Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

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Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Let’s know about unique and various cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world to know more about specific geography and their living. Apart from visiting a place through its touristic attractions, taking a food tour of that place is also having great significance in exploring the world. Food is an amalgamation of authentic culture, traditions, geography, local agriculture, the climate of a region and also it shows the influence of different cultures on that region too. So to explore the world, food tours are greatly recommended by foodie travelers like me. Let’s take a glimpse of the world through a culinary tour or food tour around the world with many secret recipes.

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world
Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world
Disclaimer – Don’t read this post, if you are very hungry 😉. As this post can make you hungry and craving for food. 

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Let’s read about some of my favorite Cuisine around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world and also learn how to cook them when you back at home. I love to cook specific regional food of a place when I return from my travel to revive my travel memories. Though I cannot replicate 100% the true taste, to some extent, I enjoy cooking various local food from different regions of the world. Cooking different cuisines is a great way to know the world and its living. Not only I am taking you the tour of cuisines around the world but will share my secret recipes of it which I learnt during my food tours around the world and also from many vegan documentaries

Being vegetarian, I am listing vegetarian customization or vegetarian cuisines around the world.


Indian Cuisine is very diverse with many ingredients, spices, local agricultural products, regional stuff. India is a diverse land with many cultures living together and so is its food. Every region of India has specific food or dietary habits and also they have very different from each other. There are so many unique tastes and food that depends on living, climate or local produce of that region. Also, Indian cuisine is influenced by many invasions and foreigners for ages. Many products like potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, peanuts, and guava were brought by colonials, invaders, and traders to India. I love the Vegetarian Thali of India which has an assortment of all veggies, legumes, carbohydrates and deserts all on one big plate. Not only Indian cuisine has too many varieties but the food is served with lots of love and warmth.

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world
Indian Thali – Assortment of all varieties in one plate

Let’s talk about Samosa, which is a medieval Indian cuisine. Samosa is the confluence of many cultures and it is an Indian Mughlai dish. Now, this samosa is the most popular Indian dish and is available in the whole world. A very popular Indian dish which you can almost find in all Indian restaurants. It is generally served as entrée or starters but Indian people can eat it any time. Many people like Samosa as breakfast or in-between snacks. There are many variations in the stuffing of samosas too nowadays.

But the actual ones are the pastry sheets filled with mashed potatoes, Indian spices, peas and folded triangular are deep-fried which is then served hot with coriander-mint dips. Samosas are crispy and golden brown from outside and have spicy soft filling inside.

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world
Home Made Samosa

Recipe of Samosa

Samosa making is divided into two parts – making stuffing and a crispy outer crust.

For stuffing – Boil Potatoes and then crumble them. In a pan take 1 to 2 tbsp oil and crackle it with cumin seeds. Add crumbled potato, Indian spices like chili powder, salt, black salt, Indian Garam masala, Indian chaat masala, chopped green chili, coriander leaves, and boiled peas. Saute this mixture till all are mixed well and you get a nice aroma from it.  Let it remain cool and keep it on the side.

For the crust – Take all-purpose flour and mix it with Ajwain seeds (optional), salt to taste and 4 tbsp oil. Rub well and so that oil and flour gels well. Then with little water make the dough which is not very hard and not very soft. The dough should be stiff. Then keep aside the dough for 20 minutes by covering it with a damp cotton cloth.

Now make small balls of dough and roll out. Make a cone shape from that rolled dough and fill the stuffing with a spoon and then seal it.  Deep fry these cones and before putting them in oil check that it is very hot. Now lower the flame to medium heat and fry till crispy golden brown. Now samosas are ready to serve with coriander & mint dip.


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Paella is the most popular rice dish in Spain and for the whole world, it is the national cuisine of Spain.  But for Spain, Paella is the staple dish of the Valencia region. In Valencia language, Paella means frying pan and therefore the whole concept of cooking this rice dish is on an iron skillet. Paella is cooked in a broad iron skillet with major ingredients like round rice, olives, olive oil, sundried tomatoes, grilled artichokes, varieties of beans, saffron strands, roasted peppers, and smoked hot paprika. You can see the influence of Moors on this dish and it is believed that this dish originated during the Moors ruling in Spain in the 15th century.  Also, this dish contains the local agricultural produce in Spain.  If you want to order vegetarian Paella, then let the waiter know it or check for Verdure Paella in the restaurant menu, mostly this dish is non-vegetarian, but it can be customized and now many restaurants keep the veggie version of it. With Paella, you can all have Spanish Stuffed Eggplant as an accompaniment. So Paella is the most popular Spanish dish.

Recipe of Paella

Generally, Spanish rice is used for making Paella, but you can make from your normal daily rice too. Artichokes, beans, and peppers are the main ingredients of this dish. Grill all these veggies with black pepper, olive oil and salt in the separate baking tin. Paella is made on a big skillet. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in this skillet and saute garlic and paprika till fragrant. Then add 1 cup of sundried tomatoes either canned one or done at home. Saute till tomatoes color darkens and thickens too. Add rice, vegetable broth, saffron strands, and salt. Stir it for few minutes on medium heat. And then transfer this skillet to a preheated oven at 180 ° Celsius and then bake this for 25 to 30 minutes or till the rice is done. After baking of rice add grilled veggies to it with some lemon juice. Serve this skillet directly to the table. As Paella authentically is served like this, by taking the skillet to your dining table.


