Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion

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Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion 

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Pizza Dhokla (Italian-Gujarat fusion)

Rajdhani Street – A perfect combination or fusion of Indian street food with mouth-watering delicacies.  Rajdhani Street JLT, Dubai offers a wide collection of vegetarian lip-smacking dishes from various parts of Indian streets. Local authentic tastes from Mumbai, Gujarat, and Rajasthan are served here with many innovations and fusions.  A great place where food is presented as an art piece.  No Indian cuisine is complete by Indian style street food.  Indian street food is commonly known as Chaat in many local languages. A famous Hindi song in India has been dedicated to Indian street food(Chaat) – “Mein toh raste se jaa raha thaa…. Mein toh behlpuri(name of Indian street food) khaa raha thaa“. Whenever you pass along the JLT area in Dubai, you can go to Rajdhani Street while singing this song now. It is a newly opened restaurant in this area. Let’s go for a virtual tour of Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion.

Overview of Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion –

Rajdhani Street is located in the JLT area of Dubai which is surrounded by lakes and tall towers.  Eating in this restaurant will remind you the street food from India and also the roadside restaurant is commonly known as Dhabas in India.  Brightly lit, spacious restaurant with views of the lake offers pure vegetarian food with ample of varieties.  There are many fusion food, exotic drinks, main-courses, Thalis, Combo meals, and delicious desserts.  Not only there are variety of food, but the presentation or plating of food makes you fall in love with food.  They have innovative style of plating.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Interiors of Rajdhani Street


 A Contemporary styled restaurant which has unique wall art.  Their walls are adorned with street arts and funny caricatures depicting Mumbai’s daily life.  They offer both type of seating – sofa as well as chair style.  Spacious and brightly lit with a view of the lake with the outdoor seating arrangement.  Not only the ambiance but the presentation of food is also taken care of.  They serve on black rectangular plates, wooden trays, miniature frying pans, brass and copper vessels.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Check out Mumbai Local trains, Autos, Taxis and life on their wall

WHAT I ORDERED in Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion –

 Pizza Dhokla  – A fusion food where pizza styled toppings are served on the Dhokla base.  I loved the concept as it is healthier by avoiding the white pizza base and making the Dhokla more tastier. It comes in the starter section.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Pizza Dhokla (Italian-Gujarat fusion)

Rajasthani Cheese Mirch Vada – This is also a starter. Big Green chilies filled with cheese, spices and dipped in gram flour and then deep fried. This special spicy dish is really worth trying out. Also, I loved the plating and those cute miniature frying woks for mint and yogurt dips.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Rajasthan Cheese Mirch Vada

Hara Bhara Kebab – Kebabs made up of green vegetables served piping hot with interesting dips. In one bite I finished all. These all starters comes under Quick Bites.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Hara Bhara Kebabs

Main Course-

Rajdhani Thali (available at Lunchtime) – Full Thali (steel plate) with many Indian curries, desserts, starter, rice and Indian bread. It is full meal even if you don’t order dessert and starter for one person.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion
Rajdhani street Thali (Lunch)

Chilli Cheese Onion paratha – A stuffed Indian bread served right on Tava( Flat Iron Wok) accompanies with Black Lentils curry and again those cute dips in miniature woks.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Chilli Cheese Onion Stuffed Indian Bread

Daal Bati Churma – Local authentic food from Rajasthan which is served on banana leaf, wooden tray, and brass vessels. 

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Daal Bati Churma ( Crushed Indian Bread with Green Lentils)

For Drinks, I ordered Kulkuli Sherbet(spicy drink), Mint coolant known as Hara Pudina Shikanji and Kairi Panna-raw mango drink which is sweet and sour. They have special glasses to serve them all. Some are in the shape of funnels, double glass or measuring cylinder from a chemistry laboratory.  There drink glasses are very unique.

Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion in Dubai
Kairi Panna ( sweet and sour Drink made from raw mango)

In Desserts I ordered Fruit Rabadi and Jalebi.  They were so tempting that I could not even took photograph and finished in a moment.

MY VERDICT for Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion –

Ambiance – 5 out of 5

Food – 4.8 out of 5

Service – 5 out of 5

Cleanliness – 5 out of 5

Presentation – 5 out 5 (unique feature of this place). 

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FEATURES of Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion–

  • Pure vegetarian dishes.
  • Welcoming and Courteous staff
  • Outdoor seating arrangement (good in winters )
  • They offer Home delivery
  • Opens from 11:00A.M. to 11:00 P.M.
  • Parking in Visitors parking area of cluster towers
  • Unique Plating of food
  • Can be reached through Metro by dropping at JLT Metro station and then take a public bus and also taxis.


  • On weekends it is always very crowded as it is very popular.
  • Take pictures of food as they serve you in various styles.
  • Order for different drinks as you would see all those unique glasses on your table.

RECOMMENDED FOR –  Food Lovers, Vegetarians, Ladies Party, Couples, Friends Get-togethers, Celebrations and Festival Parties.

