Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour

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Experience Colorful Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour in Ukraine

Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour

Ukrainian Capital – Kiev’s street art scene is vibrant, bold, striking which adorns the city buildings, narrow lanes, hidden courtyards, etc.  After famous Ukraine’s revolution about 3 to 4 years ago, the Government of Ukraine invited local and international artists to create huge murals adorning the city walls.  After 2014, large murals started dominating the building facades, narrow lanes, and underways of Kiev/Kyiv.  This initiative in art had brought Kiev dominating in International Street Art map of the world. There are about 153 major artworks created by 32 artists of different nationalities across whole Kiev city.  During this Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour, you can admire how ordinary buildings are transformed into spectacular and colorful.  This art revolution brought a vibrant spark in Kiev city. Click here to book a guided tour to Kiev Murals street art. 

This art movement was started by Art United Us whose motto is to solve all global problems through artistic and creative mediums.  They started from Kiev and will resolve all global problems around the world by depicting the powerful message of peace and love through art and huge murals.  Now let’s experience Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour and know why Kiev stands prominently on the map of World Street Art scene.  As in Kiev, you would everywhere find huge murals and art but for prominent works of an art check the full map of murals at Kyiv Murals.  Here you will find the artwork names and their artists and full details of it. 

Experience Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour

  • The very famous and one of the first mural of Kyiv/Kiev – “REVIVAL”

It was created by Ukrainian and French artist combination named Sevastopol Alexey Kislov and Julien Mullan and known as Seth Land.

This was created during “French spring” in 2014.  This mural depicts the true revival spirit of Ukraine.

Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
“Revival” the most famous Kiev street art mural painting

Location – Intersection of Andrew’s Descent(Upper Neighborhood Town) and Podil (Lower Neighborhood).  At Spasskaya Street near Chernobyl Museum

  • Another one located on Velkya Street 33 are Vibrant flowers on the façade of the old traditional building. Also downstairs you would find many rustic open seated restaurants and cafes.
Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Kiev Murals Street Art – Vibrant Flowers
  • This folk type of art is located on the crossroads of Kiev Opera House. It depicts the traditional musical instruments from Ukraine and folk artists.  The whole mural depicts folk art from Ukraine.
Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Folk Music Band Artists Mural Painting
  • Located on an old building façade at Velyka street.  A lady with beautiful thoughts springing in form of flowers. 
Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Street Art from Kiev during Walking tours
  • This hidden courtyard of the narrow alley beside Georgian Restaurant on Velyka street has beautiful wall art with painted doors, windows and through windows, a beautiful market scene is painted. Also, you can have a photo session with it as it is painted at our height and also bench is provided. 
  • Not only the building but rustic bars and cafes are also covered with street art type of décor.
  • Even the residences and small houses look like a piece of art. This house can be found on Andryiv’s Descent.
Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Admiring Street Art in Kiev
  • Also, you can see lots of Ukrainian colorful folk art while passing through underways, subways or narrow passages.
Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Ukraine’s Folk Art

Other famous Kiev murals Street art Walking Tour are

  • “The Cyclist” by Emmanuel Jarus
  • BereGuinya by Mata Puda (Costa Rica)
  • Portrait of Ukrainian Poetess
  • Mural Freedom
  • Mural of Ukrainian Athlete

There are many murals all over Kiev and therefore to cover them you need walking street tours, public transport, car/taxi.  Many tour operators also provide Kiev city Street Art Tour, but it can be done by self-tour too.  Kiev Mural Street Art is covering 285 sq.kms. area(approximately).

These Mural paintings are not only making the city beautiful and vibrant but have a very deep meaning for grey streets.  They are giving life and positive vibes to Kiev city.  This art depiction gives you the glimpse of Ukraine’s culture, history, and past political unrest situation.  Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour is the best way to understand Kiev. 

Tips for Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour –

  • There is art on every façade of the building. Keep your eyes open.
  • Start your tour from Golden Gates Metro station and walk towards Podil.
  • Check murals location on site
  • It is a high walking activity, so wear comfortable footwear and carry enough water with you.
  • It is better to have a great Zoom feature on your cameras, as some murals are high on buildings and can be captured from far zones too.
  • If you want to know the story behind every mural, then hire a local guide or street art tour provider.
  • All murals cannot be covered in a day as they are scattered everywhere in the city, but the most famous ones can be covered in 3 to 4 hours through walking tours.
  • Click here to book the Petrykivka painting workshop if you love to paint something traditional Ukrainian art. 

