Reviews of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

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Reviews of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai
Mumbai style Parsi Cafe in Dubai

Last weekend I explored authentic Parsi food in the vibrant commercial lanes of Dubai. So presenting you my candid reviews of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai. Parsi food is a confluence of many cultures like Iran, Gujarat(India), and even some of Portuguese & Goan.  The flavors traveled from Iran to western coast of India and therefore this cuisine has influence of many cultures. As you must be knowing that Parsi are very vibrant, fun loving and easy-going people and so it is reflected in their food. You would truly love the fusion of many cultures in their cuisine.

Feast style Parsi food in Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

Let’s take an overview of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

Parsi community migrated to western part of India and after migration many of them with good culinary skills opened special Parsi cafes in Mumbai (Bombay at those days). There are numerous rustic style Parsi café serving authentic food in Mumbai(Bombay) in ancient times and from which few of them are still running. If you have lived or visited Mumbai(specially South Mumbai) then you can recall your favorite eating experiences in Parsi café, especially having Bun Maska(Buns with extra butter) with special tea.  The Café Funkie Town pays a great tribute to authentic Parsi style Café of Mumbai from 1950’s era.  Generally Parsi food consists of rice, berries, nuts, lentils/curry with vegetables or meat and special spice called Dhansak Masala. Do you know one fact, that Parsi people take their food very seriously and so you will find elaborate and feast style of eating in Parsi homes. 

Reviews of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

AMBIANCE / DÉCOR OF Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

The whole ambiance or vibes of this café transports you to the Parsi cafés of Mumbai during 1950’s era. Here you can spot bricked colorful walls, wooden walls with patterned tiles, wooden chairs, and white marble table tops which are typical interiors of Parsi café. The traditional chandeliers hanging from the walls with dim lights add the rustic feature to this place. 

Interiors of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

The walls are adorned with 1950’s photos of Bollywood stars, old Bombay(now Mumbai) photos in Black and white, some great Parsi men and some of their traditional symbols. 

Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai
Mumbai in ancient times- at that time it was “Bombay”

Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai 20190706 131313 Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai
Famous Parsi Personalities of India

Patterned Tiles flooring.

Tiles or Patterned flooring at Cafe Funkie Town

Some Parsi logic on their walls as Parsi are considered happy going people with great sense of humour.

Parsi jokes at Cafe Funkie town

On the colorful juice counter, you can spot same old style glass jars filled with Nan-Khathai (cookies),  Khari(flaky biscuits) as you see always in Mumbai Parsi cafes. 

Photo 1562493945809

Reviews of Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

I went to this restaurant for a casual dine out with my family and were welcomed by one of the staff members named Mahesh with great courtesy and also he took the order with great patience.



PARSI VEG GRAVY CUTLET – Giant vegetable cutlet in sweet tomato based gravy.

Vegetarian food at Cafe Funkie Town


Fresh juices at Cafe Funkie Town

Fresh Watermelon juice, Carrot-Ginger juice, Carrot-Orange Juice.


 PARSI VEG DHANSAK – Made with 3 lentils, vegetables and a secret spice named Dhansak. 

Vegetarian food at Cafe Funkie Town

PARSI VEG PULAO DAAR – Parsi style Vegetable Pulao with raisins which is accompanied with Lentils curry

Vegetarian food at Cafe Funkie Town

PARSI PATIYO – Sweet and sour style mixed vegetable.

Vegetarian food at Cafe Funkie Town

PARSI bread – Same like Indian Parantha(bread)


LAGAN NU CUSTARD – Iconic dish of Parsi cuisine which is similar to Crème Brulee. Specially made during the feast, festivals, and weddings.

Vegetarian food at Cafe Funkie Town

Ongoing offers to my readers

offers at cafe funkie town

Overall I am satisfied with

  • Some unique taste and flavors
  • Serving size
  • Cost
  • The temperature of food &
  • Ambiance 
  • Check their ratings and reviews on Cafe Funkie Town Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  • Authentic Parsi cuisine
  • Antique Bombay style décor
  • Welcoming & Courteous staff
  • Large portions of food
  • Kids friendly
  • Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian both are served here.
  • Lots of Parking place with parking for up to 2 hours.
  • Can be reached through taxi or drive on your own. There are many parking slots near the restaurant.
  • They provide home delivery and take away option too. 
  • You can prepare or customize your own Lunch combo meals. 


Though they serve normal Indian food, order original Parsi food. The flavors of Dhansak are original and have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Dhansak curry.   

Vegetarian food at Cafe Funkie Town
Hosted by their courteous staff – Mr. Mahesh


Small Get together, Kitty Parties, Ladies Lunch out, Family eating out and Budget-friendly Dine out, Some Unique Dining experience. 

PRICE – 95 AED for two people (approx.)

GOOGLE MAP LOCATION – Click here to reach this location. 

