One Day Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt

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Let’s take a one day romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt or also can be done as a day trip from Frankfurt. Read more about things to do in Heidelberg, Germany – a perfect romantic and picturesque tour.

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HEIDELBERG – Surrounded by forests, Heidelberg is located south of Frankfurt at a distance of about 96km.  Heidelberg is situated on the banks of river Neckar in southwest Germany, with a half-ruined hill-top castle and baroque-styled buildings along Gothic streets, making Heidelberg perfect for a romantic destination from Frankfurt.  

One Day Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt
Entrance to Romantic Heidelberg

It is said that Heidelberg inspired many poets and artists on romanticism. Therefore take a romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt as a day trip or overnight trip.

Also, apart from romanticism, Heidelberg houses Germany’s oldest and most reputable university since the 14th Century, so it is also known as a University city or Educational city of Germany.  Heidelberg is one of the major educational hubs known as the UNESCO City of literature. 

Book your Day tour to Heidelberg from Frankfurt.

What to See in One day Tour to ROMANTIC HEIDELBERG From FRANKFURT | Day trips from Frankfurt | Things to do in Heidelberg

HEIDELBERG CASTLE – Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt

It is a 16th-century red-sandstone ruin.  Built according to Renaissance-styled architecture, thus making it one of the most essential structures in the north of the Alps.

One Day Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt - Tours from Frankfurt
Heidelberg Castle

HAUPTSTRASSE & ALTSTADT(OLD TOWN) – Things to do in Heidelberg Germany

Explore the Baroque-style buildings along the Gothic streets by walking along the narrow main road, where you will find many more narrow streets with medieval architecture, bars, boutiques, cafes, galleries, restaurants, and old churches.  Perfect for pleasant walking around.

One Day Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt - Day trips from Frankfurt Germany

Explore Baroque-styled buildings in the narrow streets of romantic Heidelberg.

 Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt - day trips from Frankfurt germany

Walk into antique Bars/Cafes styled like Medieval Times.

 Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt

KARL THEODOR BRIDGE (OLD BRIDGE OR ALTE BRUCKE)     – Romantic Heidelberg           

It is a traditional stone bridge on the river Neckar connecting an old city to the Philosopher’s walk on the other side.

Panoramic view of ruined castle, river & charming old town, sunsets from this bridge is worth watching.  You can book your stay at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Heidelberg, with a view of Karl Theodor Bridge and located on the banks of river Neckar in the Old town.

From here, all major tourist attractions are within walkable distance. 

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt
Karl Theodor Bridge

Sunset from this Bridge – Day trips from Frankfurt

One Day tour to Romantic Heidelberg from Frankfurt

UNIVERSITY AREA –  Tours from Frankfurt

Heidelberg University, founded in 1386, being the oldest in Germany, is famous among students.  Its Medical faculty is well known.  

Many students with their bikes are seen around this historical campus, making Heidelberg a more lively place to visit.

One Day Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt

How to Reach Heidelberg – Romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt

Heidelberg doesn’t have an airport, so it can be reached by road or rail from the nearest big cities.

TOURS FROM FRANKFURT – about 96 km by road

TOURS FROM MUNICH – about 344 km

TOURS FROM STUTTGART –  about 121 km.

Heidelberg is easily accessible by road(rent a car option) and Euro-rail (Deutsche Bahn) from the nearest big cities.  Click this link to see connectivity through train. 

Best Time to Visit – Heidelberg Tour from Frankfurt
Spring and Summer.
Places to stay- Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt
Stay near Karl Theodor Bridge overlooking the Neckar River overlooking magnificent view of hills, river, bridge, and city.

It can be done as a half-day or full-day tour from Frankfurt without staying in this city. Now you know some amazing day trips from Frankfurt and would surely plan this romantic Heidelberg tour from Frankfurt.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely post. I visited Heidelberg several years ago and even though it was on a Sunday and many things were closed, it was a beautiful city. We wandered around the ruins of the castle and took in the views of the river. I would love to go back.

  2. Since I live in Germany, I have been to Heidelberg many times. But, I still like to go again. It is a place where I can see many young people, tourists, old parts and the new part as well. Specially, I like the autumn scene with colourful leaves. And the riverside walk is always pleasant.

  3. Heidelberg seems to be such a pretty town, Yukti. The Old Town and the Old Bridge over the Nectar river both are so picturesque. This is surely something I do not want to miss while designing my Germany itinerary.

  4. I can’t totally sew why Hiedelburg inspired so many poets and artists on romanticism – what a beautiful looking place! I’ve never visited this area of Germany before, but definitely going to add it to the list after reading your post! X

  5. I didn’t know for it, it’s so cute and I would like to visit it. The pictures are so stunning, I have been to Frankfurt several times, next time I need to check this one 🙂

  6. We have been to Frankfurt the first part of this year and we had a very great time!
    There are so many beautiful and characteristic buildings that it’s impossible to not do lots of photos ahah
    Liked your article!!

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