18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey

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18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey
18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey

The train journey is always a beautiful and memorable one in everybody’s life. This journey always is full of emotions, stories and, memories. As you know, Bollywood is famous for action, drama and love stories always have depicted train journeys in most unique ways. There are many famous Bollywood songs on the train which will tickle your memories as with most of them you can relate it too. These songs are having the concept of a love story, boy flirting with a girl, goons running, stunts on the train, children learning their lessons, mishaps, adventures, and many more stories are depicted through songs. So let’s check some best Bollywood songs on the train. Let’s travel through the train with Bollywood and sing a song with them to revive your best travel memories on the train. Check 18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train or Rail Journey and save it to your playlist. Before listening to some Bollywood songs on Indian rail – please have a look at 25 passengers in one journey in 8 minutes #Indianrail #IncredibleIndia.


18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey
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Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train

Aao Bachcho Tumhein Dikhayen Jhanki Hindustan ki from the movie JAGRITI

It is a song depicting India, its beauty, independence revolution and many other glorious facts which in written by Poet Pradip.  In this song, a teacher with his children takes a train ride and explaining the beauties of India through a song. Patriotic song and movie released just after the independence of India and so this song is shot in black and white. Watch and listen more at ….

 Teri hai Zameen from the movie THE BURNING TRAIN

This song is a prayer to God which is sung by all train passengers as their train had mishap and half of the train had caught fire. So do you want to know whether these passengers are saved from a burning train or not which you can always watch in the movie? Till then watch and listen to this song ….

Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aaayegi Tu from the movie ARADHANA

A beautiful girl is traveling through a picturesque and tourist train along the beautiful valley of Darjeeling. As she was peeping out of the window, a boy traveling through an adjoining road instantly fall in love with her. Now he sings a song to please her. This love story goes through the main tragic and happy turns in the movie. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Kasto Mazza He Relaima from the movie PARINEETA

The song’s lyrics mean – It fun to be on train … and so on…. This song is picturized in the same toy and touristic train of Darjeeling which was also featured in the above song. In this song, the singer is praising the beauties of nature and comparing his soulmate with the beauties of nature. Admire the beauty of Darjeeling throughout this song. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Chaiyya Chaiyya from the movie DIL SE

India’s most popular train song which broke all records and topped the charts in UK & India is picturized on the roof on the mountainous train at Nilgiri mountain ranges, Ooty. With the song, you can admire the beautiful hill station of Ooty in South India and enjoy the stunts by dancers on a train too. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Sapne Re from the movie SECRET SUPERSTAR

The story of an innocent girl from a conservative family wants to become a singing sensation. See here the journey and dreams through a train and how she became the superstar.  See how her dream turns into reality in this movie and the song depicts her dream through her train journey.  Till then watch and listen to this song at ……

Cheel Cheel Chillake ke kajri sunaye from the movie HALF TICKET

Sung by legendary Late Shri Kishore Kumarji which is a perfect and superb rap song in the 1960’s era of India. At that time people were not familiar with rap songs and Kishore Kumar who was a superb singer, actor and performer sang this song and considered as one of his masterpieces. You can see this song is picturized in a train where Kishore Kumar singer and actor performing in this movie is singing with all children who are traveling on tickets as children and not as adults. So is the name of the movie. One of the best comic songs by Kishore Kumar. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awaara from the movie Solva Saal

A superb and Indian classic hit song sung by Hemant Kumar by S.D. Burman is picturized in a train where the hero is flirting with the girl and wants to convey his feelings through this song.  The meaning of the first line of this song is “my heart is wanderer….” Till then watch and listen to this song at ….

