Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine

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Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv – a multi-cultural city of western Ukraine was one of the major cities situated on two trade routes in medieval Europe.  Lviv influenced many powers from time to time from Hungarian rule to Austrian rule to Tsar’s Russia to Polish rule to USSR rule to Nazi Germany, again to USSR and now a part of independent Ukraine.  Lviv is named after the king’s son and in Ukrainian it means Lion.  In Latin, Lviv is also known as Leopolis.  This beautiful cultural city of Lviv, lies on the foothills of the Carpathian mountains is located in western Ukraine at a distance of 70km from Poland has charming city squares, surrounded by bright colored Baroque styled buildings, cobblestoned streets, 60 museums, 100 cathedrals/churches, and numerous unique restaurants/bars. Let’s check about Amazing Things to Do in Lviv, Ukraine in this article with Free Walking Tours.


Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv – Hidden Pearl of Europe

Lviv reflects multiculturalism as it has borrowed many diverse cultures from its invaders.  The top Lviv attractions are situated in this compact historical city center which you can do by Free Walking Tours.  Lviv is completely a Walking city where you get into narrow streets surrounded by bright houses, rustic bars, chocolate–coffee manufacturing units, and many more. 


Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
Vibrant Lviv – A Historic and Cultural city of Ukraine

Let’s read about – Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine – Free Walking Tours in Lviv

  • RYONK SQUARE, TOWER – It is the central and most popular square of Lviv, Ukraine. This rectangular square witnessed busy markets, public celebrations, and  It is the heart of Lviv and is surrounded by more than 50 unique architectural wonders from 16 to 20 centuries.  All houses/buildings are unique in their own way and have significant historical stories associated with them on this square. 
  • LVIV OPERA HOUSE – The architectural gem of Lviv, is compared to Paris and Vienna Opera houses. This lavish European-styled majestic building has a marvelous front façade and was built under Austro-Hungarian Empire’s rule. This splendid piece of art and eternity is built on the Poltava river, flowing through Lviv’s center under the ground in the sewer.  Therefore its foundation is very unique and is the only theatre built on the river in the world.   3 winged bronze statues adorn this building façade which is –  Genius of Drama & Comedy, Genius of Music, and Glory with Palm branch in hands. 
    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Lviv Opera House


    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Lviv Opera House





  • VIRMENSKA STREET – This narrow cobblestoned street surrounded by beautiful and colorful houses were used to be residences of the Armenian community who migrated here in the 16th to 19th Strolling around this street is interesting as you will find many unique buildings or houses.  Also, there are many rustic and unique bars, cafes, and restaurants on this street. 

    Amazing Things to do in Lviv, Ukraine during Walking Tours
    Take photos with unique colorful houses and doors in VIRMENSKA STREET

  • POTOCKI PALACE – Designed by a French architect, this is the perfect example of classicism architecture in Lviv. Built in the 19th century by Count Potocki, it has bright interiors with colored marble work, stained glass, colored glidings, moldings, and mirrors.  

    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Potocki Palace, Lviv

  • LVIV TOWN HALL – This is the highest tower in Lviv with 65m(213ft) in height. This UNESCO-listed World Heritage monument is dating back to the 4th  Earlier two Town Halls were destroyed by fire and the third one was destroyed by the fierce storm.  This 4th one which is the present reconstructed building is the residence of the City Council of Lviv.  Tourists are allowed to climb 400 steps of Town Hall to get a glimpse of panoramic views of Lviv city.  

    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Lviv Town Hall at Rynok Square

  • LVIV ARSENAL – It is the oldest Arsenal building in Lviv and now houses the unique weapon museum which has a collection of ancient weapons from more than 30 countries. This building dates back to the 16th  As Lviv was located at the strategic location of Intersection of trade routes of East & West, medieval Lviv was constantly invaded. So it was necessary to have a reliable defense.  On its entrance, it has been inscribed “The happy town is the one which in peacetime can see foresee future danger.”   Check opening times before visiting the museum. 
  • HIGH CASTLE PARK – This castle ruins on top of the hill is a must-do activity in Lviv. Don’t expect the ancient ruins of the castle but it is recommended for getting a view of the whole city from the top of the hill at about 1354 height.  This hike goes through bushes and tall trees. This location lies at North-East of Lviv and people generally go for Sunrise & Sunset view of Lviv city.  

