10 Things To Take Care Before TRAVEL

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10 Things to Take Care Before Travel
Enjoy your Journey…. Because Destination is Mirage…….. (Pic. Taken while going to Meteora

Things To Take Care Before TRAVEL

  1.  Have all soft copies of your Passport, VISA or any official ID’s on web/cloud or on mail.
  2.  Check the expiry of your passport or blank pages in passport.
  3. Book all ONLINE Entry Tickets to Parks, Museums, Palaces, Amusement Park to save time in Q.
  4. Check all deals and offers going on Entertainers, Groupon or another App. Download them on mobile. Or you can download some of the best travel Apps on your mobile. Know more about how to find cheap International Flights.
  5. Download Google Maps of preferred destinations on mobile so that they can be used offline.
  6. Put Cash and Credit Cards in different luggages because if lost then all is not lost.
  7. Purchase Tourist SIMs of local telecom operator on Airport itself.
  8. Carry minimal clothes to enjoy the tour. Looks can be changed by changing accessories like scarves, hats, goggles, jewellery.
  9. Always keep an eye for last minute deals to travel on a budget. Some luxurious 5 star hotels have expensive deals initially, but before few days they release some rooms into super saver schemes.  Also you can opt for stay in house-rentals or home rentals living like locals. 
  10. If going in OFF SEASON then be prepared for some of the riversides or ropeway to be closed for maintenance purpose. Don’t crib as you are paying less  for your tour compared to PEAK SEASON  rates and also don’t face the overcrowded places.



Take printable copy of this check list or download it before your road trip to keep track of all essentials to take while going on a road trip. 


road trip checklist with travel essentials.

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10 Things to Take Care Before Travel
It is not what you Look at that Matters, It’s what you see.. (Pic Meteora-Greece)


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  1. Great tips, Yukti! Small but vital pointers. Installing useful apps like Google maps beforehand is so important because you never know whether you’ll get proper connection or not. I too make sure to keep credit cards and cash in different bags.

  2. Great tips here before travelling. we too try to follow most of them and locate major places on google maps , their routes and distances before hand only.

  3. Thank you for the list! I m so not organized haha I even once did not check my passport date and arriving at the airport for holidays realized it! haha

  4. Very informative post, i love travelling, i always take care of these things you mentioned above, i always bring my id documents, bike papers, first aid kit, torch, battery bank etc.

  5. I have recently found a free app that will access your email and identify all your bookings. Then it will gather them all in one place, sorting them by date, creating an itinerary for you. I found it so useful during my trip to South America, with all my documents and tickets stored in the same place.

    1. wow. It is really helpful could you please give me the name of App. as it is very useful one. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. I agree with these. All great tips and suggestions not only for those who travel once in a while but for frequent flyers like myself.

  7. These are great tips that so many people forget about because they’re all things we never really consider. I’ll be saving this list to come back to later.

  8. These are some great tips to keep in mind before any travel. I follow almost all of these before any of my travels. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am going travelling next time! The idea of creating soft copies of your ID is excellent! I must write that down so I remember as I don’t want to forget x

  10. These are all pretty solid tips, but in today’s age it’s becoming increasingly important that we head online and book things ahead of time. The time you save can just be amazing. Nice little list!

  11. Great tips and recommendations. I totally agree book as much as you can online. Many of times I’ve been stuck in really long queue’s because I was dumb and didn’t do it beforehand.

  12. What great tips! I especially like the one about having copies of important documents stored on the cloud. Also the tip about putting cash and credit cards in different places so not everything would be lost all at the same time. x

  13. The tip about distributing your cash or card is a good one. I’ve had plenty of experience with others losing their money and if that happened to me, that would be a disaster. I need to adapt some of these especially the Google Maps one because you can’t always assume there will be good wifi!

  14. Great 10 tips to take care before traveling. Sometimes in the excitement of a trip we forget the basics. Like just yesterday one of my friend who is traveling to Europe for 5 months realised he has his passport and driving license at his parents place. He had to take a last minute flight to fetch those documents. It is always a good idea to have a list to refer to. I always do that. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. This is simple but great advice. Having documents lost or stollen is typical and having copies can be a life saver. And checking expiration of documents several months prior to travel is a must. Also making sure you have all visas and medical records for entry into the country you are visiting.

  16. Great advice here. I never leave home without at least 3 copies of my passport! I keep them in all different places just in case anything ever happens to my passport. I also keep electronic copies of all my important documents in a file on my GoogleDrive. You can never be too prepared!

  17. I always forget to download my Google Maps. We are usually hiking in remote areas with no access to internet. I have since created a checklist of these things that I must physically cross out to make sure I don’t forget anything.

  18. This is a truly important list that everyone should print as a reminder! I also am as organized as you, but for example I’m too afraid to put cash and credit cards in my luggage, because it could go lost or stolen! Booking off season is, I think, the best thing one could do! As you said it’s much cheaper and less crowded!

