Discover Volcanic Santorini Itinerary 2 days (Perfect Guide)

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Discover Volcanic Santorini Itinerary 2 days and Feel the Magic of Love…………………… 

Glorious Greece Tour in 12 Days – Greece Itinerary

Santorini is one of the world’s most famous, magical, romantic, and charming Greek islands.  It is a Cycladic island located in the Aegean Sea about 200 km southeast of mainland Greece.  Santorini is an active volcanic island. 

Best Santorini Hotels | Where to stay in Santorini | Perfect Accommodation in Santorini

Santorini Hotels Guide – Santorini Itinerary 2 Days

This Aegean island is a caldera with a rugged landscape due to a volcanic eruption in the 16th century.  Recently the last recorded volcano erupted was in 1950.  White-washed, irregular cuboid houses with multicolored cliffs, blue-domed churches, turquoise-colored clear waters, dramatic sunset skies, and colorful natural beaches make Santorini a more mysterious and charming place. 

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Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Discover Volcanic Santorini – Feel the Magic of Love

Discover Volcanic Santorini Itinerary 2 Days |  Perfect Things To Do in Santorini, Greece

Click here to book your Santorini Tour from Athens with Ferries and Overnight stay. 

SUNSET AT OIA | Discover Volcanic Santorini in 2 days

If you want to explore Santorini by driving on your own, click here to book rent a car in Santorini.

 According to settlements, Santorini is divided into parts like Oia, Fira, Akrotiri, and Pyrgos. 

Oia is the northern part of Santorini, famous for world-famous dramatic sunsets. The orange-reddish skies with their reflections over the white-washed towns are worth capturing. 

In peak summer times, Oia is overcrowded. Oia is full of hotels and restaurants facing the Aegean sea and sunsets.  Book your sunset tour in Santorini with all volcanic villages tour

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Sunset at Oia

RED BEACH | Discover Volcanic Santorini

As the name, so is the color of the sand and cliffs of this beach.  This beach has naturally red-colored sand and cliffs and lies to the southwest of the Akrotiri area. 

Due to volcanic eruptions, the sand and rocks of Santorini are either red or black in color.  The soil of this place is rich in minerals. Thus Red Beach should be included in your Santorini bucket list or Santorini Itinerary.

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Red Beach

KAMARI BEACH/BLACK BEACHDiscover Volcanic Santorini – Santorini Itinerary

Due to Santorini’s volcanic history, there are many unique beaches.  This beach has black sand and pebbles.  It is about 6 km southeast of Fira.  There are beach shacks at this place and therefore an ideal location for beach lovers in Santorini itinerary planner.

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Black Beach/Kamari Beach


We stayed in Pantelia suites with a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and located on the volcano.  A whitewashed hotel with many terraces, and blue doors framed by fresh fuchsia flowers. It has stunning views of the sun setting into the sea and is always so perfect for a romantic and lovely stay. 

There is also a similar kind of traditional boutique-style hotel in Fira near the old Church.  These stays are over-priced and very expensive in peak seasons. But staying in such hotels is worth it. Click here to book Pantelia Suites and you can read my reviews on Pantelia suites. 


 Take a boat/private yacht or cruise to sail around Caldera(volcanic crater) Hike along volcanic rocks or Dip into hot springs with a red mud wrap. (red mud is from lava).

This Caldera is the Volcanic crater, from where Volcanoes erupted and to date natural hot springs are emerging. Click here to book your Santorini day cruise to reach volcanic springs and some awesome colorful beaches. 

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Sailing across Caldera(volcanic crater)


 The pathways or stairs are improperly laid out on volcanic hilly rocks to reach irregular-shaped white houses or hotels.  The doors of houses are blue with colorful decor.  Every street is photogenic due to its amazing architecture of white cuboid houses and blue doors. 

Many antique shops are selling traditional products of Santorini like pure Greek olive soap, volcanic rocks pumice stones or scrubs, beauty products made from volcanic sand/soil, paintings, precious stones, and many more.  

