Perfect East Coast Road Trip Planner USA

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This summer, I took an East Coast road trip to the USA. East Coast is fabulously full of history, scenic locations like falls, lakes, forests, beaches, and a central educational/ commercial hub of the USA. Let’s look at East Coast Road Trip Planner in the USA and complete the East Coast road trip itinerary. USA road trip is incomplete without an East coast road trip.


East Coast Road Trip Planner
Along East Coast

This trip is a round trip starting from New York and ending at New York. There are many itineraries on search engines and travel websites for East Coast trips. After researching, I have designed a final itinerary. Check some worth-stopping spots in this East Coast Road Trip Planner.

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  • Summer to Fall is the best time. In summer you will pass along green fields, and forests and can enjoy the full beauties of nature.
  • Going for a road trip in the Fall is also an excellent idea to admire the shades of orange and red throughout. 
East Coast Road Trip Planner

East Coast Road Trip Planner, USA

New York  – 2 nights (Click here to read about New York – Things to do in NYC)


East Coast Road Trip Planner

Boston  – 1 night 

Click to book Boston: Whale Watching Catamaran Cruise

I stayed in Boston for a night. But there are many things to do in Boston and if you staying for 2 nights then click this to know about what to do during 2 Days in Boston.

Also check some great restaurants to eat in Boston and that too favorites of Anthony Bourdain.

East Coast Road Trip Planner

Buffalo or Niagara – 1-night stay –

Must do in East Coast Road Trip Planner – USA Road trip – East coast road trip itinerary.

Click to book 2-Day Niagara Falls and Shopping Trip from New York City

Take Niagara Falls tour while staying in Buffalo both evening tour for Laser and fireworks tour of Niagara and morning tour of Niagara Falls – Take Adventure with Nature.  If you are staying in Buffalo then click here to read about Buffalo restaurants which are worth trying out.  Click here to book your stay at Buffalo. 

East Coast Road Trip Planner

Pittsburg – 1 night.

I stayed in Hampton Inn which I found very convenient and affordable with free parking option too. Click here to book your stay in Hampton Inn

East Coast Road Trip Planner

Washington D.C. – 1 night.

  Stay in Hampton Inn White House and click here to book your stay. 

Click to book Washington DC: Hop-On, Hop-Off Open-Top Bus Landmarks Tour

East Coast Road Trip Planner - Washington D.C.

Philadelphia – 1 night. 

Click here to book Philly & Amish Country Day Trip from NYC

I stayed in Hampton Inn with breakfast and free parking. Click here to book your comfortable and affordable stay here. Read more on the best things to see in Philadelphia tour.

Back to New York –  3 nights.

In New York,  I stayed in Grand Hyatt, a modern hotel with a beautiful city view from the terrace and also located adjoining to the historic Grand Terminal. Click here to book your stay in Grand Hyatt. 

Many places are adjoining to New York for shopping which is highly recommended. You can buy all branded stuff in very affordable rates from these outlet malls.

Though these outlet malls are out of the city, you would have to drive from NYC, or you can stop in between while returning from New Jersey to NYC. If you are not driving then click here to book the Woodbury Common Outlet Mall shopping trip, which is a 1-day trip. Here you can shop your favorite brands in one place. An open mall with more than 200 branded outlets.  

10 nights East coast USA road trip itinerary – East Coast Road Trip Planner

  • We rented a car from New York. Take full insurance and toll pass card to be tension-free.
  • There are two types of road systems, with toll or without toll.  If the distance is large prefer the Toll road as it is much faster, with many stopover restaurants and lodging. But if the distance is small, then take a Toll-free road. 

