Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn, Dubai

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Reviews of The Royal Budha - Holiday Inn Dubai

Thai Food/cuisine have a perfect harmony of five flavors – sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy, thus tantalizing your taste buds.  Presenting you reviews from authentic Thai cuisine, which is cooked by chefs from Thailand in Dubai.  Dubai is heaven for foodies offering diverse food options from all over the world.  So in this article, I will be presenting my reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn.

The Royal Budha is an award-winning Thai restaurant located in heart of Dubai.  Situated on the ground floor of Holiday Inn Barsha, this restaurant is 350 meters away from metro station and also can be easily accessed through taxis and cars.  The specialty of this is that it has many varieties of food selections from nonvegetarian and vegan menu. As I am vegetarian, I found lots of options to select for

Actually, full Thai meal comprises of snacks, salads, Chilly & Sour Dips, Soups, Curries, Single Dishes (comprising noodles with saute vegetables) and Thai desserts. 

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai
Royal Thai Meal – Noodles, Vegetables, Thai Rice

AMBIANCE/ DÉCOR of The Royal Budha 

The Royal Budha has an excellent stylish seating with lovely royal pink/purple colored furnishings under the eye of a grand golden statue of Buddha.  The cutlery is also unique with long spoons and forks and sparkling wine glasses.  The whole ambiance is a perfect balance between stylish and authentic décor. 


PHAD THAI PHAK – Wok fried Thai rice noodles with mixed vegetables, fried Tofu, onions, crispy peanuts and tangy tamarind sauce.  I like this dish because of tangy and crispy flavors

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai PHAD SE-EW PHAK – Wok fried flat noodles with mixed vegetables, tofu, and black soya sauce.  I loved these ribbon-shaped flat noodles with slight spiciness and kids would love to have them.

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai

 PHAD TAO – HOO MED MA – MUANG HIMAPAN  – Wok fried mixed vegetables and Tofu with Bell peppers, Onions, Chilli paste, and crunchy cashew nuts.  The colors of this dish are very appealing with lots of colorful vegetables.  It is said that Thai food not only, satisfies your taste buds but also appeals your eyes too.  This saying can be reflected in this dish.

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai

CAENG KIEW WAN REU PHED PHAK TAO – HOO – The very famous mix vegetable Thai green curry consisting of coconut milk, sweet basil and Tofu is served with steamed Thai rice.  I loved the spiciness of this green curry and would recommend it. A must try. 

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai

With all these main courses we ordered the very famous Papaya salad – “Sam Tum Je”.  This sour salad has crispy and tangy flavors. 

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai
Delicious Raw Papaya Salad – Highly Recommended

Initially, we were served with special herbal ginger flavored welcome drink with Vegetable Thai styled fritters. (Complimentary). For non-vegetarians they serve prawn crackers as complimentary tidbits. 

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai
Complimentary Vegetable fritters with Thai dip


Food – 4.8 out of 5

Ambiance – 4 . 4 out of 5

Service – 5 out of 5

Cleanliness – 5 out of 5

Read more ratings and reviews by Zomato on 

The Royal Budha - Holiday Inn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  • Special vegetarian menu option with many varieties
  • Welcoming and courteous staff
  • Expert chefs from Thailand
  • See through kitchens with live cooking.
  • Full Bar with many options and offers. Nowadays, they are running a special offer of AED 99 for 2hours of unlimited drinks from the selected bar menu.
  • Opens till Late Night
  • Valet Parking
  • Very close to Metro station (public transport of Dubai)
  • Very close to famous Mall of Emirates – Dubai.


  • Book your table in advance.
  • Check for special events on special occasions before going to this place.

RECOMMENDED FOR – Romantic Dinners, Couples, Family Outings,  Corporate Dinners, Parties, and celebrations. 

PRICE – AED 220 – 275 for 2 persons approximately.

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai
The Royal Budha – Holiday Inn Dubai

The Royal Budha has won many excellence awards from What’s On, Trip Advisor, MENA Travel Awards, and Time Out Dubai. 

So, if you are visiting Dubai or live in Dubai and want to enjoy true authentic Thai food which tantalizes your taste buds then you must visit The Royal Budha. 

Reviews of The Royal Budha Holiday Inn Dubai
The Royal Budha – Holiday Inn, Dubai

Note – Though I was invited by The Royal Budha for dinner, the views and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.   

Dubai has many hidden treasures like old souqs, getaways like Hatta mountain ranges near Dubai, archeaological sites and many exotic beaches like La Mer Beach and JBR beach.  

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I really enjoy Thai food, as long as it’s not too spicy. The Royal Buddha Holiday Inn looks like a perfect choice for a Thai meal in Dubai. I’m not a vegetarian, so would choose all the meat and seafood options. One to remember if I ever visit Dubai.

  2. This sounds amazing!! I was in Dubai 3 years ago and am so disappointed that I didn’t come across this place. I think I need to head back 😊

  3. I am a fan of vegetarian Thai cuisine ! Love hearing about new food places like this. Dubai is such a wonderful city and has some pretty incredible food ! I would love to taste this Wok fried mixed vegetables and Tofu and of course this delicious the very famous Papaya salad… Now I get my mouth watering 🙂

  4. I absolutely love Thai food, it’s one of my favourite cuisines. The ambience and the food look amazing, Green curry especially! Seems like a total must-do when visiting Dubai.

  5. Your food looks amazing! I love Thai food and you totally described it perfectly. I’ve never been to Dubai, but will have to add it to my bucket list. Yum!!