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world
Stuffed Pepper and Tomato

Gemista which is pronounced as yee-meh-stah is a summer vegetarian dish and the meaning of this word means stuffed vegetables. Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine that has a historical presence for thousands of years. Originated from ancient Greece to the Byzantine period and existing till today. Greek cuisine is influenced by Middle Eastern, Ottomans, Italian cuisines too. Gemista is made by stuffing hollowed vegetables like big bell peppers, tomatoes or other veggies by half-cooked rice and herbs. Then these stuffed vegetables are baked till perfection. Vegetarians love Greece due to many unique veggie options here.

Recipe of Gemista

Saute garlic, onion till translucent in olive oil and then add chopped veggies like zucchini, eggplant and half-cooked rice to it. Then add spices and herbs – black pepper, parsley, mint, and salt. Saute for few minutes till veggies get tender.  Your stuffing is ready now. Scoop big pepper or tomato and then fill this stuffing. Don’t fill till top as the rice will expand on full cooking. Cover the veggie with their chopped out lids. Bake it for 1 hour 30 minutes on 180° Celsius.  Drizzle with fetta cheese on this hot stuffed tomato or pepper. Serve hot.


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Georgian cuisine /dishes are vegan or vegetarian-friendly as Georgian soil is very fertile and cultivates many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Also, orthodox Christianity is prominent here and therefore people fast on most of the days and they eat vegetarian dishes. The main ingredients in their cuisine are eggplant, mushroom, cheese, flour, spinach, beans, fresh fruits, etc. 

Lobiyani – The word “Lobiani” is derived from the Georgian word “Lobio” which means kidney beans and in many parts of India, a type of beans is also known as Lobia. This traditional and delicious dish is a bean-filled bread just like Khachapuri.

Lobiyo – A very popular vegetarian Georgian dish served hot in an earthen clay pot. Lobio, as you know, means kidney beans and so this spicy dish is a curry of kidney beans and it resembles like Rajma Masala (another very popular North Indian dish).  It is served with pickled vegetables, flattened bread, and Mchadi.

Recipe of Lobiani and Lobio

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world
Georgian Lobiyo and Lobiyani after returning from Georgia

For making Lobiani, you can either use red or white kidney beans. Boiled kidney beans are mashed and then mixed with herbs, spices, chopped onions and then stuffed into flattened wheat flour dough. Then it is cooked into the oven or shallow fried on the pan. Indians can relate this similar to Kulcha or stuffed Indian bread – Aloo Parantha – a very popular Indian bread.

How to make Lobio ?

This hot, spicy dish is made by soaking red kidney beans (Rajma in Indian language) overnight, then boiling it in clay pot and then seasoned with spices, garlic, chopped onions, herbs, coriander, and walnut.  Lobio and Lobiani are generally eaten together and can be also ordered separately. 


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

No trip to Chicago is complete if you are not going for any of the famous food tours in this vibrant city. Chicago – The Windy City is also known as the Foodie city and has invented or innovated five famous dishes in the world. This city loves to eat and drink and therefore you would love its vibrant culinary scene too. Go for world-famous Chicago style deep dish pizza to satisfy your taste buds and unveil some of the secrets of age-old family recipes. When I was invited for Chicago food tours, I learnt many innovative dishes and age old family recipes.

The making of deep crust Pizza combines the technique of pie with ingredients of pizza and therefore you get crispy and crusty pizza.

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Recipe of Chicago styled Deep-Dish pizza 

Pizza dough is rolled first and then laid on the bottom of deep Pizza pan but with its sides raised to the rim of the pan.  The basic ingredients of pizza like cheese, tomato sauce and seasonings are placed on it but in reverse order. Like in normal Pizza, after the dough layering, the sauce is placed and then the cheese/toppings but in deep dish pizza after the dough layer, mozzarella cheese sticks are places on it and then followed by tomato sauce. The whole idea to reverse the layering is not to make the dough soggy by putting the sauce directly on it. So to maintain the crispiness of the crust, from all sides, cheese is first layered which prevents the moisture of sauce to enter inside the bread. I loved this innovative idea.


Guide To Vegetarian Turkish Food – Complete Istanbul Food Tour

BAKLAVA – I tried “Fistikli Balklava” (Pistachio Baklava) with a burst of sweetness packed into crunchy and nutty flavors. The flaky filo pastry, stuffed with pistachio nuts and topped with thickened sugary syrup melts into your mouth within few minutes and you will always crave one more.  One Baklava will never satisfy your taste-buds and you will always ask for more.

Guide To Vegetarian Turkish Food – Complete Istanbul Food Tour

Trip to Turkey is incomplete without having a bite of famous Turkish desserts. Many foodies visualize Baklava when they hear Turkey. Discover the richness of Turkish desserts with many unique flavors when you visit Istanbul. There are numerous varieties of Turkish sweets made up of milk, cheese, flaky pastry sheets, sugary syrups, honey, and dry fruits. In Istanbul, dessert is not only eaten at the end of the meal but it can be consumed at any time of the day to satisfy the in-between hunger. 

