18 Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World

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Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World
Famous Blue Doors of Santorini, Greece

Doors a symbol of exit or entry has an important significance in all cultures around the world.  Be it a door of house or religious place or government institute or historical building, doors always play an important role to connect the outer world with the inner part of the building and that is why is it is correctly said that there is always an interesting history behind every door. Though a simple flat wooden or iron plank hinged with the walls of the house, it is a really important structure in the whole building as it allows the movement in our out of the house.  That is why doors have a great philosophical meaning associated with life’s ups and downs and symbolically they are quoted with a person’s success and failures in life. All over the world, you can see many interesting, magnificent, colorful doors according to local cultures, traditions, and geography of that locality which can be depicted on the main entrance of the buildings.  Many parts of the world have special ceremonies or traditions at crucial events of life at threshold or doorway to welcome the outer world. Let’s go for a virtual tour to admire the beautiful pictures of doors and windows designs around the world and read some interesting facts about them, by famous and experienced travel-bloggers and globe-trotters. 


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 
Cartegena Doors by Jo Williams

Photos of Doors and Windows according to continents and then they are presented according to countries or city wise.

ASIA & MIDDLE EAST | Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

The Dzong’s windows are made from intricately designed wooden frames without any help from the modern tools. It is one of the most beautiful windows, I have seen in any temple till now. The wooden doors and windows of the Dzongs are decorated with multicolored floral motifs whereas the internal walls and congregation halls of Dzongs are decorated with painted and appliqué frescoes and murals. All these designs are predominated by religious themes such as the life of Buddha and other protective deities.

On the other hand, the ordinary Bhutanese houses usually have tongue-and-groove designed doors, hinged on a pair of wooden pegs. Generally, smaller windows are built into lower floors and larger ones are built on upper levels to maintain structural soundness of the house. Windows are most often decorated with a curved trefoil motif called horzhing.  Admire the photo of a wooden window in the Phunaka Dzong in Bhutan

Contributed by Anwesha Guha from Going Places with Anwesha blog.



With so many amazing places to visit in Bikaner, the haveli area is surely the best for some ethnic and colorful door porn. If you embark on a Haveli tour in Bikaner, Rajasthan, you will be clicking away to glory. Here, you can get a peek into rural India at its best, most colorful grandeur.

From camels to stunning Rampuria Havelis, colorful windows (jharokhas) and fabulous doors – there is never a dull moment while you walk around the streets of Bikaner. In these narrow lanes, you will see an array of opulent Havelis made of red sandstone with cute blue glass windows. Once home to rich merchants, the uniquely Indian designs like embedded peacocks and motifs, make this an amazing experience for locals and tourists alike. If you happen to be in Bikaner, a half-day Haveli tour is a must-try.

Contributed by Jyotsna Ramani  from the Wander with Jo blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

If you love taking photos through archways and windows, then India  has opportunities waiting around every corner.

On a recent trip to India, I visited the lesser-known ancient city of Mandu. In the Jahaz Mahal or ship palace, there is a window that literally made me do a double-take when I walked past.

As I climbed the stairs to access the first floor, I glanced to my right and noticed one of the pavilions was perfectly framed through the stepped window. The curve of the pavilion dome exactly mirrors the curve of the window arch. The architects cleverly created a scene that would spark pleasure in us, appealing to our natural attraction to order and symmetry.

Further exploration of the Indo-Islamic architecture around Mandu reveals many more examples of beautifully created arches, windows, and passageways, all of which provide fabulous photography opportunities to get lost in. 

Contributed by Louise France from the Wandering Welsh Girl blog.

AFRICA | Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 



Zanzibari doors are living and breathing history of the island on the Indian ocean. They go on to show the gradual flow of civilization with ripples of traders traveling and settling in Zanzibar from overseas. 
While walking in the nameless ancient alleys of Stone Town, I had the good fortune of studying these exquisitely beautiful Zanzibari doors, carved with intricate details over the past three centuries. There are three de facto influences playing in the construct of a traditional Zanzibari door. The Indian element with round top and protruding beams on the wooden slab to resist an elephant attack testify people did not forget their homeland even when away.  the Arab doors have few verses of Quran written on top. They are rectangular and often waves detailing at corners, showcasing maritime activities. Swahili doors are no frill basic doors but the original ones of the land. they are rectangular and often hues with shades of aquamarine.

A few doors have chains at a side depicting the dark past of the slave trade in Zanzibar. Miniature Zanzibari doors curved in wood is one of the best souvenirs you may buy in Zanzibar! 

Contributed by Madhurima Charaborty from the Orange Wayfarer blog.

