Best Review Of Oman Air Business Class

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It is the time to Fly in Luxury, or you can say Luxury in Your Pocket with Oman Air Business Class

Mostly I travel with popularly known airlines but when I was booking my tickets this time to India for the annual family get-together, I came across Oman Air Business Class deals. This deal was much affordable and within my travel budget, and therefore, I grabbed the deal without any delay.  Presenting you my candid review of Oman Air Business Class Fly with Style …. Luxury within your reach……

Review Of OMAN AIR Business Class FLY WITH STYLE
Relaxed Seating arrangements of Oman Air Business Class

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Review Of OMAN AIR Business Class FLY WITH STYLE

I generally classify Air travel and rate them according to four categories 

  • Comfort
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • & Services
Say Cheers to Blue Skies and New Horizons

Based on these 4 categories, I have presented my reviews. As I have booked to and fro both from Oman Air Business class from Dubai to India, I boarded 4 flights in total and so able to get more exposure to these flight services.

Let’s begin with CHECK-IN

There is a special carpeted check-in section for Business Class Passengers at Oman Air terminals. Check-in was smooth and without any hassles. If you are traveling by Business Class by Oman Air, you get a baggage allowance of 50kg (60 kg for Frequent Flyers) and also a Priority Baggage tag.  I did Online Check-in 48 hours online, and for me, it was very quick and just a kind of baggage drop-off.


After baggage drop off and all Security Clearance, you are entitled to Luxurious Business Lounge on all airports through which I took the flights.  As Oman Air is the national airline of Oman, Muscat has the grandest and most luxury lounges. While going to India, I spent a couple of hours at AHLAN LOUNGE, Dubai International Airport and then at Muscat International airport for short layover.  While returning back from Hyderabad, I got Lounge access at Plaza Premium Lounge on Hyderabad International Airport and again lounge access at Muscat Airport. All Lounges serves with Continental as well as Traditional Food, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks and have fully equipped Nap rooms, Study Tables, Couches, Recliners, Bar, etc.


Boarding was on time, and Priority Boarding was given to Business Class Passengers accompanied by their Home staff.   Soon after Boarding, the cabin crew/flight attendant comes to provide you with hot/cold towels to freshen you up. Then a welcome drink is offered with a choice of daily newspapers from all over the world.  After that, you will be welcomed by Omani Coffee and dates.  Soon after, a Food Menu and Beverage menu are offered with many a la carte choices.


There are recliner-style seats with soothing wooden-colored furnishings, and ample leg space is a great way to travel luxuriously and comfortably.  There is a stretchable divider between two chairs for privacy.  My airplane had 2 x 2 configuration of seating arrangement in Business Class and 3 x 3 in Economy Class.

Recliner style of seating

On every seat, a comfy pillow and turquoise blanket in the sealed bag are kept for you to stay cozy on the flight. Seat dimensions are approximately 75 to 80 inches long and 20-22 inches wide with a pitch of 82 inches.  Also, the seat has automatic touch buttons for the backrest, leg-rest, and seat depth adjustable modes.  There are many modes of adjusting the seat to make it a recliner.

On the right hand, there is a compartment where the Inflight Entertainment is remote to control.

Remote for Inflight Entertainment


Oman Air provides ARIA Inflight entertainment system with all the latest blockbuster titles, audio, Games, and a vast library of TV box sets.  You can watch all Hollywood to World movies, classic to modern tunes, throughout your flight using your Touchscreen Personal Media Unit.  The personal screen is 17 inches wide and at a reasonable distance from your eyes, paired with noise-canceling earphones. Also, there are 2 USB ports beside your seat for your Laptops and a personal reading lamp. 

Inflight Entertainment

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Initially, you are presented with an A’ la carte menu that reflects diverse cultures. Being a vegetarian, I have booked my Indian vegetarian meals with flight bookings. After a smooth take-off, my table was laid with a white colored Tablecloth by a flight attendant. Then they present their finest Beverage collections with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks choices. Drinks are served with salted nuts, and following it, steamingly hot meals are served.

Drink Time

Your seat is constantly stacked with a bottle of packaged drinking water. 

Breakfast with beautiful sunrise


I can answer your question – Why should you book Oman Air Business Class for your next travel?

  • First of all, Oman Air Business Class Tickets are not very pricey and come in a very affordable range. If you plan your trip some months before and keep an eye on all air flight deals, you can grab the Oman Air Business class at a reasonable price. Sometimes it is just like Steal the Deal offer. You will get the Luxury of traveling without breaking the bank. Perfect Value for Money. Check the official website of Oman Air Business Class to book your flights. 
  • Access to Luxury Lounge Access
  • Spacious seating arrangement
  • Oman Air received Four-Star Airline ratings, and though it is not known to many, it has also been crowned one of the leading Airlines in the Middle East by World Travel Awards. Check on the World Travel Awards’ official website. 
  • It offers both Continental and Traditional styles of Fine Dining.
  • It takes you to many major International Destinations

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Oman Air Business Class Review

Hope you loved reading my review on Oman Air Business Class Fly with Style…. Till then Keep Exploring……. Keep Traveling……………………………

Note – I have done all the expenses of the whole air-travel and this flight is not sponsored by any agency. 

