Perfect East Coast Road Trip Planner USA

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This summer, I took an East Coast road trip to the USA. East Coast is fabulously full of history, scenic locations like falls, lakes, forests, beaches, and a central educational/ commercial hub of the USA. Let’s look at East Coast Road Trip Planner in the USA and complete the East Coast road trip itinerary. USA road trip is incomplete without an East coast road trip.


East Coast Road Trip Planner
Along East Coast

This trip is a round trip starting from New York and ending at New York. There are many itineraries on search engines and travel websites for East Coast trips. After researching, I have designed a final itinerary. Check some worth-stopping spots in this East Coast Road Trip Planner.

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  • Summer to Fall is the best time. In summer you will pass along green fields, and forests and can enjoy the full beauties of nature.
  • Going for a road trip in the Fall is also an excellent idea to admire the shades of orange and red throughout. 
East Coast Road Trip Planner

East Coast Road Trip Planner, USA

New York  – 2 nights (Click here to read about New York – Things to do in NYC)


East Coast Road Trip Planner

Boston  – 1 night 

Click to book Boston: Whale Watching Catamaran Cruise

I stayed in Boston for a night. But there are many things to do in Boston and if you staying for 2 nights then click this to know about what to do during 2 Days in Boston.

Also check some great restaurants to eat in Boston and that too favorites of Anthony Bourdain.

East Coast Road Trip Planner

Buffalo or Niagara – 1-night stay –

Must do in East Coast Road Trip Planner – USA Road trip – East coast road trip itinerary.

Click to book 2-Day Niagara Falls and Shopping Trip from New York City

Take Niagara Falls tour while staying in Buffalo both evening tour for Laser and fireworks tour of Niagara and morning tour of Niagara Falls – Take Adventure with Nature.  If you are staying in Buffalo then click here to read about Buffalo restaurants which are worth trying out.  Click here to book your stay at Buffalo. 

East Coast Road Trip Planner

Pittsburg – 1 night.

I stayed in Hampton Inn which I found very convenient and affordable with free parking option too. Click here to book your stay in Hampton Inn

East Coast Road Trip Planner

Washington D.C. – 1 night.

  Stay in Hampton Inn White House and click here to book your stay. 

Click to book Washington DC: Hop-On, Hop-Off Open-Top Bus Landmarks Tour

East Coast Road Trip Planner - Washington D.C.

Philadelphia – 1 night. 

Click here to book Philly & Amish Country Day Trip from NYC

I stayed in Hampton Inn with breakfast and free parking. Click here to book your comfortable and affordable stay here. Read more on the best things to see in Philadelphia tour.

Back to New York –  3 nights.

In New York,  I stayed in Grand Hyatt, a modern hotel with a beautiful city view from the terrace and also located adjoining to the historic Grand Terminal. Click here to book your stay in Grand Hyatt. 

Many places are adjoining to New York for shopping which is highly recommended. You can buy all branded stuff in very affordable rates from these outlet malls.

Though these outlet malls are out of the city, you would have to drive from NYC, or you can stop in between while returning from New Jersey to NYC. If you are not driving then click here to book the Woodbury Common Outlet Mall shopping trip, which is a 1-day trip. Here you can shop your favorite brands in one place. An open mall with more than 200 branded outlets.  

10 nights East coast USA road trip itinerary – East Coast Road Trip Planner

  • We rented a car from New York. Take full insurance and toll pass card to be tension-free.
  • There are two types of road systems, with toll or without toll.  If the distance is large prefer the Toll road as it is much faster, with many stopover restaurants and lodging. But if the distance is small, then take a Toll-free road. 

Full Detailed Itinerary during your East Coast Road Trip Planner with cities in between

  1. New York to Boston 

 * Bridgeport

            * New Haven

            * New London

            * Rhodes Island

            * Warwick

            * West Greenwhich

            *  Providence

East Coast Road Trip Planner

 2. Boston to Buffalo

            *  Worcester

            * Springfield

            * Lennox


            * Saratoga Springs

            * Black River Wild Forest 

            * Cooperstown

            * Syracuse

            * Rochester


3.  Buffalo to Pittsburg

             * Niagara Falls

            * Lake Erie Beach

            * Sandy Lake

            * Grove City

            * Prospect

  4.  Pittsburg to Washington

            * Irwin

            * Seven Springs

            * Crystal Spring

            * Hagerstown

            *  Rockville

Fuel Stopovers

5.  Washington to Philadelphia

           * Annapolis

           *  Baltimore

           * Wilmington

           * Chester


  6. Philadelphia to New York

           * Trenton

           * Princeton

           * Morris town

           * Woodbury Premium Outlet Mall(nice Shopping Destination)

           * Englewood

           * Manhattan

 7. Back to New york

I want to go again

Snapshot of the road map –


Tips for renting a car in the USA during East Coast road trip – East Coast Road Trip Planner – East coast itinerary 

  • If you are taking a full tank, then return a car in full tank mode, it works like the mode you are taking the vehicle you have to bear in that way.
  • A properly neat and clean car is given to you, so keep in mind that do not return the dirty vehicle. Wash before returning either manually or on automatic wash areas on fuel stations.
  • Always take full car insurance to be tension-free.
  • Take toll car reader on rent at an extra cost of around 20$ for 1week, but toll amount is additional because sometimes we have to take TOLL road. This toll amount comes after 2 weeks and is deducted from your credit card.
  • The per day cost of renting a 4 seater car is around 60-90 $ without fuel.

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I hope you loved reading about the east coast road trip and will soon plan your east coast road trip itinerary with this USA road trip planner guide.

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East Coast, USA Itinerary
So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I love the variety in the stops you planned for your round trip along Eastern USA. Pittsburgh is an unusual stop for many people but gives you another perspective on the east coast. I am sure you wanted to stay more nights in many of these places. Luckily we can easily do a long weekend trip from Toronto to most of the Eastern US. But even then, we want to go back for more.

  2. Wow! That was quite a whirlwind trip! You covered a lot of ground! The older I get the more I prefer at least 2 nights (and preferably more) in each city. I enjoy not having to pack up and move somewhere else every day. Most major U.S. cities are so far apart also, that I feel like I spend too much time driving. I’m glad you got a taste of the eastern part of the country. You chose some amazing places.

    1. Yes it was whirlwind trip and hectic too, but I loved eastern part of US. I agree US cities are far apart and you really need to drive a lot.

  3. This looks like a fantastic trip! I say next time you are on the East Coast, make the drive from Boston to the beaches of Maine! You will not be disappointed. As you travel up the Coast of Maine there are so many beautiful spots!

  4. I took a similar road trip and made a stop in Atlantic City. I’m glad you left it off this list because it’s not worth a visit.

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