Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev – Explore Ukraine

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Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine
Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine with Travel with me 24 x 7

Kiev or Kyiv – the capital of young and vibrant Ukraine is full of colorful cathedrals, parks, funky cafes, colorful street art, and exotic nightlife. Apart from enjoying Kiev city tour, let’s go for wonderful day trips from Kiev – Explore Ukraine. There are many wonderful day trips which suit all tastes and ages. Like you can go for nature tours, folk museum tours, palatial tours, missiles or weapons tour or explore world’s worst nuclear disaster abandoned city tour. There are many tours from Kiev which can be done during a full day which are very much exciting and a great way to explore Ukraine. Check some Kiev weekend break options with essential information about how to reach, entrance requirements and why to go for it. While exploring Ukraine I found out some of the wonderful day trips from Kiev and presenting you my reviews on them. So let’s Explore Kiev – Explore Ukraine and take a beautiful virtual tour of nearby places of Kiev in Ukraine.

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Tunnel of Love – Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev  – Explore Ukraine

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

The most romantic and picturesque destination in Ukraine. This fairytale 1km long railway track covered with trees and foliage is famous among honeymooners and lovers all around the world. It is considered a place for blessings for couples. This natural landscaped place is must visit if you love nature. The desired time to visit this place is all year round. From May to the end of August it is green, and from September to October it is all orange and yellow welcoming Autumn. In winter, snow makes the place more dream. 

The distance of Tunnel of Love from Kiev

Approximately 350 km from Kiev

How to reach Tunnel of Love from Kiev?

Taxis and Guided tours can take you to Tunnel of Love within 4 hours approximately. Trains and buses also go there but they take 8 to 9 hours.

How Long does it take to reach Tunnel of Love from Kiev?

4 hours by private car or guided tours

Time Duration

Full day activity with commuting time


It is open all time.


No entrance fee. Free for all.

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

Tip – Apply some mosquito repellent as this place is full of bugs and insects which can make you uncomfortable. So apply it before entering the tunnel of love.

Soviet-era Underground Strategic Nuclear Missile Base – Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev  – Explore Ukraine

Missile base station in Ukraine - Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

This 12 levels underground missile base located at Pervo Maysk was functional during the Cold war times of Soviet era. If you want to know about the history of the cold war during the Soviet era and how a single press of a button can be so much disastrous then you should visit this place. You will take the whole tour of the area with entry to that chamber where the launch button of the missile is housed.  Though located off the path in between farming fields, it is difficult to reach but can always be done through guided tours.

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

The distance of Strategic Nuclear Missile Base

Approximately 300km while going to Odessa

How to reach Strategic Nuclear Missile Base?

Rented Taxis or Guided Tours. The bus also goes there but it takes 6 hours to reach there.

How Long does it take to reach Strategic Nuclear Missile Base?

3 hours one way approximately

Time Duration

It takes around 5 to 7 hours for the complete area tour.


9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Done in group tours mainly. If you go solo then the price can be steep like approximately 350UAH. Better to go with a guided tour or group tour. English speaking group tour is slightly cheaper than Ukranian speaking tours.

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine
Inside Nuclear Missile base station
Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine
Road Drive through Ukraine across Sunflower fields

Tip – Start early for this trip as this missile base is at 300km from Kiev. Wear tight-fitting clothes as you have to pass through narrow passages and have to go deep down. Sometimes you may feel suffocated or claustrophobic inside the center as you are going 12 levels underground and that too in the narrow passage without. Don’t take bags or something hanging on you as you have to pass many bunkers or low ceiling compartments. For a few hours, you will feel like living the life of a military soldier.

Mezhyhirya Estate – Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev  – Explore Ukraine

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

A beautiful 350 acres of the estate which houses ex-President’s lavish residence, widespread manicured lawns with exotic plants and flowers, golf course, man-made lakes, automobile museum with an exclusive collection of cars. Located at the banks of Dnieper river. It is also known as Corruption museum. 

The distance of Mezhyhirya from Kiev –

Approximately 23 km from Kiev

How to reach Mezhyhirya from Kiev?

Uber, Local Taxis, Combination of Metro & trams, Buses & Marshrutkas, Guided Tours.

