Best Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days + Workshops +Folk Shows + Tours Guide

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What is the most exciting thing to do on the Cappadocia tour? Read this article on Cappadocia itinerary 3 days with recommended activities and hotel stays:

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Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days - Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days – Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia is a unique and stunning region in Turkey known for its surreal landscapes, cave dwellings, and hot air balloon rides. 

Day 1: Arrival in Cappadocia



  • Göreme Open-Air Museum: Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its rock-cut churches with stunning frescoes.  Cappadocia 3 Days Itinerary - Cappadocia tour


  • Sunset at Sunset Point: Head to Sunset Point for a breathtaking view of the unique Cappadocian landscape as the sun sets.


  • Dinner in Göreme: Explore local restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisine.

Overnight Stay:

  • Hotel in Göreme: Stay in a cave hotel for an authentic Cappadocian experience.

Day 2: Hot Air Balloon Ride and Fairy Chimneys

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Late Morning:

  • Breakfast: Enjoy a post-balloon ride breakfast at your hotel.


  • Love Valley and Çavuşin Village: Visit Love Valley for its unique rock formations. Then, explore the abandoned village of Çavuşin.


  • Pottery Workshop in Avanos: Participate in a pottery workshop in Avanos, a town famous for its pottery.

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  • Dinner in Uçhisar: Head to Uçhisar for dinner with a view of the Uçhisar Castle.  Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days - Cappadocia Tour

Overnight Stay:

  • Hotel in Uçhisar or Ürgüp: Stay in a charming hotel with a panoramic view.

Day 3: Underground Cities and Hiking


  • Derinkuyu Underground City: Explore the underground city of Derinkuyu, one of the largest and deepest in Cappadocia.

    Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days 3 Days In Cappadocia
    Derinkuyu Underground Town

Late Morning:

  • Ihlara Valley Hike: Take a scenic hike through the Ihlara Valley, known for its lush greenery and ancient rock-cut churches.


  • Selime Monastery: Visit Selime Monastery, a stunning rock-cut monastery at the end of Ihlara Valley.


  • Pigeon Valley: Enjoy the sunset in Pigeon Valley, known for its panoramic views.


Overnight Stay:

Useful Tips – Cappadocia tour

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride Booking: Book your hot air balloon ride in advance, preferably before arriving in Cappadocia, as it’s a popular and weather-dependent activity.
  • Tour Guides: To gain in-depth knowledge, consider hiring a local guide for specific tours, especially for underground cities and hiking.
  • Cave Hotel Experience: Opt for a cave hotel for at least one Night to experience the unique accommodation style of Cappadocia.

Remember to check the weather conditions; some activities, like hot air balloon rides, are weather-dependent. Adjust the itinerary based on your preferences and available time. Enjoy your trip to Cappadocia!

Comparison of Various Tours In Cappadocia – 3 Days In Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, several tour options are often referred to as the Green Tour, Blue Tour, and Red Tour. Each tour offers a unique set of attractions and experiences. Here’s a comparison of the three tours with their respective pros and cons:

Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days - 3 Days In Cappadocia

Green Tour – Cappadocia itinerary 3 days


  1. Ihlara Valley: The Green Tour usually includes visiting Ihlara Valley, known for its scenic beauty and ancient rock-cut churches.
  2. Selime Monastery: This tour often includes Selime Monastery, an impressive rock-cut structure.
  3. Lunch in a Local Restaurant: The Green Tour typically includes lunch in a local restaurant, providing a taste of authentic Turkish cuisine.


  1. Limited Fairy Chimneys: The Green Tour may not cover some iconic fairy chimneys and rock formations seen in other tours.
  2. Less Focus on Open-Air Museums: It doesn’t usually cover major open-air museums like Göreme Open-Air Museum.

Blue Tour – Cappadocia 3 Days itinerary


  1. Göreme Open-Air Museum: The Blue Tour often includes the UNESCO-listed Göreme Open-Air Museum, showcasing ancient cave churches and frescoes.
  2. Love Valley: This tour may take you to Love Valley, known for its unique rock formations.  love valley cappadocia
  3. Uçhisar Castle: The Blue Tour typically includes visiting Uçhisar Castle, providing panoramic views of Cappadocia.


  1. Limited Underground City Exploration: The Blue Tour might not include an in-depth exploration of underground cities compared to other tours.
  2. Potential Crowds: Attractions like the Göreme Open-Air Museum can be crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Red Tour – Cappadocia Tour 3 Days


  1. Derinkuyu Underground City: The Red Tour often includes a visit to Derinkuyu Underground City, one of the largest in Cappadocia.
  2. Pigeon Valley: This tour usually covers Pigeon Valley, offering stunning landscape views. 

    Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days - Cappadocia Tour
    Pigeon Valley

  3. Devrent Valley: The Red Tour may include visiting Devrent Valley, known for its unique rock formations resembling animals.


