Ultimate Places To Visit In Munich In 2 Days – Munich Itinerary

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Explore Medieval and Modern Munich and know about places to visit in Munich in 2 days during your Germany trip. So let’s see what to do in Munich in 2 days.

Places To Visit In Munich In 2 Days - Munich Itinerary 2 days


The third largest cultural city of Munich is the capital of Bavaria region of Germany.  This green city is a perfect amalgamation of great medieval architecture, seasonal festivals, beautiful churches, museums, colorful markets, world-class sports arenas, widespread gardens, arts and culture centers, and science and technology museums. 

Munich is the most populated city in Germany and is famous for its Oktoberfest(biggest beer festival) worldwide.  Munich lies in the north of the Bavarian Alps, and in German, it is known as Munchen, which translates into “by the monks” So let’s go for a Munich city tour and read about the best things to do in Munich.

  • If you purchase a Munich city card, you get entry to many buildings, concerts, beer festivals,s and free public transport, valid for 6 days and 24 hours. 

Best Places to Visit In Munich in 2 Days | Munich Itinerary 2 Days


The most famous and vibrant central square of Munich is located in the heart of Munich.  Constructed in 1158, it hosts the world’s best Christmas Markets and other events. 

This place is always full of tourists and locals all year round.  It is named after the Marian column and was constructed in the 17th century. 

Two town halls, old and new, cover most of the Marienplatz.  You can opt for a walking tour from here to view the historic buildings, various churches, and iconic sculptures all around. Follow the lines of Medieval-styled walls and grand city gates that open into curved streets. 



 A Gothic-styled remarkable monument with a grand façade consisting of pinnacles, arches, and statues.  It is said that from the top of the façade you can see the Bavarian Alps on cloudless days.  Though it is named New Town Hall,  this building dates 100 years back. 

New Town Hall


It lies in the central square Marienplatz on the eastern side.  In 1874, this town hall was converted into a municipal office.  During the Renaissance age, this building was destroyed several times, and at present, it has been restored in neo-Gothic style. 

Old Town Hall


 One of the remains of ancient gateways constructed in the 14th century at the fortification of Munich.  This gate served as the major checkpoint and a powerful defense system of Munich.  It is located on the western end of Neuchauser Strabe.

During a walking tour from Marienplatz, you can pass through this gate along with many interesting, traditional shops, cafes, and restaurants. 


The name translates into the gate. This three-arched, triumphal arch holds a statue of Bavaria with a lion.  It was constructed to glorify the Bavarian army.  But afterward, it was heavily destroyed in World war II, though it has been restored. 



Munich’s most significant and iconic church can hold 20,000 people.  Also known as the Catholic Cathedral of our Blessed Lady. It was completed according to Renaissance architecture in 1488 with a massive 100 m tall twin towers. 

New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) and Frauenkirche together form Munich’s unique skyline. On clear, cloudless days, you can see breathtaking views of the Bavarian Alps from the top of these twin towers. 



 This Palace is spread across 500 acres and used to be the Summer home to a royal family of Munich in the 17th century. It is located to the northwest of the city.  This Palace opens daily with variable timings in winter.  This Baroque-styled palace is surrounded by magnificent parks, gardens, and canals. 

Nymphenburg Palace

All these tourist attractions of Munich are ancient glory. Now let’s go and look at the modern tourist attractions of Munich. 

BMW Welt/BMW Museum

Karl Schwanzer designed the famous salad-bowl-shaped BMW museum and headquarters in Munich.  You can visit the BMW museum to look at all past and recent models with their engines and other automobiles’ spare parts. 

They also sell BMW souvenirs/accessories within the museum.  If you love cars, and automobiles, go through this beautiful journey of aeronautical technology. They also display turbine engines, aircraft engines, and motorcycles. 

This modern part of Munich is far from medieval Munich and can be reached through cars, public transport, or Hop-On-Hop-Off shuttle buses.  BMW World is free to visit, but there is an entrance fee for the museum, approximately 10Euros for adults and 7 Euros for children and seniors. 


As you all know how advanced is German technology, this museum is best for science and technology lovers.  According to many visitors, this museum cannot be compared to any other museum worldwide.  This museum possesses exhibits from all fields of Engineering like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Transportation and Aeronautical Engineering, Mining technology, Construction, and Bridge Technology, Computer Engineering with servers and motherboard technology, Electrical engineering depicting turbines, transformers, etc., Space and Rocket Engineering, and many more. 

This museum occupies 6 floors and is spread across 12 miles on each floor.  It takes about three-fourths or a whole day to visit all the galleries. 

There are many interactive and educational live shows about machines and their work for children and adults. Check the show timings at the entrance, so you don’t miss your favorite subject.  This museum is located along the Isar River and can be reached through a tram(public transport). 

The nearest tram stop is Isart or S-Bahn stop. Entrance to this museum is 11 Euros approximately for adults and 4 Euros for the child. 


 This stadium was built in 1972 when Germany hosted the Summer Olympics. The specially designed canopies on the Alps are the main characteristics of this stadium.  As it was raining heavily, I could not take pictures of the stadium.

