Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel

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Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel

Nowadays, many people are exploring backyard tourism and heading to nature spots like beaches, camping in forests, hiking, long caravan tours.  As I live in a warm, sunny, and nearby beach, I am nowadays heading to the beach for camping and also exploring some nearby secluded beaches too. Going to the beach means carrying back lots of sand, tan, and getting wet which means you need a good beach towel that can drench your water, to feel you dry throughout. Just now, I came across Tesalate beach towel – an Australian brand, and also got a chance to use them on the beach. So presenting you my review of Tesalate beach towel –  best luxury & sand free beach towel.

Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel


I received Bohemian XL sized beach towel which is perfect for 2 towels from Tesalate by their worldwide shipping services. Tesalate sent me a complimentary beach towel for reviewing.   Presenting you my honest views and opinions which are not influenced by anyone.

DELIVERY – After selecting my design and then ordering, I received my tracking code within a couple of hours. Cost of this towel is 99USD with shipping charges. My towel was sent through the DHL courier. Within 3 to 4 days, I received my packet which was nicely packed with a welcome card.  Tesalate beach towels do international shipping and approximately they give an estimated 2 to 10 days for shipping to different locations in the world. The biggest advantage is that they provide a lifetime guarantee and also if you don’t like the design then it can be exchanged too.

Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Bohemian patterns Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel


  • Is this really a XL size towel – Oversized beach towel – 160cm x 160cm / 63 x 63 inches? How this XL sized towel fitted in such a compact pouch?
  • The colors are really pretty, I might use it as a wrap over around my body or lay it on my couch as a snuggly blanket.
  • Is this towel a sand-free and water-absorbent? Will check now only by planning to have a beach day with my husband.
  • Is this a multi-purpose towel?

Tesalate beach towels-12

The answers for the above queries which popped into my mind initially are


Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Sand Free and Water Absorbent Beach Towel on JBR Beach, Dubai.
  • The size is truly too big that even a family of four can sit on it. It is perfect for couples. The lightweight material and the weave of this towel makes this towel into a compact one. A perfect thing to carry for traveling as it is only 500 grams and can be fit well into your luggage.
  • I carried it to the beach and laid it on the sand for the sand test. And got myself drenched into the sea. This towel soaked water without any dripping and drying out me. Also on returning, I did not carry a single grain of sand with this towel. My legs were more sandy in comparison to this towel. Just a little shrug of the towel, all sand will go out. This is due to the towel’s special fabric which is made up of 80% polyester + 20% polyamide and this fabric has sand repel properties. Not only this that I can hold up to 1 liter of water but it gets dry very fast.
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Under the sun, with lots of sand and view of blue water
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Water Absorbent Beach Towel
  • It is a multipurpose towel as I laid it as a beach mat and then used it as a towel.
  • Also due it its bold, striking colors and patterns, I made it as a wrap-around as a beach coverup to move around on the beach. The design which I select gave a perfect Bohemian beach look.   
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
My Bohemian wrap around on Beach
  • Not only do you get one design or pattern with this towel, but as it is double-sided, you get an amazing look on the other side too. All the Tesalate beach towels are double side and the other side you get is geometrical black and white patterns.
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Both sides of Beach towel – Double sided


  • Light, compact and so can be easily packed into luggage. Good travel companion as nowadays people are not using public beach towels or hotel towels and are carrying their care stuff.
  • Multi uses like beach mat, beach towel, beach wrap over, etc.
  • Not only these towels are used on the beach, but it can be used as picnic mat, yoga mat, or gym mat.
  • If you are not traveling and are at home, then this towel can be used as a couch blanket.
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Tesalate Beach Towel on my couch when I am not on Beach.
  • Perfect for Caravan or RV, beach camping, glamping, hikes, family picnics, the apartment stays.


