Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World – How To Draw Skyline

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Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Skyline of Chicago

Skylines give the character to a city and with the first glimpse of a skyline, many things about the city can be predicted. I love to admire the skylines of various cities because every city has its characteristics which are truly represented by its skylines. The essence of the city is hidden behind the skyline and through that, we can know the economic development, geography, natural landscape, lifestyle, and history of a city. I have captivated some of the beautiful and famous skylines around the world from my previous travel across many beautiful cities. I have picked some of the most beautiful and best skylines in the world which are unique for many obvious reasons.

Not only I will present these beautiful and best skylines in the world with some interesting facts, but also give some tips on how to draw the city skyline in a very simple manner. So let’s read about some of the stunning skylines in the world and also learn how to draw a skyline or cityscape in just 4 easy steps.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Historic skyline of Istanbul, turkey with monuments & colorful houses

DEFINITION OF SKYLINE – It is an outline of landscape or buildings made against the sky.  So more easily you can say that it is a cumulative outline of all buildings in a city or overall structure which is viewed as where structure meets the sky.  It can be urban or natural.

Famous skylines – Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World


Now let’s read about each of them, why they are unique, from where to view them, and also other interesting facts.


CHICAGO – “City of Big Shoulders” or “The Windy City”. Chicago’s skyline is one of the world’s tallest and splendid skyline. Chicago is an architectural city and the birthplace of skyscrapers boasts of possessing four tallest buildings of the USA. Willis Tower with the antenna is the fifth tallest building in the world. So if you are doing a skyline tour or checking the best skylines of the world, then Chicago in this list can’t be missed out.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
View from Shed Aquarium, Chicago


Willis Tower, Trump International Hotel & Building, Sears Tower, Wrigley Building, John Hancock Tower, Ferris Wheel of Navy Pier, and many other architectural beauties.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World


  • Solidarity Drive – Stretch across Grant Park to Adler Planetarium.
  • Grounds of Adler Planetarium & Shed Aquarium.
  • North End of Navy Pier.
  • Grant Park.
  • Willis Tower Observatory.


As it is the birthplace of high rises(skyscrapers), you would find many tall buildings with unique shapes.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World

Draw Chicago’s skyline on your sketch book with simple tips and line drawing tutorial by me – 


DUBAI – “The City of Gold.” Dubai is home to the tallest building of the world and therefore the skyline of Dubai tops among one of the best skylines in the world rankings. The most unique feature of this city’s skyline is to have the splendid skyline amidst the desert. You can see how a desert region gets converted into a city of the future. Not only Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower but Dubai’s skyline also consists of many other beautiful buildings. Here in Dubai, you can find many skyscrapers taller than 250m(820ft). Also, the buildings here are not very densely constructed and are scattered throughout the city.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
View of Dubai from Palm Jumeirah’s Mono Rail


Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world), Burj Al Arab Hotel – for its unique shape and iconic symbol of Dubai, Atlantis – The Palm, Dubai Marina & Financial District.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Driving through Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.


  • Dubai Frame – get a contrasting view of both Old and New Dubai.
  • Top of Burj Khalifa.
  • Stroll across The Dubai Canal.
  • Drive through Al Jadaf.
  • Dubai Creek Harbour.
  • Pearl Jumeirah.
  • Bluewater Islands for Dubai Marina skyline.
Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Dubai Marina and JBR skyline from Blue waters


Constructed on sandy or desert region which itself is a unique feature. As to construct a building on sand is very difficult and imagine the tallest towers are built successfully on sand which sounds like a miracle. The shapes of the buildings are very unique.

Draw Dubai’s skyline – outline in your sketch book by simple technique through my video tutorial –


ISTANBUL – “The city of Seven Hills”.A historic and bi-continental city and so is its skyline. The location of the city on two continents – Europe and Asia make the skyline of this city a unique skyline. You can have a glimpse of Europe and Asia in one frame. The skyline of Istanbul is not modernly urban but a very historic skyline formed 2000 years back to date. This skyline was not constructed within a year or few years but it took several centuries to form such a unique one. Not only the historical structures of this skyline are famous but its location on the Bosporus Peninsula between the Balkans and Anatolia, the Black Sea & Mediterranean makes it very splendid.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
View of Istanbul on other side of Golden Horn


Haga Sofia, Mosque & Minarets, Galata Tower, Golden Horn, Bosphorus Bridge & colorful houses of Balat.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Istanbul’s skyline at old historic side – Silhouette Skyline.


  • Observation Deck of Galata Tower
  • Eminony Ferry station
  • Top of Glamour café
  • From Bosphorus Cruise
  • Karakoy Bridge
  • While driving across Bosphorus Bridge
  • Many hotels offer skyline view rooms and so you book this kind of stay. Or you can have dinner with a view at several cafes and restaurants in this city.
  • Camlica Hill on the Asian side.