    1. Even you will get lots of non-vegetarian varieties here. We are vegetarians that is why we opted for those dishes. You will get plenty options here

  6. I go to Dubai often since my parents live there. However I’ve never been to the Royal Budha. I love Thai food as well and am bookmarking this for future reference. The food photos had me salivating.

  7. The Royal Buddha Holiday Inn looks like a nice place to stay in and explore Dubai. The food really looks awesome. Also considering that we are vegetarians too, the place seems to offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes. The Thai green curry really looks pretty inviting.

  8. I love Thai cuisine, so it’s nice to see that there is authentic Thai food available there in Dubai with such a wide spread of delicacies such as pad thai and som tam. Sounds delicious – I’ll love to try them out for myself as well!

  9. I like the ambience of the restaurant as well as its tranquil vibes. Food looks tempting. I love authentic Thai flavours and I’m impressed they have so many options for vegetarians as well. Looks like a great place for dine-in.

  10. I love Thai food. This seems like the perfect place for me to dine in when I visit Dubai. As you said, the food not only is delicious, it is very appealing to the eyes too. And then there are so many varieties to try!

  11. I have actually been to this place, a couple of years ago! And I found them on zomato, they had a pretty high rating. And I loved it too! The ambiance, he decor, the food, everything! I did not expect such a nice restaurant to be in Holiday Inn Al Barsha (its 5 min away from my home) but I was pleasantly surprised! They’re not too expensive either.

  12. I knew some wonderful Indian food restaurants in Dubai… Getting to know about such delicious Thai food restaurant is a treat itself… And being such die hard fan of Thai food this surely isn’t going to be a miss next time I visit Dubai

  13. This place looks goo good. The food looks and sounds amazing which is always the case with Thai cuisine. The best part is that there are quite a few options for vegetarians.

  14. It’s awesome to see more and more people catering to vegan/vegetarian eaters. As vegans ourselves, it’s great to see that. Do you feel Dubai was good for that in other regions as well?

    1. Yes Dubai has lots of diverse food choices as many nationalities live here. You will find a wide array of vegan choices in every region of Dubai and even in UAE.

  15. Sounds like an amazing place to dine! The food you ordered looks delicious! I love the fact that the restaurants has a lot options (both for vegan and non-vegetarians). Being accessible is also a major bonus point! 🙂

  16. The place looks amazing and as I am really fond of Thai food, I think this place becomes a perfect resort to satiate those cravings in a foreign land. Dubai is anyway on my list, so will surely keep this place in mind for a fine dine Thai dinner

  17. Thai is one of my favorite cuisines. The food here looks amazing and would definitely try this restaurant when we are in Dubai next time. Very informative post. Thanks!

  18. The food looks very appetizing. We were actually in Dubai recently and tried several cuisines while in the city. We could have been visited this Thai Restaurant if I have read this earlier. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope u have enjoyed your Dubai tour. Oh you missed this restaurant, but nothing to worry… keep this in your bucket list for next time…

  19. I love Thai food and this place looks amazing. Green curry is my favorite so I’m glad to see there’s is a “must try”. I agree that Thai food appeals to the eyes and the tastebuds as well. It looks like you had a fantastic meal!

  20. I appreciate your review style, especially your rating system at the end, and you take excellent food photos. Thanks for all the useful information!

  21. Pad thais are my absolute favorite and gosh I’m just drooling over all of these photos! It’s awesome that they open late night. Will definitely have to check this out if I’m ever in Dubai!

  22. It’s breakfast time where I am but I am totally craving Thai food now! These meals look delicious, and you’re right that Thai food is great because there are so many vegetarian options!

  23. I am not too big a fan of Thai food but the reviews of The Royal Buddha has activated my taste buds. The Golden Buddha statue is indeed beautiful and instantly relaxes mind. It’s difficult to find such honest reviews these days. I am glad there are so many vegetarian options to delve on. The Royal Buddha is in my bucket list whenever I get to visit Dubai

  24. The ambiance of the Royal Budha Restaurant looks so attractive and ravishing, and the food looks delectable. We love Thai food as it is loaded with lots of colorful vegetables with a hint of sweet, sour and spiciness. I am pleased to know that this restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options as well and is close to Metro Station. Your honest review makes me feel to visit Dubai soon and enjoy authentic Thai food at this restaurant.

  25. That food looks so yummy! We love Thai food and order it where ever we go! That’s great that they had vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available.

  26. I love the sound of this place, and from the pics, it looks absolutely lovely too! I quite enjoy Thai vegetarian food, and this place will be on my checklist whenever I’m in Dubai! 🙂

  27. I am a big fan of vegetarian Thai cuisine. I am off to Thailand tomorrow. It is my first trip and I will try to find the dishes listed by you. Being a vegetarian myself, this guide comes handy. I am impressed that The Royal Budha offers such great variety of vegetarian fare. The ambiance is equally appeal. I am sure Buddha is approving!

  28. This post came just at the right time. I am visiting Dubai next month. Being a vegetarian, it will be a perfect choice for me. It’s so cool that it has won so many awards too. I am sure the food will be delicious. Can’t wait to try it.

  29. That place feels like heaven on hearth, just by having that beautiful Buddha is great, we love it 😀 The food looks so yummy, one of the reasons we want to go to Thailand so badly…that and of course the amazing sunny and warm vibes 🙂
    Great post, thanks for sharing.
    Sending good vibes only,

    Patricia & Miguel

  30. This seems to be a perfectly lit fine dine restro for a delightful eve. I loved the setting of the table and the fact that there is not just something but much more for a vegetarian like me..

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