Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach

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Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
La Mer Beach in Dubai

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach

Feel the cool breeze, rustic streets, bustling restaurants, colorful Graffiti/Mural  wall art, the laid-back relaxed atmosphere at Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach

A 2.5 km strip of white sands, with clear turquoise waters has an eclectic promenade. This promenade is inspired by marine décor like timber and ropes everywhere, rusted metal taps, barrels, it and showers, pirates chests, old wooden boats, wooden paddles and fishing nets, which makes it a perfect weekend getaway from busy city life.  The whole 2.5 km strip is lined with tall palm trees, Graffiti / Mural Art, streets inspired by marine décor makes it a must visit place in Dubai. 

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Wall art on Streets of La Mer Beach with marine decor everywhere……

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach is the new attraction of Dubai and the area is divided into three parts 

  • La Mer South
  • La Mer North, and
  • The Wharf.

La Mer North Beach is especially for motorized sports like wake-surf, Jetski, Flyboard.

La Mer South Beach is for not motorized water sports like Kayaks, floats, standup paddle etc. 

The Wharf is about to open with waterpark and surf park. 

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Clear turquoise waters and white sand at Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach

LOCATION  It lies on the coast of post-Jumeirah – 1 area.  You can reach La Mer by Dubai public transportation RTA buses. Bus No. 9 & 88 takes you there. If you are self-driving then take beautiful Jumeirah Beach Road.  There are lots of parking slots.  It is near to Dubai Canal and Mercato shopping mall. 

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
La Mer Beach inspired by marine decor theme. Even the sign boards and instructions boards are shaped to surf boards


  • Shower Rooms
  • Colorful Beach huts/cabins
  • Day rooms (Air-conditioned) for spending dawn to dusk near the beach
  • Air filled trampoline from Japan
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Multi-cuisine restaurants
  • Mural art
  • Street/Wall Art
  • Shopping kiosks/huts
  • Valet Parking
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Washrooms
  • Pirates themed Kids play area
Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Wooden buckets with ropes in shower area … antique marine decor
Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Colorful Beach huts, changing rooms, day rooms at La Mer Beach

HIGHLIGHTS of Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach

  • For Art Lovers – This place as the whole area has lots of street art, art inspirations, and murals on walls. Even the walls of the Parking area are painted with sea/marine creatures.
  • For Adventure seekers – Nearly all types of water sports are available here.
  • Designers – As promenades, washrooms, shower areas, and cabanas are designed according to the marine theme, it looks like an island or some pirates place. This design of this area is inspired by marine décor. 
  • Nature Lovers – La Mer offers splendid views of Arabic Gulf with stunning Dubai’s skyline.
Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Palm trees with
  • Food Lovers– 150 beach-front restaurants, offering diverse cuisines from all regions of the world, makes this place popular among food lovers.
  • Relaxation Lovers – Soak your toes in white sands, with a view of clear turquoise waters and lie down in the hammocks in the sea. I am not joking La Mer Beach have hammocks in the sea. 

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach Dubai has activities for all ages and interests, thus making it be listed in top family-friendly attractions. A photogenic and Instagrammable place in Dubai.  Kids play area has been designed into pirates themed with wooden boats and wooden chests.  So plan your trip and pack your beach dress, with loads of sunscreen to feel the wind in your hair, bodies soaked in white sands to enjoy funky vibes.

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Original old wooden boats at La Mer beach gives complete feel of marine and sea attraction

ENTRANCE – FREE (This is a public beach)

BEST TIME TO VISIT  Winters are more favorable, because winters of Dubai are sunny and pleasant.  Daytime in summers can be very hot, but prefer evening time in summers. 

Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach
Entrance and drive thru to La Mer Beach

There are many other popular beaches in Dubai like JBR beach, Black Palace Beach, Kite Beach and Jumeirah 3.  Dubai offers diverse choice in the culinary tour. Read this for a food tour in Dubai.  Also, Dubai has many places nearby where you can go for perfect weekend getaway or staycations. 

So this summers explore Rustic and Marine inspired decor at Eclectic Beachfront of Dubai – La Mer Beach 

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………


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  1. I visited Dubai once but i really don´t remember this place. The blue color of the water is really amazing…

  2. I’m wondering if it will be hot during mid April to make a short trip to Dubai. I doubt if I can spend any time on La Mer Beach then. This place is truly instagrammable,

    1. it would be hot in afternoon but La Mer Beach can be accessed in evenings also. Evening are equally wonderful here with fairy lights lit all over. You can go in evenings to enjoy funky vibes.

  3. Very colorful and lively! Reminds me of the Barry Island beach in Wales. Though I might drop by if my stay in longer, this is not the typical type of beach I’d visit during short stays. Anyday I’d opt for romantic, secluded beaches!

  4. Dubai looks like a completely stunning destination. I like how you included options for food lovers, nature lovers, etc. I would consider myself an art lover and I would love the street art. But snacking on the beach sounds great too!

  5. Its the new place to go in Dubai! This and Al Seef – and they both are quite similar too, developed by Meraas. I have been to La Mer but only during the evening, not the day time. I believe they’re coming up with a waterpark there too, I’ve seen some of the slides being built. The colorful beach huts are so cute!

  6. The shells! I live in the Maldives yet rarely find any seashells by the shore of local islands or resorts. Used to go collect them as a kid, still excites me to see them in pictures. Also, that looks an amazing place to just sit down and write under the sun! Thanks for all the pictures by the way, really gives a look into the whole place.

  7. What a quirky beach. I never would have thought that was in Dubai without you telling me that. But love, love all the murals and street art. It looks like a fun and beautiful place to spend roaming with a camera.

  8. I love the look of the Le Mer Beachfront, the eclectic vibe definitely appeals. The street art is not at all how I envisaged Dubai, and looks so colourful and fun. Of course, the wide choice of food options also appeals.

  9. When I saw the title of your post I wondered how on earth I had missed this when I was in Dubai (but I quickly realised it’s a new attraction/place to visit!)
    I love how vibrant the colours are and it looks like a great place to hang out for the day. Time to go back to Dubai I think!

  10. I’m personally not a big fan of beaches but it certainly is interesting to see how the ones here in Dubai are so creatively presented. Not only do they have those intricate decors of wooden buckets and ropes for the shower area, they also do a great job with a kids’ play area. Looks like a good spot to unwind after a tiring day exploring the city!

  11. Those beach huts are adorable! I only knew about shopping malls in Dubai. I didn’t even realize there was a beach! Le Mer beach looks amazing! What a lovely way to relax on vacation!

  12. La Mer beach in Dubai seems like the place to be if you want a fun beach day! It looks like to be made to pleased everybody! I am mostly interested of strolling along and taste some food from some of the 150 beach front restaurants! But before that I need to take a dip in that turquoise water while my husband is keeping an eye on my daughter on the kids playground! Thank for the tips, La Mer beach looks awesome!

  13. Oh wow! Before having read the details of your post, I honestly thought you were in like California or Florida – it totally had that vibe. And then I read DUBAI! Wow who would have thought. It looks so incredibly colorful and the amount of things to do would definitely keep anyone busy. And so many restaurants to pick from – 150! You definitely won’t get bored here for sure

  14. The beach is great undoubtedly but what I find more amazing is the way its creatively done. The wall arts and the murals, the marine theme, they all make it even more worth while. Seems like a photographers paradise. I will surely visit this when I am in Dubai

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