  • Cold Machine Wash
  • Handout on the Line to Dry
  • If you can’t hang out then tumble dry on the lowest setting.
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel


Watch this video by Tesalate and have a complete look –  

Tesalate Beach towel has more than 1 million followers worldwide. The main feature of this brand is that they offer worldwide shipping with full exchange and lifetime guarantee. You can shop these towels and also they have more than 30 patterns by clicking their official link – Sand Free Beach Towel collections by Tesalate. On first purchase and subscribing to their newletter you get 10% discount. 

Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Tesalate Beach Towel on JBR Beach, Dubai

The idea of designing these beach towels also came during traveling as founders Jack lam & Volkan Ozbek when went up for hiking in Royal National park, Sydney found their normal beach towels drenched with water and very heavy. So they decided to come up with lightweight, sand-free, and water-absorbent towels.  It was first launched at the world’s famous Bondi Beach, where it sold like hotcakes, and then it captured worldwide attention too. Tesalate beach towels have more than 25 K verified reviews by top travel magazines, brands, and frequent travelers. You can read reviews of them on Lonely Planet, Elle, USA Today, Travel + Leisure, and many more.

Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel
Review Of Tesalate Beach Towel – Best Luxury & Sand Free  Beach Towel


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Durable
  • Can be used double-sided
  • Beautiful patterns & colors
  • Compact, lightweight, and sand-repel.


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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. I like the sound of this towel. For one, the size is very attractive. Big enough for a family of four is amazing. I even loved the design and yes, it looks awesome as a sofa throw. Plus the fact that you can dust off sand, easy to wash and so compact when packed. Loved it. Looking it up right away.

  2. I need a new beach towel! I was going to just pick up whatever cheap one I could find, but you’ve convinced me of the err of my ways. I had no idea there were towels that are sand resistant! That plus the compact and quick drying features have convinced me that the Tesalate is absolutely the towel I need.

  3. This is a great towel. I totally vouch for it because I have one and I have used it at many places. Last year, it was very handy when I visited Malta and later Ibiza. The design is great, the size is perfect, easy to carry and I really like that the fact that it brings back no or very less sand makes it a must-have. I am glad you could make use of the towel at the nearby beaches.

  4. The only sad part after visiting a beach is the sand that we carry back sticking to us. Hence I find this towel a great product. No hassles any more. Tesalate beach towels look so colorful and vibrant and no wonder why they are becoming popular. I’ll have to chekh out whether they are available here in India.And if they are I would purchase at least a couple if not more.

  5. This beach towel is a keeper. I love the bright colors, the funky patterns, and the functionality of it. I think it would be a product I would be open to using and owning. Most towels are really boring, but this one is truly beautiful! I also love that I coudl use it double sided, that’s so nifty!

  6. For me having a compact beach towel is so important. Small space and easy to carry. I also like the fact that it is sand free. Tesalate Beach Towel is extremely pretty with those vibrant and bright colours. I love it and would love to get one of these.

  7. Sand free!!! That is just what I need for beach trips! Though I haven’t been able to visit any beach town this summer, I would try and get one of this next year if things go back to normal. Love the colors, patterns and especially the packaging since it is so light and compact.

  8. THIS is the towel that I need! It’s literally the perfect towel. I HATE sand when it gets everywhere, I actually have a bit of OCD about it when it trails all over my home after the beach. I love that it’s super absorbent too and you don’t have to worry about mold/must if you can’t get it into the wash right away from being too damp.

  9. Great colours & design & who doesn’t love a towel that is big enough to keep the sand off on the beach & doesn’t carry half the beach home?

  10. Great find! We are forever looking for towels like this which are sand free, quick drying and compact when folded. It is also colorful – easy to spot it when you have left it on a beach! Must get some for our next trip to the beach. 🙂

  11. I have seen the Tesalate Beach Towels advertised and wondered how good they are. The colours are beautiful and it sounds as if it does keep the sand off. I will have to get one for my next trip.

  12. I like the idea of a really big beach towel that looks like it is quite compact when closed up. It seems to have so many uses. Quick drying is a feature that would appeal to me so you are not carrying a soggy towel around when finished at the beach. Great to have a different pattern on each side. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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