Pirogovo Open Air Museum

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Pirogovo Open Air Museum
Windmills at Pirogovo Open Air Museum

Pirogovo Open Air Museum – Day Trips from Kiev / Kyiv 

Pirogovo Open Air Museum is the largest open-air museum in Europe and is also known as the National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture & Culture or Museum of Folk Architecture and Folkways of Ukraine.  It is spread across 370 acres and a true depiction of beautiful countryside, the rural lifestyle of different regions of Ukraine.  The day trip to this open-air museum from Kiev is a great way to know about Ukraine and how Ukrainians live centuries ago. 

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Pirogovo Open Air Museum

Various styles of ancient Ukranian countryside houses/huts

Pirogov or Prohiv is originally a village to the south of Kiev – the capital of Ukraine which houses this wonderful outdoor museum. This territory has archaeological evidence from the Bronze Age too.  The tour to Pirogovo Open Air Museum is a kind of Time Machine where you can see houses, architectures, a way of living from centuries ago.  It is like a Glimpse of the whole Ukraine at one place. 

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Pirogovo Open Air Museum

Windmills area

The formation of this open-air museum started in 1969 and opened in 1976 where you can see more than 70,000 items of Ukrainian household & traditional cultural items such as costumes, textiles, embroidered fabrics, carpets, ceramics, metal and wooden pieces, glass works, paintings, and various folk musical instruments.  The whole area is categorized into separate “village” which features typical historical & orthographical region of Ukraine for e.g. Polesia, Sloboda, Ukraine & Poltava region, Carpathians, Middle Dnieper Ukraine, Podolia & Southern Ukraine. 

What to see in Pirogovo Open Air Museum 

  • The oldest wooden church from two centuries ago like from 1750. It is not just a historical monument but it is a working church.  There are total three orthodox churches which celebrate all religious days in a traditional manner.   

    Pirogovo Open Air Museum
    3-Domed Wooden church since 1750

  • Windmills from 1880 to 1907.  

    Pirogovo Open Air Museum

  • Podillia 
  • Houses from Bukovyna region 

Pirogovo Open Air Museum

  • Huts, Peasant houses, and interiors of houses from 18th-19th 
  • Farms, sunflower and fruits fields, and cultivation lands with typical Ukrainian style of farming.
  • Horses grazing and roaming around you.
  • Try local Ukrainian food served by people wearing traditional costumes.
  • Buy handicrafts or traditional arts made by local craftsman and artists.
  • Take several pictures with countryside settings. This place is quite popular for film sets, modeling photography, outdoor photography for newlywed couples in Ukraine.  


Pirogovo Open Air Museum
Visiting Houses to known about the authentic Ukrainian Interiors

How to Reach Pirogovo Open Air Museum – Day trip from Kiev

There are 3 options to reach here

  • Public Transport – Catch a Metro to Demiivska Underground Metro station and then take trolley bus No. 11 which drops you here.
  • You can hire public taxis or book your taxi through Uber to reach here. I booked Uber to reach here. Uber is a perfect and cost-effective taxi option in Kiev.
  • Or Book a local guided private tour from Kiev city. The duration of this tour is generally full day.
Pirogovo Open Air Museum
Walking around

Tips to know for Pirogovo Open Air Museum 

  • English Speaking guide is available on Entrance on extra charges.
  • Opens every day from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
  • Ticket price is 7-30 UAH (approximately) Big Cameras- DSLR or special photographic instruments are charged separately. You have to take a ticket for your big cameras too. Taking pictures from mobile is free.
  • A lot of walking is involved in this visit. Wear comfortable footwear. If you want to avoid walking then you can rent special buggies or golf carts at the entrance. This ride takes 1 to 2 hours for the whole museum visit with 3 stops in between. 
  • There are many activities on weekends like open markets, Handicrafts classes, traditional Ukrainian folk music and dance performances by a group of Cossacks.
  • Try to reach at opening times to avoid crowd during spring and summer.
  • Check dates of various festivals celebrated here like Pancake Day, Spring Festival, Kosovitsa, St. John the Baptist day, Day of Pottery, Day of Embroidery & weaving, and many more. You can see artifacts created by masters in front of you on special festival days. 
Pirogovo Open Air Museum
Various style of Ukranian Folk Architectures

Why visit Pirogovo Open Air Museum 

It is a perfect place to enjoy a traditional folk holiday. You will get to know about Ukrainian culture, history, a way of living from centuries ago, different regions of the whole country in a few hours.  It is a representation of all regions of Ukraine in one place.  If you are visiting Kiev in Ukraine and due to lack of time, can’t visit other places in Ukraine then visit this museum will introduce you to the whole of Ukraine.  The whole atmosphere is very relaxing, calming and joyful.

