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Kerala – popularly known as “God’s Own Country” is truly a heavenly place that is blessed with a diverse landscape, natural wonders, adorable wildlife, misty hills, lush green tea gardens, exotic spice orchards, tranquil backwaters, rejuvenating therapies, most welcoming & hospitable people.  Therefore to experience a place, it is always good to live like locals and feel the warmth of the place. Feel the humanity in the vibrant streets of rustic villages, surrounded with lush green greenery in Kerala and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. So Experience Kerala – Human By Nature in this article. 

I have visited Kerala many times since childhood and always found it amazed me with hospitality and love. I still remember my encounters in Kerala with gushing waterfalls, peaceful and serene tea gardens, vast coastlines with roaring waves, misty hills, colorful festivals, local traditions, dance, music, and inviting locals.  Loving people of this state in India makes it to top of my favorites list and I love the way they always greeted with warm smiles, simple lifestyle, and helping attitude. I learned a lot from their simple lifestyle which makes them unique in the whole world. I always found out new me when I returned from my Kerala trip as people here taught me unique perspectives in life. People here are always ready to greet strangers with full love, warmth and always they impress you with their simplicity and vibrant attitude.  I found eternal love, hope, peace, and joy in God’s own country.

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature
Tranquil backwaters of Kerala

Whenever people ask my suggestion on which place to visit, then I always suggest Kerala to their bucket list. Experiencing Kerala is not only visiting a place to see natural beauties but it teaches us a way of living through their simple ways of living, simple rituals, innocent people, and exotic culture.

“To go with the flow, along slow-moving canals, to find deep journeys in little country boats, to catch the drift of conversations under quaint log bridges, and discover close-know lives on distant islands” – Human By Nature – Kerala Tourism.

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature
Poster By – Kerala Tourism

Therefore I truly support this recent campaign – “Human by Nature” led by Kerala Tourism because an actual traveling is to soak ourselves into local vibes and this place truly welcomes you and it becomes very easy to adapt here.

Must-Do things while experience Kerala – Explore yourself while exploring Kerala

  • Take tranquil backwater tours to see the innocence of people living in the most inner-most corners.
  • Live or stay with locals to experience their simple life-style, rituals, and culture.
  • Indulge in ancient rejuvenating Ayurveda therapies to pamper your body, mind, and soul.
  • Feel the diversity here by visiting many castes, cultures, religions living together here in peace. Visit beautiful temples, cathedrals, mosques, or synagogues here.
  • Breathe fresh, misty mountain air and soak yourself in lush green nature to feel the eternal peace.

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature

  • Dive or surf into roaring waves of vast coastline and relax under the warm sun, palm trees.
  • Kerala is known as Spice hub since ancient times, taste some exotic Keralite cuisine and tickle your taste buds with many unique flavors. Also buy some exotic spices, when you are returning.
  • Kathakali – Experience the unique classical dance form which has roots since 1st See how performers, who are decked with heavy makeup, masks, and props make you impress with their ancient art form.
  • If you love elephants then Kerala would charm you because here you will see the friendship of man and elephant. See how elephants love human and human love elephants in this state of India. Not only these cute and huge creatures are friendly with you but they give blessings to you and sometimes in quaint villages, they pass your pathway. Is this not a unique thing here? Wow, what a connection between man and wildlife in this land of God.
  • If possible then attend some amazing colorful festivals like Onam, Kerala backwater boat race, Vishu, Easter, Miladi Sherif, Thrissur Pooram, Thiruvathira with locals.
  • Always try to ride at least one time in public transport, to encounter some amazing hospitable incidents.

“To revel in the innocence of forests and the wisdom of ancient ways, to find answers in the mystery of mountains and strength in free, soaring lives.” – Human By Nature – Kerala Tourism.

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature
Poster By – Kerala Tourism

One of the most beautiful and heart touching incidents from Kerala, I would love to share with you is – 

In one of my visits, when I was trying to catch a local bus in Thrissur, I was confused about which bus, direction, and what I have to tell to the driver, as I was unknown to the local language. So, I thought of asking fellow people standing at the bus station, and suddenly I found that one man left his bus which he was about to board and came with me to my bus point. He very politely explained to me which one to take and then took me to that bus, and also explained to the driver in his local language about my destination point. I was wondering a person who has to reach his workplace on time, left his bus for me and accompanied me to drop me into the correct bus.  I felt so safe after this incident. And also on the local bus, all became very friendly as they all came to knew that I am new in Kerala. They tried to explain with me in their local language about Kerala, many local beliefs, stories, etc. And all those talks were so enlightening for me to experience Kerala. Those stories by local people are still fresh in my mind and they were more knowledgeable than any book or scriptures as they were truly felt by humans and told to humans. This kind of experiences always touches your soul and bring some good out of us.

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature
Experience humanity in Kerala – Discover love & innocence

For me, it was human to human connection and on return, my baggage was full of emotions, friendliness, and love. So do you want to experience Kerala – Human by Nature and fill yourself with love, peace, hope, and tranquility? You get many souvenirs at many places in the world but when you return from Kerala, the biggest souvenir you carry from here is humanity and love. Now you know why it is said “God’s own Country”

“To walk the ancient streets that run across cultures, beliefs and ideas, to open wide the mind and watch the colors seep into each other and let the courtyard of the world make us human, all over again.” – Human By Nature – Kerala Tourism.

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature
Poster By – Kerala Tourism

I am writing this article in partnership with the Kerala Tourism Board to share their new campaign – “Human By Nature”  #HumanByNature #ExperienceKerala

Experience Kerala – Human By Nature
“To Believe in Fearless minds and tireless feet, to brave the raging seas every day and walk side by side with hearts that beat in time with the waves.” – Human By Nature – Kerala Tourism


So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. Kerala is a beautiful place. I was born there and now I live aboard. Next time you visit, you should try out idukki, wagamon, munnar. It’s really a different atmosphere and you get to see a whole different side of kerala.
    I love reading your post. It reminds me what I love about my homeland—nature, the people and of course the food :). So thank you. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

  2. This sounds like an amazing experience. I loved reading about your experience with the bus. They’re some of my favourite memories from my own travels.

  3. I have fond memories in Kerala as well. I’ve done a couple of my college projects in Kerala and I have lived there a month of so for those. Yes, even if we don’t know the local language, Keralites are incredibly kind and caring. Yes it is definitely safe there as well and the state’s natural beauty is splendid. I too recommend Kerala to many foreigners on their first trip to India.

  4. Kerala is on my list to visit & reading about it makes me even more keen to experience this beautiful place for myself. I love the ethos of the area which you write about with such warmth. It is always great to hear about places where the locals have such a generous spirit to visitors, like the man on the bus. Thank you for sharing – even more keen to visit now!

  5. I can see why Kerala might be called “Gods Own Country”. So great to be greeted by the locals with such warmth. Such a touching story you shared about getting help on the bus. I am sure the tranquil backwaters and misty mountain air would refresh my soul. As much as diving in the waves would invigorate me.

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