Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

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Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

Dubai, a vibrant city in the Middle East has a lot many adventure and entertainment options that customers can take advantage of. With the summers approaching, this city provides exciting indoor options for adventure and fun lovers. One such indoor activity that is completely unique is Jumble DXB. So let’s enter into this adventure world which involves full of physical and mental skills and read about my Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Jumble Indoor Adventure Park Building

Overview of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai  

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Maze of Adventure Rooms

All are very much familiar with Escape Rooms and initially, you will perceive Jumble as an Escape Room type of fun but this is something very different and unique.

The concept involves a perfect combination of adventure + fun + mental activities + teamwork.

Jumble has over 200 challenges solve as a team. The main task is to complete the challenge and then move on to the next challenge and all challenges are done within a team. All challenges are solved with team support as they have many multi-level tasks that are simultaneously done by all members of the team. The challenges are mentally and physically stimulating and also as per your skill level, you can select the difficulty level too.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Get lost into this Adventure Maze and win some exciting games

So enter the exciting world of Jumble where you can have the experience of these challenges can make you crawl through tunnels, call the fire-station, climb monkey bars, fight zombies, do the chicken dance and much more fun with your friends or family.

  • After solving one challenge, you open a door to a new challenge and after successful 3 to 5 challenges you complete one Jumble. And you can now do the same thing to other Jumbles.
  • If you are not successful in one Jumble – then worry not as you can try out other Jumble.
  • You can also again reattempt the previous Jumble which you weren’t successful.
  • There are two sessions available- 2 hours & 4 hours session. Tickets can be booked on Jumble’s Official website or in-store. It is better to book ticket in advance 
  • They also offer birthday party packages and corporate team building packages. You can celebrate your birthday or special days here with your friends and family. Birthday Packages include 2 hours of Jumble session + Food & Beverages from French Bakery. 

    Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
    Private Party Room for Celebrations & Events

  • As Dubai has many corporate looking for unique team building venues  Jumble is the best team building venue around. More than 1300 corporate have loved Jumble. Jumble team building motivates employees to build their team, foster teamwork and mingle with each other and increase collaboration with each other.

Décor of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai  | Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

Rustic Brick interiors with green doors having specific numbers and levels of skill required are arranged in maze format inside the huge building of Jumble. There are two levels one is on the ground floor and the other on the 1st floor which is interconnected by stairs. The bricked walls, dim light lamps, funky colored boxes make the whole interiors very rustic and funky.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Interiors of Jumble
Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Bright colored rooms with exciting and Thrilling Adventure inside – Unlock these adventures –

Like everything, we have to use our mental skills and memory as no mobiles or notebooks are allowed inside. The challenge behind the doors is secret and can be played only once the session begins.

They also have designated event halls for birthday parties, corporate team building and school trips.

At each and every step of the corner, you will find friendly staff called the Ninjas. Ninjas in orange-colored T-shirts who are always ready to help you.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Joey – Our Jumble Ninja – Helpful and very friendly

Inside the Jumble building, there is one famous restaurant too – The French Bakery which is great to refuel your appetite before or after a jumble session.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Refuel yourself at this Funky & Rustic Restaurant – The French Bakery

Important Rules at Jumble | Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

  • A team should have a minimum of 3 players to max 6 players. You can come in a large group and split into various teams. A healthy challenge between your squad is always exciting and fun.
  • All players should be 10 years and above. A 10 and 11-year-old should be accompanied by an adult in the team.  

My Verdict on Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai 

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

We as a family made our team and started very early on weekend morning to avoid a huge crowd and rush.

At first, you are given an RFID wristband with which you have to create your profile on their kiosks. This is a one-time registration so that the next time you come, you don’t have to create a profile again. Your wrist band is important as it is the key to open your Jumble activity door. Keeping all your belongings safe in the locker room which too is also operated by the wrist band, you can now start playing.

  • Check In & Sign Up 
  • Keep your Belongings & Your wristband is your Key – 

Your team is directed to a briefing area where a Ninja will assist you with to answer any questions after the briefing video has played. There is nothing to worry about, as whenever you feel uncomfortable you just to exit out by the exit door. Every Jumble has a visible exit door in case you won’t fail the challenge or want to move onto another challenge.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Briefing of Jumble Adventure Game

And all team members have to scan their wrist bands before playing. There will be different sounds, lights to depict what to do next. A scoreboard is always there to show the scores of all the teams playing that day in Jumble.

