Unique Travel Gifts For Kids – Vacation Gifts

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Unique Travel Gifts For Kids – Vacation Gifts

How to find a perfect gift for children or kids who love to travel? This always confuses many people and after doing lots of research with my children and their traveling freak friends, I have made a detailed list of what to gift children who love traveling or going to travel. Selected some useful stuff for children which is educational and also worth gifting. To help you decide a perfect gift, I have been able to curate an ultimate list of gift ideas for children who love to travel that would prove to be very useful to them and would make them happier, relaxed while traveling. Let’s have a look at unique travel gifts for kids – vacation gifts in this article.

Unique Travel Gifts For Kids – Vacation Gifts

I have included all items which can be used after traveling too and for all ages like preschool, toddlers, school-age, teens with their preferences and likes. All these kids’ travel gift ideas are loved by boys and girls both and therefore making your travel easier by suggesting some items which I love to buy for my kids.

Unique Travel Gifts For Kids – Vacation Gifts | Best Gift Ideas For Children Who Love To Travel


  • Binoculars

Binoculars are perfect gifts for curious children. They are perfect for aerial view tours, night camping, sporting events, and city view from your room.

  • Portable Mini Speaker

Music lovers love this and they always have a portable mini speaker when on camp or on-road drive. Also best for homestays and pool decks.

  • Water Proof Kids Camera

When your children want a perfect shot, this is the best travel gift. Also, children love to play with water, so better to gift them a waterproof one.

  • Headphones

While going for road drives or in long haul flights, take your headphones and plug in your favorite music or podcasts.


  • Travel Board Games

We play Cards, Citadel when we are going for short trips or sometimes take with us Ticket to ride for long trips which have homestays.

  • World Atlas or Globe

Let your children know about the world when you travel. A practical way of teaching while traveling. Carry atlas or globe and ask them to mark their journey.

  • Travel Diary / Scrapbook / Travel Journals 

Many children want to write their daily trip details or itinerary. Travel Diary is the best way to write their thoughts or reflections.  After traveling when they return back, many children preserve their travel memories in their scrapbook, so travel scrapbook is also an ideal gift.

  • Travel Photobook  

Travel photos are always great to have and perfect for reviving any previous trips. Ask your children to make a perfect travel photo book with beautiful captions.

  • Scratch Off Map

Track travel destinations for total family fun while learning many places of the world. A perfect way to explain world’s Geography to children. 

  • Travel Coloring Book

Color your favorite monuments or place and know their architectural style while coloring. A perfect travel gift option for kids those who love monuments or architecture.

  • Coloring Kits

When on long flights, children get easily bore after playing lot of video games or mobile. It is a always a great way to engage them through creativity and let them color their travel memories while on long journey or in hotel stays.

  • Travel Books

Some best travel gift ideas for reading freaks. If you children or teens love reading and want to know about the world then gifting some travel themed books is also a great idea. 

  • Mini Lego Kits

When you are planning for long holidays and staying in home styled apartments or AirBnB then take some Lego Blocks with you to keep your children engage and while traveling they can also play their favorite games too.

  • Flag & World Games

Play some flag or Geography games which provide the outline of the other thing like various oceans, also enhances  the knowledge of kids with respect to geographical location of countries along with their capitals and national flags.  It will boost kids motor skills, improve shapes recognition, helps to memorize the countries location and their national flags along with its capitals

  • Sand Toys

Going for beach style vacation or if kids love water and sand, then sand toys are best for those children.

  • Frisbee

Frisbee for active children and it is always good travel gift for outdoor traveling destination.

  • Balls

Balls for active children and it is always good travel gift for outdoor traveling destination.


  • Woolens

Going to colder destinations, then a perfect travel gift for kids is to gift them some layers of woolens. 

  • Waterproof clothes

Going to colder wet destinations, then a perfect travel gift for kids is to gift them some layers of waterproof clothing. 

  • Cap or Hat

A cap or hat is always a travel essential and a must pack thing. So if you gift this accessory to little globetrotters then they will always remember you while traveling.

  • Sun shades / Goggles 

Going to travel and having lots of outdoor adventures then without sunglasses you would not enjoy truly. So another great idea to gift your little travelers with some funky sunshades or Goggles.