PYRGOS VILLAGE – Things to do in Santorini, Greece

Pyrgos is one of the settlements in Santorini which is famous for beautiful blue-domed churches.  Pyrgos has situated about 8 km from Fira. Pyrgos village tour is also a lovely thing to do in Santorini.

Click here to know why you should book tour to Pyrgos, Oia and other neighborhoods of Santorini. 

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Pyrgos Church


Slurp the delicious authentic, Mediterranean Greek food in traditional Taverns(restaurants) with an Aegean sea view in Santorini. 

Don’t miss special Fava Beans, Stuffed Tomato and Capsicum filled with aromatic rice, Greek Risotto, Aubergine Moussaka(veg. style), Tomato, and Zucchini fritters, Saganaki(Cheese filo pastry), Greek salad, and Spinach pie. 

Have delicious Greek food in any of the best Santorini restaurants. Click here to book a cooking class with lunch tour or book a food/gourmet tour in Santorini

WINE with SUNSET – Santorini Travel Guide

Santorini is a famous Greek wine region. Due to the island’s volcanic soil, a popular white grape breed is cultivated in Santorini.  The wine made from these mineral-rich, aromatic grapes has a distinct flavor and is famous all over the world. 

Just take a glass of wine and grab your favorite place to watch the drama in the sky played by the sun and its various reflections over the blue Aegean sea and volcanic Caldera. Click here to know why you should book highlights of Santorini with a wine tasting tour. 

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Wine with sunset

VIEWING GALLERY OR VIEWPOINTS | Discover Volcanic Santorini

 While driving, look for picture-perfect points. As driving through the cliffs along the sea there are many points that are perfect for photography and enjoying the peaceful sea surrounded by Volcanic cliffs.

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Viewing sea with cliffs

ENJOY SANTORINI’S NIGHTS | Discover Volcanic Santorini

 Looks like a fairytale with lights illuminating an irregularly shaped hill from small houses. 

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel magic of love
Santorini at night

SANTORINI DAY TRIPS – LOCAL TOURS -Places to visit in Santorini Greece

FAQs – Discover Volcanic Santorini – Things to do in Santorini Greece

Q.  How to reach Santorini?

Ans- Santorini can be reached by air or cruise. I took Ryan air from Athens to reach Santorini and took the cruise to Mykonos while exiting. Check my friend’s tips on how to reach Santorini from Athens. 

You can book your 5 days excursion to Santorini and Mykonos from Athens by clicking here.

Q.  What is the local transportation in Santorini?

Ans – Rent a car or Quad bike are the best way to explore this island. Nearby islands can be done by Day cruises.  Public transport is there but does not have a good frequency, and also it cannot reach everywhere. There are main 4 settlements on this island to be explored Oia, Fira, Akrotiri, and Pyrgos. Better to carry your International Licence and drive yourself.

Q.  Where to stay in Santorini?

Ans – Click here to check my hotel stay or grab a deal on luxury-styled Greek villas turned into hotels with views. They are authentic greek homes with private terraces, pools, cave-styled bathrooms, and all with a priceless view.  Read about a cave and luxury styled options of many stay options in Santorini … Click for Where to stay in Santorini

Q.  Which is the best season to go? | Santorini weather Guide  | Discover Volcanic Santorini

Santorini weather throughout the year

 Ans – Summers that is May to September is the best season to visit this place. If you want to avoid crowds, explore Santorini in off-shoulder peaks just before the peak season, like in April or October. 

I visited in April so I managed to take pictures without the crowd and also all prices were not overpriced.  Also, Santorini has good weather all year round.

Q. How to visit Santorini if you are not staying on this island? OR Can Santorini be done as a day trip from nearby islands?

Ans – As Santorini is expensive, you can visit it on a day trip from Naxos or Crete. Click here to book your trip to Santorini from Naxos or book your trip to Santorini from Crete

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Volcanic Santorini – Feel the Magic of Love

Read about why you should not miss Santorini while booking your Greece trip.