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Pirogovo Open Air Museum

A glimpse of the ancient countryside from Ukraine in Open-Air Museum

Pirogovo Open Air Museum
Small windmills for little ones to play around


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  1. Funny I clicked on this post as I thought this might be a spot in Netherlands! Had no idea that there are windmills like this in Eastern Europe. I love the idea of an outdoor museum, I have only been to one other one in my life at the other corner of the world in the San Juan Islands off of the state of Washington in the US.

  2. Hi, I was there for a day in November and enjoyed it immensely! I just looked at these pictures to remind me of the great pleasure of that day! The food and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) outdoors – not too far from the entrance/exit – was also fabulous. Thanks for the memory!

  3. Now, this is fascinating! I love these windmills. Unfortunately I missed them both in London & Amsterdam and finally got to see them in Brugge… To come up with an open air museum concept that covers from Bronze age to medieval to industrial age is really a comprehensive way to showcase their history!

  4. Love this post its like a little step back in time and I have to say it’s nice to get away from city life every now and then. I love the architecture so simple but eye capturing. I have to say that the concept of an open air museum facinates me as I don’t think that there are many of them around.

    1. Yes there are less open air museum, but it is great to visit them as they are full of interesting history surrounded with beautiful landscapes.

  5. Love this post its like a little step back in time and I have to say it’s nice to get away from city life every now and then. I love the architecture so simple but eye capturing.

  6. A very different post about an equally different destination must say. Never had heard about Pirogovo and it’s Open Air Museum specially as it is the largest open-air museum in Europe and this post wants me to visit it now after reading it. Not to bad to get to and can be done on a days trip from Kiev I’m sure so handy. Love the old thatched roofed houses so rural and natural. Thanks for sharing this great place to visit.

  7. Hi Yukti, love this post of yours. Ukraine is one of the many places on my wishlist and I’ll keep the open air museum as a top priority. The houses and windmills look so authentic. Is it because they’ve recreated them to the true resemblance or because they have preserved it well since it opened in 1979?

  8. The Pirogovo Ooen Air Museum in Europe is fascinating and its something new I heard about the open air museum which is amazing

  9. Open air museums have such a different vibe from traditional museums, don’t they? The windmills add a touch of whimsy to the landscape and those wood and thatch huts look lovely. So picture perfect!

  10. This is so cool! Ukraine is one of the top places on my bucket list and I never would’ve thought of visiting something like this before. I’ll have to keep it in mind for when I finally get to visit Ukraine!

  11. We’ve never been to Kiev but would love to visit someday. And we do, we’ll certainly consider visiting this Open air Museum too. The windmills look so cute and the whole museum seems like quite peaceful!

  12. With all of those windmills, I would have guessed this was the Netherlands, not Ukraine! Sounds like a really interesting field trip though. I love that wooden church, such an interesting design!

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an open air museum, what a cool concept! I like that it is organized into villages featuring different items. The windmills are my favorite of course! Were you allowed to pet the horses? I would have had to taste all the food! Very interesting that your camera has to have a ticket-I have never heard of that before. I’ve only heard of big cameras being allowed or not being allowed!

  14. Our family loves to learn about history and culture in this way. We would enjoy visiting the open air museum to see the church and old-style homes. And of course the windmills would be a special treat.

  15. What a fascinating place! I love architecture, and everything it tells us about how people live. And there are brilliant pictures here that share the story with us. I found myself looking at the thatched roofs and comparing them with old thatched cottages in England, where we too have those widows like eyebrows in the thatch. I wonder if like here, every thatcher has their own signature piece: a bird, a flower or some other decorative piece on the roof. I had no idea that there were windmills in Ukraine – but then, why would there not be? The farms need the means to deal with grain for bread. Definitely a place I’d love to visit.

  16. I’m a huge museum fan. What a great way to learn about the country, and try traditional foods. I love the look of the domed wooden church. Neat that it is still a working church. Interesting they charge for cameras separately, after all, any photos taken and posted are like free advertising for them.

