What to Do in Historical Prague Itinerary – Best Travel Guide

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What to Do in Historical Prague???? Read amazing things to do in Prague with the best places to visit in Prague. This article is about a detailed Prague itinerary of 3 to 4 days.  If you have less time then plan 1 day in Prague with this itinerary. 

What To Do in Historical Prague

Some Interesting Facts About Prague

  • Prague is the capital and largest of Czech Republic in Europe. Prague is also known as the “City of Hundred Spires.” In this article, read about What to do in Historical Prague or the best things to do in Prague. 
  • Prague is a historic, charming, romantic, rustic, lively, ancient, and modern city.
  • Prague was founded in the 9th century and was the capital of the Bohemian Empire.
  • Prague Foot Tours are famous along the cobbled streets and historical ancient buildings. As there is a lot of walking in Prague, carry a comfy backpack and read more about the best travel backpacks for traveling in Europe
  • Prague’s architecture is influenced by many famous styles like Gothic, Renaissance era, Baroque, Rococo and Romanesque.
  • Prague has been famous for Beer since 900 A.D. and is the world’s largest beer consumer.  There are uncountable beer bars all over Prague.  Beer in Prague is cheaper than bottled water. Also, the no. 11 line of the Tram runs as a Tram Beer Bar.  While you commute, enjoy a sip of  Czech beer
  • Prague is also famous among Music lovers due to many genres of music being played in clubs, pubs, and even streets too. You can also book a special Prague Jazz boat evening cruise to listen to quality jazz with delicious meals and views of the beautiful historic town.
  • Prague in winter and summer is worth visiting.  

Where to stay in Prague? – Travel guide

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Musicical show

Charles Bridge Musical show

What to Do in Historical Prague? – Prague Itinerary

Charles Bridge

 This 14th-century old, historic bridge is one of the most magnificent bridges in Europe. It is named after Roman Emperor Charles IV. It is stretched over the Vltava river in Prague. Stunning views of the city and river can be seen from this bridge.

Prague Castle 

 Prague Castle was originally built in 9th century and was once resided by Bohemia’s kings.  Now it is an official residence of Czech President.  As it is situated on hilltop, the view of spires and river from this castle is magnificient. Czech Republic is known for stunning fairy tale castles and Prague Castle is also one of them. 

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

Read this to know more about Czech Republic travel and tips and visa policies……

Prague Astronomical Clock 

The Prague Astronomical Clock or Orloj is the medieval-styled clock that is the world’s third-oldest astronomical clock and oldest one which is still operating. 

This clock is astronomical due to one of its dial depicts the position of Sun and moon with reference to Earth at that stage.    Also a Parade of 12 Apostles and other figures can be seen at each hour across the clock. 

Astronomical Clock
Astronomical Clock

St. Vitus Cathedral

 St. Vitus Cathedral is located in the Prague Castle complex.  St. Vitus Cathedral is Roman Catholic Cathedral and took about 525 years to complete. St. Vitus Cathedral is perfect example of Gothic Architecture.

What to do in Historical Prague
St. Vitus Cathedral

Old Town Square 

Old Town Square is located between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. This square has lots of unique architectural buildings which has its own historic and religious importance. 

What to do in Historical Prague
Skyline of Old Town

Wenceslas Square 

Wenceslas square is Prague’s main square surrounded by colourful buildings, houses, famous shops, bars, cafes, pubs, casinos/hotels & banks.  All tourist attraction from this place are within walkable distance.

What to do in Historical Prague
Wenceslas Square
What to do in Historical Prague
Lively Wenceslas Square

Ungelt Square 

Cluster of buildings around a courtyard near Prague Old Town Square is Ungelt Square.  It has been founded in 12th Century. This place is known as trading place, where merchants from foreign countries gather here to pay customs of their goods before entering Prague. 

What to do in Historical Prague
Ungelt Square
What to do in Historical Prague
Ungelt Square courtyard

Powder Tower/Gate 

It is 11th century old and was one of the entrance to Prague Old Town.Earlier it was used to store Gun Powder so named as Powder Tower.  This tower depicts the Medieval origins.

What to do in Historical Prague
Powder Gate

Funicular Railway 

It runs from Lesser Town upto Petrin Tower on Petrin Hill.  From Petrin Hill enjoy the stunning views of spires, river Vltava, bridges of Prague.

What to do in Historical Prague
Funicular Railway
What to do in Historical Prague
View from Petrin Tower

Lesser Town(Mala Strana) 

On the foothills of Prague Castle across Vltava river and connected through Charles Bridge from Old Town Square. Old Town & Lesser town is mostly done by walking tours for a picturesque view of the historic city. This walk is very beautiful & historic along the cobbled stoned pavements, sloppy roads, surrounded by hundreds of years old architecture. 

What to do in Historical Prague
Lesser Town
What to do in Historical Prague
Riding Across Lesser Town

Havel Market 

Fresh Farm products, Souveniers, Crystals & Handmade Handicrafts are available.  Located between Mustek and Old Town Square. 

Bridges of Prague – Best Places to visit in Prague

What to do in Historical Prague
Bridges in Prague

Day Trips from Prague – Historical Prague

Night Life in Prague – Things to do in Prague

What To Do in Historical Prague
Beer Bar
  • Electronic Music at Chapeau Rouge.
  • M1 Lounge Bar and club for club & eclectic music.
  • Prague’s Beer Museum – sometimes they play 80’s music. 
  • Local vibes at Roxy Prague 
  • Local performers at Retro Music Hall
  • JAZZ REPUBLIC Live Music Club Prague

Famous Festival – Fairs in Prague – Prague Travel Guide

  • Prague International Jazz & Music Festival
  • Prague Winter Festival
  • Prague Christmas & New Year 
  • Czech Beer Festival
  • Prague Spring Festival 
  • Prague Carnival

General Tips – What to Do In Historical Prague

Currency of Prague– Czech Crowns

International Airport – Prague. Click here to book private Airport transfer to your hotel with free tourist maps and complimentary 4 hour ride too. 

How to Reach Historical Prague 

  • This beautiful city is well connected with major cities through Euro Rail and Airlines. It is always exciting to go for central and eastern Europe Interrail route and reach Prague with many beautiful destinations in between. 
  • Within Prague city transport system is well managed and one can travel through trams, ferries, metros, and buses very conveniently.  
  • People of Prague are welcoming and friendly.  

Food Options in Historical Prague

Prague has diverse food options with savoring local delicacies and international cuisine too. Read this article to know about the Best Restaurants in Prague from Budget-friendly to Luxury ones. 

Best Season to visit Historical Prague

What to do in Historical Prague
View of Prague

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Historical Prague Tour - Things to do in Prague


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