PRICE – 110AED approximately for 2 persons

Tantalize or Tickle your taste buds by trying out this Indian street food (Chaat) in the prime upscale location of Dubai.  The taste of food will not only win your heart, but the presentation of your food will also appeal to you.  Check out different dishes from their never-ending menu and I am sure, you would add extra pounds/kilos after visiting Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai- Indian street food fusion.

Rajdhani Street dubai - Indian Street Food fusion
Rajdhani Street JLT, Dubai – Perfect Indian street food fusion

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  1. Dubai has certainly taken Indian fusion cuisine to the next level with Rajdhani Street JLT. Since I like spicy food, those fried chilies are calling my name. I especially like the plating which makes this so much more special. What cute little pots for the sauces. Those lunch specials look like generous portions and you can try several things. Even the drinks are unique so great to order several to try. I like a restaurant that follows through on its theme with the decor but doesn’t forget about food quality and service.

  2. I recently visited Dubai and so much wanted to try this place as have heard alot. Due to to the lack of time i could not visit. Good to see fusion of indian street food specially Pizza Dhokla.

  3. its literally been a decade since we went to Dubai and I’m sure the food scene in the city has completely transformed since then. Looks like a foodie trail is on the cards for when we go next!

  4. All the food photos are making me hungry! The Pizza Dhokla looks like a very creative dish and looks so much healthier than the actual pizza 😛 I love all things spicy so that Kulkuli Sherbet definitely got my attention!

  5. As I always say, when you’re away from home, a romantic date need not be somewhere exotic, but even a crowded restaurant that serves authentic food from your land is enough. This is that kinda place.
    Mirch vada, Dhokla, Thali……………… I’m drooling right now and I’m getting very hungry…

  6. I am a big fan of Indian food and finding the real flavors in a foreign country is something which is not usual. Am glad that being a Indian you loved the food here. Would definitely visit this place. Thanks for recommending

  7. It’s interesting how they’ve created unique yet somehow familiar dishes through fusion – i’d like to try a pizza dhokla once just to know what it tastes like! I’m sure it must be a very popular eatery. I really liked how they’ve done their interiors. If I ever visit Dubai, I might just drop in here to taste some of their innovations!

  8. I’m loving those wall art! I’ve been to India on a short stay once and I really love the Thali (though I find the other curries too spicy for me). Seeing that large metal plate brings back happy tummy memories of India. I wish to visit Dubai, too and would bear this restaurant in mind should I finally get there.

  9. Indian foods are also my favorite, and i admit that i should explore more this area. The spices are so good for my palate. Which of these are your best favorite?

  10. I actually love Indian food, but sadly we don’t eat enough of it! Cool place to visit if we ever do go to Dubai! Really like how you gave tips at the end and rated your experience 🙂

  11. Indian cuisine has is so rich with flavor, interesting to the tastebuds. Good to know there such place. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. Because I don’t really like curry, I haven’t had a lot of Indian food. However, because I don’t eat a lot of meat — and because your photos are so beautiful — I’m inspired to give more Indian foods a try!

  13. I know little about Indian food, only that it can be very spicy! That’s where I fail, as I’m a total wimp with spice. Saying that, I like the look of the kebabs here, it’d be a new experience for me. The decor here is so unique and colourful too.

  14. WOW! Rajdhani street JLT, Dubai seems to be a perfect place for Indian street food fusion experience! The food looks amazingly tempting. Hearing about some unique fusions for the first time Pizza Dhokla or Rajasthani Cheese Mirch Vada. Have not seen these in India as well! Rajdhani street seems to be a must go to places when visiting Dubai! Thanks for the heads up to take pictures as they serve and definitely order drinks for the unique glasses!

  15. Indian food is something which is very close to my heart and I always try and visit 1 indian restaurant on my holiday. Dubai has some great indian restaurants and Rajdhani street JLT surely will be on my list the next time I visit. The indian fusion is a great way to experiment with indian cuisine The decor is very reflective of the sub continent must say. Food looks very presentable and mouth watering as well. Thanks for sharing a great place.

    1. Thanks Amar! I am sure you would definitely like this place in your next visit, if you love Indian cuisine .

  16. Indian food street seems to bring together the flavours and aromas of Western India in Dubai. What I really like is the fusion that they have achieved by small international twists to traditional fare. The food really looks tempting. A place to be bookmarked for visiting when in Dubai.

  17. Great review and I’m sure you’re glad you can find excellent Indian food in Dubai, Food looks so good and I love the cartoon depictions of Mumbai on the walls. So cute. I have never tried Kulkuli Sherbet drink before. Sounds like it would sour or tangy but its spicy instead?

  18. I am definitely a big fan of Indian food, although I can’t have it too hot. This looks like such a wonderful place to dine and I love the presentation as well. Rajdhani Thali looks really appealing to me as this dish allows you such variety to sample and still would be enough for a meal.

  19. I love Indian food! Everything looks so good. The Hara Bhara Kebab looks amazing, I don’t blame you for finishing it so fast. Looks like a great feast!

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