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  1. I haven’t yet flown in business or first class on any airline, but love reading the reviews. I’m planning to book a business class flight within Europe with my travel points soon, so I love reading about the different options. It’s cool this comes with lounge access, which is honestly a recent discovery for me. My travel partner has lounge access with his credit card now, and they are a total lifesaver sometimes, so it’s a great business class perk. I’m also a bit envious of the more spacious seating in business class. Hopefully I can find a great flight deal like you did so I can check it out!

  2. I really like the sound of the luxury lounge, that alone sold it for me! I’ve never heard of Oman Air, but also never been yet, so maybe that’s why! It’s good to know it’s not super expensive for a seat, and the seats look very comfortable too. Great review!

  3. How comfortable! You have all these buttons to adjust your seat to make it as comfortable as possible! I am envious that you were fed well on your flight! Good to know that their business class is affordable. If I ever travel to that part of the country, I will keep an eye out for any deals!

  4. The Oman Air Business Class looks like a very comfortable and enjoyable way to travel. The lounge access provided at the different airports and the food served had my attention riveted. From the check-in to reaching your destination, I can see that the services are impeccable and complete value for money.

  5. Looks like you had an awesome flight! I’ve never flown business class – I hope to one day though. That lounge looks really nice and comfortable as well!

    1. Thanks Brittany for reading .. First class is the more enhanced version of Business class with private cabins and beds.

  6. Very Lucky to Fly Business Class – it looks amazing! I have only flown once business class with Virgin Australia. Once you have flown business, who wants to go back to economy!! LOL!! You get all the privileges and its worth that extra cash!

  7. I have travelled with Oman Air twice, both times in economy. My first tome was a great experience but the second journey was a disappointment mainly due to the food. It’s good to hear, you had an amazing experience with Airlines Business class. They certainly are a very affordable airways.

  8. I haven’t yet travelled in business class. Oman Air looks pretty good. It is the prompt service and comfort that we look while air travel and Oman Air seem to score brownie points in those sections.

    1. Thanks Amrita, if you keep eye of their deals than very soon in good prices you will get to fly on Business class too.

  9. Wow! What a great chance to fly business at a lower than normal price. Business here is soooo expensive. My husband travels often for work and last summer had an option to travel business during our family vacation. He gave it to me so I had one hour in business (it was our last link to our destination). It was short but so enjoyable! Oman Air looks amazing! Love that lounge.

  10. I’ll have to look into this airline on my next travels especially knowing that an upgrade isn’t as pricey as other airlines. The food that was served also looks very delicious!!!!

  11. My Dad has a very similar experience to you last year – he usually booked with some of the other main airlines when he goes back to Europe and that’s when he came by the amazing Oman Air deals for Business Class and like you, he grabbed them. Oman Air looks fantastic and with such a price, the comfort level, service and overall quality is so worth it. I totally would book if I was heading long distance with Oman Air. The 17 inch TV plus the great selection in the menu makes it all worth while. Plus a whopping 50kgs is amazing! I find the others give you 40kgs only on business class.

  12. What a wonderful journey you have had, Yukti. It is indeed a blessing to fly business class at affordable rates. Nothing matches comfort and luxury that is economical too.Your captures with the backdrop of the sky is beautiful and glad you shared this experience with us. Would be confident of flying with Oman Air in the future!

  13. I have flown business class several times and love the perks that come with it. But I have never flown Oman Air. It does looks great. Definitely worth considering, if the price difference is not huge. Their lounge and recliner seats look fantastic.

  14. That is so great you could splurge on this flight as it looks like it has many features to make flying comfortable and pleasurable. The food looks really good too, and I love all the options for seat recline.

  15. I have never traveled Oman Air but we frequently use the Oman Air Lounge in Bangkok. And the lounge is all luxury. So, I can truly understand the luxurious feeling you must have had while traveling their business class. The food options look delicious. And that wine – very endearing! I would love to travel Oman Business sometime. You have perked my interests.

  16. Wow, this sounds very nice. I usually travel cheap but this seems worth an upgrade. Its also great that they have food for vegaterians.

  17. That’s great to know as Oman is likely to be an airline we would fly with when we are travelling around Asia as they are well known but have great prices. I am not sure even at these great rates we could afford business class just yet but its good to know they take service seriously and would hope economy would be a good experience too. It’s good to know they cater well for vegetarians as we also are too!

