Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai

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Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai

Explore the glorious past of the Middle East in the alleys of Al Seef, Dubai. Experience the meeting of old with new on the banks of historic Dubai Creek at Al Seef district. This newly constructed heritage district of Dubai beautifully showcases the amalgamation of the past with the modern world. A very beautiful way to pay tribute to our ancient past. Let’s read about Al, Seef Dubai – must do in Dubai and why it should be included in your Dubai Itinerary or what to do in Dubai list.

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Islamic style of Architecture – Doors & Arches

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION | Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai

HOW TO REACH – Taxi, Metro with Al Fahidi & Burjuman stations as nearest dropping point, Abra or water taxi ride, Public boats, Yacht or Dhow cruises, and Self-drive.

PARKING – Al Seef has well-developed ample underground parking. You can also hire Valet service or VIP Parking here.

OPENING TIMINGSSummer Timings– Opens at 4:00 P.M. to 10 P.M.

Winter Timings– Opens from 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

BEST TIME TO VISIT – In winter you can visit all day here. But in summers if you are planning for Al Seef, then plan your trip late evening, approximately at sunset timings.

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai

COMMUTING INSIDE – Al Seef being stretched 1.8 km and 250 million sq.ft. area, you need to walk a lot. So take your water bottles and wear comfortable footwear. You can also hire open golf carts here to take a full round. Wheel-chair and Pram are allowed.

It is a very safe, highly maintained attraction with all essential services available inside the premises.

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai


  • Admire the old architecture and heritage of Emirate culture.
  • Wander around the streets of old styled Middle Eastern town and taste the Arabic lifestyle.
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Alleys or Street view in Al Seef
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Arabic styled street with shops and houses all around.
  • The arch styled doors, pillared corridors, “Jaali” – (net) styled railings or grills on staircases and other Islamic types of architecture are worth appreciating and photogenic. This place is very photogenic and a good option for photo-op.  
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Ancient Emirati architecture
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Arched door-ways or entrances
  • The whole heritage village has sand-colored mud washed walled buildings, typical Emirati homes, rustic wooden doors, authentic hay roof.
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Arabic courtyards

Al seef Dubai

  • One unique thing to spot out here is ancient “wind-tower” known as Barjeel in Emirati architecture style, which provided a natural air-conditioning effect by a special technique of tunneling the wind into houses.  This is a perfect example of an energy-saving model in the Middle East and preserved to date.  Al Seef has ancient styled courtyards, narrow streets full of colorful shops. You can spot wind-towers or Barjeel at every building with a special tower having holes and wooden poles. The criss-cross of poles fixed in a unique way to the holes on the topmost part of the tower. It passes out hot air and lets the cold air into the building. The flow of hot & cold air is controlled by Barjeel  and that makes the whole house air-conditioned and cool in hot weather. The whole construction of Barjeel depends on the flow & direction of winds. Air at topmost part is cooler and so trap cool air, Barjeel is always constructed at the topmost part of the house or building.
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
“Barjeel” – Windtower
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Close-up of “Barjeel”
  • As in the 18th – early 19th century, Dubai was a port city and people here used to earn their livelihood by trading, pearl diving, fishing, which is prominently seen in this heritage area. Here you can find old fishing nets, pearl diving equipment and olden styled wooden boats which are quite interesting for all those history and culture lovers.   
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Dhow Boat
  • Even olden styled furnishings, furniture, mud pots & vessels, artifacts are found everywhere and even the shops and branded eateries are designed as per ancient heritage style. You can find the London Dairy or Starbucks joint in the ancient style of heritage setting.   

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In DubaiAl Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai

  • Famous Bazaars and markets of ancient Arabic lifestyle are recreated here with some authentic handicrafts for sale.   
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Handicrafts Market or Bazaar
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Arabic Bazaars
  • There are multi-cuisine restaurants and hotels for staying in authentic Arabic styled cottages with heritage styled interiors. Enjoy the cuisines around the world at your favorite restaurant here with authentic settings.
  • Shopping of handicrafts, traditional souvenirs, handmade soaps, organic oils, and other items are worth buying out here. In some shops, you can also bargain and all shopkeepers are very polite and welcoming.
  • In winter, Al Seef organizes many festivals, events, and outdoor activities for all ages and tastes. Sometimes they held special fireworks shows too. For exact calendars and event timings, refer to their original website
  • You can also hire traditional dinner Dhow cruise during sunset time and enjoy the iconic skyline or beauty of Dubai during twilight times.
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Sunset at Al Seef

A 1.8km stretch across the banks of historic pearl-diving base – Dubai Creek will take you to the past of Emirati culture. Strolling through sand-colored, clay washed buildings, arched wooden doors, rustic décor, quaint streets, zig-zag pathways, open courtyards, gives a glimpse of famous Alladin – The lamp or Ali Baba – The Forty Thieves story set-up.  You can say this looks like Arabic wonderland.

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Ancient Arabic Architecture

The lighting of this area also matches the theme as the whole area glows up with small yellow-colored lights in rustic lanterns or old lamps. So what do you say, when you visit Dubai or are living in Dubai, then would you add up this attraction to your Dubai itinerary?

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai


  • Dhow Cruise.
  • Dining out in rustic ancient settings.
  • Shopping of handicrafts.
  • Museum of Illusions.
  • Also staying here is a unique experience. You can also book your 1 or 2 days to stay here.
Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai
Stay in Heritage & cultural hotel in Al Seef

Al Seef, Dubai – Must Do In Dubai



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  1. This is an interesting post for those who want to explore something unusual. One should not always rush to the spot crowded by the people. A vacation must also include offbeat attractions, where we can roam about with having to brush shoulders with others and at the same time enjoy some fresh air. In this regard, Al Seef, Dubai seems to be the best alternative. Your post has definitely sent a strong message across all the travelers to Dubai and made them aware what they have missed without exploring history and culture of the UAE.