How Long does it take to reach Mezhyhirya Residence from Kiev?

30 to 40 minutes depending on the Kiev city traffic

Time Duration

Half Day Activity – Take 3 to 5 hours to stroll around


9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. (Mon – Fri)

9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. (Weekends)


Grounds – 50 UAH (approx.)

Honk(Palace) – 200 UAH(approx.)

How to Commute in the Estate ?

Walking but to walk around 350 acres would be a tough task. So it is better to rent a bike, segways or golf cart with the driver at extra cost.

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

Tip – Wear comfortable shoes.

Pirogovo Open-Air Museum / Pyrohiv Museum / National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, – Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev  – Explore Ukraine


Day Trips from Kiev
Various style of cottages

Must visit nearby attraction of Kiev / Kyiv in Ukraine. It is the representation of diverse countryside Ukranian living at one place in open air and natural environment. Scattered wooden houses, huts, cottages of various styles from different states or regions of Ukraine, wooden cathedrals, fields of various local agricultural crops, lifestyle of villages, barns, farm animals, handicrafts & local food depicts the vibrant Ukraine’s folk life at one place. Read complete guide on Pirogovo Open Air Museum.

The distance of Pirogovo Open-Air Museum / Pyrohiv Museum from Kiev –

Approximately 18 to 19 km to the south of Kiev

How to reach Pirogovo Open-Air Museum / Pyrohiv Museum from Kiev?

Uber, Local Taxis, Combination of Metro & trams, Buses & Marshrutkas, Guided Tours.

How Long does it take to reach Pirogovo Open-Air Museum / Pyrohiv Museum from Kiev?

25 to 30 minutes depending on the Kiev city traffic

Time Duration 

Half Day Activity – Half day to full day


10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (every day)

On national days and the festival, there are some festive events held here.


7 – 30 UAH approx. For cameras, you have to take tickets. Mobile photography is allowed and can be done without tickets.

How to Commute in the open-air museum?

Walking but to walk around 350 acres would be a tough task. So it is better to rent a golf cart with the driver at extra cost.

Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

Tip – Wear comfortable shoes and take lots of photographs.

Chernobyl Disaster Site – Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev  – Explore Ukraine

Explore abandoned city of  Pripyat where the world’s disastrous nuclear accident took place. Tour to know about Ukraine’s nuclear history and how this nuclear disaster took place. Before this 1986 incident, this place resided with industrial workers and their families. This abandoned city was once upon a time was well developed and a self-sufficient city with all amenities like school, hospital, amusement parks, Ferris wheel, shops, café, etc. There are many exclusion zones with radiations which are guided by proper legalized tour offering companies.

The distance of Chernobyl Disaster Site  from Kiev

Approximately 140 km from Kiev

How to reach Chernobyl Disaster Site from Kiev?

Taxis, Bus, and Guided tours

How Long does it take to reach Chernobyl Disaster Site from Kiev?

4 to 4.5 hours by private car or guided tours

Time Duration

Full day activity with commuting time


Special permits and permissions are required to enter this zone. So your guided tour will designate you specific timings in which you can enter this abandoned zone.


Guided tours take you there. It depends on your guided tours. 

TIPS – Check safety guidelines and take proper documentation and permits.

  • Organization of permits required to visit the exclusion zone
  • Documentation required to visit the 30-kilometer exclusion zone
  • Documentation required to visit the 10-kilometer exclusion zone
  • Documentation required to visit the city of Pripyat
  • Documentation required to visit the Soviet over-the-horizon (OTH) Duga radar station

I hope you would love these day trips from Kiev while exploring Ukraine.  Not only Kiev city tour is interesting but day trips from Kiev are worth doing. Explore Kiev – Explore Ukraine with Travelwithme247blog / Travel with me 24 X 7. I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below while you take a tour to Kiev.

Where to stay in Kiev | Wonderful Day Trips from Kiev– Explore Ukraine

Click here to check my stay option in Kiev. Near Independence square as there are many hotels, cafes and night life around this street. 