  19. All are so true. I always try to book all the entrance tickets online as it really saves a lot of time and money afterwards. And I’ve discovered that google maps is a real life saver. How did people travel before it was invented? hahaa 🙂 Nice post!

  20. This is a great list of things to prepare for, especially having a copy of your passport and keeping money separate. Ideas like booking online ahead of time and expecting changes when travel offseason are also great ideas but they are inconveniences while the others can become outright emergencies. I also like the idea of carrying minimal clothes which can just become a burden and take away from your enjoyment.

  21. Amazing tips and I can vouch for the google maps one. I lost my way once in Rajasthan at night and there was no network and google maps just did not download. I realised I was in a big big soup and that is when I promised myself that I will download google maps for offline use. It is very very necessary. saving documents on cloud is a great idea too. You dont need to rummage through email folders or worry about losing hard copies.

  22. That’s a great idea to check Groupon for discounts on local shows and restaurants. I’m going to have to start doing this! I also hadn’t thought to include digital versions of passports/ driver’s licenses, etc. I always carry a hard copy, but having that accessible via email is another great idea!

  23. Today I learned something new: Soft copies! And it makes perfect sense vs hard copies. They saved me a lot of trouble during my travels. Too bad some airlines and offices only accept printed tickets, hopefully it changes over time.

  24. Great list! I am going to print it!! We are all about traveling light and that is especially important since there are 4 of us….overpacking means WAY too much stuff to lug around!!! It is true that we look like we are wearing the same thing in all our photos of a trip, but…there are worse things. LOL!!!

  25. You bring out very good points. The clothing one is the most challenging in my oppinion. It takes a lot of time and practise to take the right cloting, not too mu, not too less. Downloading offline map is gold! I haven’t used google maps tho, I usually use maps.me app. It just perfect. But should give a try to google maps as well.

  26. I hadn’t thought to download Google maps of our destinations, but it makes perfect sense! We used Google maps much more than we anticipated on a recent trip to Paris. We ended up changing our cell phone plan to include international data so we could get walking directions and check out restaurant reviews. Very good tips for novice travelers and great reminders for seasoned explorers!

  27. Good tips for the beginner traveler. I also recommend downloading Google maps for particular locations so you can use them offline or when wifi is spotty. SIM cards are also another great tip and you can rent them in some countries like Japan.

  28. This is a very good list of things do before you travel. I like the time saving option of booking as much as possible online ahead of your trip so that you’re not wasting time in line. We usually do a lot of long weekend trips, so every minute counts for us!

  29. Some nice tips here for rookie travellers. I also print out things like boarding passes as you never know when someone needs to see a copy of it! Mobile phones doesn’t always work after a long flight or bus ride

  30. Great list of things to take care of before traveling! I used to check Groupon, etc for deals but kind of forgot about it.. thanks for reminding me. I always put money in different spots of my luggage just in case anything happens as well 🙂

  31. These are all awesome tips. I would like to keep in this mind because I am not travel-savvy. I rely on my friends and family when I travel. I wish that I can stay in 5-star hotels. I should search on how to get those last minute deals.

    1. yes sometimes last minute deals are so pocket friendly that if we eye them then instead of living in 3/4 star hotel we can live in 5 stars with same expenses.

  32. Some really great tips here and ones that I will most definitely keep in mind for the future, particularly those about downloading all the necessary apps before going. Certainly, as someone who is admittedly very disorganized, I constantly find myself touching down in a destination and then finding myself all but stranded. Nice, simple and to-the-point post

  33. These are great (and often forgotten) tips! I feel like I’m always overly paranoid about checking for everything but there is always something I forget. I definitely have the hardest time narrowing down my clothes as I like to be prepared for all possible situations!

  34. Those are some great tips. I particularly like to travel light. Too many outfits only add to the burden. Off late I have learned to create the soft copy of all the essentials which you have mentioned. I think that’s the most important.

  35. Thanks for the tips. I think another one could be that we all need to be vigilant when traveling anywhere in the world especially crowded places for pick-pockets etc. Having a soft copy of documents is a life saver and personally I’ve been so glad to have dropbox in my phone to get all the info at the click of a button.

  36. There are some important points here. Recently I traveled through Africa and most countries there require a visa which takes up 2 pages, so for this journey point #2 was very important. I often travel in off season and in Europe especially they do lots of maintenance work, in Luxembourg they had closed the main square which was a photo opportunity lost! Offline maps and local SIM are very important points too.

  37. I used to be this organised but now as a backpacker I am not. I do have a photo of my passport, though never of the visas!! I never know what I am doing in a place before I turn up so its hard to book things in advance, unless someone has told me about a certain place or there is somewhere I really want to visit. I generally have a local sim unless I am staying in a place for a few months, generally I just rely on wifi, though I should download an apps map, it would certainly make life easier.

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