24 Hours In Charleston Tour – The Best Itinerary

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Charleston, SC, is one of the oldest cities in the USA. In this article, let’s read about 24 hours in Charleston tour (Things to do) or Charleston one day itinerary and learn how to spend one day in Charleston SC.

24 Hours In Charleston Tour - The Best Itinerary

Charleston is known for its colorful houses, the wealthiest plantations, historical and cultural zones, and relaxed beaches. Most people prefer to spend weekends in Charleston but if you have less time and planning for one day in Charleston, then let’s check the most beautiful things to do in Charleston SC, in 24 hours and have the best time during one day in Charleston SC.

24 Hours In Charleston Tour - The Best Itinerary -Best Things To Do In Charleston SC today
Plantations – Charleston SC


Charleston tour comprises Historic tours + Plantations, + Beaches. Your one day in Charleston tour will include of history and architecture tour of Charleston.

24 Hours In Charleston Tour (Best Itinerary) – How to spend one day in Charleston

Take a Stroll across The Battery and Rainbow Row

24 Hours In Charleston Tour - The Best Itinerary with things to do in Charleston

The Battery is the most visited part of Charleston due to the lovely homes on the seafront. People come here for an evening walk, and you can see a fortified wall across the sea with a series of beautiful historic homes.

Rainbow Row again is the most scenic part of Charleston, and hence it must be part of your Charleston one day itinerary.

Explore the Charleston SC Historic District on Free Shuttle by Carta

Carta offers a free shuttle bus across the Historic District with free hop-on and hop-off. This ride is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. As you have only 24 hours in Charleston SC, it would be great to have a glimpse of the historic District and pick your favorite one to stroll around.

24 Hours In Charleston Tour - The Best Itinerary
Get a glimpse of the Historic District from the Bus

A free shuttle bus is the best way to see top things during 24 hours in Charleston tour or one day in Charleston SC.

Book any one Historic Homes Tour

Charleston has been famous for wealthy tradespeople and merchants since the 1800s due to the trading of indigo, tea, enslaved people, and rice. You can spot many Historic homes of this person with colonial-influenced décor and furnishings.

One day in Charleston SC - how to spend one day in Charleston SC

There are many homes where George Washington and other political dignitaries stayed on their visit to Charleston SC. Charleston has a massive role in the American Civil war and many historical events.

Best places to visit in Charleston SC

Book any home tour, and as they last for 45 minutes to 1 hour, you can only do one home tour during 24 hours in Charleston SC.

Take a Carriage tour at King’s Street.

Special horse carriages or tri-cycle buggy rides are a great way to explore the historic District of Charleston. It is the most romantic way to experience Charleston with locals.


Spot, a beautiful Pastel, colored Pink house at Chalmer’s Street

Charleston has beautiful homes, especially on Chalmer street and Meeting Street.

What to do in Charleston SC this weekend

The deep pink house with arch doors covered with foliage is the best spot to take photos. Explore it on Chalmer’s street and other places too, as they have lovely foliages, ancient style grills, flower pots, lamp shades, and vintage-colonial style decor.

Indulge in American History of Slaves Trading at the Old Slave House Museum

The first colonies in the United States of America developed at Charleston. Charleston was a major port in the USA in those days, so it was a central hub for slave trading.

how to spend one day in Charleston SC - best places to visit

Many merchants used to trade enslaved people, and after the international ban on enslaved people, Charleston became famous for domestic slave trading.

Visit the Old Slave House Museum and witness the colonial history and brutal truth about enslaved people in those days.

CAUTION – This cannot be comforting for some people.

Take some photos with colorful Mural art in the Historic District of Charleston.

One day in Charleston - Charleston itinerary 1 day

Not only are houses painted in beautiful colors or covered with lovely foliage, but the walls on buildings have great Murat art too.

Hint – You will find the best Mural art in hidden alleys of King’s Street, Tradd Street, and Bay Street.

Drive across Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River in South Carolina, US, connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. 

Charleston in 24 hours

Once, it was the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America and the tallest architecture in South Carolina. While you drive through this bridge, you get a beautiful view of Charleston, SC.

Stroll across the cobbled stoned alleys and explore beautiful Homes

Charleston has gorgeous homes, colonial-influenced decor, bricked walls, historic galleries with tropical vibes, rustic doorways, arched windows, vintage-style lamps & flower pots.

Charleston one day itinerary - 24 hours in Charleston tour

Admire the historical style of homes with tropical vibes and decor while walking all around.

Charleston one day itinerary - 24 hours in Charleston tour

Spend the Evening at the Pineapple fountain

A Southern legend says that when captains returned from long sea voyages, they used to keep pineapple outside their homes to depict their victorious return and welcome their neighbors and guests with that sign. From then on, the pineapple became a sign of hospitality.

24 Hours In Charleston Tour - The Best Itinerary

Charleston is where many voyagers successfully landed and made this land prosperous. Therefore pineapple motifs all around Charleston are prevalent, and thus you will find them at each corner.

Charleston’s iconic sculpture: the Pineapple fountain, represents colonial history and the pineapple traditions of voyagers.

Visiting More than 24 Hours in Charleston SC – Then Book these tours

24 Hours in Charleston Tour – One Day in Charleston

One day in Charleston sc - 24 hours in Charleston tour

How to Reach Charleston? – One day in Charleston SC

  • Charleston is a popular and most visited city in South USA / Low country; therefore, you can reach here by air, road, and trains.
  • The drive to Charleston is beautiful as many beautiful and huge plantations surround it.

Best Time to Visit – One day in Charleston SC

  • Spring – March to May – The best time to visit 
  • Autumn/Fall – October through November – the best time to visit
  • Summer – June to September are hot and humid
  • Winter – Not freezing and so perfect cold weather if you are not going for beaches.

TIP – In peak season and on weekends, hotels are super pricey as Charleston is a favorite destination for romantic getaways and family getaways in Southern-East USA

Where to stay – Charleston one day Itinerary

As you have only 24 hours in Charleston tour, staying closer to most of the attractions is good. Historic District is the best choice to book your stay in Charleston. 

How to commute in and around? – One Day in Charleston SC

  • The Historic District of Charleston is perfectly walkable.
  • For nearby plantations or beach tours, you need to drive or book guided tours.
  • Also, you can experience Charleston, SC, through the free Shuttle Bus by Carta. They have three lines and cover most of the worth visiting parts with hop on hop off rides. Click here to download their timetables and stop points.

Things you need to plan 24 Hours in Charleston Tour

I hope you loved reading about how to spend one day in Charleston SC, with the perfect Charleston one day itinerary.  Now you know the best things to do in 24 hours in Charleston tour and would have amazing time during one day in Charleston SC.

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