Street Art Tour In The World  – Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals

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Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Street art in Istanbul, Turkey

Street art or Graffiti art murals on the walls make the place vibrant and also give a specific character. When you travel, then you find many interesting and unique street art adorning the walls all around the world. So in the post, I will present some of my favorite and best street art tours in the world – a virtual tour of Graffiti art murals. The street art movement officially started in the 1960s in Philadelphia, but many forms of wall art or murals are existing for ages. So street though a popular art form got its name in the 1900s but in various forms, it was existing in historical ages too. People used to paint their houses, walls, exteriors in many interesting forms. 

Being an avid art lover and creating some art pieces, I love to admire street art or graffiti art murals around the world. Every art mural have deep or significant underlying meaning or message. 

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Posing with my favorite street art in Chicago, USA
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There are 7 different types of Street art |Street Art Tour In The World  – Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals

  • Graffiti – A most ancient and historical form of street art or wall paintings.
  • Sculptures – 3D sculptures that are carved, sculpted, modeled, and then cast are erected at many public squares, buildings, etc.
  • Poster Art – 2D drawings first either drawn or printed on paper/cloth are then glued to walls.
  • 3D Wall Graffiti – a 3D Art form in which objects appear to be popping out from walls.
  • Sticker Street Art – Eye-catching stickers of different sizes are glued on walls or building exteriors.
  • Spray Paint Murals – Abstract Art form in which painting on walls or objects is done by directly spraying paints from bottles, instead of a brush.
  • Sideway Chalk Art – Realistic images on Sidewalks which give a feeling of a real person or object standing there.

Let’s take a Street Art Tour In The World  – Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals



Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Pink Flamingo Mural Address: The Flamingo Rum Club 601 N Wells Chicago, IL (River North) Artists: JC Rivera and Andrew Ghrist

Chicago is a canvas of street art with 40,000 sq.ft. of street art. You can find amazing art works in Chicago throughout the city.

chicago 2

You can find most of the Chicago murals located in three distinct neighborhoods:

  • the South Loop (on Wabash),
  • Milwaukee Ave (from Wicker Park to Logan Square) and
  • Pilsen.
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Chicago’s famous Mural art depicting philosophical meaning of life.



Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals

NYC is known for its wonderful art galleries worldwide and also for vibrant artistic vibes. So not only this city has art galleries but many streets and buildings are covered with lovely murals and colorful street art.

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Spray Paint type of Mural art

You can find most of the NYC murals or street art located in – 

  • The Bushwick Collective,
  • Lower East Side to include East Harlem, North Shore on Staten Island and
  • The Little Caribbean (Flatbush) area of Brooklyn,
  • The Lower East Side’s Freeman Alley, 
  • Graffiti Hall of Fame, Harlem, Manhattan,
  • Welling Court Mural Project, Queens.

Read more on NYC TOUR


Champaign being a University county or town is famous for its world famous University – UIUC and so the street art of this University town has mural art with University as theme. 

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Location – Campus Town
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Location – Campus Town

You can find most of the Champaign – Urbana murals located in distinct neighborhoods

  • Campus Town
  • Bars, restaurant walls and alleys in the University area 



You will find amazing Mural art works in Lincoln city of Springfield and also a capital city of Illinois, US.  

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Some artistic vibes in Lincoln’s city

You can find most of Springfield murals located in distinct neighborhoods

  • Many colorful walls across the museum when you walk toward the Old State Capitol. 



I have found wonderful and vibrant murals in Buffalo. This city has some of the most vibrant and brilliant street art that will amaze you.  If you are visiting Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York, then check out the various forms of public art, including wall murals and sculptures outside the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo.

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Spray Paint art work on bus, Buffalo

You can find most of the Buffalo murals located in distinct neighborhoods

  • 72 Jewett. 74 Jewett Avenue. Buffalo
  • Balancing Act II.,  Brayton Street
  • Dance Everyday, East Delavan Avenue.
  • Dream Keepers, Main Street.
  • Freedom Wall. East Ferry Street & Michigan Avenue.
  • Greetings from Buffalo, Washington Street
  • Griffis Sculpture Park, Mill Valley Road.
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Colorful Van in Buffalo, US




Prague is a historical, charming, romantic, rustic, lively, ancient and modern city.  Prague was founded in the 9th century and was the capital of the Bohemian Empire. Prague Foot Tours are very famous along the cobbled streets along with historical ancient buildings. As this vibrant city is famous for beer too, you would find many paintings with beer as focus. These lovely city has many colorful alleys with ancient style of graffiti and also urban modern art. 