PHONE NO – +971 4 5646124

ADDRESS – They have two branches one at Business Bay and other at JLT. I tried out Business Bay one outlet. 

  •             Unit F40, Level 1, Tower F, Bay Avenue, Business Bay,  and another branch at
  •             Shop 12 & 13, Basement, Saba 3, Cluster Q, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

Feast style Parsi food in Café Funkie Town – Explore Best Parsi Food in Dubai

Click here to contact them through their Facebook Page and also check ongoing deals and discounts as they run many offers from time to time. 

Enjoy your special family time with beautiful memories at Café Funkie Town. The rustic, cute little place with some ancient Bombay touch will really make your meal times more special and memorable.

funny quotes from Cafe Funkie Town


Note – Though I was invited by Café Funkie Town, the views and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone. Being vegetarian I have reviewed only vegetarian dishes. 

All photos are taken by Travelwithme247blog and use of photos without permission would result in legal action.

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  1. Wow what a great post! Its very refreshing to see another side to Dubai and you have captured it perfectly. Like many others, we have not tried Parsi food before but we will be sure to check it out! Thank you for sharing this with us and keep up the great content.

  2. I love that the cafe has beautiful tiled flooring and quirky/punny signs on their wall. All of these dishes simply look and sound to die for – especially parsi patiyo! I’ve never had Parsi food and would totally love to try after seeing your pictures.

  3. I wasn’t familiar with Parsi food at all but with the pictures and your write-up, I’m certainly intrigued. Indian is my favorite and it all looks so similar. I would love to try everything you mentioned, especially the lentil dish.

  4. I love Parsi Food, having had the chance of experiencing it in Calcutta and Hyderabad. Dhansak, Berry Pulao and Eggs Kejriwals are to die for! Love how their recipes have become synonymous with their identity. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I haven’t tried Parsi cuisine, but it looks yummy. I love Indian and Persian food though, so I’m sure I would enjoy Parsi food. I’ll definitely try Cafe Funky Town when I’m in Dubai next.

  6. Wow, the cafe really looks beautiful. The ambience is so charming with the black and white photographs, parsi motifs and all. The food looks and sounds good too. Very recently I had Parsi food at Parsi Food Festival held in Kolkata. I love tasting different cuisines and I really enjoyed the Pulao and dhansak. It was non-veg here though! Loved reading through your experience with Parsi food.

  7. I’ve tried Parsi food once in Mumbai and that’s it. Its yummy and I would totally want to try out some authentic ones.
    When I landed first time in Mumbai, it took time for me to understand why to combine bun maska and chai! Lolz… Its a unique combo though! Fell in love with it later!
    The interiors of this hotel looks charming. Look at the young Kamal Hassan there! Oh my!!!
    The food looks great! The veg cutlet itself looks filling for a starter. I’d really wanna try Veg Dhansak.

    1. I too was amazed to see all black and white era star’s on its wall. I am sure you would love veg. Dhanshak.

  8. This is the first time I heard about Parsi food. I didn’t know that such cuisine exists with different influences. I have been to Dubai but I haven’t been to Café Funkie Town nor hear about it. Parsi Veg Pulao Daar looks visually appealing. This is the kind of dish which I can definitely try. I hope I can visit this cafe once I’m back in UAE next year.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever had Parsi food, but this place looks delicious! It’s so interesting how many different cultures are fused to make up Parsi. That creme brulee thing looks quite yummy!

  10. Oh, I would enjoy authentic Parsi food for sure. The fusion cuisine sounds interesting and delicious.

    Reading the Parsi logic on the walls I would say that they have great sense of humour indeed. Happy people, happy food!

  11. You have this vegetarian drooling over those dishes. I would love to try them, as I am not familiar with Parsi cuisine. And what better place than that cute diner – love the decor, especially the those tiles.

  12. Never tried Parsi cuisine but you got me at bread with extra butter ! Haha
    That tomato gravy looks so good ! Will definitely give it a try if I ever come across one ! =)

  13. Interesting choice for the decors and floor patterns. I love their unique vibe in this cafe. Their parsi patiyo looks delicious. I would love to try this if given a chance.

  14. Another great article with another great recommendation for travelers to Dubai, Yukti. As a big fan of Parsi food, I’ll definitely check out this place next time I visit Dubai. I like the old-fashioned decor but the food looks even better!

    1. Great to know Daniel that you have tasted Parsi food. Isn’t that cuisine very delicious and interesting.

  15. Wow, I had no idea that I can find Parsi food in Dubai. I love everything from Parsi cusine and living in Bombay has given me a love for this style of cooking. I’ll visit just for Mawa Cake 😀

  16. This is cool, I’ve never heard of Parsi food before, but it looks really good. Like most travelers I enjoy the chance to try local dishes when I’m in a new place, and I’d totally give this place a try. The dishes look really flavorful, I bet it was fantastic.

