Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

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Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is an ancient and historic area of Dubai with many historic neighborhoods, shopping streets, souqs, several famous mosques, Hindu temple, Creekside cafes, museums and many interesting things which are worth visiting. Not only tourists, but this area is also famous with locals and expats living in the UAE. People from all over the UAE and other parts visit Bur Dubai. There there are many restaurants with diverse cuisines in this area. You can say that Bur Dubai is the hot spot for food lovers or foodies in UAE.  So let’s read – a mini guide to best restaurants in Bur Dubai. 

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai


Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai


From more than 70 vegetarian dishes, you get a wide variety of Asian flavors in the warm, cozy, eclectic colorful seatings of Tum Tum Asia.  Tum Tum is the sound produced by the motor and Asian streets are always filled with these motor noise.  So Tum Tum Asia signifies the street food tour of Asia with many dishes from the hidden corners of Asian countries. The whole concept is this restaurant is by India’s most renowned and celebrity chef – Chef Akshay Nayyar. 

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

CUISINE TYPE –  PAN Asian  (prominently with flavors of China, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Singapore, India, and Japan)

LOCATION –  Unit – 4, Shaikha Building, 13th Street, Oud Metha. (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 4 5269028


WHY TUM TUM ASIA – Pure Vegetarian, Can be customized according to Jain style of eating, Funky and colorful interiors, Lots of Chinese & Thai varieties with some fusion and plating of food is very unique. An Instagram worthy place.


 Bright yellow warm and cozy with the sound of waterfall welcomes you to the vegetarian world of Mexican and Italian delicacies.  Many types of lower and high rise seating give you the flexibility to seat accordingly to your mood. 

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

CUISINE TYPE –  Italian & Mexican

LOCATION –  Shop 2A, Al Rafaa C Building, Opp Aster Hospital – Kuwait St (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 4 5260429


WHY QUATTRO RISTORANTE– Pure Vegetarian, Can be customized according to Vegans. Colorful interiors with a waterfall flowing under the table with a pleasing sound.  Food is presented in gastronomy molecular form. Many fusion of Mexican and Italian varieties. A perfect place to celebrate a party with innovative and unique food fusion which accompanies some chemical experiments too.


 Warm & softly lit restaurant welcomes you to explore the tastes from legendary kitchens of Far-East Asia.  Maintaining the exotic and authentic flavors of Asia in an open kitchen format is the special feature of this place.

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

CUISINE TYPE –  Asian (Chinese & Thai)

LOCATION –  Ground Floor, Burjman Centre, Mankhool. (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 4 2938222


WHY ASIA KITCHEN BY MAINLAND CHINA – It has both non-vegetarian, vegetarian and seafood varieties.  The flavors and taste of the dishes are awesome.  Good for parties, small get-togethers.  Difficult to find a table on weekends and evenings, so it is better to book a table. 


 Modern Indian cuisine presented with some chemical technique to tickle your tastebuds. With soft dim lights and colorful cushions on Jhoolas(swing) style sofa, you would truly feel India in Bur Dubai. 

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

CUISINE TYPE –  Indian – North Indian, Street Food & Molecular Gastronomy

LOCATION –  Shop 2B, Al Rafaa C Building, Opp Aster Hospital – Kuwait St. (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 4 5260731


WHY SPICEKLUB– a Pure vegetarian, Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free options available. Authentic North Indian food with some modern twist of science with the technique of Molecular Gastronomy.  Presentation of dishes with awesome taste. Perfect for parties, get-togethers and weekend eating out. 


 Signature dishes by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor are served here. In this restaurant, you can have a gastronomy tour of India as you can taste flavors from Dhaba style (Highway eateries) to signature dishes of 5-star hotels.

Mini Guide to Indian Restaurants In Dubai
Signature Dishes by Sanjeev Kapoor

LOCATION – There are 5 outlets in the city in which I have tried this – I have tried the Burjuman Centre one. (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 04 5260686


WHY YELLOW CHILLI – Signature dishes designed by celebrity chef himself and many varieties.


 An award-winning restaurant located in historic lanes of the city is serving classy north Indian style cuisine. As the name suggests Mumtaz, you can see paintings and glimpses of Taj Mahal in every corner of this restaurant. This restaurant offers live entertainment in the form of Bollywood songs and dances in the evening with dinner. 

Mini Guide to Indian Restaurants in Dubai
Interiors of Mumtaz Mahal

LOCATION – Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Al Fahidi Street, Meena Bazaar (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 4 3519111


WHY MUMTAZ MAHAL– Live Entertainment and if you love Indian Bollywood songs(both old & new), Ghazals, Sitar Players with classical music too, then try this. Located at the historic center of the city. Authentic Mughlai interiors.


 A perfect style of royal feast and served with lots of love. Thali style of eating with many varieties of delicacies and here flavors of Rajasthan and Gujarat are dominating the food scene.