Day trips from Kiev - Explore Ukraine
View from my hotel balcony


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Day trips from Kiev - Explore Ukraine

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  1. I’ve never been to Ukraine and had not contemplated until now. You have listed some very interesting places. When I visit, I will definitely go for the Tunnel of Love which is so enchanting and the missile base. Thanks for sharing such unique experiences.

  2. I definitely need to travel to the Ukraine! I love this list of day trips from Kiev. Top of my list would be the Tunnel of Love. How simply stunning. I remember when Chernobyl happened and would definitely add this to my itinerary.

  3. I have seen photos of the tunnel of love, and never knew where it was. Now I know it is in Kiev ! You mentioned it stretches as long as 350km ! That’s impressive ! Love the Mezhyhirya Estate house as well, the green landscape is so well kept !

    1. It does not stretches 350 km. It is away from Kiev by 350 km. The Tunnel of love is a small passage for about couple of kilometers stretch.

  4. There’s lots of lovely places to visit and some interesting sites. I thought the Tunnel of Love looked very pretty place to visit- it’s so pretty! I think the tours of Chernobyl must have increased in popularity after the HBO tv series, I would like to since I’ve learnt more about it.

    1. Yups may be after TV series many people know about it and are curious too. Tunnel of Love is really pretty but even the local people of Ukraine are not very aware of it.

  5. Kiev seems like a great destination, somewhere different. Mezhyhirya Estate looks gorgeous and the Pirogovo Open-Air Museum with the rural scenery and cottages looks delightful. And what a stunning view from your hotel balcony! Lovely post.

  6. I love to read about lesser visitors destinations like this and I am determined to get to this part of the world eventually. In saying that I would imagine there is a spike in visitors now due to the TV series on Chernobyl?

  7. We sometimes talk about visiting Russia, and Kiev would be part of that trip, together with St Petersburg. The Tunnel of Love looks really fun, and I can imagine it’s bugs’ paradise indeed! Chernobyl is one destination that would be unique, given its obvious past history. I can’t imagine how it must feel to visit the places of such a disaster.

    1. Yes I agree that Tunnel of Love is paradise for bugs and insects too. LOL. Visiting a disaster site is sometimes painful as I have gone through Bhopal Gas Tragedy site too.

  8. For me, Kiev is associated with Chernobyl and I imagined a dark and run down place… Your photos are very pretty though, it’s much greener and prettier than I thought. The Tunnel of Love looks amazing, I’m sure it’s all over Instagram!

    1. Kiev has many interesting places other than dark tourism. The one fact that not many people know that Kiev is one of the most greenest capital city in Europe.

  9. This is such a great list – thanks for sharing as Kiev has been on my bucket list for years and I really want to visit the tunnel of love and a guided tour seems like the best option to do it

    Laura x

  10. Never been to this part of the World, generally never though about Kiev, neither Ukraine. But from your point of view it seems interesting.

  11. I’m so glad I came across this post! I’m planning to visit Kiev in October and I got a lot of useful information from this article! I’m even more excited about my trip now!

  12. I think I wouldn’t feel good visiting the disaster site, but I sure would love to explore the Pirogovo Open-Air Museum to learn about Ukrainian traditions. Very inspiring post.

  13. This is a very thorough list! I haven’t been to Ukraine yet, even though it’s next door (living in Romania), but I’ve heard and read only great things, so I hope to get there soon 🙂

  14. Hello,
    Beautiful post about this young country! You have found some interesting locations for great day trips.
    I like the Love Tunnel. It truly is a gorgeous and romantic place. I could stroll through it for hours.
    Another location that caught my eye is Mezhyhirya Estate. Places like that can tell a lot of stories.
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. Sounds like there’s lots of great day trips to take from Kiev. I would love to go to Chernobyl, I actually had no idea you could do it as a day trip from Kiev. Something to keep in mind when trip planning.

    1. Yes Chernobyl trip is done as day trip from Kiev but take proper guide with you as this place still has active nuclear reactors.

  16. So many day trips from Kiev. And very interesting too. Am quite in love with the Tunnel of Love. Your shot really makes it look amazing. Am also, keen to get to Chernobyl. Along with those gorgeous mansions along the way.