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Vibrant Bar scene of Prague

You can find most of the Prague murals located in distinct neighborhoods


Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities towards the north of Alps.  Salzburg lies in the scenic Alpine surroundings, have well-preserved ancient city centers, baroque-medieval styled architectural buildings, the birthplace of a famous composer – MOZART. Salzburg city was a set for a very famous musical Hollywood film – “The Sound of Music.  Salzburg has an artistic lifestyle with music in the air, ancient cobbled streets surrounded by the Austrian style of restaurants, cafes, and marketplaces.

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Painted Exteriors or houses in Salzburg, Austria
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Austrian homes with painted frescoes on its exterior. Even their cars are painted too.

You can find most of the Salzburg murals located in distinct neighborhoods

  • Salzburg’s Historic Distric.
  • The alley of Steingasse (previously it was red light area of Salzburg)
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Street art with religious paintings in historic city center of Salzburg, Austria.


The most famous town in Bavaria with stunning mountain views, splendid nature, the unparalleled beauty of the countryside, lovely painted houses reconnects us with beautiful pristine nature.  

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
German homes painted with some religious or mythological figures

You can find most of the Garmisch murals located in distinct neighborhoods

  • Mostly all traditional styled German homes in the city center.
  • Ludwigstrasse – famous for beautiful painted murals or luftlmaleteien on the building facades which is a traditional Bavarian style
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Exteriors of Bavarian houses with unique painting styles over windows and doors.


Seville is a flamboyant, cultural and historic city of Southern Spain’s Andalusia region.  Read this post to know about the best things to do in Cultural Seville – Spain.  No trip to Spain is complete without doing this trip because of it’s rich cultural and historical value in Andalusia region of Spain . It is believed that this cultural city of Spain is founded by Greek god Hercules about 3000 years back.  This city is famous for flamenco dance and also has a rich Moorish heritage. This region is well known for hand made brightly colored ceramic tiles and pottery work.  These tiles are adorned on walls of palaces, houses, and floors of each and every corner of this city. So you will find painted tiled walls on many corners, passages or city squares. Spot some amazing tiled exteriors all around the city. 

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals

You can find most of the Seville murals located in distinct neighborhoods: 

  • The Poligono de San Pablo
  • The east bank of the Guadalquivir river, between the Plaza de Armas bus station
  • The Puente de Alamillo bridge.


It is a beautiful city with a perfect combination of ancient, medieval and modern cultures with sunny beaches, science centers, and quaint streets.


You can find most of the Valencia murals located in distinct neighborhoods: 

  • Central Market.
  • Old historic city center


Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and so it has a museum of his artworks. Art lovers from all over the world visit here. Malaga has a combination of beautiful landscapes and scenery, cultural and historical places making it a perfect blend of modern and traditional place. Not only this city is famous for beaches but also for beautiful artworks, colorful buildings and bars. You can spot unique wall facades, bar exteriors with painted exteriors. The art work here is done intricately and more conservatively instead of urban street art.

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Colorful town of Malaga, Spain

You can find most of the Malaga murals located in distinct neighborhoods: 

  • The Soho district.
  • Exteriors of Bars, buildings in historic town center.


Ukrainian Capital – Kiev’s street art scene is vibrant, bold, striking which adorns the city buildings, narrow lanes, hidden courtyards, etc.  After famous Ukraine’s revolution about 3 to 4 years ago, the Government of Ukraine invited local and international artists to create huge murals adorning the city walls.  After 2014, large murals started dominating the building facades, narrow lanes, and underways of Kiev/Kyiv.  This initiative in art had brought Kiev dominating in International Street Art map of the world. There are about 153 major artworks created by 32 artists of different nationalities across whole Kiev city.  During this Kiev Murals Street Art Walking Tour, you can admire how ordinary buildings are transformed into spectacular and colorful.  This art revolution brought a vibrant spark in Kiev city.

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
“Revival” – the most famous Kiev street art mural painting. Location – Intersection of Andrew’s Descent(Upper Neighborhood Town) and Podil (Lower Neighborhood). At Spasskaya Street near Chernobyl Museum
  • The very famous and one of the first mural of Kyiv/Kiev – “REVIVAL”

It was created by Ukrainian and French artist combination named Sevastopol Alexey Kislov and Julien Mullan and known as Seth Land.