Full Detailed Itinerary during your East Coast Road Trip Planner with cities in between

  1. New York to Boston 

 * Bridgeport

            * New Haven

            * New London

            * Rhodes Island

            * Warwick

            * West Greenwhich

            *  Providence

East Coast Road Trip Planner

 2. Boston to Buffalo

            *  Worcester

            * Springfield

            * Lennox


            * Saratoga Springs

            * Black River Wild Forest 

            * Cooperstown

            * Syracuse

            * Rochester


3.  Buffalo to Pittsburg

             * Niagara Falls

            * Lake Erie Beach

            * Sandy Lake

            * Grove City

            * Prospect

  4.  Pittsburg to Washington

            * Irwin

            * Seven Springs

            * Crystal Spring

            * Hagerstown

            *  Rockville

Fuel Stopovers

5.  Washington to Philadelphia

           * Annapolis

           *  Baltimore

           * Wilmington

           * Chester


  6. Philadelphia to New York

           * Trenton

           * Princeton

           * Morris town

           * Woodbury Premium Outlet Mall(nice Shopping Destination)

           * Englewood

           * Manhattan

 7. Back to New york

I want to go again

Snapshot of the road map –


Tips for renting a car in the USA during East Coast road trip – East Coast Road Trip Planner – East coast itinerary 

  • If you are taking a full tank, then return a car in full tank mode, it works like the mode you are taking the vehicle you have to bear in that way.
  • A properly neat and clean car is given to you, so keep in mind that do not return the dirty vehicle. Wash before returning either manually or on automatic wash areas on fuel stations.
  • Always take full car insurance to be tension-free.
  • Take toll car reader on rent at an extra cost of around 20$ for 1week, but toll amount is additional because sometimes we have to take TOLL road. This toll amount comes after 2 weeks and is deducted from your credit card.
  • The per day cost of renting a 4 seater car is around 60-90 $ without fuel.

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I hope you loved reading about the east coast road trip and will soon plan your east coast road trip itinerary with this USA road trip planner guide.

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East Coast, USA Itinerary
So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. Great post – very clearly set out. Looking forward to the write-ups on individual destinations. Lots of useful tips on renting a car, thanks!

  2. Looks like a great road trip! And your pictures are great. I’ve traveled down the East Coast of America – Toronto to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I’m off to Niagara in August – first time in over 20 years. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks like a great road trip! And your pictures are great. I’ve traveled down the East Coast of America – Toronto to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I’m off to Niagara in August – first time in over 20 years. Thanks for sharing!

  4. US trips always looks so iconic, such awesome sights on the East coast. I love the shots too, and so interesting the variety of styles in urban landscapes across the East Coast. Great tips on car rental.

  5. I have never been to USA and a road trip seems like a fun way to explore New York and around. I need to do my homework on the car rental agencies though…and the right hand drive, which is so different from India. Loved your seemed to have covered all the highlights …cheers to some fun times!

  6. I’d love to do a tour of both the East and the West coast! This is an excellent list of places to go – I’ve only been to New York!

  7. I cannot wait to go on a road trip with my boyfriend around the USA. And this is a great itinerary for the East Coast. I will bookmark it for future use.

  8. Fantastic post for anyone planning a road trip in the East Coast. I was in fact in East coast two months back. And i did a part of your planned itinerary. Loved the food and scenery there. This post is going to come handy for my next trip.

  9. I feel like this is one of those essential, yet once in a lifetime trips. What yummy food all along the east coast. What cool cities. And what beautiful views and wonderful memories. One day, I will do it.

  10. This looked like an amazing road trip, i cant imagine all the yummy food you had. I just love NY and these pictures just brought back some wonderfull memories 🙂

  11. What a great little itinerary. I’m pretty happy I’ve done all of the big stops on this but I would love to visit the little towns along the way you listed, sometimes the small towns on the way are the highlights. My favourite of the list was New York and Niagara Falls. What were yours?

  12. I really like that you listed all the great cities and places in between the destinations. I am planning on moving to the east coast one day maybe, so I will probably use this guide. Thank you!

  13. This is so useful as I’m not from the US and don’t know the area that well. I’ve heard such good things about Pittsburg and would love to stop there. Thanks for sharing this list. Very useful 🙂

  14. Great post and suggestion of places to visit! I’ve done the East Coast road trip a bunch of times and it’s fun one. Now for the West Coast!

  15. I live in the east coast so I can appreciate all the history and beauty it offers. Your trip was well planned and looks like a blast!

  16. Looks like you had a good trip. I loved spending lazy summer afternoons in Central Park New York. Something so calming about enjoying an afternoon with squirrels.

