Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

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Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

Recently I was invited to the newly opened and exciting menu of Nawab, and so presenting you my candid reviews of Restaurant Nawab, Dubai.  Nawab means the head of the state in Urdu/Hindi language and therefore the food served in Nawab is fine dining style within affordable range. Nawab offers a perfect blend of delicious Indian cuisine with royal authentic ambiance and fine dining style in a peaceful neighborhood of Dubai – DIP. So let’s read the exciting review of Nawab authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai and dine like Nawab.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Seating area of Nawab Restaurant

Let’s take an overview of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

Nawab with a very grand and magnificent ambiance present the authentic North Indian cuisine with great flavors and hospitality. As per the name Nawab which means head of the state you will also be treated like Nawab in this restaurant with special attention and care to all at this place.  With many Indian delicacies and inclusion of Indian sizzlers, Indian Chinese dishes this restaurant serves many new varieties of Indian dishes too.  Nawab restaurant has separate Nawab Lounge too for Shisha and a separate Indian style party hall for accommodating private groups too. Nawab offers all kinds of dining styles from small family or solo to party dining and also to relax in their sports or Shisha Lounge.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Welcoming staff of Nawab

AMBIANCE / DÉCOR OF Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

As per the name, the ambiance of this place is perfectly blended with the theme. You will receive a warm welcome in a very grand and magnificent dining hall with vibrant colors of green, yellow and rustic wooden furnishings.

The huge handpainted mural wall decors of traditional Nawab will take you to the Nawabi era of India. The huge hand-painted motif of peacock(India’s national bird), Nawab’s symbolic face, rustic wooden sculpted Jharokhas from Havelis of India will depict the ancient Indian era in this restaurant.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Mural art in Nawab Restaurant

Though the décor is very authentic seating is very modern with comfortable yellow-colored seats. There is fine fusion of Indian décor with modern style of seating and sometimes this fusion is also reflected in the food of Nawab. The high rise ceiling with long lamps over you makes the place very royal and also gives the grand look to overall dining area.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Peacock Mural painting
Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Nawab sports Lounge / Nawab Shisha bar
Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Separate party area in Indian authentic style of seating

Reviews of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

I went to this restaurant for a casual dine out with my family and received warm welcome by their Restaurant Manager Bharti with great courtesy and also she took my order with great patience. 


As this restaurant serves authentic Indian cuisine, Indian street food(chaat), many fusion Indian foods too, so my selection for starters, main course and desserts comprise choices from all the categories.


NIMBU SHIKANJI WITH EXTRA MINT – Indian styled lemonade without soda mixed with mint and Indian spices is perfect way to quench the thirst and also a very delicious refreshing drink.

PAANI PURI – Crispy puris(balls made from flour) filled with Indian styled boiled potatoes and spicy water. Favorite street food in all over India.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

HARA BHARA KEBAB – Spinach & green vegetable Kebab with having little cheesy core. The starters are served into 8 pieces like if you order  plate of starter, in that you get 8 pieces of the ordered item which I guess is very big portion.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

KACHUMBAR SALAD – Julienne cuts of raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, onions and many others mixed with Indian spices and lime juice.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai


PALAK KE KOFTE – Cottage cheese(Paneer) balls with Indian herbs are dipped in spinach based Indian gravy.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

MIRCH BAIGAN SALAN – A typical Hyderabadi style of peanut and yogurt-based curry with  small marinated aubergine are served.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

INDIAN BREAD – I ordered combination of Lasooni (Garlic) Naan and Potato Kulcha(stuffed Indian bread with boiled spicy potatoes).

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

Apart from this we took small quantity of Chinese Fried Rice and Gobi(Cauliflower) Manchurian cooked in Indian style. So these Indo-Chinese fusion flavors are perfect and for next time, I will be relishing only Indo-Chinese flavors here.


I was totally full after having many dishes but the tempting sweets menu made my urge to order small portions of –

MATKA KULFI – Indian style ice-cream made by thickening of full cream milk with addition of cardamom powder, rose syrup and saffron strands and then kept for freezing in clay pot for authentic taste.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

GULAB JAMUN – Deep fried milk solids and then dipped into rose-flavored sugary syrup.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

RAS MALAI – Indian cottage cheese dumplings dipped into sweetened flavored condensed milk.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai

My Verdict – Overall I am happy and satisfied with

  • Some unique Indian flavors with large quantities of food.
  • Ambiance of place.
  • Serving size & the temperature of food. 
  • Very affordable in fine dining style.
  • They have many vegetarian food options.
  • Read more reviews of them at Nawab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  • There is ample public parking slots in front of the restaurant which is free
  • Special Sports Lounge / Shisha Lounge.
  • Separate Party hall.
  • Many Vegetarian and Vegan options.
  • Special Friday Brunch option and that too in very affordable rates of AED 29
  • Polite and Courteous Staff.
  • Accept Credit Cards.
  • They have Indo-western fusion dishes too like Indo-Chinese, sizzling Indian styled Sizzlers, wraps, Kathi rolls, Thali(complete 1 meal) option and many other interesting things in the menu.
  • No alcohol served here.
  • Accept outdoor party or event catering too.
Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Hospitable staff of Nawab


Family Eat outs, Celebrations, Special Occasions, Group Parties, Lounge Visitors, Friday Brunches. 