This is just a tiny glimpse of Kiev Murals street art in this article. I found the whole city of Kiev very colorful. Even I loved the multi-colored buildings.

Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Colorful Kiev/Kyiv

Explore yourself the artistic and colorful corners, yards, buildings, facades in hidden streets of Kyiv/Kiev.  Kiev is like a big Art Gallery under the sky.  Even the food trucks and kiosks are very colorful.  Explore and discover colorful Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour.

Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour
Colorful Food Trucks in Kiev

If you love art, colors, murals then you would surely love the vibrant spark of Kiev city.

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. What an lovely post, every pic is so vibrant and colourful. I would love to visit Kiev just to explore the street arts, they are so stunning. And I have to say what a great initiative, loved it.

  2. These murals in Kiev are beautiful! My favorite is Revival. They fit in so well with the colorful buildings. I love this movement of encouraging expression through wall art and our acceptance of it!

  3. I didn’t realize Kiev has a a street art scene! These are all very cool, almost reminds me of the street art I see in NYC! Is it everywhere in Kiev or just one neighborhood?

  4. OMG this city is like a huge open gallery and it is magnificent! It is amazing how the locals are collaborating with the artists to make this artsy happen and the government is open for this. How I wish that my city is also like this, setting aside the monetary issues for the welfare of the community.

  5. When walking around a city, I often wonder what street art has been commissioned or whether it’s been some secret mural that an underground artist has put up in the dark of night. I love that these are part of a larger movement with such a wonderful and worthy message. And seriously? All the color. I particularly loved that home and the truck. A great way to bring the city together and give it some color.

  6. wow, Kiev looks so beautiful and the murals are awesome, such vibrant colors, such artistic genius, it’s so beautiful to see them all

  7. Beautiful artwork. As long as it is tastefully and artfully done (rather than just graffiti), I consider street art as real art. We have many murals here in our city (Cebu). But sadly, vandals vandalized our street art.

  8. Those are fantastic murals. The one near the Chernobyl Museum makes perfect sense in that location. I love when the artist makes that deeper impact by connecting with the location to make a statement with the art.

  9. Yes, this is truly beautiful and admirable street art, that I see here. I especially love the bright and vibrant colors, it makes some of them even look alive. I lived some years in Berlin and that place is full of street art. But these Kiev street artworks are different. I like them more since they have such positivity and also local . cultural aspect, which is in my opinion absolutely amazing. Yes, the “Revival” is also my favourite, it is just beautiful.

  10. Wow! These look really amazing. The very fact that they are so huge makes me think of all the effort that must have gone in creating them. I had no idea Kiev had such amazing murals that were available to plain sight. I dont think I will miss them when I get there. So, look forward to seeing them.

  11. A huge fan of street art and a huge fan of Kiev here! Kiev is a city that always has something new in store for every next visit. Seeing how I missed these amazing murals, I would have to visit again. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. These murals look amazing, much more intricate and colourful and detailed and unusual than the usual street art you see, even when it’s good! Kiev is high on my wishlist to visit, I went once in the 1980s but I’d love to revisit now and see it properly. Great tip on the murals, I’d love exploring as many of these as I could!

  13. A great fan of street art and I admired the work in Reykjavik a lot but Kiev surely is going great guns. The street art is a great reflection of the city’s love for culture and art and this city surely respects and promotes it. It’s also as great way of turning ugly graffiti away from the streets and turning into pieces of art My favourite one without a doubt is the Revival. Amazing Thanks for sharing a great piece of art from an equally great city.

  14. Wow, Kiev is filled with stunning street art. I most love the one with the folk band, it’s so colourful and detailed too. The lady in Revival is equally striking; I’d love to see this for myself one day and capture it on my own camera.

  15. These are some fantastic murals. All murals are beautiful but “Revival” is definitely one of the best mural picture I seen till date. It’s detailed and vibrantly colored. My second favorite picture is of beautifully painted food truck in the front of blue & yellow building. I think there is a sitting space on top floor of the truck. So interesting.

  16. Im not much of an art connoisseur, but I can tell when something is just plain amazing. Also the seemingly ambitious art behind us project intends to solve world problems? Well that one perspective to implore. Art can mend boundaries as they say!

  17. I am a huge fan of street art. I am currently following “Blub”. Kiev’s initiative to promote street art with positive messages is truly inspiring. I hope to visit Kiev in the future!

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