Perfect Beach Destination MALAGA Itinerary 2 Days (Things To Do)

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Is Malaga worth visiting? – Malaga has a stunning coastline and is the largest city of southern Spain’s Costa Del Sol (Coast of the SUN).  Malaga has a typical Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sun and long stretches of golden sand, making it a perfect beach destination.  Being one of the world’s oldest cities and one of the southernmost large cities in Europe, it has a blend of nature and culture.  In this post, read about things to do in Malaga or go on a Malaga city tour.  Know about the perfect beach destination Malaga itinerary.

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Things to do in Malaga Spain – Malaga Itinerary 2 Days

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Malaga Beach

Malaga was ruled by ancient Carthage from the 6th century and is famous as Pablo Picasso’s birthplace and bull-fighting events.

It has countless beaches which offer bling and glitz.  Also, it receives sunshine all year round which makes it perfect beach destination. So let’s check some of the best things to do in Malaga Spain and also know about the best Malaga Beaches. 

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Beaches of Malaga

Malaga combines beautiful landscapes and scenery, cultural and historical places making it a perfect blend of modern and traditional places. I stayed at Petit Palace Plaza and click here to check this stay at the city center. 

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga Itinerary – Best things to do in Malaga

Beaches of Malaga city center

La Caleta, El pato or Malagueta are the famous beaches near to the city center.  It can be covered by foot, bike or city bus.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Malagueta Beach

Beaches in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a resort town of Costa Del Sol, located on the western shore of Malaga at a distance of 13 km from Malaga.  A city bus from Malaga is a convenient way to reach here.  It has the best beach spots in Malaga province. It consists of six main beaches connected by a promenade of palm trees, along with blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and a rugged landscape. 

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Lying down under Palm trees on beaches of Torromelinos

Alcazaba de Malaga- 

Roman Amphitheater combined with 11th-century Moorish fortress.  This Moorish castle is known as Gibralfaro (14th century).  From this castle, spectacular views of Malaga city can be viewed when reached the top.  Malaga’s history is greatly influenced by the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic & Christian eras which span 300 years.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

Cathedral of Incarnation –

Located in the city center, it is a Gothic-Baroque-styled Basilica known as La Manquita (The one-armed woman). It has only one tower, so it is known as a one-armed woman.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

Mtjana Square

This is the city’s most famous square for its liveliness and traditional tapas, bars, cafes, and modern clubs.  Spending evenings and nights at this place is a must-do thing in Malaga.  Buildings are illuminated with lights, and streets are decorated with flowers, making this place very cheerful and romantic.  Malaga is also famous for nightlife, and most cafes, bars, and clubs often till 6:00 A.M. the next morning.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Mtjana Square

Parks of Malaga

Malaga has various parks to get relief from the sun with beautiful shades of trees, foliage & flowers.  The park’s air is filled with scents of orange blossoms, which is so peaceful and relaxing.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Parks in Malaga

El Pedregaleju – 

The nearest fishing town of Malaga city. Can be reached by city bus.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Fishing in Malaga

Calle Larios – 

Famous street of Malaga with designer and high-end shops.  

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga
Shopping at Calle Larios

Museum of Pablo Picasso – 

Malaga is Pablo Picasso’s birthplace, so it has a museum of his artworks. Art lovers from all over the world visit here. I missed this museum as it was closed that day, and due to lack of time, I had to proceed to the beaches.

Cafe Tour in Malaga-

Visit cafes, bars, and restaurants for lunch and dinner in Malaga to get the authentic flavor of Spanish culture.   Always choose traditionally styled cafes as they have rustic and cultural interiors.  If you want to relax, click here to book authentic Hammam experience in Malaga. 

Spanish houses and streets-

Malaga has beautiful streets surrounded by Spanish-styled colorful houses.  Windows and balconies decorated with various flower arrangements make this place so photogenic.

Useful tips for holidaying at Perfect Beach Destination Malaga-

The weather of Perfect beach Destination Malaga –

Lots of sunshine the whole year round. Try to avoid going in peak summers as it is too hot.  Carry loads of sun-tan and umbrellas to protect against the sun.

Local Transportation – Perfect beach Destination Malaga

The City Bus network in Malaga and its nearby villages are great.  Very affordable and has a good frequency between running times.  