Hoga Tumse Pyaara Kaun from the movie ZAAMANE KO DIKHANE HAI

This hit music of this song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were composed by Majrooh Sultanpuri in which the hero tries to pacify his lover by praising her through this song. This rooftop train song is shot on a coal engine with a moving train and watch the whole movie for their beautiful love story.  Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Gujar Jate Hain Jo Mukam from the movie AAP KI KASAM

This is a tragic song depicting the journey with the journey of life in which it is said, lost moments can’t be revived back. The singer is remembering his beloved which is left due to some misunderstandings which can’t be brought back. So this philosophical sad song depicts the moments which we lost due to our mistakes that can’t be brought back. Till then watch and listen to this philosophical song at….

Chalo Dilli from the movie CHALO DILLI

This background score is picturized on the travel partners who meet accidentally due to stranded passengers on the plane and now they are going to Delhi through the train. See how the business-class traveler has to travel by second class train with normal medium class people and during the journey she realizes the true beauties of life. See the transformation journey of business-class traveler to normal passenger and what she gained through this journey. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Pal Do Pal Kaa Saath Tumahara from the movie THE BURNING TRAIN

Train passengers are excited to travel on a newly launched train and so they are celebrating it by singing a song. This song means about how co-travelers in a train meet only for less time and they depart. Between this journey, they create many beautiful and lifetime memories. But this train journey will end in a mishap and watching movie, you can find out whether people are saved or not. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Gadi Bula Rahi Hai from the movie DOST

This beautiful train song is not only a train song but a life journey song. Here train signifies the duties of life and tells us that the duties of life are calling you just like a train is calling all passengers to board on and move to the next destination. So is the life where people have to move on by performing many duties and how movement is the trend of life in everybody’s life. You would surely enjoy this beautiful and life-philosophical song sung by Kishore Kumar and till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Haathon Kee Chandd Lakeeron Kaa from the movie VIDHATA

Till now we were listening to songs on travelers and passengers but this song is picturized on engine drivers who are driving steam engines and how they are enjoying their train ride. Both engine drivers are best buddies which in the future depart due to some unusual circumstances. When they are on duty they always sing this song which signifies here the luck and how life turns through our luck. This song also unites these true friends in the end. So watch the life of engine drivers while on duty through this song. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Phoolon Ke Rang Se from the movie PREM PUJARI

Sung by Kishore Kumarji this song is picturized on a hero traveling by Swiss train in the beautiful Swiss Alps. As the hero is on a military mission and he is on some secret mission, he can’t meet his lover and so remembering her by singing this song. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Bichhoo O Bichhoo from the movie CHAMATKAR

This funny and naughty song is sung by a girl who is traveling with a gang of girls in a ladies’ special compartment and a simpleton hero without knowing this fact is struck inside the ladies’ compartment. See how this gang of ladies is teasing the hero with this funky and naughty song. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Rukh Se Zara Naqab Utha Do from the movie MERE HUZOOR

The singer is praising the beauty of a girl on a train by admiring her beauty. This song is sung when the girl uplifts her veil on her face and the hero is stunned by her beauty. You can also admire the first-class train journey with this song too. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Raftaarein from the movie RA.ONE

This fictional song picturized on the robotic hero and how he is doing stunts on the local train of Mumbai. See the stunts by robots in this fictional movie and song. Till then watch and listen to this song at …..

Watch & listen the full playlist 18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey at…..

I want to know your favorite song from this playlist and which train journey relates to you the most. Or share your train journey moments with us.

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18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey

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So till then take care… stay at home.. Enjoy 18 Best and Famous Bollywood Songs on Train Or Rail Journey

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  1. I love the idea of having a playlist of Bollywood songs for a train trip. I am sure the stories would indeed tell such a variety of tales. So fun that you have found so many that centre around a train or a journey.

  2. This is such a fun post, Yukti. Loved reading about the songs and also listening to many of them. It definitely brought back a lot of memories. As you know Mere Sapno ki Rani is such a classic, we actually tried to enact it. With me sitting inside the Darjeeling Toy Train to Kurseong and Agni riding a bike beside! (He was with a local ofcourse!) It was so fun.

  3. Oh what a great idea for a blogpost, well done 🙂
    I wish I would have read them before this weekend though, I could have used that music for our foodtravel dinner from India 🙂

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