  17. After living in Moscow for a while now and as there are many people from Ukreine here, my interest about visiting Ukraine is getting high now. the tunnel of love is beautiful. I have seen photos of that place before but I didnt know it was in Kiev. Amazing!!

  18. You’ve inspired me to visit Kiev, Ukraine and also go on day trips. I’m a huge nature fan and would love to visit the Tunnel of Love and the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. Before visiting the Chernobyl site, I would want to watch the Chernobyl HBO mini series to see how the disaster happened.

    1. Yes Jackie, not many people know that Ukraine has some wonderful nature too. But if you are nature lover, then you would truly love Kiev and its surroundings.

  19. I think the Tunnel of Love and Mezhyhirya Estate would be my top picks if I get a chance to visit Kiev AND take a day trip from there!

  20. Thanks for sharing. The destinations look really interesting. How’s the transportation in Ukraine? Is it convenient to travel? The love tunnel looks like a must visit 😊

    1. For transportation nearby Kiev, you can take Uber or public transport. But from one place to another trains are there. There can be a language problem so you can hire taxi too.

  21. I’ve never been to Kiev, and I just realize I’m reading it incorrectly, so it’s Kyiv. I learned something. Form watching Chernobyl, and learning the history of it, for sure, this will be my other things to do when I visit Kiev. Thanks for sharing the time duration and the distance from Kiev.

  22. So many cool things to do from Kiev! The Tunnel of Love is just so Instaworthy. I’ve always been fascinated with Chernobyl, and of course it has become so popular as a destination lately. I would love to visit.

  23. I done Kiev twice before but none of the sites which are ‘nearby’. Ukraine is so vast that everything is so far away and Kiev does feel a bit isolate. However would love to check these sites out on my return to this amazing country. I done more in the west of the country and really need to hit the centre more and maybe the east (when it calms down!)

    1. Yes Ukraine is vast and sometimes many cities are neglected. But if you would explore these places all are within 1 hour to 4 hours vicinity.

  24. I didn’t know there are so many things to do from Kiev. My favorite among these is surely the Love Tunnel. Even the Mezhyhirya Estate looks beautiful and the Chernobyl disaster site is an interesting place to visit.

  25. The Tunnel Of Love looks like a dream – straight out of a fairytale book. Would love to visit Kiev and I am sure seeing the tunnel of love in person would be a highlight for us. I hadn’t heard about the Pirogovo Open-Air Museum until I came across your informative post- would love to learn more about the folk culture by including it in our visit. Thanks for sharing this detailed post.

  26. I have been to Ukraine once but never got chance to explore it. Kiev is a beautiful city and i will definitely put it on my list. And the best part which you mentioned it here is Tunnel of Love. It looks like worth visiting. Thank you for sharing this post.

  27. I’ve seen so many pictures and read up about Chernobyl – this is definitely somewhere I want to visit just to see first hand how the area was affected. There’s been a lot of mixed views about it and I think I wantto see it for myself. How was the experience for you Yukti?

  28. Ohh how I’d love to wander through the Tunnel of Love! I couldn’t do the Missile Base though, I feel claustrophobic just reading about it. The other buildings are houses are gorgeous.

  29. Looks like Kiev is our city. All the day trips in your list are our favorite things to do while visiting a place. When I don’t have ample time during a visit, my top picks will be the Tunnel of Love and Nuclear Missile Base. The Tunnel of Love is just dreamy while the Missile Base reminded us of what life was and would be.

  30. The more and more I read about Kiev in your blog, the more and more I’m fascinated by the city and I want to visit the city.
    OMG! The tunnel of love is just so so so cute! Thanks for the tip about using insect repellents.
    Nuclear missle base? Whoa! That’s something I don’t think I’ve even thought had a possibility to visit somewhere! I wouldn’t miss it, though it looks like its one heck of a place to visit with public transport!
    I’ve heard about the tours of Chernobyl Disaster Site and seen pictures of it! Esp., the picture of the abandoned school there hurt my heart!

    1. I too never thought of visiting actual Nuclear base site but nearby Kiev I got a chance to do it. Yes Chernobyl Disaster really fills me with all sadness. This disaster and Bhopal Gas Tragedy are considered to be the world’s worst destructive site.

