Best Greece Itinerary 7 Days (Epic One week in Greece)

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In this article, read about the detailed Greece Itinerary 7 Days or how to spend 7 days in Greece(one week in Greece). So plan your Greece one week itinerary with day-wise things to do, hotel options, popular sunset spots, and exotic reek food options.

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Greece Itinerary 7 Days (Greece 1 week Itinerary)

Greece is worth visiting for its rich history and archaeological wonders, boasting iconic ancient sites like the Acropolis in Athens. Greece’s stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and charming island villages, such as Santorini and Mykonos, offer a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences that captivate any traveler. 

So let’s include all these charming places and make an interesting Greece 7 days itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival in Athens

Best Day Trips From Athens - Greece Itinerary 7 days

  • Arrive in Athens, Greece’s capital city, and check into your hotel.
  • After settling in, explore the historic neighborhood of Plaka, known for its charming streets, traditional tavernas, and local shops.
  • Visit the Acropolis, an ancient citadel with iconic monuments like the Parthenon and the Erechtheion. The Acropolis Museum nearby is worth a visit to learn more about the history and artifacts found in the area.
  • In the evening, enjoy a delightful Greek dinner at a local restaurant.
  • Where To Get Lost In Historical Athens – Athens Itinerary

Day 2: Athens

Where To get Lost in HISTORICAL ATHENS
  • Take a guided tour of the Ancient Agora, an ancient marketplace and social center of Athens. It’s a fascinating place to learn about ancient Greek life and culture.
  • Visit the National Archaeological Museum, which houses an extensive collection of ancient artifacts and sculptures.
  • If time permits, you can also explore the Benaki Museum or the Museum of Cycladic Art to gain insights into different periods of Greek history.
  • End the day with a relaxing stroll through the National Garden or head to Lycabettus Hill for panoramic city views.

Day 3: Athens to Santorini (Greece 7 days itinerary)

Greece Itinerary 7 days - Greece 1 week itinerary

  • Take a morning flight or ferry to Santorini, the picturesque island known for its stunning sunsets and beautiful landscapes.
  • After arriving in Santorini and checking into your hotel, explore the charming village of Oia. Walk along the narrow streets, admire the white-washed buildings with blue domes, and capture the breathtaking views.
  • In the evening, find a spot to witness the world-famous Santorini sunset.
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Day 4: Santorini

Discover Volcanic Santorini - Feel the Magic of Love
Black Beach/Kamari Beach

Day 5: Santorini to Mykonos

10 best things to do in Mykonos - Mykonos itinerary 2 days

  • Take a ferry to Mykonos, one of Greece’s most vibrant and popular islands.
  • Check into your hotel and then explore the iconic windmills of Mykonos, located in Chora (Mykonos Town).
  • 10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos (Mykonos Itinerary 2 Days)
  • Stroll through the charming streets filled with boutiques, art galleries, and cafes.
  • Visit Little Venice, a neighborhood known for its colorful houses and stunning seafront views.

Day 6: Mykonos

  • Spend the day relaxing on one of Mykonos’ beautiful beaches, such as Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach, where you can enjoy beach clubs and water sports. 10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
  • Explore the nearby island of Delos, an important archaeological site and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a guided tour to learn about the history and mythology associated with this ancient city.

Day 7: Mykonos to Athens

Where To get Lost in HISTORICAL ATHENS - Greece 1 week itinerary


  • Take a morning ferry or flight back to Athens.
  • Depending on your departure time, you may have some free time to explore any sites or areas you missed at the beginning of your trip.
  • Depart from Athens and return home with beautiful memories of your Greek adventure.

Additional Tips:

  • Taste traditional Greek cuisine throughout your trip, including moussaka, souvlaki, Greek salad, and baklava.
  • While in Mykonos, consider experiencing the vibrant nightlife the island is famous for.
  • Be prepared for warm weather, especially in summer, and ensure appropriate sun protection.
  • Plan and book your transportation and accommodation in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Respect the local culture and customs during your visit, such as appropriate dress codes when visiting religious sites.

