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The influence of Bollywood in India has played a significant role in the travel sector too apart from fashion, lifestyle and many other things. Many Indian people watch Bollywood films to see the world through it and these films portray well the beauty of the world in their films. Many films are based on a journey or a story set in the backdrop of beautiful locations of India. These films have played a significant role in bringing the beauties of tourist attractions of India to the people who cannot travel due to many personal reasons or travel restrictions. So when you are sitting at home or not traveling and want to see beautiful attractions of India with some lovely stories then check some Bollywood films which will take a tour of India. Let’s check some of my favorite movies not for their stories but for their travel themed backdrops and that is why they are listed in some of the best travel movies. Take a tour of India through Bollywood movies with me and watch it and admire the beauties of Incredible India. Let’s go for a virtual tour of Incredible India with Bollywood movies.

TAKE A TOUR OF INDIA THROUGH BOLLYWOOD MOVIES | Travel India through Bollywood movies


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Goa & Vishakapatnam

A tragic love story of an inter-caste couple that is shot on beautiful locations of Goa. You can admire this beautiful and innocent love story with the backdrop of stunning beaches and landscapes of Goa. Some of its scenes are shot at the wonderful coastline of Vishakapatnam too.

Watch Ek Duje Ke Liye 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Dakshin Kashi or Wai in Maharashtra

This film beautifully portrays rural India with innocent villages and their genuine-daily problems and how it has been solved by NRI NASA scientists. Based on the true story and beautifully portrayed by SRK. Enjoy beautiful rural India in this movie and a journey of a man who is working on NASA’s eminent project and then deciding his life to be spent in the villages of India.

Watch one of its journey song at 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie – Delhi (the capital of India)


Fanaa is a love story of a tourist guide but with a hidden agenda to a blind girl. This tourist guide gives the tour of historical attractions of Delhi, the capital of India for some hidden and secret motives to a blind girl and she does not know about all this. Check the climax and beautiful Delhi in this movie. 

Watch one of its song with full historical monuments of Delhi 


The beautiful inter-religion love story with a vibrant backdrop of Old Delhi and its monuments and crowded markets. The movie’s name is based on the popular street of Delhi.

Watch Delhi 6 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Kullu & Shimla in Himachal Pradesh & Mandawa Village in Rajasthan

This is an unusual love story developed during the journey from Mumbai to Bhatinda via Ratlam, Kota. Here initially the girl is running to meet his boyfriend in Shimla by train and in between, she met a confused boy (hero of the film) and from there she discovered her true love. Watch the film why she did not choose her former boyfriend and why this new love became her true love. There are many romantic climaxes in the film. You can see many times they got stuck in the journey and even their luggage was left on the train. So go for this beautiful romantic travel story.

Watch Jab We Met at


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie – Dhunadhar falls, Jabalpur, Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh & Udaynagri Caves in Orissa.

It is a period historically based movie on the 3rd century BC Mauryan empire’s king & Emperor Kind Asoka. He first fought the deadliest wars and then suddenly by the influence of Buddhism he renounced his path of war and destruction and adapted Buddhism and then for onwards he started spreading peace everywhere in the world. Even the national emblems of India are based on King Asoka. As the Mauryan empire was from central India, this film too has locations from central India. Watch this movie for the beautiful story of emperor Asoka and stunning locations of waterfalls, forests in Madhya Pradesh and ancient caves of Orissa. 

Watch its trailer at 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie – Darjeeling, Kolkatta and some scenes shot at village Pollachi in Tamil Nadu

A beautiful love story of deaf and dumb love birds with the third angle too. All three characters in the story had immense and innocent love for each other which society can’t understand. This film has a beautiful backdrop of Darjeeling where these deaf and dumb boys used to live happily. Also, the later part shows the beautiful and vibrant Kolkata and its famous bridge and banks of the river. Watch this beautiful love story that is picturized in the beautiful locations of East India. Even you can see some of the scenes from Tamil Nadu.

Watch Barfi at


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Many beautiful locations of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Captured the beauty of the Konkan express route from Mumbai to Chennai.

The romantic and hilarious love story of inter state couple in which south Indian girl elopes from her don father and meets a north Indian boy in train. You will enjoy their stops at the beautiful tourist attractions of India and how love develops between them. Admire beautiful tea gardens, famous Pamban bridge, waterfalls and other attractions of Konkan and southern India in this movie. 