    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Aerial shot of Lviv from High Castle Park

  • THE DOMINICAN CHURCH – This majestic Late-Baroque-styled architectural beauty is adorned with splendid sculptures. It is now a Greek-catholic church and was founded in the 13th It was earlier a wooden church and was burnt in 1340. After that, it was rebuilt and destroyed several times by fire.  In 1749, again it was rebuilt into Late Baroque styled and still standing from that date to the present day.  

    Amazing Things to do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Dominican church

  • BERNARDINE CHURCH – This interesting architecture which combines the Dutch & Italian styles of architecture is located in Lviv’s Old Town towards the south of Market square.
  • LVIV CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURING UNIT – LVIV CHOCOLATES – Since medieval times, Lviv is famous for its art of making lovely confectionary. During the 19th century, Europe used to export handmade specialized chocolates, truffles, and sweets from Lviv.  Until the present date, they are creating magical recipes by using those traditional methods in chocolate making.  You can go for a chocolate-making tour in Lviv by visiting a Chocolate factory.  This place is made up of glass walls, through which you can peep in to see how they create choco chunks into various chocolates bars or truffles.  There is a shop on the first floor where you can select between 50 varieties of chocolates and 19 varieties of truffles and buy them. On the top floor, there is a choco bar where you can eat and have a view of Lviv city. It is located in heart of the historic center of Lviv. 
  • YARD OF LOST TOYS – A very unusual thing to do in Lviv. This urban backyard or courtyard is converted into an open-air museum of junked or forgotten toys. Don’t know the story behind this but is very strange.  

    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Yard of Lost Toys

  • RIDE THROUGH COLORFUL OLD TRAMS IN LVIV – Take a charming ride through the trams of Lviv with locals and pass along the historic centers, perfumed coffee houses, rattling through narrow cobblestoned streets. The cost of the ride is 4 UAH for an adult.  The new ones must be more efficient, but riding in old and vintage-styled trams has its own charm.   
    Amazing Things to do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Lviv Trams

  • Take a sip of your favorite berry drink at vibrant Ryonk Square or roam around the flower markets of Lviv.  
    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Drinks at rustic bars at Rynok Square in Lviv

    Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    Floral Market of Lviv

Above are the most Amazing Things to do in Lviv, Ukraine but there are many more as Lviv is a historic and cultural place.  Go to Lviv’s sightseeing attraction by Walking Tours.


    • The local currency of Lviv is Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) which can be conveniently exchanged at convenience stores, hotel counters, and at market centers.
    • People in Lviv speak many languages like Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Austrian as they have influence from past and nearby bordering countries. But they understand English a little and it is better to always have your Google translator ready and handy.
    • Stay near the Historic center, Opera house, or Oldtown as the whole city is walkable. I stayed at Hotel Atlas Deluxe, a few minutes away from Opera house.  There are numerous hotels and hostels in Lviv.
    • As a food lover, you would love Lviv as it has numerous options with different cuisines from many parts of the world. Also, there are uniquely themed bars and cafes.  Every café has its own unique story and history. Read more about where to eat in Lviv.

      Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
      Culinary Tours in Lviv

    • Lviv is a city of Festivals. Check the calendar if you would love to attend the unique festival of Lviv. They celebrate around 50 festivals a year.
    • Lviv tour is incomplete without having a sip of coffee at Lviv’s famous cafes. Lviv is famous for coffee as during the 18th century, Austrians first introduced coffee here with the finest cafes in Lviv.  Lviv the Coffee Capital organizes Sip a coffee festival every year where you can taste many varieties of coffee preparations.  This black drink is the pride of Lviv and is a historical drink of Lviv which is still preserved.  Many coffee bars have special music, dance, poetry nights, and concerts to make your evenings mystical.  Amazing Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine
    • Lviv can be reached through Kiev by road or rail. Kiev is having an International airport in Ukraine.
    • There are many castles nearby Lviv for which you can take a separate day trip to visit them.
    • Lviv lies on the foothills of the Carpathian mountains and there go for mountain hikes or tours on a separate day trip or camping in the Carpathians through Lviv.
    • All amazing things to do in Lviv, Ukraine can be done by walking tours. No need for any kind of public or private transport.

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Reading this brought back a lot of memories. I have good memories of my two trips here to this amazing city and I love the food scene has suddenly improved over a short space of time. I went in the winter months and got hit by the cold and snow straight away but got some amazing snow photos of the opera house and main square. Plus I love the walk up the hill to the castle ruins.

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