  18. We have never been in a business class before as the prices quickly add up when travelling with kids.
    The lounge, the meals, the water (that’s a big plus as my kids keep asking for more every now and then) are definitely appealing.

  19. I have never flown with Oman Air before so its great to read a review. The lounges in pretty much all the Middle Eastern countries are fantastic. Nobody can really do it like they can! Oh and Omani coffee and dates! That’s sounds lovely. Looks awesome and glad you had a fab flight:)

    1. I agree with your Amy that all Middle Eastern Lounges are very grand and fantastic with very hospitable approach.

  20. I have never flown with Oman Air, mostly because it has (almost) never been flying the routes I was on. I really didn’t know that flying in business class with them was so affordable. I will definitely try them out for one of my upcoming trips.

  21. I must say that Oman Air has never been flying the routes I have been on, or otherwise been offered to me as a choice. This was very interesting to read, and I will for sure remember to check this air line in the future. Looks like you got to test quite a few lounges as well on this trip. Business class is absolutely so comfortable to travel in so many ways. I wish I could do it more.

    1. Yes Paula, I checked into many lounges as I have to change 4 flights so got access to all 4 lounges. It was a nice fulfilling experience

  22. I don’t usually travel in business class as a budget traveler. But knowing that Oman Air offers affordable business class travel is something to add to my list of airlines to check out. Every now and then, it is worth splurging on a bit of luxury! The inflight entertainment looks top notch. I like the extra touches, like the easy check in, the special waiting areas, and the delicious a la carte options. Will be checking if Oman Air is available on my future trips.

  23. Thank you for this review of Business Class on Oman air. I have not previously heard of Oman Air and it is great to learn that the cost of their Business Class passage is affordable as so often the cost is mot prohibitive.

  24. It is always interesting to read about an airline you have never used. I don’t travel business class too often but will definitely check out Oman Air after your glowing review! And if it’s in the affordable range, well that is a big win!

  25. I feel like I’m missing out! I’ve never flown business class before, but would love LOVE love to do it with Oman Air, especially originating in Muscat! Access to that lounge would be worth the ticket alone! The priority boarding is a definite plus, especially with long flights on either end of the journey!

  26. We have never flew with Oman airs before. but looks like you had a great experience and that lounge looks so fab. we would definitely choose to fly with them whenever we get chance . thanks for sharing your review.

  27. Haven’t yet flown in a business class, but business class of Oman Air seems pretty decent. With the privacy ensured, and some delicious meals, added to the priority boarding and the lounge access, the business class seems like a pretty good deal. And the fact that its not that pricy, is just a cherry on the top.

  28. The business class does seem very comfortable. The fact that there is a mineral water bottle always present within your reach is itself a win win for me 🙂 as it’s a pain to keep asking the airhostess for some water and what you get is a tiny cup that gets over in a single gulp 😛 since you say it’s affordable, I am going to check it out for my travel plans this year

  29. Your flight experience in business class with Oman Air sounds wonderful. A luxurious and comfortable flight with good food is something every traveler would love to have!

  30. I haven’t fly with Oman Air, and I am excited reading your review! Travelling business class is not all about the high cost. It is about the unique experience, and yeah if its worth every penny.

  31. I have never tried Oman Airlines, but would love to visit this country in 2019, so I am glad I came across this post. The business class looks like a great experience, and good quality service and food. Glad to know that the prices are not too high, so I am sure I can afford it. Thank you for sharing your review.

  32. Oman Air Bussiness class looks fantastic. Definitely worth a try considering the price is not exorbitant. And the pampering and service you got while flying was beyond compare. Thanks for sharing Yukti.

  33. This sounds like a very positive experience! I typically fly economy to save money so I can fly more frequently, but it sounds like Oman Air offers deals on business class that I should keep an eye out for. It looks very comfortable, and the food looks delicious! The lounge also looks like a great perk.

  34. Oman Air Business Class looks fabulous! I love flying “business” but it doesn’t happen too often. The prices are way too high, but for very long flights are totally worth it. Good to know that Oman business class is not very pricey.

  35. I have had a bad experience in Oman Air Economy Class from Delhi to Nairobi last August, I almost thought I will not give it a try, but trust me, you changed my views. I am surely going to fly with Oman Air again but definitely the Business Class. Who would not like to pamper in such luxury. You had a great experience, and that is totally seen. I would love to experience the same soon.

    1. Thanks Shreya and believe me you would really have good experience with Oman Air Business Class and that too very much in affordable rates.

  36. I had not thought about traveling Oman Air. A very generous 50kg in business class I must say. Not sure that I have seen that on any other airline. Oman Air looks very appealing to travel with.

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