Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine

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Kiev or Kyiv, one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe is the capital city of Ukraine. River Dnipro bisects Kiev into Historical Kiev (Upper Neighbourhood) and Modern Kiev ( Podil – Lower Neighbourhood).  Kiev is the best example of reinvention and transition, as it was destroyed several times in the past.  Kiev has a glorious history with the great confluence of Western & Russian cultures. Kiev’s history dates back to 1500 years, which can be depicted through several cathedrals, churches, and monuments.  Let’s go and check for Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine.

Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine

 Kiev Pechersk Lavra 

Situated on the grassy hilltop beside Dnipro river, this is UNESCO listed, 11th-century monastery.  Ornately decorated religious building with golden domes has been a prominent center of Eastern Orthodox Church of Eastern Europe.  Beneath this structure, there lie an underground catacomb of narrow passages and caves through which you can see and worship the preserved bodies of monks and saints.  This is the holiest pilgrimage in Ukraine. 

20 Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Kiev Pechersk Lavra

 Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Kiev 

It is one of the most magnificent architectural landmarks and top visited sights of Kiev/Kyiv. It is the oldest Orthodox Cathedral of Kiev, constructed in 1037 with 13 golden and green colored domes.  It has beautiful interiors with Byzantine frescoes, mosaics and gilded ornamental everywhere on the roof as well as walls.  This complex survived many disasters of political unrest and fires.  It is also a UNESCO listed site.  The bell tower of this cathedral offers a great view of the whole city.  But you have to climb upstairs through the narrow passage for getting a beautiful aerial view of the city.  This cathedral is closed on Thursdays.

20 Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Kiev


 Khreshchatyk is Kiev’s main street/road which stretches along 1.2 km.  It is a pedestrian’s delight and is the main artery of Kiev.  This street was completely destroyed during World War II and now has been restored completely according to Stalinist style.  This is the most lively place of Kiev even during late nights also.  There are many Soviet styled buildings, hotels, cafes, quirky bars, street food options, street performers, adult clubs along this road.  On weekends, 4 laned roads are closed for traffic and pedestrians gather on road for fun and frolic.  I booked my stay here and have walked several times on this road.  Tip – Try to book your stay along this road or nearby area.

 Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square

 It is the central square or heart of Kiev.  Lies across Khreshchatyk, it the widest and beautiful space in Kiev.  This place is surrounded by buildings from the 19th century. The slender cylindrical monument in the center point of this place celebrates Ukraine’s break-up with the Soviet Union in 1991. This place hosts the city’s major national events like parades and public celebrations. 

 Andriyivskyy Descent  

This is a Historic street which connects Kiev’s Upper Town to Lower Town known as Podil.  This street is known Montmartre of Kiev which is a major tourist attraction of Kiev. You will find artists, craftspersons, handicraft vendors on both of this sloppy street selling all artistic and authentic stuff.  This descent is surrounded by the artist’s homes, galleries, cafes and bars with spectacular views of colorful houses.  At the lowest part, you reach Podil where buildings are not very rich but very colorful and quirky types.  Early evening or late afternoon walk is recommended in this area. 

 Golden Gate, Kiev

  It was constructed during the Kiev Rus period in the 11th century which is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It was a defense structure and was a great entrance to Kiev.  It was completely destroyed in the Middle Ages and rebuilt in 1982 by Soviet authorities.  This Gate is an imitation of the Golden Gate of Constantinople. 

20 Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Golden Gate

 St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

 This is the first monastery in Ukraine whose dome was gilded and therefore it is also named as Golden-Domed Monastery.  Built-in Middle Ages, it was also destroyed several times, especially during World War II.  In 1999, it was fully restored and rebuilt and opened for public.  Free entrance to this Monastery.

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

Rodina-Mat-Mother (Motherland Monument) 

This 102m high sculpture is located on the right bank of Dnipro River. 

Motherland Monument

This sculpture comprises of a woman holding the sword in one hand and shield in another hand. 

 St. Andrew’s Church, Kiev

  This Baroque styled church is one of the most beautiful churches in Kiev.  It is built on artificial hills at the very location at Andriyivskyy Descent, which overlooks oldest areas of Kiev. It was hit by lightning twice. 

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Saint Andrew’s Church

Pyrohiv Folk Architecture Museum 

This place is on the outskirts of Kiev towards the south of Kiev.  It can reach through taxi or Rent a car.  This Outdoor museum comprises of Ukrainian Folk Architecture and countryside life.  These are samples of wooden architectures of Ukraine and rural life of 16th – 19th century.  Book your guided tour to Pyrohiv Folk Architecture Museum. Read complete details about Pirogovo Open Air Museum. 

 St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral 

This cathedral built in a Neo-Byzantine style with bright yellow exteriors and interiors were painted by famous artists Mikhail Vrubel.  It is built in honor of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, who introduced Christianity to Kiev Rus in 988 A.D.  It is located in a most central part of the city. 

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral

National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II 

This open-air memorial Museum was built to commemorate the German-Soviet war. You can also see war tanks, air jets there. 

Mariinsky Park

 This widespread 130 years old park is located in front of the Parliament of Ukraine. 

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Mariinsky Park

 People’s Friendship Arch 

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Friendship Arch

This monument of Kiev was made to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of USSR.  During evenings, this arch illuminates in Rainbow colors.





 Mariyinsky Palace 

This is an official residence of the President of Ukraine in Kiev. It is located adjoining to Neo-classical styled Parliament building of Ukraine. 20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine

Mezhyhirya Residence 

Also know as President’s Palace and is located on the outskirts of Kiev.  This large green estate where Mr. Viktor liven when he was Prime-Minister and then President of Ukraine.  This ornate house now turned into a museum is surrounded by a beautiful park, lakes, Golf Estate, Sports facilities, Fountains, Car collection Museum, and Private Zoo.  It is spread around 350 Acres on the banks of River Dnipro. You can rent a Golf Cart / Scooters on Entrance to go along the whole property. Click here to book your 3 hours guided tour to Mezhyhirya Palace. 