This was created during “French spring” in 2014.  This mural depicts the true revival spirit of Ukraine.

kiev street art 2

  • Located on an old building façade at Velyka street.  A lady with beautiful thoughts springing in form of flowers. 

Other famous Kiev murals Street art Walking Tour are

  • “The Cyclist” by Emmanuel Jarus
  • BereGuinya by Mata Puda (Costa Rica)
  • Portrait of Ukrainian Poetess
  • Mural Freedom
  • Mural of Ukrainian Athlete

There are many murals all over Kiev and therefore to cover them you need walking street tours, public transport, car/taxi.  Many tour operators also provide Kiev city Street Art Tour, but it can be done by self-tour too.  Kiev Mural Street Art is covering 285 sq.kms. area(approximately).


Lviv – a multi-cultural city of western Ukraine was one of the major city situated on two trade routes in medieval Europe.  Lviv influenced many powers from time to time from Hungarian rule to Austrian rule to Tsar’s Russia to Polish rule to USSR rule to Nazi Germany, again to USSR and now a part of independent Ukraine. This beautiful cultural city of Lviv, lies on foothills of Carpathian mountains is located in western Ukraine at a distance of 70km from Poland has charming city squares, surrounded by bright colored Baroque styled buildings, cobblestoned streets, 60 museums, 100 cathedrals/churches and numerous unique restaurants/bars.


You can find most of the Lviv murals located in distinct neighborhoods: 

  • Chornomors`ka str
  • Sians`ka str
  • Old Historic town center of Lviv


Athens known as an historical and cultural city has lovely street art too. This city is perfect balace of ancient civilization’s ruins with amalgamation of urban and modern art too. It is a vibrant street art scene with giant murals and graffiti tags. Old crumbling facades display some urban art scenes with some erotic street art too.


You can find most of the Athens murals located in distinct neighborhoods:

  • Exarchia,
  • Psyrri,
  • Anafiotika and
  • Gazi, which is very close to another area full of street art: Metaxourgeio district


Istanbul’s street art is as vibrant as it this city’s cultural vibes. Not only cultural but also you can spot urban art on the walls of this city. Istanbul has wonderful colorful alleys, passages, building exteriors, walls painted with many interesting themes. Apart from all tourist attractions, I would suggest, to spare one day to explore some artistic alleys of Istanbul 

You can find most of the Istanbul murals located in distinct neighborhoods:

  • Balat
  • Kadikoy
  • Near Galata tower
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Street art behind the the lanes of Galata Tower, Istanbul.


Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
3D art form on JBR The Walk, Dubai

Dubai is glittering with luxury high rises, gold souks, luxury malls, diversity, and many famous art-galleries. But not only art-galleries, exhibitions, festivals are popping in Dubai city but Dubai Municipality is gearing with many colorful themes to paint the town in vibrant hues. They are now focusing on creating permanent colorful murals on buildings, corners, under the bridges, staircases, public places, parking areas which makes Dubai more interesting.  These permanent colorful artforms comprise of traditional & cultural art, contemporary art, geometric & 3D art, and even sculptures too.  So now whenever in future you are visiting Dubai then look out for vibrant art forms on some walls or corners.  I bet, you will find a perfect Instagrammable spot with these art forms. 

jbr art

You can find most of the Dubai murals located in distinct neighborhoods:

  • JBR The Walk
  • La Mer Beach
  • Dubai City Walk
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhoods
  • Design District.
Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
3D Pop art on JBR The Walk, Dubai


Art Exhibition or Art Display on International Airport sounds something unique and interesting. But what a great way to experience art and culture tour on Airport while waiting for next flight or during entering or exiting the airport.  Art and culture tour always depict the glorious past and present of a particular country and therefore JayaHe GVK museum at Mumbai International Airport showcases India at one place.  In India, we celebrate each passage of time, in travel and there are many rituals associated with it from ancient times to the modern era. This art museum takes you the special colorful journey to multiple eras of India.  Mumbai is known for famous artists, art schools and art galleries worldwide.

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Airport’s Interior are adorned with artistic vibes of ancient India

You can see around 5500 artifacts from 1000’s of artisans which are spread across a span of 3.2 kms.

You can find most of the Mumbai murals located in distinct neighborhoods:

  • Dharavi Walking tour.
  • The wall project in Bandra – Street art on Chapel Road.
  • Girgaum.


Melbourne is internationally known for its Graffiti urban art scene. Not only walls are painted with vibrant hues, this city has amazing art galleries and have wonderful cultural vibes. Melbourne is also known as the art and culture capital of Australia. 

Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals
Spray paint on walls on Melbourne, Australia. Near Federation Square.

You can find most of the Mumbai murals located in distinct neighborhoods:

  • Hosier Lane.
  • Meyers Place.
  • Centre Place.
  • AC/DC Lane.
  • Caledonian Lane.
  • Croft Alley nearby Little Bourke Street.
  • Higson Lane.

  • Duckboard Place.
  • CBD’s western edge

Basic Tips for Street Art Tour In The World  – Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals

  • Most of all street art/Graffit art murals installed at public places are free to be admired and you don’t have to spend to admire street art. 
  • If you want to know the story behind every mural, then hire a local guide or street art tour provider.
  • Street Art tour can be done best by walking toursWear comfortable footwear if planning for walking street art tour.
  • Appreciate the art and sentiments behind the artworks. 
  • Do not destroy or try to litter the art work. 
  • You can always download street art map app  of that particular city, which you taking tour to locate mural art easily. There are certain local apps on street art tour which guides you properly on how to locate these huge art works with proper map co-ordinates.


  • Mexico City, Mexico. 
  • Los Angeles, California.
  • Berlin, Germany. 
  • San Francisco, California. 
  • Barcelona, Spain. 
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Delhi, India.



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Street Art Tour In The World - Virtual Tour Of Graffiti Art Murals

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  1. Like you, I love street art and seek it out when we travel. There is such variety here, and many places I haven’t been, making it even more fun to see the art.

  2. So much gorgeous street art. I love the flamingo one. If you ever make it to Ireland Belfast has some pretty impressive ones.

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  8. I had no idea that the street art movement started in Philadelphia in the 60s. I also had no idea that there are seven official types of street art. Not only is this post informative, but your photos are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  10. I love street art especially when it placed in strategic and proper locations. So far my favorite is the one from Chicago. The one from Champaign Illinois is also meaningful and a great reminder for all.

    I have heard about the street art scene in Ukraine and I am looking forward to witnessing it personally in the future.

  11. You do know that I love street-art and wherever I go, I spend some time for those. Right now, with the very limited travels, I’m grateful to you for bringing such gorgeous street-art to my home!
    First of all, thanks for explaining the 7 types of Street-art techniques. I didn’t know about that.
    Chicago’s ‘Meaning of Life’ art looks awesome! Prague is definitely known for its gorgeous street-art. I loved it there. I didn’t know Dubai has such an incredible street-art scene!
    Btw, I welcome you to Belgium. I’m super sure you’ll love it here!

    1. I know you love street art too. Chicago’s Meaning of life showing the CCTV representing some power or God looking on us really touched me. Thanks for welcoming me to Belgium, as I agree that I would this beautiful country. After pandemic, I would surely plan for Belgium.

  12. Street art brings the walls of a destination alive. The UAE ones are amazing – especially the 3D ones. I loved the vibrance of the Mumbai ones. In my travel, I loved the ones in Penang and Varanasi. Both these brought out the culture of the place so well.

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  20. We love to find street art when we travel. I love the variety you find in the types of street art and the topics for the art. I love this tour around the world to see pieces. I even recognized a few from our travels. I do love when we find a map that locates the street art. I even downloaded an app to help. Walking tours would be a lot of fun too.

  21. Great post on street art! I did not know there were so many kinds of graffiti. I love the graffiti art in Philadelphia’s streets. Some of them are the work of very talented artists and are almost 3 dimensional when you view them from far. That picture showing artistic vibes of ancient India in Mumbai airport is indeed detailed and interesting! 🙂

  22. One of my favourite sight seeing adventures in a new city is exploring the streets and going street art spotting. You miss so many of these if you take trams, buses, or subways … but on foot, you get to see so much, and they’re really an important part of a city’s personality.

    1. Yes Jay, by taking a foot or walking tour in a new city has its own charm. We see the city by feeling it while walking in the streets.

  23. What a beautiful overview of Street Art! I did not know there were so many categories. Love the Street Art in Prague. Brought back memories of Chicago – the street art at Wabash and Milwaukee is beautiful. London is popular for its Street Art as well especially Leake Street Tunnel.

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      1. I agree Justine, nowadays interest in street art is picking up. May be social media is responsible for it. LOL

  24. Lovely post! I came across some beautiful graffiti art in Berlin and Brussels and this post exactly transported me back to that sight. Really liked the one you put up here in Prague, Dubai & campus town!

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