  17. I have never heard of an open air museum and I love the concept. How cool to see how life was like back then with Huts, Peasant houses, and interiors of houses from 18th-19th century. I love being able to actually see and look inside places like this to get a feel of what life was like back then. I also love that there are animals roaming around 🙂

  18. I am in awe of this open museum.Looks so charming and cute. The windmill looks straight out of a fairy tale and the interiors are so rustic yet tastefully done. Are those tops adorned with hand-made embroidery???

  19. I am fan of this kind of places, here in Poland. You openned my eyes for a new destination with such a similar style we have. I love the straw roofs and wooden houses, especially when the wall are painted , that is so beautiful.

  20. The Open Museum looks really interesting and honestly right up my street! We have something very similar in Wales called St Fagans National Museum of History, which shows a lot of the ways in which my ancestors lived. I love spending the day roaming around there, and would surely love the one in Pirogovo just as much. Definitely something to keep in mind when I visit Ukraine!

  21. We are planning to make a short advert and this place is just the perfect venue. If only we can fly straight to Pirogovo.

    This is open air museum is not just fascinating but full of interesting things. Would love to visit in the future.

    1. Yes you can shoot your ads here and for reaching here take flight to Kiev and then 30 minutes car drive to reach Pirogovo.

  22. The museum looks fantastic, what an interesting idea. I love the old windmills they look so cool; and the churches are very cute as well. Not sure why you need to pay and buy an extra ticket for your SLR camera – seems a bit ridiculous in 2018!

    1. Yes, I too not understand that why they don’t allow big cameras, as allowing it would promote their destination more. They should encourage and invite photographers

  23. Yukti, you’ve travelled so much in Kiev, I know I’m going to have to come back to your blog when I make my rough plan for Ukraine next year. Pirogovo Open Air Museum looks pretty awesome and I’d love to go there for a day trip from Kiev. An open air village museum which takes you back in time to how to villagers lived, their lifestyle, the household items they used, their beliefs, etc sounds like a great way to learn about a country’s history! Reminds me of this little village-turned-museum I visited in Romania recently.

  24. An open air museum is the best — it feels just like being transported to another place or time. I would love seeing the unique architecture and learning about the lifestyle and culture of the people who lived here.

  25. Learning about the Pirogovo Open Air Museum for the first time and it looks so beautiful with those colorful houses and windmills. Reminds me of our visit to Holland in Michigan with rows of century old houses and a display of life back then! Interiors of the peasant houses look so warm and cute and wow, that traditional Ukrainian food got me hungry! Looks like one gets transported to a totally different world when visiting Pirogovo Open Air Museum for a day trip from Kiev and can’t wait to get there.

  26. Pirogovo Open Air Museum seems to be one of its kind. What a unique way to showcase the history and culture of a place. The windmills had my eyes riveted with their beauty and romantic aura. The place seems to be a microcosm of Ukraine and looks so beautiful.

  27. I am so grateful for all of the useful information you shared on the museum but I have to say that your photos are what really grabbed me. They are BEAUTIFUL! TO learn about the museum through your descriptions was a lot but all of the elements almost came to life through your gorgeous captures! I’d love to see those windmills in person!

  28. This Open Air Museum sure looks fascinating! It’s so unfortunate they charge an admission fee for big cameras – I just hate such places :P! Nevertheless, sounds like a great walking activity that can be easily be enjoyed as a day trip from Kiev.

    1. Yes Daniel, but nowadays some mobile cameras are worth than big cameras… It is easy to carry and we can enjoy also. Iphone x and Samsung S9+ take much more beautiful shots than big cameras, if you dont want to zoom or special effects much. Even without doing any complicated settings they take night shots also well.

  29. Gosh, at 370 acres, I can see why it’s the largest of its kind in Europe! What a fun way to step backwards in time. That old 3 domed wooden church is incredible, and I love all the windmills and cottages.

  30. The Pirogovo Ooen Air Museum is fascinating! How amazing that there are so many different types of housing in one area – it’s a little history of local architecture. I can’t believe that they charge an admission fee for big cameras – that’s good to know in advance! This sounds like a great walking day activity that can be enjoyed as a day trip from Kiev.

  31. Absolutely love this post! Church from two centuries ago is definitely capturing my imagination. Would love to go here.

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