  17. I’ve never tried Parsi food but after reading your post I so wish to taste it. I didn’t know Parsi cuisine is influenced by many cultures. Café Funkie Town looks cool. I like its rustic décor and dim-lit ambience. The Parsi logic quotes are interesting. Veg Dhansak and Veg Pulao Daar look yummy and quite similar to Indian dishes. Lagan Nu Custard also looks delicious – enough to satiate my sweet tooth.

  18. I love Parsi food. I try to eat it as much as possible here in Mumbai. Dhansak is one of my favorites and I can see that Cafe Funkie town makes a nice Dhansak. I love the look of Lagan nu Custard also in your pictures. I am kind of obsessed with tiles now and the patterned tiles on the floor makes me want to pay a visit as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks Soumya for reading through, and yes I too love those ancient styled patterned tiles. I have fascination for these tiles.

  19. You’ve got a detailed review on Café Funkie Town. I did enjoy all the traditional meal when I visited in 2016 and will be sure to tryout the Nan-Khathai and Khari the next time I visit.

  20. When I read Parsi, Persia came to mind. But it seems I was actually thinking Farsi. However, they seem to be related as you have mentioned that the flavors traveled from Iran… Anyways, Funkie Town looks like a cool and interesting place to dine out though. And I’m quite a curious person so I the old pictures of Bombay and the Parsi logic sounds interesting to me. The food looks delicious but the LAGAN NU CUSTARD is mouth-watering for me….

    1. Yes you are correct Cat, that Parsi means Farsi and they migrated from Iran to India in ancient times.

  21. I’ve never really heard of Parsi cuisine but it sounds like something I’d like to try. It all looks very tasty and I love when there are lots of different influences in the food. Thanks for highlighting Funkie Town, sounds like a great addition to a visit to Dubai.

  22. Oh this place has evoked nostalgia. I studied in a Parsi boarding school and lived on this food for a few years. And I could so relate to the dishes. What is more is that Parsi humor. I recall them telling us similar jokes. In fact, a joke went around in our school that they go a little extra crazy on Tuesday 😉

  23. I don’t think I have ever had Parsi food. With the blending of different flavors, it sounds delicious. I would definitely try Café Funkie Town if I am every in Dubai. The price is very reasonable for that much food too.

  24. I am such a foodie but despite that I have to admit, I’ve never tasted Parsi cuisine. Needless to say though, I am so tempted now to try it after reading your post. It certainly sounds like such a blend of familiar flavors. I would love to try the pulao, Parsi patiyo and the carrot-ginger juice – sounds delish. The decor is so inviting as well!

  25. So nice to see a Parsi Cafe in Dubai. Except Mumbai and some other places in the western belt, restaurants serving Parsi cuisine are hard to come by in India itself. The Cafe Funkie Town seems to have done a great job of creating the magic of the legendary Irani Cafes of Mumbai. Loved the Parsi Logic wall and of course the vegetarian delights with a Parsi twist. Dhanshak is of course iconic and would love to try the Lagan Nu Custard.

    1. Yes Sandy, even in India, apart from western belt, it is hard to find a Parsi cuisine and it is great that Parsi cuisine is served in Dubai.

  26. What I absolutely love is the attention to detail , the place looks stunning! The details on the floors and the pictures of the stars of yesteryear on the walls must be nostalgic. The most impressive of all is the delicious looking food. The Lagan Nu custard I would love to try.

    1. Thanks Adele for reading through. Lagan nu Custard was amazingly great as it has perfect balance of sweetness.

  27. I am loving the ambiance of this cafe and the food looks delicious! I would love to try the Parsi Patiyo and the Parsi bread sounds amazing. And, the cookies and biscuits sound hard to pass up!

  28. I have seen that the Parsi cafes always have a quirky design and have a cheergul ambience. I loved how you have photographed the food here. I am definitely going to check it out when I visit Dubai. The custard looks delicious.

  29. I have yet to sample Parsi food, your review makes me want to try it! In particular, the fresh watermelon, carrot-ginger, and other carrot based drink look divine! Additionally, the tomato-based gravy cutlet seems intriguing and very similar to Indian curry. I love Indian curry and would very much like to try the dishes there to see how they compare!

    1. Yes it is like Indian curry. As Parsi community settled in India before long time, there food has influence of Indian flavors too

  30. I am a huge fan of Dhansak, and I am so glad to see that you have actually ordered that the Parsi Cafe in Dubai. The vegetable cutlet gravy also looks delish. As it was a tomato based gravy, was it a bit sweet? I would love to try this Parsi restaurant when in Dubai. I loved the ambiance too.

  31. Cafè Funkie Town looks like a cool dining spot to go to when you’re in Dubai. Parsi cuisine sounds interesting. I would love to try it. Helpful recommendations and reviews!

      1. Your reviews are pleasing and helpful, first time reading anything about Parsi food, planning to visit Dubai before the heat ends!!

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