Unique Lviv restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv

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A Guide to Unique Lviv restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv
Culinary Tours in Lviv

Lviv is a Gastronomer’s Delight. Lviv is a city of Coffee, Chocolates, and Beer.  Many local manufacturing units in Lviv offers unique chocolates, coffees, and beer.  The uniquely themed restaurants, bars, cafes make Lviv a Foodie’s delight. Not only the variety of food in Lviv makes it worth visiting but the unique theme, funny interiors, and live workshops make a person to try out Unique Lviv Restaurants.  Let’s check out Guide to Unique Lviv Restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv. 


  • GASOVA LAMPA, LVIV – This is the most unique restaurant museum in Lviv. The first kerosene Lamp was invented at Lviv in 1853 and in this restaurant you can take the tour of how lamps are designed, the story of the invention of lamps while eating your favorite Eastern European cuisine in this restaurant.  This three-storeyed restaurant with special floors designated to the evolution of Gas Lamps.  Various and huge collections of Vintage to modern Gas Lamps from all over Europe are displayed here and making this pub/restaurant to possess the biggest collection of lamps in Europe.  They serve central European Ukrainian food and for vegetarians, you can order Grilled Vegetables.  The whole atmosphere and ambiance are filled with small explosions, flashes of fire, the smell of Gas.  Click here to book 4 hours Drink and Taste Lviv Gourmet Tour
    Unique Lviv restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv
    Gasova Lampa, Lviv

  • DRUNKEN CHERRY/ DRUNK CHERRY BAR  – A glowing red cherry wine shop at Rynok square will surely grab your attention, due to its unique interiors.  This stop-over at Drunken Cherry is must Do in Lviv though you don’t drink wine.  This cherry wine is a unique and favorite drink of Lviv as they are sourced from locally produced cherries in Carpathian mountains.  This cherry wine is amazingly sweet and is not loaded with too much alcohol.  It tastes just like a normal Cherry juice.  The unique interiors are adorned with red wine bottles, wine glasses all over. Even a grand chandelier is made of wine bottles.  Though they don’t have much seating space and only a couple of high chairs/tables outside the shop, people queue up to this place to have their favorite drink.  
    Unique Lviv restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv
    Drunk Cherry Bar, Lviv

  • BASILICO – Located at the main corner of Rynok square of Lviv, this Italian restaurant has good options for vegetarians also. Also, they serve wide varieties of berry mojitos which are worth trying.  As this restaurant is strategically located, so having a sip of your favorite drink and munching on cheesy pizza, enjoy the vibrant market square view.  This restaurant opens till late at TIP – Opt for outdoor seating. 
    Unique Lviv restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv
    Berry Drinks and Mint Mojitos at Basilico


  • PRAVDA BEER THEATER – A unique bar theatre from a local brewery which is spread on 3 floors have a live rock band, unique beer, and local Eastern European cuisine. The beer at this place is unique because they are named and themed after famous politicians of the world.  The tastes and color are associated with famous politicians personalities.  Now you can very well guess what an Obama beer or Merkel Beer or Putin Beer would taste or look like.  Also, live orchestra band plays on the top floor which plays all styles of music from Frank Sinatra to popular recent soundtracks.  They also perform on local Ukrainian music.  On the ground floor, you can also taste beer from their wide collection of freshly brewed local beer from taps or bottles.  They have an open kitchen which serves Eastern European and Ukrainian cuisine. This is also located on Rynok square, opposite to Town Hall.  The interiors of this beer Theater is very metallic and rustic.  People love to sit here and discuss their favorite politicians by sipping their personalized drinks.  
  • DE MANDJARO – Located on the most classy and romantic streets of Lviv, this restaurant is famous among youngsters, teenage students, and This budget-friendly restaurant has various options for pizzas, burgers, steaks, and drinks. Being a vegetarian, I found many various options in pizzas and pasta.  Rustic interiors and also they have a seating arrangement outside. There is little ice-cream kiosk outside this restaurant, which is worth after a good meal or in-between snack. Many fresh fruits flavored Italian Gelato styled ice-cream is a famous hotspot in Lviv.  Many people queue up outside this kiosk to grab their favorite ice-creams. 
  • CELENTANO PIZZERIA – Located at the main center of Lviv facing Lviv Town Hall, this restaurant is always full. For outdoor seating, people queue up and wait for many hours.  The peculiarity of this place is that they serve Extra Large Pizza, which is larger than the table (pun included). Fresh berry drinks and various Mojitos are worth trying out here in this restaurant.  The main attraction is to have lunch and dinner here and completely soak into the colorful atmosphere of Lviv. 
  • LVIV HANDMADE CHOCOLATE / LVIV CHOCOLATE FACTORY – Lviv is famous for unique styled chocolates. Take a tour of Lviv chocolate factory which is located in the historic center of Lviv. This glass-walled factory makes you tempted to peep inside and can watch for how craftsmen and chefs create wonderful chocolate figurines from bulky chocolate chunks. By climbing the spiral wooden staircase, go to the first floor above the manufacturing unit to buy your favorite chocolate pieces.  They are available per piece, bars, per kg and per box.  Climb further high to grab your favorite chocolate drink and get lost into the rustic interiors of Chocolate café.  This café on the terrace offers wonderful views of Lviv while enjoying wonderful chocolates.  You can also book 1.5 hours chocolate workshop tour with a fun tour of the chocolate factory and have traditional lunch.