  17. The last time I rented a car, I left one of my converse shoes in there. It was sad just leaving one shoe. So definitely make sure you do a thorough look through before taking it back.

  18. WOW!! What a trip!! I have never been to the US so all of these places are sights I can only dream of. One day I hope to get over there!!

  19. My brother lives in Buffalo and he always lures me with the thought of going for these amazing road trips in USA. You have given a very helpful itinerary and I will save it for future. I missed going for IIFA which is happening in New York but USA is definitely on my mind. I want to make it happen soon.

  20. I am still dreaming about a road trip in USA . I am fascinated by the roads in USA. Specially the road from Boston to Buffalo. What an epic road trip. Your post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing the itinerary and tips.

  21. This must be the most through road trip plan I have seen and I do like the sound of the Washington to Philadelphia route. That sounds right up my street x

  22. I have never been to the East Coast, except for a layover in Newark. I like how this planner lists things to do between traveling to cities. Perfect road-trip planner. I also liked how you provided a map highlighting the areas you went to, perfect for me since I’m a visual learner haha.

  23. That’s one awesome, long road trip! I hope I’ll get a chance too to do a road trip in USA! Esp route 66 is very tempting… Looking forward for your detailed posts on the destinations!!!

  24. We did a similar road trip many years ago. Although not in summer but in October so it was quite cold. Niagara Falls was probably my favourite stop!

  25. That’s a great trip. So much to see in that area of the US and you crammed a lot in. Looking forward to seeing the city by city breakdown!

  26. Sounds like a great road trip. Is there a place where you wish you would have stayed longer?? Or somewhere you would skip next time? I’ve been to a few of those spots but missed out on Niagra Falls – so jealous!

  27. What a great road trip! I have been to most of these places, but on separate trips. I would love to go on a long road trip of the east coast someday.

  28. What a great road trip! I have been to most of these places, but on separate trips. I would love to go on a long road trip of the east coast.

  29. This is a very detailed itinerary. I am sure it is going to be of immense help to us when we get to the US. We always have been wondering on the best way to see the different places if we had about a week or so. Your post seems to be the answer to our questions.

  30. Thanks for all the details. All these great cities have so much to offer that it will take years to explore them. But this planner should help anyone to do a swift road trip, something I may need very soon.

  31. We hope to get our to the states sometime near the end of 2018. Maybe after that I am not sure. We will be ready for a big road trip and can use this to form our plan – thank you!

  32. As a New Yorker now living in California, this brings back so many great travel memories. There’s so much to see on the East Coast, and I’m glad you got to experience it!

  33. Great trip! I used to live just outside of NYC and road trips were definitely much easier on the East coast than where I am now in CA. We drove from NJ to TX one year, and that was awesome!

  34. You managed to see a lot of places in 10 days!! I’m impressed you managed to see all these places. Those are great tips for renting a car, especially about the toll card reader.

  35. I’ve made a US West Coast trip but never East. The sites and cities you visited are incredible, especially Niagra, I’d stay there over Buffalo. The picture from DC is wonderful too.

  36. A perfect guide for one of the memorable roadtrips in the USA. I’m yet to visit the states but I already have so many places on my must visit. Your post just tempts me to include all of the above :). Perhaps I should convince my husband to take a roadtrip in the states when we visit.

  37. Whoa! That is one epic trip. I have always seen USA as a road trip destination along with Australia. The tips you shared are very useful. I don’t have a car but if I am going on a road trip with friends in their car, I ensure it is serviced.

  38. This is a lovely planner. Especially for the first timers like me as I am yet to visit US. Its very much on the cards and I look forward to this for helping me plan. Thank you

  39. This is a great planner for the road trip. I would love to road trip up the east coast of the usa. I would copy this plan for sure

  40. This is definitely a bucket list experience for me! Hope you enjoyed the DC/MD area! (My neck of the woods)

  41. This is so detailed! I love it! I live on the east coast and I’ve been to almost none of these places so it looks like I’ve got a lot of work to do 🙂 I’m definitely pinning this to my travel board so I remember it!

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