Perfect Delphi And Meteora Tour From Athens (2 Day Trip Itinerary)

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Let’s explore some archaeological ancient Greek sites which are located 2 to 3 hours from Athens by road. These ancient sites are located in beautiful mountainous regions with many olive farms. I must say that no Greek trip is complete with some attractions from the mainland. My Greek trip included a couple of islands hopping with some interesting ancient cities from the mainlands. So in this post, I will take you around the Greek mainland by taking a trip to Delphi and Meteora tour from Athens.

Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens
Apollo Temple

Distance – Archaeological Delphi, surrounded by Greek mountainous countryside, is about 180km  (Two and half hours drive) from Athens. 


Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens
Driving to Delphi

There are many UNESCO sites in Delphi.  Delphi is famous for top Greek UNESCO world Heritage sites like the Temple of Apollo, Oracle, Delphi Theatre, Treasury of Athenians, the Polygonal Wall, Monument of Platea, and Delphi Museum. Click here to book your full day trip to Delphi from Athens with lunch at the beautiful village of Arachova

1st Day – DELPHI And METEORA Tour From ATHENS 

First stop –  Tholos of Delphi | Trip to Delphi And Meteora From Athens

Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens
Tholos of Delphi

Second stop – Mount Parnassus – Delphi and Meteora tour

Stop at Delphi’s famous archaeological site of an ancient settlement on Mount Parnassus overlooking beautiful hills, slopes, valleys, and ruins. This is walking up activity down the mountain on natural stairs and paths. It takes around 2 hours. 

Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens
Temple of Apollo with sites of Oracle
Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens
Treasury of Ancient Athenians
Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens
Dodona theatre

After visiting the archaeological sites of Delphi, the trip passes through the scenic village of Arachova at about 1000m altitude.  Arachova is the best winter resort in Greece and famous for skiing. 

Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens
Arachova village

Third Stop – Lunch at Arachova – 2 days trip to Delphi and Meteora 

Night stay at Kalampaka

Then proceed to Kalampaka to visit the monasteries of Meteora. Kalampaka is the nearest staying option for Meteora visits at a distance of about 221km. Approximately from Arachova.  If you are opting for a Meteora visit, consider a 2-day trip from Athens with a night stay at Kalampaka. Click here to book 2 days trip to Delphi – Meteora with a night stay.


Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

Kalampaka is a small Greek town built at the foot of the majestic grey rocks and is crowded by the Meteora monasteries.

Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

Night stay in Kalampaka(Kalambaka)  There are many great staying options in Kalampaka for your reference.

Read about Tips to know before visiting Meteora.  Next day, an early morning visit to Neolithic Era monasteries since 9th  A.D.  Group of monks move up to clifftop and built monasteries on top of rock towers.

From the top of monasteries, there are stunning views of farms & villages in the plains.  There are a total of 6 monasteries that are still functioning.  These monasteries are accessed by road, rock-cut stairways, and pathways.  In actuality, there are 24 monasteries at Meteora, but now many of them are ruins and only 6 are still functioning.  Till 17th-century monks get their supplies from basket rope-ways.

Things to do in Meteora – Meteora monasteries –Trip to Delphi And Meteora From Athens

  • Monastery of Great Meteron

Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

  • Monastery of Varlaam

Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

  • Monastery of Rousanou

Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

  • Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas

Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

  • Monastery of St. Stephen

  • Monastery of Holy Trinity


Hiking to all monasteries through manmade rock-cut stairs and paths, then proceed to traditional Greek Lunch at Kalampaka(Kalambaka).

Hiking to Monasteries along the forest and natural path

 Going back to Kalampaka(Kalambaka town)

There are many viewpoints along the drives to get the beautiful views of all pillar rocks with the valley villages.

After having lunch in Kalampaka(Kalambaka), return back to Athens via the small towns of Domokos, Kamena Vourlal(seaside village), and Thermopyles.  In between a small stop at Statue of Leonidas as a memorial of the battle of 300 Spartans against thousands of Persian soldiers. 

Arrive in Athens late evening.

These places can be covered by renting a car or many tour services available from Athens. Also, you can reach here by train from Athens. Select your stay at Kalampaka(near Meteora) for your mainland tours from Athens from the below-given map.

If you are interested in classical Greece or ancient historical Greek sites, book for 4 days Classical tour to Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora by clicking here.

Tips for Day trips from Athens | Tours from Athens To Delphi and Meteora

  • These are high-walking activity that requires lots of physical stamina.
  • Many places are not accessed by strollers and wheelchairs as there are naturally cut rock stairs.
  • Lots of water is consumed while visiting historical activities. Carry lots of water/juices.
  • The Head should be covered in a monastery and follow proper clothing like full pants and no skin show.
  • All monasteries are closed on specific days of the week, like Monday, Tuesday, etc. but not all on the same day.  Check closing days before going.
  • Avoid during rains.
  • Try local Greek cuisine. Vegetarians can also relish here as there are lots of vegan varieties too.
  • Explore the Greek countryside with locals. They are very friendly.
  • Lots of souvenir shops sell antique brass artifacts, which are cost-effective.
  • Start early from Athens as driving takes lots of time due to the mountainous drive, and also, seeing places on foot takes a lot of time.
  • On the way to Delphi is Hosios Loukas Monastery, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece, if you’re interested in historic mosaic art. 
  • Read to know more about before visiting Delphi and Meteora monasteries.

GREECE TRAVEL GUIDE – Planning a trip to Greece

Enjoy your 2 days Trip to Delphi and Meteora From Athens. I hope you loved reading about Trip to Delphi And Meteora From Athens and save this Greece travel guide for planning your trip to Greece.

Keep traveling…… Keep discovering the world in more exciting ways

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    1. sure… my camera’s battery was off after that visit and I too have to change memory card in between. Could not stop clicking…

  17. I had no clue about places like Delphi and Meteora and that one could visit them if in Athen. They look so amazing. The monasteries got me with the pictures. Such lovely colors. I am in love with your pictures. Thanks for talking about these gem places.

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    1. There are many monasteries in Georgia(ex USSR now country in Eurasia) too over the stunning hilltop. Greece has many monasteries. All follow orthodox Christianity.

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