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Mezhyhirya Residence (President palace)

Ukraine State Aviation Museum 

This Aviation museum has impressive collections of Aircraft and displays a wide variety of Societ technology. 

National Opera House 

It was constructed in 1867 and was burnt down in 1896 but has been rebuilt afterward. By the 1920’s this Opera was one of the most prestigious cultural stages in Russia.  This Opera House survived both World Wars.  If you are attending any show in this theatre then check in with the classy dress as you will be refused to enter in jeans, shorts or sneakers. 

20 Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Opera House

 Olympic Sports Complex 

It is a premier sports venue in Ukraine and is the second largest in Eastern Europe. Seating capacity of this complex is 70,000 people and have been known for hosting major football matches. 

Arsenalna Metro Station 

It is the deepest  Metro Station in the world. You have to go down 105.5 m (346 ft) to catch your metro rides.  You would pass through a very deep and narrow Escalator Tunnel and it takes around 5 minutes to reach down.  The people having Vertigo or Height Problem can avoid this or they should not look down. 

I covered these  Best Things To Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine,  during 3 Days, 4 Nights. There are many Unusual and Quirky Things to do in Kiev which I will cover in my next article.


  • I recommend booking your stay near Maidan Square or on Khreschatyk Street. I stayed in a very historic styled hotel that is very iconic in whole Kiev – Ukraine Hotel and click here to check my stay. 
  • Kiev offers various cuisines and you will not find any problem regards eating out. Kiev even has a beautiful street food culture.  Vegetarians can find many options in Italian, Georgian, Indian and Grilled Section of Ukrainian Cuisines.
  • Kiev is well known for vibrant Nightlife. Nightlife lovers will enjoy these places. Mostly all Nightlife areas are located on Khreschatyk Street.
  • Go for an Underground tour of Kiev to see the forgotten nuclear bunkers of the cold war during Kiev / Kyiv.  Click here to book Underground tour of Kiev. 
  • Go for 10 hours private missile Base tour with a chance to press the Red button while going underground for 45 meters.  Click here to book this tour
  • For transportation in Kiev, you can use Uber, Metro and walk. Walking along Historic town is best. Uber is also quite efficient here. 
  • The currency of Ukraine is the Ukrainian Hryvnia, also known as UAH. 
  • Spring and Summers (April to September) are the best times to visit Kiev.
  • Enjoy greenery in Kiev, as Kiev is the Greenest Capital of Europe.
  • Kiev is safe and only you have to take general precautions.
  • Kiev is not very expensive. Shopping in Kiev is good and affordable.
  • There are 2 International Airports in Kiev.
  • From Kiev, you can also plan your trip to Lviv and Odessa (besides the Black Sea) which are well-known cities of Ukraine.  I will talk about what to do in Lviv and Odessa in my other post.
  • Check closing days of monuments, museums, and cathedral before planning your visit.
  • People do not understand ENGLISH much so there can be Language problem but you can rid of by using Google Translator. Always keep your Google Translator ready.  Google Translator or any Translator App on your mobile is a must in Kyiv.  
  • Go for a day trip to Tunnel of Love and Tarakaniv fort. Click here to book this tour.
  •  There are many famous Day Trips from Kiev which I recommend to take. If you are in Kiev then ever thought of visiting or exploring an abandoned city – Pripyat known from Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster. It is the world’s worst nuclear disaster where approximately 30 years ago, a town blasted 400 times the radiation of the bomb of Hiroshima. As this place is very sensitive and has many check-points, it is recommended to go through special tour operators which are officially recognized. Read more about how to book for Chernobyl Tours in advance as it requires prior bookings and permissions too. You can read 15 books about the Chernobyl and the Chernobyl disaster
  • There are different Visa formalities for Ukraine. Check on their website for more information.   Check this official website for Visa information. 
  • Check Ukraine Official Tourism Website for more information.
20 Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour, Ukraine
Maidan Square

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Kiev looks so beautiful and vibrant. The monasteries and cathedral are so elegant with grand architecture. I am always in awe of the old architectural delights in any city and capital cities are the best places to explore and know about the place. It is also good to know that Kiev is the Greenest Capital of Europe. They also take their environment seriously.

  2. I wish I was there. I wanted to visit Kiev, but they didn’t let me in in the airport. They took my passport and only returned it when I landed in Riga.

  3. The architecture in Kiev looks a bit different when compared to its other European counterparts.
    Byzantine art + UNESCO, St.Sophia Cathedral would be my top place to see.

  4. This is a good guide when planning a Kiev City Tour, Ukraine. The city gives a sense of historical relevance and a new look at the same time. Andriyivskyy Descent looks like a fun place to shop and explore the cafes and crafts. Rodina-Mat-Mother appears quite majestic. Glad to find this guide on Kiev, a most comprehensive one giving a glimpse of places to see and best things to do in Kiev along with very helpful tips!

  5. I had never really heard much about Kiev except for their great football club Dynamo Kiev. But going through the list, it surely seems that Ukraine and Kiev have so much to offer. Especially loved the gold gilded Kiev Pechersk Lavra and wow, that Arsenalna Metro Station, looks like a museum!

  6. Wow a beautiful city and one I would surely consider going’s after reading your post. Never thought of this before as a destination. Pechersk Lavra looks so beautiful and stands out Some great visuals as well in this post. Would live to walk around independence square as well. A ride on the metro through the beautiful arselana station would be fun as well.

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