Mini Guide to Indian Restaurants In Dubai
Royal feast at Maharaja Bhog

CUISINE TYPE –  Indian (Influence of Rajasthan & Gujarat)

LOCATION – Ground Level, A Block, Hamsah Mall، Next to Ansar Gallery, Al Karama (Click for Google Map Location)

PHONE NO. – +971 4 5543459  &  +971 4 3964744


WHY MAHARAJA BHOG – Pure Vegetarian, Food is served with love, Lots of varieties starting from starters to desserts in one Thali(plate), Affordable rates.

I will be adding more restaurants in Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai in the future.

So which is your favorite restaurant in Bur Dubai – List your choices in the comments below….

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

Mini Guide To Best Restaurants In Bur Dubai

Dubai has a vibrant and diverse food scene, so go for a Food tour in Dubai – Read more about where to eat in Dubai –

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NOTE – This is not a sponsored post and I have paid everywhere for all of my dining experiences. Being a vegetarian, I have tried only vegetarian food in these restaurants and presenting my reviews based on this.

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Restaurants in Bur Dubai

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  1. Bur Dubai indeed seems to be the food capital of Dubai. The range of outlets is really great. But what is really interesting for us is the range of Indian vegetarian fare on offer. We are unabashedly passionate about Indian vegetarian food. Good to note the presence of places like Tum Tum Asia, Yellow Chilly, Maharaja Bhog and others.

  2. OMG all this food is making me so hungry and I dont have a lunch break for another couple hours! I wish I could teleport to Dubai and try all these restaraunts. I love that they have so many veggie options

  3. This is an excellent list of restaurant options! I am hoping to visit Dubai, so I’ll keep this list available to refer back to. I’d love to eat at any of these restaurants, but I think ASIA KITCHEN BY MAINLAND CHINA would be my first choice. I love seafood, and it sounds like they have a delicious variety of options!

  4. Bur Dubai has so much to offer visitors looking for a fun place to eat. I appreciate the fact that you give us details on who each bar is best for and the price (for budgeting!). I love the decor at Tum Tum Asia!

  5. Wow, I’ve been to Dubai a few times but haven’t heard about most of this restaurants. I did know that the city has a vibrant restaurant scene but some of these look truly amazing. I would love to check out more of them when I visit next time. Thank you for your awesome recommendations

  6. Wow this post really makes me hungry! The food looks delicious and it’s great that most of the restaurants you mention have so many vegetarian options. If I had to choose one of them I’d probably go for Yellow Chilli. I love how the dishes are presented on your photo. But also the plate of Maharaha Bhog looks super tasty!

  7. Dubai has almost all different types of cuisines, and especially my favorite Indian cuisine. You have given few really good options of restaurants. I would enjoy having some good Asian food in the Pan-Asian restaurant, some Chinese from Mainland China, and Indian food from so many options that you have provided. There won’t be any difficulty in getting food for me in Bur Dubai, thanks for the share.

  8. I know just where I would be seen hogging when I visit Dubai. Tum Tum Asia is just my kind of place! 😀 The thali at Maharaja Bhog reminded me of Rajdhani Thali in India. Dubai sure has a vibrant food scene. 🙂

  9. Oh I got hungry going through that.The food looks really delicious. I feel like I had a food tour in Bur Dubai.I love sea foods so I feel like Asia Kitchen would be my favorite. Hmmm… But everything looks delicious that I’d try them all!

  10. I have only tried Yellow Chillie and Maharaj Bhog out of these as yet. I live in New Dubai so I don’t usually end up heading to Bur Dubai for a meal but I know there are several good options there too. Tum Tum Asia sounds nice, especially because I love Asian Street Food. I like how you’ve explained the logic behind their name, haha.

  11. Mouthwatering indeed! We would love to visit any of these restaurants. By the looks of it, I think many of their dishes are vegetarian or contains less meat, which is a plus on our part. The “fondue” dish of Maharaja Bhog looks particularly interesting.

    1. Oh Gian, it is great that you too love many veggie options. Here in these restaurants there are many veggie varieties.

  12. Great list and economical too. I loved the culinary scene when I visited Dubai back in 2007, I think. Very diverse and great quality. I was staying in Bur Dubai but tried many places from Deira to Jumeirah. I have to admit that my favorite was the Verre; too bad it closed down.

    1. Now Chris, you should visit again as after 12 years Dubai has changed a lot and you would get your more favorite restaurants here

  13. Not only does all this food look awesome the restaurants are really pretty! I’ve never been to Dubai and don’t know much about the food scene but would love to try it all. Sometimes I think I travel just to eat. 🙂

  14. I’m so glad I saw this post considering I’ve never been to Dubai and am planning a trip there in June! Your recommendations are downright detailed and looking forward to trying some of these! Also, the decor is very vibrant – which plays a big part when I choose the restaurants! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I totally love this, I’m such a big fan of a good food tour. I like how all these restaurants were so colorful and pretty on the inside too, that’s always nice. I would definitely be willing to try the Italian and Mexican place, they have managed to combine my two favorite cuisines in one place, I imagine it is fantastic!

    1. Yes Eden, that Italian and Mexican at one place is very recommended also. Thanks for going through the article

  16. OMG this is my one of my fave post of your about your resto guide! These places looks like a gallery with all that amazing interior designs. The foods are delectable and very tempting!