    1. I agree, exploring culture and history makes you completely soak into that place and know the place fully. Without know history or learning history, we can’t move forward. Dubai has nice historical spots.

  2. What a gorgeous place. It looks like you just got into a time machine. I could spend hours just getting lost on those small streets and checking out the structures. It would defnitely add it to my itinerary. I would also love to go on a cruise and enjoy some shopping.

  3. I love new, old places ! Heritage sites are always a must visit for me , even recreated ones. It really looks from the photos that they managed to capture the interesting times in the past and freeze it. Al-Seef, I am coming to see you and to live out my Aladdin fantasies.

  4. I can’t forgive myself for missing Al Seef when we went to Dubai. I would love to go visit the bazaars and shop some authentic handicrafts. It’s nice to know that the shopkeepers are polite and welcoming. It would be nice to watch their special fireworks shows too. Will definitely include this on our itinerary should we get a chance to visit Dubai again.

  5. I remember visiting a similar area as this one – called Al Bastakia. Those days we could only get here by boat across the creek. A lot of those pics give me a glimpse of the old quaint lanes that I recall walking for those wholesale markets. This place has re-created that aura of those traditional lanes and markets. I agree that this must be visited especially for its heritage which they have built beautifully from the past …and that wind tower- which by the way I did not know so much about. Was fun reading about it

  6. I definitely don’t think of Dubai for its history but this changed my mine. To explore those historic streets, take dhow boat, and eat traditional cuisine, interests me far more than the flashy experiences its known for.

  7. Wow! This is totally my kinda place to visit. Reminds me of the villages in Kutch region in Gujarat, India. Its cool that it is possible to reach here by cruise or taxi boat! Thanks for the tip about carrying water-bottles and wearing good footwear. It definitely looks great for photo-op with those arched doorways and jaali windows.

  8. Although I have heard a lot about Dubai, I haven’t heard about the Al Seef, and so it was interesting to read about a new district. I love architecture and I think I would enjoy the old architecture in these districts. The Barjeel looks so cool, I love this style, and I would love to see this.

  9. You got me at “meeting of old with new” – so much history in this place and love the architecture and the stories behind it. The Barjeel – Windtower is a definite visit for me.

  10. Al Seef, Dubai is on my bucket list. I would love to visit this historic architecture. I would like to take photos of this heritage of Emirate culture. Rustic wooden doors, and hay roofs looks great. Dhow Cruise seems fantastic experience. It is a perfect itinerary, very informative, and help plan for a trip.

  11. Now these are the places that I love to see when I visit a place or a country. I have been to Dubai only once and I have visited only the touristy places. I am not a city person so I never liked the touristy places as much. How I wish I knew about Al Seef, then I would have definitely planned for that place. Nevertheless Al Seef will be on my list to see the next time I am in Dubai.

  12. I really like the idea of this. I have been to Dubai a number of times & I have to admit that I have never gelled with it as a destination. It’s all too modern & polished for my taste. Although this is newly constructed I do like the idea of the traditional district & especially find the whole “air conditioning” of the brajeel fascinating. Thanks for highlighting & will definitely be on my list next time I visit.

  13. The pictures reminded me of a movie set, and I wonder whether it’s been used for one or not. The bazaar also looks interesting, and it’s good that we an bargain. But the most interesting one is Barjeel, the natural air-conditioning.

  14. Wow! Thanks for all the helpful info about Al Seef. It looks really interesting. I love the old fishing boat in your shot. It definitely looks like it’s worth checking out. The natural air conditioning sounds so ingenious and necessary for the area. Thanks

    1. Yes Nancy, in olden times, Arabic homes were cooled in this way. That old boat ride is really worth doing here.

  15. The Al Seef district in Dubai certainly looks like a spot we would love to visit. Good to know this is a great spot for sunset in the summer. I love the idea of using a golf cart to get around and see more. The lovely architecture would make us stop regularly. A great spot for handicraft sourvenirs!

  16. Although been to Dubai for long hauls twice but haven’t really explored Al Seef. Can’t believe it’s so close to Dubai Creek! It’s fascinating to see the ancient and the modern coexist. Wind tower is a great concept too! Dubai is always full of surprises no matter the number of times one may visit. 🙂

  17. I have been to Dubai so many times but have never visited Al Seef. I have been aware of it but for one reason or another have never got there. I enjoyed seeing your pictures from this area and next time I am in Dubai I will definitely try and get there.

  18. I feel like Dubai is full of surprise! I went there few years ago but only for two days and i didnt have time to visit Al Seef district. I hope Ill get to go back there one day as it looks so interesting! I love the huge contrast in the city where on one side you have this modern part and on the other side is all about traditional culture .

    1. Yes Ada, Dubai always surprises us with exciting things. This place is really a contrast and I always see Dubai balances old and new very well.

  19. Dubai never fails to amaze. Al Seed sounds interesting. I am fascinated with fishing and would love to see the ancient fishing nets and pearl diving equipment. Loved the idea of a wind tower. So useful and thoughtful.

    1. Yes Pooja, sometimes I think our ancestors people use to think more about environment instead of today’s men.

  20. I hadn’t heard of Al Seef in Dubia. This looks like a great way to experience Emirate culture and a fun place to photograph. Super interesting information about the wind-towers, such an efficient way to cool down a home. I would love to check this out, thanks for the information.

  21. Wow…such an intriguing place. Love the architecture and the concept of the wind towers. This was not on my list, but is now. Pinning for future reference.

  22. Great post and informative post! I was in Dubai a few years ago and had fun. The Al Seef was so exciting to see and my favorite part. Cannot wait to go back and explore more.

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