Now you know what to do in Munch for 2 days and if you have more time then explore the famous English Gardens(370 hectares of green lawns), Munich Residence, Alta Pinakothek(world’s oldest Art Galleries), Neue Pinakothek(another famous art gallery). For a quick Munich tour, book the Hop-On Hop-Off bus. Click here to purchase the bus ticket.  


Near Munich Central Station – Click here to know about my stay in Munich





Famous Annual festivals of Munich | Munich Itinerary 

  • Oktoberfest – World’s Biggest Beer Festival held in Munich from the last week of September to Mid of October.
  • Click here to purchase Munich City Pass with entry to major attractions, monuments, museums,  public transport, a free hop-on hop-off bus tour, and a digital travel guide. 
  • Annual Christmas Markets at Marienplatz with Christmas tree lighting ceremony (From the end of November till Christmas). 
  • Many more art, culture, and music events can find on Munich’s official event site.
  • For general information on Germany Travel, read this. 

So explore Medieval and Modern Munich in 2 days to feel Germany’s beautiful culture and modern technology. So, Visit Germany and please share your experiences. 

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Things to do in Munich, Germany

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  1. Munich looks absolutely stunning, it has been on our bucket list for a long time but we have never made it to the South of Germany, but its inspiring to know how much you can see in 2 days! Maybe next time we are in Europe!

  2. The more I read about Germany and see photo’s the more I would love to visit this country. There is so much history and architecture. The only thing that puts me off is the cold Winters but that is avoidable it looks like you went at a great time of year when you can enjoy the outdoors.

  3. People often skip Munich while travelling to Germany, but I felt that it has a very unique vibe, lovely architecture and great history. Plus its a perfect base to explore nearby castles. Did you witness the Glockenspiel?

  4. My husband has been to Germany but I have not yet. We’ve been talking recently about a mega bike trip along the Rhine River. Playing with the idea of biking the whole section through the country. We were just talking about it a few minutes ago so your post is so fitting right now! Germany seems magical with so much history and culture! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  5. Wow! What a lovely city Munich is! The beauty of both new and old town halls is simply captivating. The jaw dropping architecture of the city will leave you thinking what wonders human mind is capable of. I would love to visit this hypnotic city some day and explore the details of all these building myself. Thanks for sharing this interesting post. 🙂

  6. There’s so much to see in Munich. I think I might just need at least 3 days to coved this. Especially Since I want to do it in detail. Those town halls.. . Both new and old seem. So exotic And the arches and gates… So. Majestic. U have shown a lovely side of this place

    1. Yes you are correct, that for seeing all things in details atleast you need 3 days, There are many art museums and galleries too, which I missed it.

  7. Munich comes across as such an enchanting place. I can see that it has that typical old world charm which most of the European towns and cities have. The pictures look more like paintings and bring alive the rich art and architecture of the place. I feel that Munich is definitely an underrated place compared to some of the other cities.

    1. True, Munich is only known for Beer festival, though it has much more than it. It should be promoted for technology and architecture with beautiful nature surrounding this place.

  8. I just love cities with big arches and gates. Munich’s architecture definitely looks worth checking out. I’ve been to other areas of Germany in the summer but I’d love to check out some of the Christmas markets.

  9. The architecture is stunning. I can’t believe I have still not visited Germany yet. It’s quite close to the UK but I haven’t made it over there yet. Munich would definitely be on my list for Christmas markets and Oktoberfest but now I’ve read your post, I love the architecture and history. I wonder if I could squeeze a trip in before the end of the year?!

  10. I love all of the old buildings and historical facts you were giving about them. I have wanted to visit Munich, but opted for Berlin instead. In a way I wish I would have been able to see this place as it seems less destroyed by WWII events.

    1. Munich does not have only destroyed architecture but it has modern technology and development museums and factories too which are worth visiting. Also Munich is surrounded by Bavarian Alps which are truly enchanting as you can step into nature just a couple of hours drive away.

  11. Now i understand why my friend Racheal (now living in Munich with her German husband) how beautiful Munich is. The architecture and gardens all blooming makes it a perfect view both day and night. Hope to visit Munich after my trip to south of France.

  12. My good friend is from Munich and keeps asking me to visit! I always planned to, but after reading this I will surely go. The Catholic cathedral is beautiful, and I can’t believe it can hold up to 20,000 people, that’s insane! I’d also love to see Marienplatz; that German style architecture is so iconic, and beautiful to look at too.

  13. I first went to Munich years ago when I was a teenager, and I always remember the amazing architecture there. I’d love to go back now and explore more. The older side of Munich definitely appeals to me the most, the history of the city is so rich and fascinating.

  14. Munich looks like an amazing place that has such a rich culture and heritage evident from its magnificent architecture of the various buildings all over. I would love to have a leisurely stroll along the Town Centre and just take in all the sights, with a beer in hand maybe.