    Wooden Staircase network to reach 3 storeyed Lviv chocolate manufacturing, Shop, and Cafe

  • LVIV COFFEE MINES / LVIV COFFEE MANUFACTURING – Lviv, which is a coffee capital of Ukraine and its coffee houses date back from the 17th century till today. This museum restaurant “Lviv Coffee Mine”  which has unique coffee extraction in the basement.  Coffee in Lviv is hidden undergrounds like a mine where miners bring coffee beans through rail track, pulleys to the top and they are roasted, milled and served.  You can go down through narrow spiral stairs and see the whole process of mining through iron railings covering basement.  After visiting coffee mine, you can enjoy your hot coffee on the Ground floor and also purchase coffee beans.  

    Unique Lviv restaurants – Best Places to Eat in Lviv
    Lviv Coffee Manufacture

  • CHEESE TASTING IN LVIV – Try cheese tasting at any Cheese selling joints or Galician restaurants, because Lviv is also famous for special flavored cheese. This cheese is slightly bitter in taste because cattle are fed with hay.  Annually in Autumn Lviv hosts grand Cheese and Wine festival. During this time, many events, concerts, and shows are held in Lviv.  

There are many themed and unique restaurants in Lviv like House of Legends, Green(vegan-friendly), Terrazza(roof-top), Kiryjvka (militarily themed restaurant) and many countless others.  Lviv is a perfect assortment of quirk to controversial themed restaurants offering various cuisines and desserts.  Not only these restaurants are just a place for eating, but also act as a museum to know about a particular journey of food and how it is processed.  Isn’t that interesting to know about how your chocolates are made, or coffee is mined or cheese is made by gulping your favorite food?  At every corner of the city, you would find a specific theme restaurant which is quite unusual and interesting. Go for an Interesting Tour to Unique Lviv Restaurants – Best Places to eat in Lviv. 

Not only restaurants, but there are many streetside small booths, kiosks which serve you a beer, wine, coffee and in between snacks. They too are worth trying and also their shapes are very unique. Some are shaped inside a barrel or a window from a colorful building serving you with your favorite hot or cold drink with some munch overs. These are a few samples of Unique Lviv Restaurants – Best Places to eat in Lviv which I have tried during my 3 days stay in Lviv.  Click here to book Gastronomic weekend tour of 2 days with a night stay in 3-star hotel in Lviv. In this gastronomic tour, you can enjoy meals and drinks at authentic museum styled famous restaurants of Lviv.  Are you a foodie or gourmet traveler then check street food in Europe

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  1. We have been considering a short trip to Lviv for a while now, as the flights are very cheap from the UK and it looks beautiful. It is very likely we will go in 2019. I am bookmarking this article for when we go, as trying local places to eat is our favourite thing to do in new cities! The restaurant museum in particular sounds super cool 🙂

  2. Cheese! Chocolate! Coffee!! WOW this is indeed paradise! 🙂 I think my favourite would be Basilico for the veggie options and the ambience 🙂 Such an amazing experience it would be to actually see handmade chocolates been made at the factory! 🙂 Loved the quirky ambience of Gasova Lampa!

  3. As always loved reading your post as I always learn something new. I have never been to Lviv but it looks like it has some very unique places to eat, definantly a must for any foodies to go and explore. Great post.

  4. Hi Yukti, this is such a great article! I absolutely love restaurants and enjoy reading recommendations. Your choice of restaurants for Lviv looks splendid and I will definitely keep them in mind for planning my visit. Gasova Lampa would probably be my top choice!