  1. Less Open-Air Museum Focus: It might not cover major open-air museums like the Göreme Open-Air Museum.
  2. Limited Monastery Exploration: The Red Tour may not include some prominent rock-cut monasteries in other tours.

General Considerations – Cappadocia Tour

  • Tour Overlaps: There might be some overlap between the tours, and some attractions could be visited on multiple tours.
  • Personal Preferences: The choice between tours often depends on personal preferences. If you are interested in underground cities or open-air museums, you might choose accordingly.
  • Weather Dependency: Hot air balloon rides are often not included in these tours and may need to be booked separately. Keep in mind that balloon rides are weather-dependent.

Always check your interests, the duration of the tours, and any specific sites you wish to prioritize when choosing between the Green, Blue, and Red Tours in Cappadocia. 

Turkish Restaurants With Folk Turkish Shows – 3 Days In Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, you can enjoy authentic Turkish food and traditional Turkish folk shows in various charming venues. Here are some recommendations you can include in your Cappadocia 3 days itinerary. 

Enjoy Turkish dances and music in traditional Caravanserai or Cave restaurants. 

Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days - 3 Days In Cappadocia
  1. Han Ciragan Turkish Night (Göreme):
    1. Location: Göreme
    2. Experience: Turkish Night with traditional music and dance.
  2. Sarıhan Caravanserai Turkish Night (between Göreme and Avanos):
    1. Location: Sarıhan Caravanserai
    2. Experience: Turkish Night in a historical setting with live music and dance performances.
  3. Seten Anatolian Nights (Göreme):
    1. Location: Göreme
    2. Experience: Offers Anatolian Nights with traditional Turkish entertainment.

      Anatolian Nights - cappadocia itinerary
      Anatolian Nights

  4. Alaturca Restaurant (Ürgüp):
    1. Location: Ürgüp
    2. Experience: Turkish Night with a variety of local dishes and live music.
  5. Folklore Museum Restaurant (Göreme):
    1. Location: Göreme
    2. Experience: Turkish Night with a focus on traditional Anatolian cuisine and live folk performances.
  6. Dibek Sofrası (Ürgüp):
    1. Location: Ürgüp
    2. Experience: Traditional Turkish dining experience with live music.
  7. Göreme Turkish Night Dinners at Cave Restaurants:
    1. Location: Various restaurants in Göreme
    2. Experience: Turkish Night events with local dishes and live entertainment.

Local Workshops Guide – Cappadocia 3 Days Itinerary

Including some local art & culture workshops to learn more about local culture during your 3 days in Cappadocia is amazing. Here are some examples of workshops and classes you might find in Cappadocia:

  1. Pottery Workshops in Avanos:
    Cappadocia 3 Days Itinerary - Cappadocia tour
    Avanos pottery Cappadocia Turkey
    1. Location: Avanos is renowned for its pottery.
    2. Experience: Participate in a pottery workshop where you can learn the traditional art of pottery-making from local artisans.
  2. Carpet Weaving Workshops:
    1. Location: Various locations in Cappadocia.
    2. Experience: Attend a carpet weaving workshop to learn about the intricate process of handcrafting Turkish carpets. Some workshops might even allow you to try your hand at weaving.
  3. Cooking Classes:
    1. Location: Different towns in Cappadocia.
    2. Experience: Join a cooking class to prepare authentic Turkish dishes. This workshop includes a visit to a local market to select fresh ingredients.
  4. Felt Making Workshops:
    1. Location: Göreme and surrounding areas.
    2. Experience: Engage in a felt-making workshop to explore the art of creating traditional Turkish felt products, such as rugs and textiles.
  5. Calligraphy and Illumination Classes:
    1. Location: Various towns.
    2. Experience: Attend a calligraphy and illumination class to discover the beauty of Ottoman-style writing and intricate designs.
  6. Ceramic Art Studios:
    1. Location: Göreme and Ürgüp.
    2. Experience: Visit ceramic art studios where you can observe or participate in creating unique ceramic pieces inspired by Cappadocian culture.
  7. Photography Workshops:
    1. Location: Throughout Cappadocia.
    2. Experience: Take part in photography workshops led by local photographers, providing tips and guidance on capturing the stunning landscapes and unique elements of Cappadocia.

Engaging in these workshops allows you to learn new skills and provides a deeper understanding of Cappadocia’s rich cultural heritage.

Cappadocia Itinerary 3 Days - Cappadocia Tour

Embark on a journey through the enchanting landscapes of Cappadocia, where every sunrise paints the fairy chimneys with magic hues. As you bid farewell to this captivating region after three days of exploration, carry with you memories of surreal landscapes, the warmth of Turkish hospitality, and the echoes of ancient tales written in the rock formations.

I hope you have an amazing 3 days in Cappadocia with lovely sunrise tours or workshops or fun-filled evenings with authentic cultural shows. Save this Cappadocia itinerary 3 days and plan your Cappadocia tour.

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