. If I visited, I definitely think I’d like to camp for a night–really get the whole experience!

  21. wow I really wish Ive heard about Mleiha while I was in Dubai! It was short trip though so next time Ill definitely think about this tour! It looks so great! I love desserts and I think one looks so stunning with that wonderful orange colour! Plus you get to know a great history! My husband would love that 4 X 4 SUV adventure as well 🙂

  22. Mleiha sound like heaven to me who is a nature and adventure lover! Mleiha is really our kind of destination! Camping under the million stars, walking barefoot on the shade of red sands, trekking for the fossil rocks and drive wildly on sanddunes with a 4wd…what a great family fun! Although, one really has to be careful when driving on sands, we got stuck once in Australia and we had to wait much longer than a few minutes before someone passed by. Your post reminds me of how much I miss to travel and explore the world!

  23. I was in Mleiha last December. It was the best part of my Sharjah trip. I was awestruck on seeing the well preserved fossil rock. I wanted to see Bedouin village and sunset but had to skip due to lack of time. I enjoyed sand dune bashing too. It stopped at the camel rock, which was amazing.

  24. I am no big fan of the desert but I cannot deny that the unique and breathtaking landscapes have captured my interest. And Mleiha is definitely one of those that had left an impression on me! I don’t have any future plans of travel to UAE soon but if I have a chance, I’ll check this out.

  25. I will never get tired of the natural beauty that makes up the UAE- the contrast between the bright orange sand dunes and the lush green palms always takes my breath away. Though I’ve only been to a few of the emirates, I have become absolutely enchanted by the gorgeous landscapes and cultural spectrum. When I head back, I will definitely check out Mleiha’s archaeological and historical offerings!

  26. I loved this post. Not only because the beauty of nature in the shape of a red melody of sand as sea waves that you brought on the page, but because this sort of falling I felt thinking about a so long time. I am touched when I face the most ancient memory of our kin, and I am seduced by the idea to try to understand how our story as human being begun. Thanks for sharing this post, your words leaded my mind far away…

  27. I loved this post. Not only beacuse the beauty of nature in the shape of a red melody of sand as sea waves that you broguth on the page. I am touched every time I face the most ancient memory of our kin and try to understand how our story as human being begun. Thanks for sharing this post, read it was as dream on

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