I hope you loved reading about places to visit in Santorini in 3 days and now can plan your Santorini Itinerary with this Santorini Travel guide easily.

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Discover Volcanic Santorini

So till then,   Keep Traveling………………………………..Keep Exploring…………………………………………

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  1. I only started visiting Greek Islands this year, and can’t believe it’s taken me so long to realize how fantastic the Greeks are and how delicious their cuisine is. I can’t wait to go back again. There’s so many islands it’d take years to discover them all … I’m hoping to travel towards Crete and Santorini this year – I’d want to go out of peak season so they’re not mobbed with tourists. I’m sure Santorini is just overwhelming during the summer months. But it’s been popular for a while, for a reason. Glad you enjoyed your trip there.

  2. This is an amazing and holistic travel guide to Santorini. So nice that you stayed in a cave-styled resort. That really gets me excited. And what fascinating views! Those iconic white and blue buildings can never get old!

    1. Thanks Sinjana and yes it was nice to stay here in cave style of Greek house with blue doors and windows.

  3. I adore Oia in Santorini. One of your photos shows our studio where we always stay in Oia – brings back lovely memories. Visiting both red and black beaches via a catamaran was one of the highlights of our stay in Oia. The sunsets from Oia are to die for!

  4. I have heard and read so much about Santorini but did not yet get a chance to visit it. It seems like a photographer’s paradise to me. I love all the whitewashed and blue colored buildings right besides the sea. Staying in the cave styled hotels must be fun I am sure. Oia and Fira seem like great places to catch a beautiful sunset and relax in street side cafes.

  5. Santorini is the iconic island of Greece. Many say that it is over-hyped and gets too crowded. Whatever it be, I guess it still remains a dream destination and the stuff that dreams are made of. The white washed irregular houses framed against the beautiful waters is indeed a picturesque setting. Oia looks splendid and I am sure the sunset there is magical.

    1. Yes Sandy, people say it overhyped but it is still beautiful and dreamy. Go for places which are less crowded in Santorini then you will enjoy the true beauty of this place.

  6. I’ve never been to Santorini but I have a better understanding of the place now thanks to your blog. One thing that I hate about reading blogs is that your travel bucketlist grows longer each day! hahahahaha

  7. Very photogenic island. The all white town is a classic picture and is so beautiful, I cannot wait to do Greece! So many places to see on Earth!

  8. I have been here more than a decade ago. My most memorable moments are looking out at the caldera early in the morning when the water was absolutely calm. I would love to go back with my family now.

  9. Santorini. What can I say about this paradise island. I have just visited this beautiful island and your post has brought back memories. As suggested by you May to September best time to visit. My personal favourite is the sunset in Oia. The whitewashed buildings in Thira and the red beach also are a great place to visit and make it a unique place. Your photos say a story themselves. Great post and beautifully covered most aspects of Santorini

  10. Love the way you present your work. Very live and full of expressions. Beautiful images and very informative as well. Although there are differences in out travel but somewhere travellers share the same soul.. Happy to read your blog

    1. what type of cost you want to know about like hotel costs or reaching here by cruise cost? As it matters a lot, where you are living in Santorini. Give me your requirements, so that I can help you more.

  11. Greece always looks so dreamy, especially Oia, with the white against the blue! it just looks very pristine. I didn’t know Greece had a red beach, it’s interesting to learn the rocks are red or black due to volcanic activity. Sailing across Caldera looks perfect, I think I’ll just come back to this post when I plan my Greece trip!

  12. Yukti it looks like you had a wonderful time in Santorini. I have yet to visit there but your photos and story have given me incentive to visit and blog from there in the near future. Thank you and best wishes.

  13. Aah Santorini. It makes me fall in love everytime I see the photos and I can’t wait to visit it. With tourism reaching it’s peak, I think it’s gonna be super expensive – what do you think?

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  15. There is just so much to love about a place as beautiful and wonderful as Santorini. I have wanted to go here for some time – I have just never seen an ‘average’ photo taken in Santorini – they all look so good. The black beach sounds so interesting and the fact that the weather is good year round is a real bonus. Also really love the idea of flying in and sailing out…can’t wait to put an itinerary together for this.