EUROPE | Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

When we talk about places with the most beautiful doors or windows around the world Malta certainly deserves a spot on the list. This island nation in the Mediterranean Sea amazes visitors with its colorful doors, windows, and balconies and presents various photo opportunities. They’re one of the reasons to fall in love with Malta.

You don’t have to look far to get a glimpse of these unique and vibrant doors. Simply taking a stroll through one of the country’s towns will allow you to take tons of Instagram-worthy shots of exquisite doors and quirky doorknockers. You read that right. The doors are made even more special with interesting doorknockers (il-Habbata in Maltese). The classic example is the dolphin, but there are different varieties all over the country.

Maltese architecture represents many different eras and styles which will leave you fascinated with how different each of the doors is. The capital Valletta feels like a magical place straight out of a fairy-tale with its many beautiful doors. But you will also find exceptional pieces in Game of Thrones shooting location Mdina. In Mdina, the doors are particularly eye-catching because they provide a pop of color against the narrow sandstone alleys.

Contributed by Nina from the Lemons and Luggage blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Simrishamn is a colorful and picturesque coastal town in southern Sweden. There are many cobblestones streets with quaint alleys and pastel-colored houses in this small town of 6,000 inhabitants. The houses are known for their crafted wooden front doors which are often adorned by various symbols, such as roses.

It’s a popular summer destination in Sweden and has grown from a fishing village to a charming small town with lots of cafes and beautiful old houses. All of the region known as Österlen is renowned for its beautiful and colorful doors with crafted decorations.

There is even a museum which has a collection of doors from the countryside. They are typical of the 1700s and the 1800s. Originally, these doors were reserved for the richest families and important houses, but in the late 19th century, the iconic doors of Simrishamn became common on all houses.

Contributed by Alex Waltner from the Swedish Nomad blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

If you’re in Switzerland and interested in beautiful doors you must visit the medieval village of Gruyeres. It is set on a hilltop alongside the very interesting Gruyeres castle, with the Swiss Alps in the background and surrounded by flat farming pastures. Gruyeres is where the famous Gruyere cheese is made.

Up the hill from the station and cheese factory is Gruyeres castle built in the 13th century. Within the castle, you will see stained-glass windows dating from the Middle Ages. There are wall decorations, historical collections and special exhibitions covering topics from the Middle Ages to modern times and, of course, many beautiful doors.

And next to the castle is the small, walled, medieval village called Gruyeres Ville. It is a delight to wander through the cobble-stoned traffic-free village and explore its colorful shops, chalets, and cafes and discover an abundance of very interesting and colorful doors, some of which date back to medieval times! 

Contributed by Maureen Spencer from the So Many Places! So Little Time! blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Location: Maccagno, Lake Maggiore, Italy – Maccagno is a small Italian village on the eastern shore of Lake Maggiore. Lake Maggiore is just an hour west of Lake Como, much less visited but just as equal in beauty.  The countryside around this lake is much wilder, more gentle with its rolling hills and covered in trees and areas to walk down to the lakeshore. 

Along the lakeside, you will find the sweet historic little village of Maccagno. Here the residents have a quirky artistic trend of painting their front doors with striking designs and thoughtful graphics. As we wandered through these beautiful Italian streets we came across door after door, all painted with their owners’ different styles. 

It was really special trying to find the next one and guessing what the meaning was behind each design. Some were cute, others eerie, finished or a work in progress. It gives you a special reason to travel to this lesser-known Italian lake region.

Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

I can’t wait to go back and see what new creations have sprung up since our last visit. As always with Italy, you don’t need to go to the obvious places to find something wonderful.

Contributed by Kristie from the Mama Prada blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

When Dublin’s aristocratic townhouses were first built in the early eighteenth century, all of the exterior doors had the same color. Due to  strict Georgian architectural requirements, the rest of the exterior was  the same too, so most homeowners started painting their doors different colors to set them apart from their neighbor’s house.

In Dublin there are several colorful explanations as to why. According to legend, the color of the doors helped drunk home-owners find their way home after a  night of heavy drinking. Another theory is that painting the doors in  bright, vivid colors was an act of civil disobedience when the British told Dublin residents they had to paint their doors black after Queen  Victoria died.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find a selection of distinctive doors with intricate adornments and individually designed windows above in Merrion  Square, Fitzwilliam Square, and Baggott Street.

Contributed by Ivan from Mind the travel blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Petit Palais Paris – This magnificent golden door is located a stone’s throw away from the most famous bridge in Paris: Pont Alexandre III. The door is the entrance to the Petit Palais museum and was constructed in the 20th century specifically for the World Expo. These days the building houses the Museum of Fine Arts of Paris. The door was designed to be an absolute eye-catcher at the expo and continues to mesmerize visitors to this very day. What attracted me to the door was the sheer size and the intricate detail of the wrought iron. It somehow feels like a door fit for a king entering his palace. The best time to see the door in its full glory is when the museum is closed, beware it is a very popular Instagram photography spot so it is usually busy at all hours of the day.

