Perfect Beach Destination MALAGA

Why Malaga is Perfect Beach Destination-

Malaga has stunning coastline and largest city of southern Spain’s Costa Del Sol (Coast of the SUN).  Malaga has a typical Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sun and long stretches of golden sands making it a perfect beach destination.  Malaga is one of the world’s oldest city and also one of the southernmost large city of Europe.  

Malaga was ruled by ancient Carthage from 6th century.  Malaga is famous as Pablo Picasso’s birth place and bull-fighting events.

Malaga has countless beaches which offers bling and glitz.  Malaga receives sunshine all year round which makes it Perfect beach destination.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Beaches of Malaga

Malaga has combination of beautiful landscapes and scenery, cultural and historical places making it a perfect blend of modern and traditional place.

What to do in Perfect Beach Destination Malaga-

Beaches of Malaga city center

La Caleta, El pato or Malagueta are the famous beaches near to city center of Malaga.  Can be covered by foot, bikes or city bus.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Malagueta Beach

Beaches in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a resort town of Costa Del Sol, located on western shore of Malaga at a distance of 13 km from Malaga.  City bus from Malaga is a convenient way to reach here.  It has best beach spots in Malaga province. It consists of six main beaches connected by a promenade of palm trees, along with blue waters of Mediterranean Sea and rugged landscape. 

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Lying down under Palm trees on beaches of Torromelinos

Alcazaba de Malaga- 

Roman Amphitheater combined with 11th century Moorish fortress.  This Moorish castle is known as Gibralfaro (14th century).  From this castle spectacular views of Malaga city can be viewed when reached to top.  Malaga history is greatly influenced by Phoenician, Roman, Arabic & Christian eras which has a span of 300 years.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

Cathedral of Incarnation –

Located in the city center, it is Gothic-Baroque styled Basilica known as La Manquita (The one armed woman). It has only one tower so it is known as one armed woman.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

Mtjana Square

This square is city’s most popular square for its liveliness and traditional tapas bars, cafes and modern clubs.  Spending evenings and nights at this place is must do thing in Malaga.  Buildings are illuminated with lights and streets are decorated with flowers which makes this place very cheerful and romantic.  Malaga is also famous for night life and most of the cafes, bars and clubs often till 6:00 A.M. next morning.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Mtjana Square

Parks of Malaga

The city of Malaga has various parks to get relief from sun with beautiful shades of trees, foliage & flowers.  The air of park is filled with scents of orange blossoms, which is so peaceful and relaxing.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Parks in Malaga

El Pedregaleju – 

Nearest fishing town of Malaga city. Can be reached through city bus.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Fishing in Malaga

Calle Larios – 

Famous street of Malaga with designer and high end shops.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Shopping at Calle Larios

Museum of Pablo Picasso – 

Malaga is birth place of Pablo Picasso and so it has museum of his art works. Art lovers from all over the world visit here. I missed this museum as it was closed that day and due to lack of time, I have to proceed to beaches.

Cafe Tour in Malaga-

Visit various cafes, bars and restaurants for lunch and dinner in Malaga to get authentic flavor of Spanish culture.   Always choose traditional styled cafes as they have rustic and cultural interiors. 

Spanish houses and streets-

Malaga has beautiful streets surrounded by Spanish styled colorful houses.  Windows and balconies decorated by various flower arrangements make this place so photogenic .

How to reach Perfect Beach Destination Malaga-

  • Malaga has International Airport.
  • Malaga is connected through rail network of RENFE. Renfe also comes under Euro-rail pass.  Nearest big railway stations are Seville and Madrid. 
  • Rent a Car from Seville or Madrid.  The road journey from Seville or Madrid is long.

Weather of Perfect beach Destination Malaga –

Lots of sunshine whole year round. Try to avoid going in peak summers as it is too hot.  Carry loads of sun-tan and umbrellas for protecting against sunshine.

Local Transportation

City Bus network in Malaga and its nearby villages are great.  Very affordable and good frequency between running time.  

People of Malaga – 

Malaga is known for friendly, hospitable, cheerful and open-minded people.  Malaga is famous for sea food and being a vegetarian, I never found problem while eating in restaurants.  Restaurant staff customized Spanish dish like Paella to veggie option and I admired their approach to make me feel special always. 

Shopping –

Malaga is not very expensive and so shopping is quite good and fun here.

Staying Tips in Malaga- 

Always try to stay near City center or Mtjana Square, because they are very lively and near to many major tourist attractions.

Port of Malaga –

Sailing in Mediterranean Sea
Sailing in Mediterranean Sea

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  1. I have to agree with how beautiful Malaga and the beaches are. I have lived in Florida where it seems sunny 365 days a year so Malaga would be very familiar to me except for the culture change. Thank you for sharing this part of the World with me.

  2. Reading your post about the sunny Malaga makes me want to cry! It has been raining non-stop ever since November here in Switzerland so I needed to read about a destination as Malaga to cheer me up a bit! And guess what, I think I got a bit of vitamin-D reading you post…and I have just learn that Picasso was born in Malaga! I know that Malaga is a popular holiday destination but I didnt know that there are so much more than beautiful beaches!

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