Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers

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Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay

Man’s earliest desire

Taking flight has been one of man’s earliest desires. The sight of birds taking to the skies and soaring above the clouds has compelled man from time immemorial to pursue this fantasy of taking to the skies. From the time when Daedalus and Icarus attempted unsuccessfully to fly past the ocean to Leonardo Da Vinci’s sophisticated designs, this dream to take flight was relentlessly pursued throughout the ages. The fruits of this labor were finally realized when the Wright Brothers successfully demonstrated flight capabilities on their flying machine.

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
First flight by Wright Brothers (Picture Courtesy- Pixabay)

From those attempts, air travel has come forward by leaps and bounds, revolutionizing the world, as we know it, in the process. With new-age aircrafts now ferrying man aerially over thousands of kilometers, new avenues of development were unlocked, and the wheel of progress was put into swift motion. With no distance too long and countries and people closer than ever, the world saw the birth of new phenomena. Humanitarian aid, logistics, tourism, and other sectors were completely revolutionized for the better.

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay

Flying into a new era: How air travel led to the rise of UAE

Advances in transport, and air transport- in particular, have played a big role in transforming the UAE from desert wilderness to the luxurious oasis that it is today. Connecting Asia to the West, the Middle East holds special importance in world history and the modern-day world order too. With cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai boasting of some of the most luxurious and entertaining sights in the world, the region is now thronged by millions of people from across the world. Successfully established as an entertainment and vacation destination, the UAE is now home to a wide range of nationalities and cultures. Air transport has to be the single largest contributor to the rise of this region, connecting this otherwise remote area to the world. Boasting some of the most famous air carriers in the world, the UAE is well connected to the rest of the world through an extensive network of flights.

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay

Adding luxury to your flight

A region developed thanks to a sterling network of air carriers, it is only fitting that the UAE houses some of the best and most luxurious air carriers in the world. Among the best in the industry, setting benchmarks for the competition to follow, Emirates is perhaps the most famous of the air carriers in the region. A paragon of luxury flying and providing unmatched flying comfort, Emirates is now a global giant, flying to destinations all over the world, showing the world the magic of Middle-Eastern hospitality. With facilities that blow the competition out of the water, Emirates is in a league of its own. Some interesting facts about the airline are as follows:

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay
  • The fleet of the Emirates consists entirely of Emirates A380 and Boeing 777s.
  • Flights are offered to 135 destinations worldwide.
  • More than 4500 channels and live sports are provided for in-flight entertainment.
  • More than 59 million flew Emirates passengers in 2018-19!

With all major world destinations covered, incentives like Emirates Promo Codes make the Emirates experience even better.

Offering the best of the Middle-Eastern gems:

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
Aerial view of Dubai (Picture Courtesy – Pixabay)

Fly with Emirates to explore the following Middle-Eastern gems to experience the ancient civilization, trading zones, religious places, and stunning modern world:

  • Turkey: The meeting point between Europe and Asia, it is among the most beautiful countries in the world. The perfect mix of tradition and modernity, explore the ancient city of Istanbul and many more cultural delights.
  • The Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The birthplace of Islam and holiest land for Muslims, the holy cities of Mecca and Medina draw millions from all over the world for the Hajj.
  • Dubai and the United Arab Emirates: Famous as a modern-day El Dorado, Dubai, and the UAE are lined with some of the most luxurious and popular entertainment centers in the world.
  • Jordan: Tracing the origins of one of the earliest civilizations and their settlements, Jordan is revered for the city of Petra- home to one of the earliest known human settlements in history. Listed among the seven wonders of the world, this is a trip into human history.

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers

Getting travel ready

No trip can ever be successful without adequate planning and preparation. While Emirates takes care of your flight, procuring all travel necessities is a must for safe and hassle-free travel. From travel bags to communication devices, make sure to pack in all the essentials. A great platform to procure all your travel necessities is the UAE-based Offering a wide range of products across all possible categories, your last-minute shopping needs and travel preparation are safe with Noon. Let us now explore this platform:

Things To Do When You Can’t Travel – Bring The World To You

  • Backed by the region’s big-wigs, it is a home-grown e-commerce platform.
  • Noon provides its services in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • All major lifestyle categories liken beauty, fashion, clothing, electronics, and grooming are covered by Noon.
  • Some of the best brands in the world like Nike, Sony, and Apple sell exclusively through Noon
  • The Noon App is also available for download on iOS and Android.

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A combination of the world’s premier luxury airline in Emirates and the home-grown e-commerce behemoth Noon helps you have unmatched flying experiences!

Redefining air travel: The Middle-Eastern carriers
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay

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