Contributed by Caroline Muller from the Veggie Wayfarer blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Porto, the former capital of Portugal might not have all the glamor and glitz as Lisbon, but what it lacks in glamour, it makes up for in character and old-time charm. Porto’s ancient history makes it one of the most interesting cities in Portugal and architecture lovers are in for a treat with the eclectic architectural styles that are found all over Porto from Romanesque and Gothic to Moorish and the unique decorative Manueline style.

There are many interesting neighborhoods to explore in Porto, but one of the oldest and the most charming ones is Ribeira neighborhood, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strolling along the Douro River, the colorful facades of the waterfront houses are the first thing that grabs your attention but the real fun begins when you follow the winding streets of Ribeira and let yourself get lost in this ancient labyrinth, in search of hidden gems. Strolling through the streets of Ribeira and the Barredo Stairs which connect Ribeira with the upper part of town, we stumbled upon colorful doors and decorated windows. There are so many photo-ops and gorgeous backdrops wherever you look.

One of our most unique finds during our weekend in Porto was this window. The yellow color, unusual decorations, and sign “Senhor da Boa Fortuna” (Lord of Good Fortune) above this window, grabbed our attention immediately. This used to be the location of one of the granite crosses that were placed in Porto’s streets by devoted people in ancient times. In 1869, the governor ordered to remove these crosses since the character of the city changed and they obstructed the traffic. Some were removed by the authorities and a few were stolen by the devoted believers and tucked away in their houses. This is just an example of the hidden gems we found at the back alleys of Ribeira. If you love to photograph unique doors, decorative windows, and colorful crumbling walls, you’ll find plenty of such treasures in the cobbled streets of Porto’s Ribeira neighborhood.

Contributed by Maya and Siri from the Chasing Lenscapes blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Barcelona is known as a city rich in culture, architecture, and history. Visitors are swept away by the majestic beauty of medieval designs from the famous Antoni Gaudí and Joan Miro.

In a similar way that the narrow alleys of the Gothic Quarter seem to whisper stories from the past, so do the giant doorways of ancient Gothic buildings
As an American expat living in Barcelona who happens to love architecture and design, I have fallen in love with the doors!  Not only for their beauty and detail but for the fascinating stories they tell. 

From the Franco Era and the days of the Spanish Civil War to the childhood years of artist Pablo Picasso, Barcelona’s doors represent an entryway into the past. Just by standing on a busy sidewalk and staring up at one, you are immediately drawn to its beauty, detail, and age. 

Depending on what neighborhood (or barrio) you visit, the doors take on a different style. In the Gothic Quarter, the oldest section of Barcelona, and the Eixample district one will find Catalan medieval gothic style doors. While in some other areas such as Gracia, visitors will experience the world of modernism from Antoni Gaudí best known for his design of La Sagrada Familia. 

Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

From black wrought iron and concrete masthead balaustres to dense oak strong enough to build a ship, each characteristic of Barcelona doors embodies timeless beauty. 

Contributed by Lauren Covino Smith from the Expat Chronicle blog.


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

It’s widely known around the world that J.K. Rowling sought much of her inspiration for the Harry Potter books within her everyday life and surroundings.

Naturally, Exeter in the UK where she lived for four years while studying is no exception.

If you head to 10 Cathedral Close (found behind the beautiful Exeter Cathedral), then you’ll come across an ornate 16th-century door made from Devonshire Oak, which seemingly leads to nowhere. It’s thought to be the inspiration for the door to the Room of Requirement. Can you see the resemblance?

This door leads to a pretty little courtyard while the Grade I listed building at 10 Cathedral Close is home to the Dean of Exeter. In days gone by, 10 Cathedral Close was once home to the Chancellor of the Cathedral and other Christian clergymen, and during the blitz of May 1942, the building beside it was almost destroyed.   

As for 10 Cathedral Close, it was spared and is still a marvel of intricate craftsmanship. And it’s well worth a look especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan.

Contributed by Justine Jenkins from the Wanderer of the World blog.  


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World

Cycladic islands along the Aegean Sea of Greece are famous for unique white houses and blue doors – windows. Santorini a volcanic island, has a rugged landscape with whitewashed cuboid houses with blue doors and windows. Not only Santorini is famous for the world’s famous sunsets but also for its unique white houses with blue doors & windows too. The doors of Santorini are the most Instagrammable. The islands of Greece are prominently known for white and blue colors which also reflects in the flag of Greece, but where this color theory originated. An order was passed in the 1930s about all houses should be painted by white lime due to anti-bacterial properties. And in the 1960s during the military dictatorship, an order was passed to compulsorily paint the Greek houses in blue and white.

Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World

Also, there is one theory, that being Greece having hot summers, the houses are painted white to reflect the sunlight which results in cool interiors. And blue color for doors which represents the perfect blue sky and color of the Aegean Sea. But whatever the reason is, this combination of white and blue is perfectly a unique combination. And the doors and windows of Santorini are truly photogenic.

Contributed by myself (Yukti) from the Travel with me 24 x 7 blog.

DOORS FROM FLORENCE, ITALY Beautiful doors from Florence

The Gates of Paradise, Florence – Of all the doors in Italy, the Gates of Paradise is probably the most photographed. The gate is actually the east door of the Florence Baptistery, an octagonal baptistery across from Florence Cathedral and the Campanile di Giotto.

There is a total of four doors at the baptistery and the east door is the most beautiful. It is designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti, a Florentine artist, and it has gained praise from many other peer artists like Michelangelo. In fact, he was the one who gave the door the name “the Gates of Paradise” due to its striking beauty.

The gate is 4.6 meters in height, with 10 square panels of intricate bas reliefs. The square panels on the door depict a number of scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist. My suggestion? First, look at it from afar and appreciate how the golden gate is strikingly installed in the baptistery with a combination of white, pink and green limestone. Then, look closely and learn about the historic events of Saint John through vivid details.

Contributed by Kenny Chow from the KNYCX Journeying blog.


Doors and windows around the world

Athens Cathedral – The Metropolitan Cathedral of Annunciation is located in the center of Athens on Mitropolous Street between Syntagma and Monastiraki Squares. It is often referred to as ‘Metropolis’ and is the church of the Archbishop of Athens and the head church of all of Greece. Opened in 1862 after 20 years of construction and designed by three architects, the walls were built from marble from 72 demolished churches around Greece.

It is a three-aisled domed basilica and is home to the tombs of Saint Philothei and Gregory the V, both killed by the Ottomans. Over the years it has seen the coronations of kings, swearing-in ceremonies of statesmen and archbishops, important weddings and state funerals. In 1999 the Cathedral was closed for a year for complete restoration following several earthquakes. Part of the restoration included new glass in the beautiful stained-glass front doors. The building has been criticized over the years for being too modern and not beautiful enough, as many other buildings in the area are considered more attractive particularly those from the neo-classical era. In my opinion, all Greek Orthodox churches are beautiful, particularly the interiors which are always highly decorated in colorful murals and portraits. It’s worth some time to visit if you are exploring the many things to do in Athens in Greece.

Contributed by Sandra Papas from the Greece Travel secrets blog.

NORTH AMERICA | Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Looking through this archway into the town square of Loreto Mexico, I’m reminded of everything beautiful about the Baja Peninsula. At first glance, you see the prototypical Spanish Colonial architecture with brown terra-cotta facades and exposed wooden beams. Looking deeper, you see families playing in the town square. They’re out riding bikes with older and younger siblings going outside together instead of sequestering inside with video games and electronic gadgets. The lettering under the mission bell translates to Loreto: the historic capital of the Californias.

There was a time, not so long ago, that there wasn’t California and Baja California. There was only one California, and Loreto was the capital. It was all part of Mexico and one of the most remote places on Earth. You can still experience that feeling of freedom and adventure taking a road-trip down the length of the Baja Peninsula, or traveling in your mind as you look out onto the town square of Loreto. 

Contributed by Jenn and Edd Coleman from the Coleman Concierge blog.

SOUTH AMERICA | Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 


Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 

Cartegena is Colombia’s Caribbean gem. Grand colonial houses and balconies overflowing with flowers line the cobblestone streets. Grand brightly painted wooden doorways signify the wealth of the house owner. Cartegena was a seat of Spanish power and the gateway for trade in South America. But it also had a darker side as a center for the slavery trade. The notches in the door are said to represent the number of slaves the owner had working in the house. It is thought over 1 million slaves passed through the city, but many managed to escaped and colonized areas in Colombia and throughout South America. 

Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World 
Cartegena Doors by Jo Williams

Contributed by Jo Williams from the Lost Wanders blog.

I hope you loved this virtual tour of Beautiful Pictures Of Doors And Windows Designs Around The World with some of their interesting facts by globe trotters. I would love to know your favorite door and why you loved it in the comments below. For me, all are very special and unique. And this is not the end of the collection of doors and windows around the world, as I am soon coming up with another article on the same topic which will depict some more beautiful doors around the world. 


I not only love to take photos of the doors and windows around the world, but also love to paint them on canvas when I return back from my travel – Check out some of my door/window  themed paintings – 

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