  31. Great to know all there is to explore near Kiev. I’ve see the tunnel of love before and I think it’s beautiful. All these trips sound quite far or time consuming though. I think Chernobyl has become such a popular dark destination and I admit that I’m curious. Kind of like visiting the Soviet bunker. I love that these are unusual suggestions on places to see.

    1. Yes there are many dark tourism spots near Kiev which are interesting as they sometimes depicts how science can be used in wrong direction.

  32. We traveled to Kiev several years ago and it was a wonderful trip. I wish I had known more about these day trips we could have taken. I would have loved to have seen more of the countryside and I could’ve spent an entire day at The Mezhyhirya Estate.

  33. Time sure changes things. Imagine once a site for disaster, now a tourist hotspot. Despite the past, that Missile Base sounds like a must-do trip. And the Tunnel of Love sounds fun too.

    1. Yes that missile base shows how missiles can be disastrous and we learn not to use it. It is a part of dark tourism.

  34. I hadn’t really thought of visiting Kiev before but Ukraine’s countryside looks beautiful — I’ll have to put it on my list! Ukraine looks so green. I would love to visit the Tunnel of Love, although it sounds a bit far from Kiev. The Mezhyhirya Estate also seems like a great day trip and the various cottages around Ukraine look adorable. Thanks for putting this on my radar!

  35. Although I have considered visiting Russia, Ukraine really hasn’t been on my list. I see that Kiev would make a great start and there really is a lot of beauty there! I’ve seen pictures of the Tunnel of Love on Instagram, I had no idea it is only 4 hours away from Kiev, it definitely makes for a great trip. I would also love to visit the Open Air Museum, looks amazing. And Mezhyhirya Estate also looks like a great place to explore!

  36. I must admit before reading your post about the young and upcoming destination I would have never thought of adding Kiev to my travel list. It surely has a lot to offer. There is so much to see and do leaving the capital itself. To top my list after seeing the city itself would be a trip to the tunnel of love so picturesque followed by corruption museum. A lot of outdoors on offer and guess summers would bring out the best. Some good learning for the kids with a visit to the ex soviet misiles Thanks for sharing a new destination and things around Kiev.

    1. Yes Amar, summers are great time to visit Ukraine. Tunnel of Love is truly Instagrammable location here. And children too love about many historic points and some missiles base center.

  37. There is so much to do from Kiev. The Tunnel of Love – what a photographers delight as well as the Mezhyhirya Estate – I love its other name the Corruption Museum. It would be interesting to visit the automobile museum there. I have heard that you can take tours now to Chernobyl. I am not sure I would be too comfortable visiting the site.

    1. Yes Jane, they have opened Chernobyl. I have done whole research but as I was traveling with kids, so skipped it. But read all safety precautions and go with proper legal tour guide as there are many exclusion zones there. Tunnel of Love is really photogenic and something unique.

  38. The tunnel of love looks like something straight out of a fairytale! Overall I would say that Ukraine looks a lot more green than I expected. I’d love to visit Kiev one day and explore all of these spots!

    1. Even for me it was a surprise about being so green but I came to know that Kiev is the most green capital of Europe.

  39. I have been to Ukraine but not Kiev. After my trip I learned about this romantic love tunnel. It was such a pity that I didn’t go at that time! I still hope one day I can make up that. You girl are lucky to see it.

  40. This is a great list of day trips. We have family living in Kiev for a couple years so we are hoping to visit them soon. I’ll keep these day trips in mind! The history behind the Soviet-Era Nuclear Missile Base would be fascinating!

  41. Wow there is so much to do around Kiev, I had no idea. The Mezhyhirya Estate would be interesting to visit. I always love going inside any sort of palace, estate or historic house. Open-air museums are usually my favorite type of museums so I would want to visit the Pirogovo Museum too.

    1. I am totally blown away with tunnel of love. Truly it is. If I ever get a chance to visit Kiev would definitely go there. Just for curiosity… Did the name spell like Kiev or kyiu? Actually I saw this in your first photo.

      1. Earlier it was Kiev but now the people of Ukraine spell it with Kyiv. But on internet searches and many maps it is still Kiev.

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