  • Sunscreen

Going to travel and having lots of outdoor adventures then  sun protection cream is must essential for little ones, as their skin is very soft and delicate.  

  • Water shoes

Children who love water sports or activities, then a perfect gift for them is water shoes.


  • Camping Gear

Many teens and adventurous kids are keen for camping and also carry their own camping gear. So if you little ones are keen for camping in outdoors and nature then gift some  camping gear kit.

  • Skiing Gear

For adventure ice lovers and ski loving teens a beginner pair of skiing gear is always a beautiful gift to encourage them for some adventures.

  • Snorkel Gear

Underwater adventure lovers would love this gift. It is best gift idea to little snorkelers.  

  • Swimming Gear

Going for beach vacations or poolside staycation, then do not forget to carry your swimming gear. Kids love their brightly colored swimming costumes while enjoying on beach or swimming pools.

  • Scooter & Helmet

Little toddlers love to take their scooters when going for long staycations, homestays or road trips. Gift them some bright colored scooters with protective helmet gear.

  • Sports Stuff

Gift sports kit set to sport lovers travelers. Some people love to play their favorite sport when they travel.

  • Hiking shoes

Going for long hike in forests or hilly regions, then strong, durable and waterproof shoes are highly essential for hikers. Gift little ones their perfect hike boots, so that they can safely go for a wonderful natural hike. Hiking shoes are one of the best gifts for hikers


  • Kids Back Pack

Children are now becoming very independent by carrying their own bagpack and also they do their own packing. So why not gift them some wonderful travel backpacks for their next travels.

  • Kids Suitcase

Children are now becoming very independent by carrying their own suitcase which they can drag too.  So why not gift them some wonderful bagpacks for their next travels.

  • Kits Toiletry Kit

Children or kids have their own toiletries with respect to their age and skin type. Gifting them their appropriator toiletries in travel sized bottles is always a great gift to little globetrotters. 

  • Portable Car Seat

A perfect gift for road traveling with small kids. This i must to be carried while going on road trip with children.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Gift some eco-friendly options to little traveler like re-usable bottles which are made up of stainless steel or copper which is good for health too.


  • Finger Puppets or Soft Toys 

A great gift while on long flights or long road trip. These soft toys keep children engage and are also very light in weight to be carried along.

  • Passport Holders or Luggage tags  

Gift some cute passport holders or luggage tags, so that little travelers can keep their passport and luggage with lots of safely.

  • Torch or Pocket Light

LED torches or lights for little hikers, campers is wonderful gift as during camping of hiking, it is always advised to take along some torch lights.

  • Reusable Stickers

Travel themed stickers are great way to keep track of travel, planning itinerary and many other useful information while traveling. Children love to play with stickers and it is always great to gift some colorful travel themed stickers, so that they can track of travel details by sticking stickers in their travel diary or journal.

  • Travel Food kits

Getting your body proper nutrition is always required while traveling. Sometimes at natural hikes or in a new city, you don’t find much food options. Always keep ready to eat energy bars with you to quench or in between hunger pranks. Children feel hungry very often and so it is better to give them nutritious energy bars in between. . Also carry a food basket or bag to sort out food from your daily stuff.

Unique Travel Gifts For Kids – Vacation Gifts

I hope you loved reading some unique and best travel gifts for little globe trotters. I would love to know your favorite travel gift item for children in comments below. All these travel accessories can be used by pre-school, toddlers, pre-teens, teens and even adults too. Hopefully my travel gifts guide will resolve your confusion about gifts for little wonders. Being a mother of two teens, I have somewhat experience on what little ones like. If you want any more guidance then do reach out to me through my mail or comment below.

Lets travel with kids


So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. This guide is so helpful! It can be tricky getting gifts for others, especially kids. The scratch off the map is a great family oriented idea! It would also make a great holiday gift! There are so many great ideas on your gift guide. Something for all ages and interests!

  2. You suggested some cool kids vacation gift ideas. Books and board games have always been on my list but backpack and camping gears also look cool. I did gift a binocular once and the kid loved it.

  3. Wow this is a complete store out here for giving a real high to the kids.Even the parents would feel that they had never really thought about these options. I find the toiletry kit and the travel food kid very useful.

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