Nightlife options in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos:


Lohan Athens, co-owned by famous actress Lindsay Lohan, Dybbuk, or Six D.O.G.S. are renowned nightclubs in Athens.

  • Psiri District: This lively neighborhood in Athens is known for numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues where you can enjoy Greek music and dance the night away.
  • Gazi: Located near the Kerameikos metro station, Gazi is another popular nightlife area.
  • Plaka: While Plaka is more known for its historical significance during the day, it also offers a cozy and relaxed nightlife scene with rooftop bars and traditional Greek tavernas serving drinks and live music.
  • Bouzoukia: For a unique Greek nightlife experience, head to a Bouzoukia club. These venues feature live performances by famous Greek singers and bands, and guests are encouraged to dance and join in the festivities.


Koo Club, Enigma Club, and Tango Bar are famous nightclubs in Santorini. 7 days in Greece - 1 week in Greece

  • Fira: The capital town of Santorini offers a variety of bars and clubs with stunning caldera views while sipping cocktails or dancing to the latest beats.
  • Oia: While Oia is known for its serene beauty during the day, it also has a few bars and rooftop lounges to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking sunset views.
  • Kamari and Perissa: These two beach towns are popular spots for nightlife in Santorini. You’ll find beach bars, beach parties, and live music events that go on until the early hours.


Cavo Paradiso -A legendary club in Mykonos, Paradise Club – the island’s oldest club, and Scorpios are some of the best nightclubs.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

  • Mykonos Town: The heart of Mykonos’ nightlife, Mykonos Town offers many bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to different tastes. The narrow streets come alive at night with music and laughter.
  • Super Paradise and Paradise Beach: These famous beach locations are known for their daytime parties extending well into the night. Beach clubs and bars host lively events with renowned D.J.s and dancers.
  • Little Venice: This picturesque neighborhood in Mykonos Town is charming during the day and transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub with bars and cafes lining the waterfront

 Enjoy your time exploring the vibrant nightlife of these beautiful Greek destinations!

Greece Itinerary Video Tour

Internal commuting options – 7 Days In Greece

Read about internal commuting options in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos: 

10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
Rental scooters in Mykonos


  1. Metro: Athens has an efficient and modern metro system with three lines (green, red, and blue) that connect key areas of the city, including the city center, archaeological sites, and the port of Piraeus.
  2. Tram: The Athens Tram connects the city center with coastal suburbs, making it a convenient option for reaching areas like Glyfada and Voula.
  3. Buses: Athens has an extensive bus network that covers the entire city and the surrounding suburbs, offering a cost-effective way to get around.
  4. Taxis: Taxis are readily available throughout the city, and they are a convenient option, especially for late-night travels or when you need a more direct route.


  • Buses: Santorini has an efficient bus system that connects the island’s major towns, villages, and famous beaches. The buses are an affordable and reliable mode of transportation for tourists. 
  • Rent a Car/Scooter: Renting a car is very common on Greek islands, so rent a car in Santorini and explore all the beautiful, charming neighborhoods.
  • Taxis: Taxis are available in Santorini but are limited, especially during peak tourist seasons, so booking in advance for essential trips is a good idea.


  • Buses: Mykonos has a well-organized bus network that operates regularly and connects the main town (Chora) with various beaches and other parts of the island.
  • Rent a Car/Scooter: Renting a car is very common on Greek islands, so rent a car in Mykonos and explore all the beautiful, charming neighborhoods.
  • Taxis: Taxis are available in Mykonos and can be found in Chora or pre-arranged through your accommodation. It’s advisable to book in advance during peak seasons due to high demand.

Other Commuting Options:

1 week in Greece - Greece itinerary 7 days
Cruise for Islands Hopping in Greece
  • Ferries: To travel between the islands (e.g., from Athens to Santorini or Mykonos), ferries are a popular and scenic option. Different ferries are available, ranging from high-speed catamarans to regular passenger ferries.
  • Flights: For longer distances or if you prefer a quicker option, domestic flights are available between Athens and the islands. Santorini and Mykonos have airports with regular flights from Athens and other major cities.