  16. Hi there! Thank you very much for this detailed post. It is full of good advice and basically prepared everyone for a trip to Santorini. I really enjoyed it and saved it for my future travels.

  17. I have loved all your posts on Santorini. The Red beach looks amazing. I have heard about Pyrgos and its blue domed churches. The sunset looks mesmerizing. Very helpful tips as to when to go and where to stay. Luxury styled Greek villas sound cool.

  18. How beautiful Santorini is, your photos speaks the serenity! Loved the read beach and the red Cliff’s, they look so different. I can just imagine how beautiful would they look with sunset and sunrise backdrop!

  19. Your post really makes me miss Santorini! It is truly a very special greek island! We were there last year for my daughter’s first anniversary. We stayed righ next to the blue dome in Oia. I must say though that the sunset in Oia is a bit overrated! And we were unlucky having strong winds during our stay. We enjoyed a lot the hike we did in the early morning from Oia to Fira.

  20. Santorini is straight our of a fairytale. With picture perfect architecture and the beauty of nature surrounding it, Santorini is quite high on my European bucket list. Would love to check out the beach with black sand.

  21. Santorini is dream. I have been dreaming to visit Santorini from ages and after reading your post, I can’t wait to visit this breathtaking place. I would love to go around April or October to avoid crowds. Good tips as well.

  22. I am yet to discover a place as beautiful as santorini. Having visited 32 countries I still vote for santorini as the most beautiful place I have visited so far. I think I left my heart there. The beauty, simplicity and nature in the place is simply awesome. I spent close to week there snaking through the lanes of oia and Thira. Every click makes one feel like the best photographer in the world. I can go back anyday. Thanks for reminding me of my good times there

  23. Missing Santorini so much and would love to go back very soon! We remember how red beach was so gorgeous! Sunsets are indeed incredible there, would love to go back to capture better shots! It is as well indeed so beautiful at night! Love the pictures <3

  24. I’ve always wanted to visit Santorini, I just love the idea of its color and the hikes (love your photos by the way)I was unaware of the hot springs, I’ve never had the chance to vistit hot springs anywhere this is something that would be first on my list to do. Very educational post 🙂

  25. No matter what angle, Santorini always looks breathtakingly beautiful – great photos! I would love to visit a black sand beach too and to try the hot springs and mud wrap!

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  28. Aaah beautiful Santorini, I remember I have seen it with my own eyes and for me it was really a magical place. Ia gree, Oia – the most visited spot is usually very crowded but you can make some amazing photos there. Your post brings back many memories – I really would love to see this place again, especially the beaches, that I have not seen yet. What fascinated me the most was this amazingly beautiful mix of blue and white houses everywhere.

  29. Interesting, I’ve been to Santorini twice but didn’t have the same passion for it as some of the other islands. I learned a few new things here and would be excited to go back now.

  30. I have been to Greece and absolutely fell in love with it, however I did not visit Mykanos and Santorini which are no the two most popular islands there. One of the reasons I hold back are the crowds, but from your photos and description I really want to make a plan for Santorini soon. The Black Beach looks really awesome and the island at night is spectacular. The viewpoints are the highlight I am sure. Thanks for all the pointers and places of interest.

  31. I have been to Greece and absolutely love it, but not yet to Mykonos or Santorini. Both the islands have been written about quite a bit but the beauty of them never fail to amaze me. I would very much like to visit the Black Beach and of course the views are spectacular including at night of the island. Thank you for all the tips.

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  33. I’d really like to take a cruise to the volcanic rocks, they sound incredible. Nothing beats the sunsets at Oia, they’re so magical. I agree that the best time to visit is September; just after the school and summer holidays; it’s less busy too!

  34. There’s quite a lot in here that I didn’t know about Santorini, I’ve only read about the colorful houses and hike before. I knew about the caldera but not about the hot springs. The red and black beaches are new for me too, very informative!

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