  • Scoreboard & Scanning of Team before entering

It was so much fun and super exciting that we had no idea how 2 hours passed away.  

Features of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai | Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

  • A unique concept of testing your physical and mental skills.
  • Indoor park so you easily avoid harsh sun outside. It can be enjoyed in the afternoons and summer too.
  • Great for Groups and Team Building Activity.
  • Entertaining, full of Adventure, Fun & releases stress
  • Personal Lockers are provided to keep your bag, mobile or purse so that you play freely around without any distraction.
  • Free Parking 
  • Exclusive Retail Products available 
  • Onsite Food & Beverage partner – French Bakery available 
Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
Come… Get Lost into the world of MAZE OF ADVENTURE


  • Wear comfortable clothes and trainers. Avoid wearing hanging jewelry, scarf, and other things. In case you do, it can be kept in the lockers. It’s always better to grab their knee pads in-store as you need to crawl sometimes.

Some Secret Tips for Winning At Jumble | Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

  • Look out carefully your goal, hurdles and then carefully start playing to win the game.
  • Do not be too quick but not very slow also, as there is a specific timer in which you have to finish your jumble.
  • Check all signs carefully as there are clues around you only and you just have to be alert with your five senses.
  • With the perfect combination of Team Co-ordination and your alertness, you can clear out many Jumbles.
  • All team members should assign their duties instead of rushing doing the same things.
  • If you want to avoid the crowd, then choose weekdays or very early mornings of weekends. Weekends are generally full.
  • As you are not carrying an electronic device or mobiles inside, you have to rely on your brain’s memory to remember what you completed as all boxes and doors look similar and you just have to remember your completed tasks by door numbers. There is nothing to write or not down, so it is a game of memory, alertness and physical endurance.
  • Jumble takes you to a different unique world where you are not dependent on anything electronic or external support but just use your own mental and physical power.


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How to reach Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai | Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai 

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai
World of Indoor Adventures

ADDRESS  – Next To IBIS HOTEL, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – Click here to Google Map location.

PHONE NO – 800 JUMBLE(586253)


SUN – WED – 11:00 A.M. TO 10:00 P.M.


SAT – 10: 00 A.M. TO 10:00 P.M.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

So build your team or group and pick your dear friends/family and head to Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai to solve crazy challenges. A perfect place for weekend or afternoon relaxation with full of fun and excitement with your team.  Feel the true adventure with some crazy moments that will boggle your mind, test your physical skills and create memories to last a lifetime with your friends and family at Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai. I hope you loved reading my Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai.

Review of Jumble – An Indoor Adventure Park, Dubai

Note – Though I with my family was invited by Jumble for brunch, the views and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.


So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. This is so much fun. I love the concept of escape rooms and I am glad that this is even more challenging than those. Love the fact that families can play as teams. It would be enjoyable to try this out with my kid next time we are in Dubai.

  2. OVER 200 CHALLENGES WHAT?! I personally LOVE escape rooms so this is right up my alley. I’m already selecting my group that I would take with me to this challenge.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! When I first started reading it my mind went right to escape room, like you mentioned, but I can see this is something much more detailed and challenging. I love that the entire family can get involved and work together.

  4. I have never heard of this adventure park. I guess Dubai has a couple of new theme parks built durng the last few years. Is this a huge one?

    1. It is not that huge like open parks but yes it is huge as compared to indoor parks. Here you have solve puzzles and adventures to get into next room. You can also retry if you fail.

  5. This looks like great fun! You seem happy in the photos so I guess you were winning? I often have connecting flights in Dubai but have never actually stayed there, this could be a perfect reason to stop next time 🙂

  6. Jumble sounds like an excellent way to avoid the summer heat of Dubai. At least that’s what I hear. I’ve never actually been to Dubai. What a great activity for your whole family.

  7. This sounds like so much fun, but a great way keep you and your mind active by all accounts. You have given some great tips for the visit but also how to play Jumble Indoor Adventure Park in Dubai. I also love that it is great for a family day out, or as a group of friends competing, and I completely agree that it is great for a work team building.

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