Watch Chennai Express at


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh & IIMB

Amazing movie on the journey of 2 friends finding their 3rd lost buddy. There is the climax in the film why 3rd buddy had cut off all the relations with his past acquaintances and how these 2 friends find him. The location where he is found is one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations of India. After this movie, there is a huge rush to Ladakh to admire the peace and enchanting beauty of Himalaya. Many of the locations where the film was shot now named as movie’s scene names. A full entertainment movie with a lovely message, college life and beautiful scenes of Ladakh.

Watch 3 Idiots at


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie – Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Based on RK Narayan’s novel – “The Guide” is a story of a young guide who meets an unhappy married movie while showing the attractions of India. After sensing her unhappiness, he falls in love with the girl. I am now not disclosing what happens next here and for this, you have to watch a movie. But as they have shown the life of Guide and traveler, you can see beautiful locations of Rajasthan, especially the Chittorgarh region and its fort. A perfect love story of a traveler and guide and in which love develops during traveling.

Watch Guide at


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Srinagar (J&K)

The meaning of the movie title is “The Bud of Kashmir” and you can predict that the whole movie depicts enchanting Kashmir and you will be thrilled to see the beautiful locations of Srinagar, boating in Dal Lake and other locations of this beautiful state in India. A beautiful love story of a rich boy who comes to visit Kashmir with a beautiful and not so rich Kashmiri girl is a very innocently portrayed and also the locations of Kashmir.

Watch Kashmir ki Kali 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  near Kedarnath temple & many parts of Uttarakhand

Kedarnath is an eternal love story of inter-religion love birds with a backdrop of the flash floods that wrecked the temple town – Kedarnath, Uttarakhand. Kedarnath is a famous pilgrimage for Hindus in northern India. You can admire the beauty of the temple, the route to temple among the Himalayan mountain range and love story in this movie. 

Watch Kedarnath at


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Gangotri (where river Ganges emerged from Gangotri glacier), Uttaranchal area, some parts in Pahalgam & Kolkatta

Stunning and enchanting scenes of Gangotri from where river Ganges emerges out Gangotri glacier. Admire the birthplace of the sacred river the Ganges and whole mountainous region of Himalayas in this movie with an innocent love story of a village girl with a city boy. As you can see the title of the movie has Ganges or Ganga which means they are signifying how the Ganges, when emerged, was clean and not polluted and when the river enters into a city gets polluted. The same similarity is shown in the main character’s life. How the village girls get cheated in big cities. The whole movie is based on the banks of river Ganges and its journey which they have compared with the heroine’s life. Watch this movie for a beautiful river Ganges tour in different states of India and the amazing story of a woman about she gets cheated. 

Watch Ram Teri Ganga Maili 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie – Arunachal Pradesh and Haveli part in Jaipur

Story of the landlord and their slaves in a village with some love angle. The whole film has been shot in Arunachal Pradesh where this mute slave lives life innocently, happily and loyal to his landlord. But with one twist in the film, this slave got revolutionary in this film. Watch the movie for whole action, drama, love and especially the beautiful Arunachal Pradesh in North East India.

Watch Koyla 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Ooty (Tamil Nadu)

A supernatural action comedy film which is shot in Ooty and its famous tea gardens. This movie is a franchise of Golmaal series which are generally shot in Goa, but this is shot in Ooty. It is a story of orphanage kids who are trying to save their orphanage to being sold to a builder who wants to turn it into a luxury resort. In these orphanage characters, one of them is supernatural. Try to find who is the one. 

Watch Golmaal Again 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh & West Bengal

Lootera is a romance drama film set in the era of the 1950s where the Landlord was seeing its last days. The movie is partly based on author O. Henry’s book ‘The Last Leaf’. Here you can see the extraordinary love between the girl who is not well and the boy who is a con. You can admire the beautiful West Bengal located in eastern India in this movie. 

Watch Lootera


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Rajasthan

An unusual love story of an unhappy married woman with a ghost that has been shot in the magnificent architecture of Rajasthan. You can see the ancient step wells of Rajasthan in this movie and also those famous Havelis and Rajasthan style of living with an unusual story of a living person with a supernatural person. Watch the climax and check does the girl get ghost in the end or her husband back?

Watch Paheli movie trailer at 


What part of India you can enjoy in this movie –  Coonoor, Ooty & Manali

A famous Tamil movie and then dubbed into Hindi is known for beautiful scenes from South India and Himalayan mountain ranges. The love story of a south Indian couple who travel to Kashmir and then-husband gets abducted by militants. Rest you can see the love of the girl to the husband and how she gets back her love in the movie. A beautiful love story with a beautiful backdrop with all political chaos too. 

Watch Roja in Tamil at

I hope you loved tour of India through Bollywood movies. Will be adding more Bollywood movies related to travel, journey and travel love stories. 


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