  15. I love that you can explore both medieval and modern in Munich. I would love to visit the Frauenkirche since it’s their largest church. Having the capacity of holding 20,000 people is crazy big!

  16. Love your photos of this great German City. The Neues Rathaus is a truly magnificent piece of architecture. I did not get a chance to visit BMV Welt whilst I was there so will have to check that out next time

  17. Munich is so rich in both culture and history. It will be really difficult to do justice to it in 2 days. You covered a lot of grounds seeing both modern and ancient Munich. I will bookmark your article for future reference

  18. I live in Munich and I have to say you covered my home quite well! We have a perfect mix of old and modern. I just love the BMW museum and it is where I recommend everyone go. Of course, Marienplatz is great too. Lovely photos!

  19. OMG this place is magnificent! The architecture are divine, and the security facility is topnotch 😀 I watch to include this to my itinerary for September. Is that a good month to visit?

    1. For September I am not sure, but it must be Autumn so you could enjoy the orange colored nature there. But check the rain status before going.

  20. A close friend lives in Munich and has been pestering me to visit for some time now. It seems that I should figure out a way to visit, since the architecture alone seems worth the visit.

  21. I would rather spend much time in the medieval parts. These looks such beautiful pieces of art & architecture. The New Town hall is amazing – a fine example of Gothic architecture. The Gateways are also stunning.

  22. Munich often gets ignored when framing a Germany itinerary, but it deserves more than just Oktoberfest crowds. Plus it makes a great base to visit the Romantic Road and castles.

  23. Munich really is a beautiful city. There are the modern attractions at the Deutsches Museum and the older attractions at Marienplatz. I was only there for three nights and unfortunately there was a serious emergency while I was there so I didn’t get to see the whole city. I hope to go back some time soon.

  24. Was in Munich and yes, have to agree. It has a very interesting mix of old and modern. I have seen enough of old architecture in my trips, but the technology there is something I would love to see more.

  25. This is perfect because I am actually hoping to visit Munich soon! One of my good friends lives there and I really want to see the Christmas markets in person. I want to do some of the historical tours you mentioned as I love to find out the stories behind the architecture 🙂

  26. You know, I have been to Munich but it is as good as not having been to Munich because I ended up planning to be there on Christmas eve and Christmas day, probably the two worst days for tourists to be in that city. On one hand, all the Christmas markets had closed (they usually close by 24th Dec, 2 pm) so I missed that and on the other, everything else was shut! I did not get to see most attractions you’ve listed here such as Frauenkirche, Nymphenburg Palace, etc. I did see the New Town hall, only for the outside, and visited MarienPlatz but most restaurants were also shut there unfortunately.

    1. Oh! I did this Munich tour in shoulder season.. as sometimes during festival and peak seasons we cannot see half of the places… Visit some other time …

  27. I remember I was in Munich 20 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t remember much of it, but I remember I climbed the tower of a church (I guess it was Frauenkirche) and had the whole panorama of Munich Old Town in front of us. Thanks for sharing this with us. It was great to remember a bit of Munich after 20 years.

  28. Our brief stay in Germany did not allow us to see Munich but after reading your post, we will most definitely be going there on our next trip. Great information, thanks for sharing

    1. Ahhh Munich is on my bucket list! I love all of the old architecture! I didn’t realize there was an old town hall and a new town hall! They are both stunning! Would love to visit Oktoberfest and the Christmas Market one day! Although, I think per your recommendation I would prefer to visit during the spring or summer!

  29. Great post. I live in Munich and just love this city. If you didn’t go, next time you should visit the English Garden with the Eisbach. There is a natural wave in the river and the perfect surfer hotspot not far from the city center 🙂

  30. We visited Munich some 8 years back. Lovely city with beautiful architecture and of course the beer 🙂 Your post has brought back memories and I want to visit Munich again.

  31. Wow, I can really feel that you’re an adventurer. I love that you were able to really enjoy both Medieval and Modern Munich in a span of days. I love the vibes in Old town Hall and looks like really interesting, knowing that it has been destroyed many times, but still standing sturdily up to this time. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  32. I have visited Munich in the past, but I do not think I have covered as much as places as you did. Will bookmark this post for future references 🙂

  33. So Munich is definitely not just about Octoberfest! Exploring this beautiful destination is definitely a historical experience. I am imagining myself taking photographs of those well-preserved heritage building and structures.

  34. When I hear Munich I think about the Oktoberfest, the beer festival that you have already mention, which I would love to participate in one day!
    But other than the beer festival I didnt know there are so many beautiful historical buildings to see such as the Nymphenburg palace and the New town hall! Visit Munich for the christmas market at the Marienplatz must be an awesome family experience too! As we live in Switzerland, Munich doesnt feel too far away so perhaps this summer we will be able to visit all these places you mention! Thanks!

  35. Both the old and the new Town Halls look stunning, as does the palace. So much to see in Munich! I hope to be able to visit soon. Beautiful photos!

  36. My brief visit to Germany did not include this gorgeous city. When I get back it will be top on my list. Great itinerary. I’m bookmarking it so I’ll have it!

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