Planning a Trip to Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice

Planning a Trip to Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Planning a Trip to Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland – A Nordic Island located in northern Europe in North Atlantic Ocean. A very sparsely populated country which is famous for glaciers, Auroras(Northern Lights), volcanoes, Geothermal springs – Geysers, waterfalls, stunning landscapes, volcanoes and dramatic skies. Because of so many natural wonders, I have started Planning a trip to Iceland. 

It is said, Iceland is a land of extremes with erupting hot active volcanoes amongst frozen glaciers.  As I am nature lover person, Iceland is always on my wishlist to explore glacier parks, viewing auroras in dark skies, getting through ice caves/peaks, driving along the Golden Circle and taking the plunge into natural therapeutic waters of Blue Lagoon. 

 Recommended Places I would like to visit during a Trip to Iceland –

Generally, the round trip starts from Reykjavik(capital and biggest city of Iceland) covering the north and south coast and then back to Reykjavik

1.)  Reykjavik –  It is the northernmost capital of the world and the meaning of Reykjavik is “Smokey Bay”.  The city has very famous Hallgrímskirkja church, vibrant colorful streets, and lively nightlife. Iceland’s biggest and major international airport is in Reykjavik.  Also, you can arrive at Keflavik International Airport. 

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Reykjavik. Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland

 2. GOLDEN CIRCLE TOUR – Approximately 300 km scenic routes which have three major attractions –      Þingvellir National Park, Geothermal Hotspring/Geysirs, and Gullfoss Waterfalls. During this scenic drive, there are countless natural attractions and photogenic locations.

 Þingvellir National Park  – Also famous for very famous Silfra fissure which is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge passing through this place and divides the earth’s tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America.  Continental Divison can be seen here. 

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Silfra Fissure at Thingvellir National Park. Pic Courtesy : Guide to Iceland

 Geothermal Hot-springs – Geysers –  Natural Geothermal site where hot steamy volcanic sulfurous water steams gushes out in an upward direction. Also, there is very famous Reykjadalur Hotsprings located on the active geothermal field. 

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Hotsprings and Geysers in Iceland . Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfalls – Translated as “Golden Falls’ which is the most popular attraction of Iceland.  It is a 2 tiered waterfall which has more water passing than Niagara Falls

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Gullfoss waterfalls. Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland

 Golden Circle tour is 7 to 8 hours tour which you can book through official Iceland tourism site.

2.  BLUE LAGOON – It is a geothermal spa which is located in a lava field in Grindavik.  Actually, this lagoon is a therapeutic and relaxing spa which requires pre-booking and it is the most visited place in Iceland.  It is a large lake with waters at temperature 39 degrees Celsius located on a peninsula at the southwest of Iceland.  The waters of Blue Lagoon is known for the nourishing qualities and treats the skin naturally.  Also, this spa is in one of the 10 best natural spas of the world.  Book your spa on their official website 

 3.  SOUTH COAST TOUR –  This tour comprises of,  visit Skogafoss waterfalls, ice caves tours, floating Glaciers in Glacier Lagoon and Black Sand Beach.  Here it is recommended to spend a night in an Icelandic Village to see Northern Lights or Aurora.

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Northern Lights – Auroras. Pic Courtesy –

  Check for weather forecast before going for Northern Lights It should be clean sky and during winters only, it can be seen.  In south coast tour, glaciers could be seen and felt very close. It is a journey of the ice caves and glaciers. 

Planning a Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Ice caves tour. Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland

The main attraction is Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon – Lake having floating icebergs which is the unique place in Iceland.  So South coast tour is basically a tour of glaciers, floating icebergs, and waterfalls. 

Planning a trip to Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire
Glacier Lagoon. Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland.

Black Sand Beach – Located at south coast of Iceland and is one of the most famous beaches of the world.  The black sand at beach is made up of cooled lava and there are many basalt columns. There are many volcanic beaches in Iceland, but the most famous one is Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach 

Trip to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach – Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland.

Also visit to  Dyrhólaey is recommended in South Coast tour.  It is a small peninsula of volcanic origin.  It is 120 metre high promontory and a naturally formed arch.  Located in Vik volcanic village.  Views from this place is amazing.    

Dyrhólaey – Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland

 Iceland has glaciers, icebergs and also steamy volcanoes, geysers, geothermal area for which it is also known as Land of Ice and Fire.  Iceland is a land of contrasts between hot and col. You will find extreme cold places and extreme hot places.


There are many natural scenic locations which come while driving where you can find famous Icelandic Horses.  Icelandic horses are the purest forms of breed in the world.  If you come to Iceland and don’t meet an Icelandic horse then it is a big miss. 