People of Malaga – 

Malaga is known for being friendly, hospitable, cheerful, and open-minded people.  Malaga is famous for seafood, and being a vegetarian, I never found a problem while eating in restaurants.  The restaurant staff customized Spanish dishes like Paella to veggie options and I admired their approach to making me feel special always. 

Shopping – Perfect beach Destination Malaga

Malaga is not very expensive, so shopping is excellent and fun here.

Staying Tips in Malaga- 

Always try to stay near the City center or Mtjana Square, because they are very lively and near to many major tourist attractions.

Port of Malaga –

Sailing in Mediterranean Sea
Sailing in Mediterranean Sea

Do you love reading about Perfect beach Destination Malaga itinerary 2 days? I hope you will find it really worth visiting a destination in Spain. Plan a Malaga Beaches tour with some of the best things to do in Malaga, Spain. 

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Perfect beach destination Malaga

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  1. Lovely post. I have spent quite some time in this region growing up so am well versed with what it has to offer, and agree that it is one of the most prettiest areas in Spain. Personally, I’ve spent tine in Fuengirola and Nerja and have driven around the entire Costa Del Sol, but you’ve really captured the magic of Malaga well in your post.

  2. You reminded me of great time I spent in Malaga and Torremolinos many years ago. Great photos, make me want to go back to Malaga again. And oh, the Fiesta de Malaga.. that was the experience !

  3. Never heard about Malaga! However, your photos are eye catchy. Beach holidays and nightlife is something for which I’m always up. It looks recreational. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As a part time mermaid it seems natural to say that I am a big fan of beach holidays. I love to swim and eat ice cream so Malaga looks rather enchanting. Where are you thinking of going next?

  5. My husband has been to Malaga a few times and he literally can not stop raving about the place! The pictures just dont do justice! its absolutely beautiful <3

  6. I have been to Malaga this summer but only for few hours. We had some amazing tapas, have a short wander, seen La Manquita cathedral and then we headed to Granada ♥ . I need to come back to explore the beaches.

  7. Your photos look beautiful, I’ve never seen photos of Malaga like this, I remember when I was a teen everyone from The UK was visiting Malaga (generally for their Bachelor(ette) parties and I never wanted to go because it seemed to be a party place but that may not be the case anymore.

  8. Malaga does sound so awesome there. The beach does look amazing and wonderful. But I love all of the art and architecture they have there as well. I definitely need to make a trip there very soon.

  9. 300 days of sun and such a beautiful town? I’m packing my bags and moving! Glad that it’s not too expensive either!

  10. There seems so much to do here in Malaga. No doubt that the beaches are wonderful but there is more to Malaga than just that. I particularly am intrigued by Alcazaba de Malaga. Seems like a place that I can find a lot of stories in. Thanks for sharing these. Cheers

  11. So much to see in Malago. I love the pictures of the city you have in the post. The beautiful Malagueta beach, the stunning Torromenlinos, wonderful Gilbralfo and the amazing Baroque styled Cathedral. The city is amazingly beautiful and a visit is all I need to this beautiful city.

  12. I love how vegetarian friendly Spain is and how we get to eat so many dishes including the Paella here. I couldn’t make it to Malaga last time and your pictures make me want to go so badly. Would definitely love to visit the beaches.

  13. I’m not really a beach person but I love that Malaga also has numerous other things to do also. I love historical places, and Alcazaba de Malaga a 11th century marvel is something I am looking forward to. I also liked the Gothic architecture of Cathedral of Incarnation, Churches are usually on my must-visit things in a city I’m visiting. And a place like city center gives a great deal of information about the city and its vibe.

  14. My skin is so pale that I don’t like beaches but I love the historical parts of Malaga. The Roman Amphitheater and 11th century Moorish fortress look so cool. I would love to wander around there for hour learning about the history of Malaga.

  15. I am glad there are so many vegetarian options available in this corner of paradise in Spain! The beaches look gorgeous as well, I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Travel onwards!

  16. Beach cities are my favorite! And even better when there is lots of other things to do besides the beach. I love the palm trees, what a great picture!

  17. I am a beach person and prefer it over other genres of travel. I love the pictures you have shared here. Malaga is making me curious. Spain indeed is one gem of a destination. Would love to go here soon.