Historic skyline with a glimpse of domes and minarets, Location on two continents, Also the sunset over this skyline makes it a silhouette skyline.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Bosporus Bridge skyline connecting Europe & Asia

Draw historic skyline of Istanbul by following some simple tips in this online video tutorial by me – 


NEW YORK CITY – “The City that Never Sleeps.” One of the most photogenic and Instagrammable skylines in the world. Not only in the daytime, but NYC’s skyline is famous at night too because of its glittering skyline. This skyline consists of world-famous monuments and buildings. NYC houses more than 200 buildings that are 500 ft or taller. It has many tallest towers of the USA and a couple of them ruled as the world’s tallest tower for many centuries, previously. NYC’s skyline is considered to be the world’s most iconic and mesmerizing silhouette & glittering in the whole world.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Skyline view while cruising for Statue of Liberty tour


Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Skyscrapers of Manhattan

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Manhattan skyline – NYC


  • Cruising to Statue of Liberty or Staten Island Ferry
  • From Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Empire State Building Observatory.
  • Roosevelt Park.
  • Liberty State Park.


Many skyscrapers are densely constructed glittering buildings and Vibrant cityscapes.

Draw NYC outline in your sketchbook – 


Paris – “The City of Love.” In Paris, skyscrapers don’t rule the skyline but architectural beauties are prominently seen. World-famous monuments with wonderful architecture create the magical skyline of Paris. Eiffel Tower is the iconic monument that makes the Paris skyline most recognizable in the world.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World


Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Basilique Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, and Arc D Triomph

Skyline of Paris in evening
Romantic Paris in evening


  • Cruising across the river Seine.
  • Parc de Belleville
  • Parc de Saint-Cloud.
  • Place du Trocadero.
  • Palais de Challot
  • Observation deck of Eiffel tower, Arc D Triomph, La Basilique.
Paris – “The city of Love" - Cityscape of Paris
Cityscape of Paris


Glistening Boulevards, Architectural and Historic wonders, Splendid Cathedrals.

Draw City of Love’s (Paris) skyline in your sketch book from this video tutorial by me – 


PRAGUE – “A City of a Hundred Spires.” Prague which is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe has wonderful cathedrals, castles, bridges and many historic buildings. Prague is a city of cathedrals, towers, red roofs, spires, and bridges, so can be seen in the skyline of this city. That is why Prague is favorite among travel photographers as it allows capturing this city’s dramatic skyline from various angles. Being located on hills, you can get many viewpoints in the city to capture the best glimpse of the wonderful skyline.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Prague’s skyline from Charles Bridge


Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Red roof houses, Hradcany, St. Vitus Cathedral, overlooking river Vltava, & Powder Tower.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
View of Prague skyline during hiking to Prague Castle


  • While hiking up or down to Prague Castle.
  • Letna Park
  • Observatory decks of Powder tower, Old Town Bridge Tower, and The Lesser Town Bridge Tower.
  • Pedestrian Charles Bridge.
Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Vibrant and historic Prague skyline


Admire the architecture of this city which ranges from Gothic to Baroque to Renaissance & Art Nouveau.  Bridges and red-roofed buildings.

Draw outline of Prague’s enchanting skyline by simple video tutorial by me – 

I hope you loved reading about the most beautiful and best skylines in the world. I generally love to sketch my travel memories and it is a great way to revive all those travel moments. Do you know the sketching of the skyline is very easy to do and can be done in minutes? So let’s revive our travel moments by drawing some of the best skylines in the world in a very easy drawing method.


Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World

Some frequently asked questions regarding drawing a skyline –

Q. – Is it difficult to draw a skyline?

A.- No.. Very easy to make.

Q.- How much time I need to draw a skyline or cityscape?

A.- Few Minutes. I am not joking.

Q.- Do I need expensive art accessories to draw them?

A.- No. You just need a white paper / normal drawing sheets, pencil, eraser and black pen/marker with fine flowing ink.

  1. – Does this activity requires a prerequisite skill level?
  2. – Any beginner can do this or those who are not good at drawing can create an amazing skyline with simple line techniques.


Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World - How to draw skyline
How to draw skyline with simple drawing techniques
  • Keep the outline of unique buildings in your mind.
  • You don’t have to create intricate designs of the buildings as the skyline is generally the outline of a cityscape. As the outline of a city depicts the whole characteristics of a city.
  • For every city drawing, pick some unique buildings or structures of the city and then club them together in one drawing. For eg. Eiffel Tower for Paris, Burj Khalifa / Burj Al Arab for Dubai, Statue of Liberty for NYC.
  • The outline is drawn rugged and irregular, by taking care of not making the buildings of the same size and shape. All buildings should look distinct and special.
  • By the inclusion of outlines of these unique buildings, your three-fourth drawing is completed.
  • After this just addition of trees, sun, moon, birds, waves of sea or river, clouds, bridges give more depth to your skyline drawing.
  • All vertical lines should be drawn parallel.
  • Show windows by vertical or horizontal dashes “ – “, domes by semi-circles, water by wavy lines, and top of buildings by triangle or antennas.
  • Shading plays an important role in the skyline. Sides of building in 2D drawing or layered drawings should be shaded by diagonal lines.
  • If you want to give depth to a building or structure, draw a similar line nearer to it, but shorter than the mainline.


The drawing skyline can be categorized into three styles –

  • Simple Skyline Drawing
  • Layered Skyline Drawing
  • Silhouette Skyline Drawing


Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
How to draw outline or simple skyline – Prague skyline drawing
  • Draw a horizontal line lightly with a pencil on white paper. Generally, skylines are made on Landscape mode and not on Portrait mode.
  • After drawing this line, draw irregular vertical rectangles above it and also the outline of unique building or structure.
  • Give details to your drawing like drawing vertical lines on buildings to depict antennas, bridges, curved lines to show water, or some peculiar shapes like triangle over the buildings to feature the unique features of a city. Make sure every vertical rectangle should have different detailing and no two buildings should look the same.
  • After this pencil drawing, you can darken the lines with a marker or black pen ink.


Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
How to draw Layered skyline – Chicago skyline drawing
  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 mentioned above in a simple skyline drawing technique.
  • The major difference in layered and simple skyline drawing is to have overlapping buildings. Make some vertical rectangles behind the present rectangles and to show them behind, make them finish at the front side buildings. It gives a layer of depth to a Cityscape. Some buildings will appear in front and some will appear behind by variation of sizes in drawing rectangles.
  • Add detailing to all buildings by drawing “ – “ as windows. Don’t make the same pattern for every building and with horizontal or vertical  “ – “ drawing you can create numerous patterns. Change the look of the building and also the behind ones have smaller windows.
  • Now add unique features like clouds, wind, palm trees, or snowflakes. But keep in mind, don’t draw snowflakes for Dubai or Palm trees for Paris as it would look out of place. Drawing a skyline needs attention to the geographic condition of that place too.


  • Follow 1 to 3 steps mentioned above.
  • The difference between the Silhouette skyline drawing is the color of buildings is generally black and windows are made white. Here you have to fill the black color in rectangles to show the buildings in darker light when the sun is setting. Generally, we get to see the silhouetted skyline during sunset or sunrise, where the background is bright and buildings or structures are darkened.



I have made some video tutorials on how to draw skyline on Youtube, which you can refer to and can draw them easily within a few minutes. Skyline drawing can be done at the ease of your couch, or while traveling in a train/plane, relaxing on the bed as it does not need a huge art studio type of set-up. You just bring your favorite pen, paper, and let down your creativity flow with your favorite travel memories.

Most Beautiful And Best Skylines In The World
Chicago’s famous skyline

I hope you loved to know about some of the most beautiful and best skylines in the world with their interesting facts and where to get the best views of them. Also, you can draw them with simple drawing techniques and you can create your handmade travel journal, a travel diary, or travel scrapbook. I would also love to know your favorite skyline from this post or your previous travel visits. Some of these skylines are the world’s most famous skylines. 

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Most Beautiful and best skylines in the world

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  1. Wow such a cool idea. I keep clicking many pictures of the skylines where ever I go. I can draw them too like the way you have. Its really a nice idea especially now that we are all stuck at home. And I loved the Istanbul’s skyline even though I have never been to Turkey. That looks very pretty esp of the mosque. I have seen the NYC skyline and yes it definitely looks awesome.

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    1. Yes, there are so many travel paintings hanging on my wall. I love to paint when I can’t travel and all my painting themes are based on my past travels.

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    Dubai has changed so much since I went there, they had only just started to build Palm Island!

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    1. I would love to go for Singapore too as it has splendid skyline too. These urban scapes are very interesting.

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    1. Skylines are easy to make and if you follow these simple steps mentioned, I am sure, you will create your favorite skyline.

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    Love your sketches of the skylines of Paris & Prague (probably that’s coz I’ve visited those 2 and I personally connect with them much more than the cities of USA).
    Definitely layered skyline looks much more impressive with all the more details than the simple skyline sketches.

  29. I have to say that New York City is my favourite skyline, and would agree that the Statue of Liberty ferry is one of the best spots. When I visited New York, I was staying in New Jersey and saw the New York skyline from Hudson River Waterfront Walkway which is just beside Exchange Place Path Station. If only I could draw as well as you, I would have taken up drawing the New York Skyline too.

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