Recipe for Baklava

Unroll Phyllo dough and thaw it for an hour. Assemble two Phyllo sheets in baking tin by trimming the edges and brush them with softened butter. Now layer it with chopped nuts, mostly Pistachios are very common. Then again place Phyllo sheets. Repeat this for 4 to 5 times. Brush the sheets with butter every time you put.  Cut this layering into diamond-shaped and then bake it into the preheated oven for 1 hour 15 minutes on 160 ° Celsius. After baking removes from oven immediately and drizzle the layering with thickened sugary syrup. This thickened sugary syrup is made from sugar, honey, and water which is heated for several minutes. Let this sugary syrup settles down on each layer and then it is ready to eat.


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Falafel is the most popular Middle Eastern cuisine and now found all around the world. Falafel is deep-fried balls made from grounded chickpeas or fava beans mixed with essentials herbs. Served hot in pita (Arabic bread form) pockets and pickled vegetable salad. Many historians believe that Falafel originated from Egypt 1000 years ago and also a link to Pharaonic Egypt and being Alexandria a big port city in ancient times, Falafel traveled to the Middle East. Other theories say that Falafel originated in the Arabic peninsula in Yemen. Whatever its origin is, this popular Middle East cuisine would surely satisfy your taste buds.

Recipe for Falafel

Soak 250gms chick-peas overnight and the next day in the morning it is ready to use. Now grind it coarsely with 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, ½ bunch of parsley, 2tbsp cumin, 2tbsp cumin. Mix this grounded paste with black pepper powder and salt. For binding use 2 to 3 tbsp Gram flour or normal flour and 1 tbsp oil.  Make round shaped balls and deep fry them. Serve hot with Arabic bread or eat it like fritters.


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Italian cuisine is generally made up of less ingredients and can be cooked as a one-pot dish. Italian cuisine has a high influence of foreign foods like tomatoes and other stuff. Tomatoes got introduced to Italy in the 16th century and now you can see tomato has become a vital ingredient in Italian dishes. Also, Pasta which is a popular Italian dish worldwide is said to be introduced by China to Italy. When there was trading going on from China to Europe through Silk Road, Marco Polo a famous traveler and trader introduces noodles like thing – Pasta to Italy. During the Middle Ages, due to lots of Mediterranean trading between China and Italy, Italian cuisine has got a new dish – Pasta which has the confluence of both countries and now is the main food of Italian cuisine.

Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

The pasta sauteed in Arrabbiata sauce and this spicy sauce is made up of tomato puree, garlic, dried red chili peppers which all are cooked in olive oil. The “Arrabbiata” means angry in Italian and as this sauce is very hot and spicy, so is the name of the sauce. This vegetarian dish in Italy is famous all over the world and also with the spice lovers too.

Recipe for Arrabbiata Pasta

For Arrabbiata red sauce saute finely garlic, onion in extra virgin olive oil. When garlic is well roasted, add tomato puree and chopped red pepper. Cook till it reduces to half. Add herbs like basil, oregano, black pepper, and salt. As I love spicy food, I add crushed red chili flakes or chili powder. Meanwhile making this red sauce, on the other hand, boil pasta with salt and little oil so that they don’t turn out to be sticky. Drain the excess water from Pasta and when both are ready then toss them together. Drizzle it with cheese of your choice. Serve hot. You can also change the sauce texture by adding fresh thickened cream, cheese or herbs as per your taste.


Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world

Thai Food/cuisine has a perfect harmony of five flavors – sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy, thus tantalizing your taste buds. Thai cuisine is full of aromatic and spicy flavors with many medicinal properties.

Thai Green Curry is named on its light green color due to green chilies with many other spices. Made in coconut based gravy, this gravy is a little sweeter but with very spicy and pungent side. Generally, this curry is eaten with jasmine rice of Thailand or boiled noodles.

Recipe of Thai Green Curry

Take one cup of Basil leaves, one cup coriander leaves, green chilly as per your endurance, Chinese garlic – 4 cloves and Galangal – big piece and then grind them to a fine paste.  Heat oil in pan and crackle the 4 pieces of star anise and 6 to 8 Kaffir Lime leaves. After crackling, add the green paste and cook it for 5 minutes on medium flame. Add coconut cream to thicken it.

Meanwhile, on another saucepan, stir fry the veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, snow peas, carrots, colorful peppers, onion, green onion, Tofu or Paneer(cottage cheese), Thai eggplant, Pakchoy, and mushrooms till soft. Lemongrass and bamboo shoots can also be added to give a more authentic taste

Mix this veggie and green paste at the time of serving only or else veggies will soak all curry. It can be eaten with boiled rice or noodles. If you do not get Galangal then ginger can be used as its proxy.


I hope you loved reading Cuisines around the world – Take an interesting food tour around the world and would try cooking some of them at your home. Let me know your favorite cuisine from this list and did you tried cooking them in the comments below.

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