  18. I’ve always known about Malaga as it was a favorite holiday destination for the British when I was young, but I didn’t visit until my parents moved to Spain about 10 years ago. I absolutely love Torremolinos (even just saying the name makes me smile!) and a wander down Calle Larios is always fun!

  19. I lived in Granada for 6 months a few years ago, and would frequently visit Malaga as its airport had direct flights to Wales. It’s such a beautiful place! I’d spend hours walking up and down the beaches and along the Gibralfaro – in all I probably spent more than 10 days there, but never longer than a day or 2 at a time. Like you I also missed the Picasso museum (twice!) because it was routinely closed once and the other time was closed for Semana Santa

  20. I’ve been to Spain a number of times but can’t believe I haven’t visited Malaga yet. Those colors are so vibrant and so beautiful. I would love to try some of those cafes and explore the Picasso museum. And, of course, the beaches. Oh, the beaches!

  21. Oh my word! Its the first time idhear Malaga but I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before. Really, there are some gems hidden out there. It’s a matter of discovery there is so much to do and see in Malaga. The beaches are calling and promising comfort and relief from my hard life here. See those beautiful flowers at the park. This is a must visit for me. I’d dare not miss the happiness a place such as Malaga would offer me.

  22. Malaga does seem like the perfect beach destination. I love that it is sunny pretty much all year round. Also love that the pics so museum is an option. I always love incorporating some culture in my travels. And then throw in some shopping and good cafes and I am sold. A perfect destination for sure.

  23. Ah beautiful Spain! I have lived a month in Barcelona last summer but what a shame, I didn’t make it to Malaga and I heard already so many great things about it. And your post doesn’t make it better, in fact I truly like your impressions a lot. It looks like such a nice destination for doing so many things. Most inviting would be probably the beach for sure, but I like a lot that Malaga has obviously so much more to offer. Especially El Pedregaleju, this fisher town looks very interesting to me.

  24. Malaga sounds like such a wonderful beach to visit! I had no idea that it is the birth place of Pablo Picasso. The palm trees looks stunning and brings a very tropical feel to the place. The parks of Malaga – wow! Those flowers are amazing. I totally would love to visit the Museum of Pablo Picasso, especially since Malaga is his birthplace.

  25. I’m sold! Malaga looks like a fabulous spot to spend a few days. With a balance between beautiful beaches and a historic old town, this looks like my kind of place. And Spanish food is wonderful too.

  26. Whoa! The most stunning photos ever. What an amazing spot for a getaway. Everything about it looks so perfect. The views are stunning and I’m obsessed with the history and gorgeous scenery. Those palm trees…wow!

  27. I’ve been living in Ireland for over a year, and I know several people here who’ve been to Malaga. After reading this post I can see why they go there. Malaga looks beautiful, the beaches definitely look appealing, but I love Moorish buildings and would love to visit the Gibralfaro. Thanks for this great post.

  28. Malaga has been on my list for whenever I will visit Spain. Your photographs are also making me crave for it more lol 🙂 Will keep your blog handy for reference. Loved it

  29. All of the greens and blues are giving me life. Malaga is such a beautiful city and I think is perfect for those who want to stay away from the more crowded cities like Madrid or Barcelona. The Mtjana Sqaure looks amazing. I would love to explore that!

  30. Love all those palm trees! Malaga looks like a great place for a beach getaway. I’d love to take a book and a towel under the shade of one of those trees and spend a whole day there.

  31. I used to live along the coast from Malaga! It is a great beach destination for sure. I love your photos, so many memories! And how you laid out all the things someone would want to know if they wanted to visit Malaga.

  32. I have heard a lot about Malaga and I fell in love with this place after watching Aishweriya Rai movie with Govinda in which she visits Malaga to find her mother. I loved your photos reminded me of the scenes from the movie.

  33. I’m frequently in Spain but never yet made it to Malaga. Those palm trees look heavenly to lie under. Good thing it’s no expensive there, I’ll remember it for when I do go!

  34. I love beach days! Definitely need to visit Malaga, it looks stunning. The Mediterranean is beautiful, especially in the fall.

  35. I thought that Costa Del Sol was just beaches but there is so much more! From the Roman Amphitheater to the Moorish Castle. I would love photographing the colourful Spanish houses.

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