Book ferries in advance as they are costly during peak season and sometimes no seat is available.

Vegetarian greek Dishes to try out for 7 Days In Greece

Greek cuisine offers a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes that you must try during your Greece trip. Here are some popular vegetarian Greek dishes to savor:

Interesting Things To Know For Planning An Exciting Trip To Greece
Greek Food
  • Greek Salad (Horiatiki): A classic and refreshing salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions, Kalamata olives, and creamy feta cheese. It’s seasoned with olive oil, oregano and often sprinkled with capers for an extra flavor.
  • Spanakopita: This savory pastry is made with layers of crispy phyllo dough filled with spinach, feta cheese, onions, and herbs. It’s a delightful and flaky treat that can be enjoyed as a snack or appetizer.
  • Fava: Not to be confused with the bean of the same name, Greek fava is made from split yellow peas and cooked into a creamy puree. It is often served as a dip or a side dish, drizzled with olive oil, and accompanied by onions and capers.
  • Dolmades: Grape leaves stuffed with a flavorful mixture of rice, herbs, onions, and sometimes pine nuts. These delicious parcels are typically served as an appetizer and are perfect for those who enjoy a light and tangy taste.
  • Gigantes Plaki: Giant butter beans cooked in a rich tomato sauce with onions, garlic, and Greek herbs. This hearty dish is often baked in the oven, making for a comforting and flavorful main course.
  • Melitzanosalata: A tasty eggplant dip made with roasted or grilled eggplant, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs. It’s commonly enjoyed with bread or as a side dish.
  • Gemista: Tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, or eggplants stuffed with rice, onions, herbs, and sometimes pine nuts. The vegetables are baked until tender, creating a mouthwatering and satisfying meal.
  • Revithia: A simple yet delicious chickpea soup seasoned with olive oil, lemon, and herbs. This hearty soup is a traditional dish often served during the winter months.
  • Horta Vrasta: A simple and healthy dish made with boiled wild greens, typically dandelion, chicory, or spinach. It’s seasoned with lemon and olive oil and is popular among locals for its nutritional value.
  • Halva: A sweet dessert made from semolina, sugar, and olive oil, often flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and nuts. It’s a delightful way to end a meal on a sweet note.

Vegetarian travelers in Greece will find plenty of delightful options to satisfy their taste buds and immerse themselves in the flavors of this Mediterranean cuisine. Whether it’s the vibrant salads, savory pastries, or comforting bean dishes, Greek vegetarian cuisine offers a rich and diverse culinary experience.

Authentic taverns with live Greek dance & music

Here are some authentic taverns in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos that offer live Greek dance and music, providing a truly immersive and enjoyable experience:



  • Taverna Plaka: Located in the heart of Plaka, Taverna Plaka is known for its lively atmosphere and traditional Greek entertainment. Enjoy delicious Greek dishes while watching live Greek music and folk dance performances.
  • Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani: This unique tavern in the Psiri neighborhood is famous for its flavors of Greece, with live Greek music performances.
  • Diporto: Tucked away in the bustling center of Athens, Diporto is a hidden gem known for its rustic charm and authentic Greek cuisine. Although there might not always be live performances, you might be lucky to encounter spontaneous traditional music and dancing.


  • Katerina’s Bar: Located in the picturesque village of Oia, Katerina’s Bar offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere with live Greek music on select nights and captivating sunset views while tapping your feet to the music.
  • To Psaraki: This tavern in Vlychada Beach combines delicious Greek food with live Greek music performances, creating a fantastic ambiance by the sea.