 PRICE – AED 80/- for 2 (approximately).

GOOGLE MAP LOCATION – Click here to reach this location

PHONE NO – +971 800 62922

ADDRESS – Shop 9, Ground Floor, Ramla Superstore, Green Community Village, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai 

Nawab Restaurant is newly opened restaurant with many great reviews on social media sites and I also found their reviews are genuine.

You can also check through their Facebook Page for ongoing deals, special festival celebrations and discounts as they run many interesting events and offers from time to time.

Review of Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant, Dubai
Authentic Indian dining in Dubai


FRIDAY BRUNCH FOR AED 29 per person with lavish varieties of starters, salads, main course, and desserts.


Note – Though I was invited by Nawab Restaurant after their launch of the restaurant, the views and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone. Being vegetarian I have reviewed only vegetarian dishes. 

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  1. Nawab sounds and looks like a deliouse Idian restaurant. I like the idea of the Indo-western fusion dishes and interesting to know that they don’t serve alcohol. Btw reading this made me feel hungry

  2. This looks delicious! Indian cuisine is a favorite of mine – I’ll eat it anywhere I go. I want to order some Gulab Jamun right now!!

  3. I have heard Dubai having amazing Indian restaurants and you just proved it. The menu of Nawab looks authentic and can be enjoyed by Indians as well as other nationals. The photos sure made me salivate and I think I need a dose of some punjabi khana tonight 😉

  4. Nawab looks very contemporary chic with a hint of tradition. Loved the table having the foosball table on it. And the mirch baigan salan looks positively droolworthy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Dubai certainly has some amazing restaurants. I was a bit sceptical about the ‘authentic’ part when I saw the photos of the decor but the food does look very good especially the curries and desserts. Perhaps they should drop the Indo-Chinese dishes and focus on them?

    1. I guess they have kept Indo-chinese dishes as in some parts of India like North East they eat lots of Indianized version of Chinese dishes. These are not actually authentic Chinese dishes but fusion of Indian and China. So to attract some of those states they have kept these Indo-Chinese dishes.

  6. This looks delectable! I’m impressed by how many different styles of interior decor they have with the sports bar and the private dining room, as well as the beautiful murals with modern seating. The palak ke kofte and the mirch baigan salan both sound and look so delicious. I don’t think I’d be able to resist the matka kulfi either!

  7. This sounds like a fabulous dining experience and the food looks delicious. I now feel I have to search out some Indian food for dinner! Great to such a recommendation for the next time I am in Dubai.

  8. Wow, this food looks delicious. I am very curious of the paani puri, those hollowed out crispy balls with a vegetable mix inside are very ingenious. I would love to try that out and many of the other dishes on the menu!

  9. I am loving the decor of the restaurant but more importantly the food looks amazing and I bet it tastes amazing. Would love to try that Mirch Baigan Salan, my sort of curry type food and the bread looks like its cook right. Would defo hit up this restaruant when I eventually get to Dubai.

  10. No surprise you can find just about any international food / restaurant in Dubai as it is such an international destination. We love Indian food so when we are in Dubai, we will for certain put this on our delectable places to eat list.

  11. This place looks so delicious. Love how you gave us a little background behind the name of the place. All the food looks so delicious and definitely something right up my alley. Will need to check it out when I am back in Dubai.

  12. Great review!! I never knew that Dubai has so many great Indian restaurants. But the food surely do look really scrumptious as I happen to be a big Indian food lover. I really love the inside decor too it gives the restaurant a really indian vibes.

  13. This sounds like a fantastic restaurant. I had no idea you could find good, authentic Indian food in Dubai. I love Indian food and these dishes have my mouth watering! It’s great that they have lots of vegetarian options too. The decor looks really nice, like a more modern and hip take on Indian style. This is definitely the kind of restaurant I would like to eat.

  14. The Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant looks like the perfect restaurant for me in Dubai. I truly love Indian food, so this a must. That kachumber salad looks so refreshing! Everything you ordered looks delicious.

  15. I’ve actually never tried Indian food yet but definitely would want to try them. I love restaurants with great design and ambience. I love the colors of this restaurant

    1. You would love the ambiance of this restaurant and definitely you should try Indian food as it has many different flavors in one dish.

  16. Reading this made me HUNGRY. I’ve never had these kinds of food before, but experiencing them in a restaurant as beautiful and luxurious as this one must have been such a treat!

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