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  6. Wow! Lviv is definitely a Gastronomer’s delight. There are so many unique drink and dine options. I like the lamp-themed interior of Gasova Lampa. Wine made from locally produced cherries is something I would so love to try. The chocolate factory, coffee mines and cheese tasting would be my favourite experiences.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to a new place with so many food options. I travel to eat and Lviv looks a great place. I am sure this place has awesome vegetarian options too. Would love o explore those coffee mines.

  8. My goodness, I don’t know where I would begin in Lviv. There are so many interesting and quirky places to visit, especially if you are a foodie like me and enjoy trying new drinks. (I would definitely want to try Cherry Wine!) Cool place to visit. I would check out all of these stops!

  9. My kids probably would enjoy the chocolate factory, but I think I would enjoy the coffee mine the best. I love learning about how food is prepared.

  10. I had no idea that Lviv has so many themed cafes and restaurants and they all look so appealing!
    A day tour of visiting some quirky and controversial restaurants in Lviv sounds perfect to me.

  11. I had no idea that Lviv had such a vibrant food scene going. The list of restaurants and pubs would be helpful to guide any foodie visiting Lviv. Great job!

  12. These are some amazing places to eat in Lviv. What I love about all of these places is that they are not only about food and drink but an experience of a different dimension. I am really intrigued by Gasova Lampa and its interiors. Never knew that the first Kerosene Lamp was invented in Lviv.

  13. That was a big list of unique restaurants in Lviv. Very useful information. Will check out all of them next time there. Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is a great guide to eating out in Lviv. I’m a chocolate and cheese girl (not in the same order!) so would head straight to these places first. I love wine, but I’m not so sold on the cherry version. It sounds too sweet for me. It’s great to know there are a lot of good options here!

  15. What fabulous eateries in this city! Culinary delights seem to be married to interesting venues and experiences. I love the idea of eating in what is in effect a museum! My favourite fruit is cherry so the cherry wine bar is a must for me. And I have to ask, is there a Trump beer? What does it taste like? Not sure I would want to find out!

  16. I hadn’t even heard of Lviv until now. And now I cant wait to try a meal at GASOVA LAMPA. I love to try local cuisine and the added attraction of seeing various gas lamps from the past is a winner.

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  22. Loved this guide to unique Lviv restaurants sharing the best places to eat in Lviv. It looks like whole new world to satisfy the taste buds. The Live coffee mine.. never heard of them.The chocolate factory and the pizzeria – wow and last but not the least, would love to try the drunken cherry. Lviv seems to be a foodies paradise!

  23. What a neat place to visit. The beer theatre sounds amazing – and a bit of a laugh with the names of the beers! Some great places to visit, sounds like there’s a good foodie scene there.

  24. Going by your list, Lviv surely has a great culinary scene going for it. Especially liked the quirky designs at the Drunken Cherry. And Chandelier made of bottles! Well thats surely worth a look in itself right?

  25. Never been to Lviv myself but your posts makes me think of this as a destination. It surely looks like a gastronomical delight this city with my favourite being chocolate and coffee. It surely does look
    Like a museum must say and the atmosphere must be lively. The drunken red cherry bar itself great one and will be one I would live to sample. Overall gives great infor this post thanks for sharing.

  26. It’s a wonder you didn’t gain 20 lbs during your 3 days in Lviv! You’ve given us plenty of options for every taste. But it sounds like wherever we go, we should try to get outside seating. I do want to try the brewery with the beers named after politicians. Sounds fun!

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  29. Wow! It would be a dream to visit Lviv. The wide array of food choices is a great reason to travel all the way there.

    Since I am such a sweet tooth, I would love to try Lviv’s chocolates and their gelato styled ice cream.

  30. So many great choices here, thanks for sharing. I love the look of Drunken Cherry, although I’m not sure about wine made from cherry, but I guess you have to try it. The photos are great too, some of those streets look very inviting.

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  32. Coffee, chocolates and beer??? That’s a yummy combo and all 3 favs of mine!!!
    Kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv? That’s news to me… Just grilled veggies doesn’t sound yum though.
    Good to know Basilico has better options for veggies. Beer theatre sounds quirky!

  33. This was such an interesting post. First, I live in Europe and had never even heard of Lviv. Now, it’s on my must go to list! I can’t believe how amazing the food/drink scene is there. Such a fun post – thanks for sharing all this.

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