  1. Kastro’s Bar: Situated in Mykonos Town, Kastro’s Bar is a popular spot for enjoying Greek music and dance. It’s a lively place to immerse yourself in the local culture while sipping cocktails or local wines.
  2. Niko’s Taverna: Located in the heart of Mykonos Town, Niko’s Taverna is a family-run restaurant with traditional Greek music and dancing. 
  3. Taverna Paraga Beach: As the name suggests, this tavern is on Paraga Beach with beachside dining, and occasionally, they host Greek music and dance events for an unforgettable evening by the sea.

Best Sunset Spots – 7 Days In Greece

Here are some of the best places in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos where you can enjoy breathtaking sunset views:


Where To get Lost in HISTORICAL ATHENS
  • Lycabettus Hill: For a panoramic view of Athens and its sunset, head to Lycabettus Hill, the highest point in the city. You can hike up or take a funicular to the top, rewarding you with stunning vistas.
  • Filopappou Hill: Located near the Acropolis, Filopappou Hill offers a fantastic sunset view with the iconic Parthenon in the background. It’s a great spot to unwind and capture beautiful photos.


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Sunset in Santorini
  • Oia: Oia is renowned for its magnificent sunset views, attracting crowds of visitors every evening. Find a spot along the cliffs or the famous Oia Castle ruins to witness the sun setting over the caldera and the Aegean Sea.
  • Imerovigli: Another village with stunning sunset views is Imerovigli, often called the “balcony of Santorini.” You can enjoy the sunset from various vantage points, including the Skaros Rock, or from the comfort of your hotel’s private terrace.
  • Akrotiri Lighthouse: The Akrotiri Lighthouse on the southern tip of Santorini offers a less crowded but equally beautiful setting to watch the sunset.


10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos

  • Little Venice: This charming neighborhood in Mykonos Town is known for its picturesque houses built right on the water’s edge. The sunset views from the bars and restaurants in Little Venice are simply enchanting.
  • 180° Sunset Bar: Located in Mykonos Town, this rooftop bar lives up to its name, offering a 180-degree view of the sunset over the town and the sea.
  • Agios Ioannis: This beach, located on the southwestern coast of Mykonos, provides a serene setting to witness the sun sinking into the horizon.

Remember that sunset spots can get crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. Arriving early to secure a good spot and enjoy the ambiance is recommended. Additionally, be prepared for stunning sunset views throughout your Greece trip, as the country’s coastal locations and charming landscapes often provide breathtaking opportunities to enjoy this natural spectacle.

F.A.Q.s – Greece Itinerary 7 Days (One week in Greece)

10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos - Day Trips From Naxos
Street of Mykonos
  • Q: When is the best time to visit Greece? 

The best time to visit Greece is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds. However, if you prefer warm weather and a lively atmosphere, the summer months (July to August) are popular but can be hot and crowded.

  • Q: What is the currency in Greece, and are credit cards widely accepted? 

The currency in Greece is the Euro (€). Credit cards are widely accepted in major cities, tourist areas, and upscale establishments. However, carrying some cash is advisable, especially when visiting smaller towns or local markets.

  • Q: What are the must-visit places in Greece? 

    10 Best Things To Do in Mykonos
    Windmills at Mykonos

Athens, with its historic sites, Santorini, for its breathtaking views, and Mykonos, for its vibrant nightlife, is among the must-visit places. Other popular destinations include Crete, Rhodes, Meteora, and Delphi.

  • Q: How can I travel between Greek islands? 

You can travel between Greek islands by ferry or domestic flights. Ferries are a standard and scenic option, while flights are quicker but may be more expensive.

  • Q: Is English widely spoken in Greece? 

English is widely spoken in major tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants. However, learning a few basic Greek phrases will be appreciated by locals.

  • Q: Is Greece safe for travelers? 

Greece is generally considered a safe destination for travelers. However, like in any country, exercise standard precautions and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places and tourist hotspots.

day trips from Naxos Greece - Greece captions for instagram - greece quotes - greece slogans

I hope you loved reading about the Greece itinerary 7 Days and now know how to spend 7 days in Greece with the best Greek attractions, sunset spots, nightlife options, and valuable tips. So save this Greece 1 week itinerary and plan your Greek tour. 

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