  17. These restaurants are stunning! I would absolutely love to visit Dubai and it’s great to see that there are so many options there.

  18. What a comprehensive guide of some amazing restaurants in Bur Dubai! Would love to check each of them on my trip to Dubai soon!

  19. I like the name of Tum Tum Asia and how the restaurant got its name, but the food from Asia Kitchen won my heart. Maybe because I like Chinese food, but the food really looks delicious. The presentation of Royal feast at Maharaja Bhog is beautiful. I would think they taste wonderful, too!

    1. Yes Umiko, the royal feast is also worth and I too find the name Tum Tum Asia very interesting as it has all the escence of Asia.

  20. Yukti, this is an awesome post! I feel like I’ve read a lot of travel blogs featuring Dubai, but very rarely do they focus on the city’s dining options. I have actually never heard of Bur Dubai, so thanks for sharing that! The Indian restaurants especially look very pretty inside and the food looks so appetizing. Did you find that in Quattro Ristorante that the fusion dishes were good? I always find the concept of Mexican and Italian served together so interesting since they are quite different cuisines from very distant countries!

    1. Thanks Kevin for reading through. Yes the dishes of Quattro ristorante serve fusion dishes and I found them interesting as Mexican and Italian fusion were tasting and blending well.

  21. Great guide and beautiful food photography. It makes me hungry and now I will know where to eat in Bur Dubai.

  22. I love that there are so many vegetarian restaurants there, and there’s a big variety of different cuisines too. The big feast looks incredible

  23. Those dishes from Tum Tum Asia look delicious. Quattro Ristorante looks like such an interesting concept, I’d definitely want to try that. Thanks!

  24. I’ve never been to Dubai, but I may have to fly through there next year, so this list is very helpful. I usually prefer eateries in a historic area rather than a newer area, so I’ll be sure to try some – Spiceklub and Yellow Chilli look great! Thanks!

  25. I love the Bollywood historic style restaurant. Sounds like you get the whole experience there. It really looks like Dubai has a good cultural cross section of food on offer for all shapes and budget.

  26. Dubai is expensive. I am glad you included the prices for meals as it was my first concern when starting to read. Everything looks so tasty!

    1. Thanks Anita, and yes there are many expensive and budget restaurants in Dubai. You will get all choices here.

  27. Thankfully I am looking at this post right before lunch so I can make something tasty to satisfy my appetite which is now on high alert — your food photos are superb. What is that dish top left (looks like an amazing broth) of the Asia Kitchen by Mainland China? I must try it. No surprise Dubai is a foodie heaven given its significance as an international destination and playground.

    1. Thanks for going through the article and that broth of Asia kitchen is Vegetable curry with Chinese dumplings in it.

  28. What I really love about Asian cuisine is the fact that we have hundreds of spices that making our every meal unique to each other. We got lots of herbs and spices, which gives distinct salacious aroma for our palate. And no matter how much the western world tries to copy that cuisine, nothing is more authentic than Asian cuisine.

    That Tum Tum restaurant is something that I would be happy to explore 😀

    1. I agree with you Blair, our Asian cuisine has numerous spices and many unique combinations which make the food worth.

  29. I wish I had found out about the Bur Dubai area when I was in Dubai. I found many restaurants, both chains and one-of-a-kind but nothing like the variety and styles that you visited.

    1. Rhonda, Dubai has many concept restaurants and even the famous chains too. You just have to select your choice.

  30. Wow, you can really get a taste of everything in Bur Dubai. Most of the restaurants look so colourful too. Based on your photos and descriptions, I wouldn’t be able to resist giving Tum Tum Asia a try. The royal feast at Maharaja Bhog also looks very tempting.

    1. Thanks Cindy and yes many of the restaurants are very funky themed and even their foods are very delicious

  31. All of the restaurants on your list look amazing. I can see why foodies flock to this area. I really think it’s amazing that Quattro Ristorante offers pure vegetarian and that it can be customized. I’m not a vegetarian but I have friends that are and it can be a struggle sometimes getting restaurants to accommodate their dietary restrictions. I also love the food presentation. Gastronomy molecular form is such a fun and unique dining experience.

    1. Thanks Candy for reading through and sometimes gastronomy molecular form is interesting when it comes to unique dining experience

  32. Such a great and comprehensive guide Yukti! It is so thoughtful of you to have included vegetarian restaurants in this list. I have heard getting veg food is not a challenge in Dubai, but this list definitely helps!

  33. I love your post. I am also a vegetarian, so I am dying to try these dishes that you so beautifully captured here. My favourite would have to be Signature Dishes by your celebrity chef, followed closely by the Italian inspired restaurant. So many of the interiors looked fantastic as well. This post definitely opened my mind to what Dubai has to offer.

  34. I don’t eat a lot of vegetarian food but I do like it and I appreciate knowing more about the dishes you ordered and how colorful each establishment is. I’ve never seen a restaurant that does has Mexican and Italian fusion. That would be on my list to try first.

    1. Thanks Lara for reading through. I love colorful presentation and even I too found Italian and Mexican fusion very interesting.

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