Planning a trip to Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire
Icelandic Horses. Pic Courtesy – Guide to Iceland

 Return back to Reykjavik.

Iceland has unpredicted weather and so always be prepared for it.  Warm clothes with waterproofing shoes and jackets are always required. My friend has visited Iceland in September, which looks interesting as weather is not too chilled.  Read this for planning a trip to Iceland in September.  

 Though Iceland has rough and unpredictable weathers, it is recommended to go for a guided tour through Iceland’s official tourism site.

 So let’s plan a trip to Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice.

Photo Courtesy – Guide to Iceland official tourism site. 

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………


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  1. I kind of never had Iceland on my list, but looking at your post, i feel like adding it. It seems all worth while and is so picturesque and I am sure experiencing different extremes would be a wonderful adventure in itself

  2. Iceland is high up on my bucket list, as it is home to so many amazing attractions and natural sights! I would love to check out the Northern Lights there as well as the many geysers. The natural landscapes captured are amazing and breathtaking, would love to admire them in person for myself.

  3. I am literally dying to visit Iceland and planning to do a solo trip this year! I hope to do see those magical northern lights and that Golden Falls is like a dream place for me!!

  4. I cant understand that person who doesnt have Iceland on their wishlist travel! Iceland must be one of the most unique country in the world! I have never been there myself (I am waiting for the best for last!) but just by reading and looking at all the photos Iceland is so beautiful. The country is so special with so many different natural phenomen! As I am a adventurous person I would definitely dive into that freezing cold water at the Silfra fissure.
    Our summer planning isnt fixed yet so your post might have just decide it for us!

  5. Iceland is a truly wonderful country. You have chosen many of the best places to go. There is really nothing like Thingvellir National Park. And the horses are just the cutest. The Blue Lagoon is on my wishlist too.

  6. Iceland is world famous for it’s abundance of sheer natural beauty. I absolutely have this country on my wish list for so many reasons…many of which you have certainly covered in this post. There seems to be no downside at all to this wonderful place. I also can’t wait for you to cover your trip in this blog as I would be really keen to know what your experience would be like.

  7. I loved Iceland when I visited and saw most of these places. Reykjavik is very small but an interesting city and the people are very nice. I didn’t see the black sand beach but would like to return to see it!

  8. Iceland is super high up on my bucket list too! I haven’t actually started planning a trip yet but I’m going to pin this post because it’s a great start for when I am ready! I want to see all the places you mentioned. When are you going?

  9. Iceland looks incredible – I’d love to visit the hot springs, blue lagoon, graze with those gorgeous horses, and road trip from place to place. You’ve provided a lot of details as to the things to do once there. Hope to make it there sometime soon!

  10. I plan to visit there this October because I really want to see the Northern Lights! Reykjavik is the obvious starting point because that’s where the flights land. I will definitely do the Golden Circle, and the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon looks super amazing, your pictures are fantastic! Of course, the South Coast tour is a must too. Those Icelandic horses are so pretty and elegant!

  11. I have wanted to see the Northern Lights for a long time now. I was thinking that I would probably got to either Norway or Finland for doing that. But after reading your post, Iceland also seems as good a place as any.

  12. Iceland has been on my bucket list for so long now. I can’t wait for the day to come when I get chance to visit. The landscapes look spectacular and your pictures certainly show it. But in the meantime, Thanks for letting me visit Iceland through your stunning pictures and well written text.

  13. Iceland is a country that make me curious everytime. I didn’t have the possibility to visit it yet but hope to plan a two-weeks trip next year and to enjoy the stunning landscapes only Iceland could have.

  14. Does John Snow lives here? Hahaha
    It is an exciting feeling to visit Iceland, and I hope someday I could also experience that and watch those northern lights with a cup of chocolate drink.

  15. I just recently posted my bucket list with Iceland being my most favorite…its such a diverse landscape where fire and ice blend in and not to miss the northern lights…A lovely detailed guide you’ve put in here..

  16. I love the way how you have started planning for your trip in such a detailed manner. Iceland is a heaven on earth. I have heard and read so much about it and would definitely love following your complete guide whenever I get to visit it. Thanks for the information.

  17. Thanks for the detailed itenary of Iceland. The place looks stunningly beautiful and at the same time quite fascinating with its contrast of the extremes. The coexistence of geothermal springs and ice caves is really a contrast to experience. A relaxing spa at the Blue Lagoon is another reason to visit the place. Iceland is on my bucketlist and hopefully I’ll get a chance to explore this amazing place soon.

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