Best Things To Do In Chattanooga TN This Weekend

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What to do in Chattanooga this weekend, or Is Chattanooga worth visiting? Then read this article. You will read about unique things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend. There are many places to visit in Chattanooga for all age groups. There are many hilly drivers near Chattanooga, so there are many romantic things to do in Chattanooga too.

Best Things To Do In Chattanooga TN This Weekend

Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee, with a beautiful location near Cumberland Plateau and the huge Tennessee river. That is why Chattanooga is worth visiting city in Tennessee, USA.  

Where to stay in Chattanooga TN – Places to Visit in Chattanooga

Some fabulous hotel stays in Chattanooga include luxury, riverfront, quaint bungalows, and affordable hotels.

  • The Edwin Hotel, Autograph Collection is an upscale boutique hotel located downtown at the riverfront and Walnut Street Bridge. It is also an art hub with numerous art collections in its lobbies and a view of scenic rivers and mountains.  Best Things To Do In Chattanooga TN Weekend
  • Moxy Chattanooga – It is a stylish-chic hotel with hostel vibes. It is located on the south side, and the vibrant Railyard chat and other common spaces are filled with games and many events.
  • Westin Chattanooga – Located in West Village downtown. It is surrounded by beautiful cobblestone streets, boutique shops, local food joints, art shops, and views of mountains.
  • Bode Chattanooga – Located in the west village with the perfect combination of luxuries and traditional hotel stays. It has a 1 to 3-bedroom apartment-style room layout with a well-equipped kitchen. It hosts music, open-mic, and comedy nights in common areas.
  • Kinley Chattanooga is located in the Southside district, where you can enjoy art, culture, and entertainment.

    Bluff View Art District - things to do in chattanooga Tn
    Bluff View Art District

  • Hotel Indigo Chattanooga – Located in the heart of West Village, this hotel offers a cozy stay. This boutique hotel has fantastic dining, special events, and an assortment of local craft beers.
  • Double Tree by Hilton – Located in the west village of the Historic District. The modern hotel, with a spacious rooms gallery, has a unique feature to welcome its guests with complimentary freshly baked choco cookies. These cookies are super yummy.

Some Unique places to stay in Chattanooga, TN

You can choose unique options like yurts and cabins for a luxury boutique’s fantastic stay.

where to stay in chattanooga

  • Read House – 1920s décor hotel stay and the most luxurious hotel in Chattanooga.
  • The Dwell Hotel – Historic Boutique Hotel
  • The Crash pad – A modern eco-friendly hostel.
  • Pot Point Cabin – Constructed from logs and planks, this cabin type of hotel gives you a rustic feeling. It is located near the bend of the Tennessee River Gorge.
  • Tree Top Hideways – A luxury tree house with the amenities of a tiny House.
  • Windsong Chalet – A-frame cottage located on Lookout Mountain with a typical forest setting.
  • The Blue Cottage – charming mountain bungalow stay on Lookout Mountain.

Let’s check some worth visiting places in Chattanooga or the best places to visit in Chattanooga TN

What to do in Chattanooga this weekend

Best Things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is a series of underground cascading waterfalls of 145 feet (44 m) in Lookout Mountain on the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It is the tallest and deepest cave waterfall in the nation, which lies 1,120 feet underground.

Rock City Gardens

Rock City Gardens On Lookout Mountains are famous for natural rock formations and an aerial view of Chattanooga. The fantastic thing to do here is to explore unique rock formations from old age. Explore the unique flora and fauna with 400 species of plants, flowers, and shrubs.

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Best things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend

Rock City is one of the oldest and most popular attractions in South USA. It is just 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga. Though Chattanooga is in Tennessee, Rock City on Lookout Mountain is in Georgia. Now you know what to do in Chattanooga this weekend.

Opening Time 8:00 a.m. To 5:30 p.m. 

Things to do –

  • Walk on the Swing-A-Long BridgeBridge that spans nearly 200 feet. Best places to visit in Chattanooga Tn - south USA road trip
  • Lover’s Leap, where you can “See Seven States.”
  • Café 7 dining on the terraces at Lover’s Leap,
  • Fairyland Caverns.
  • Mother Goose Village

Ticket Price – Rock City Adult $24.95, Rock City Child (age 3-12) $14.95

Lookout Mountain

What to do in Chattanooga this weekend
Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is the perfect destination for nature lovers, as many spots exist. Not only nature, but it has a rich history of the Civil war. It is one of the most popular places in Chattanooga, TN.

It is a famous spot for the steepest passenger railway in the world, the tallest and deepest underground waterfall in the country, and a mountaintop view of the Seven States of the USA.

Things to do – 

  • Incline Railway
  • Ruby Falls
  • Rock City
  • Chattanooga National Military Park
  • Ruby Falls’ Zipline Adventure

Tickets – Attraction tickets are sold separately. 

Multi-attraction combo tickets are currently unavailable.

Point Park Battlefield

Best places to visit in Chattanooga Tn - south USA road trip

Point Park Battlefield ground is a national park. Point Park is a ten-acre memorial park that overlooks the Lookout Mountain Battlefield. Also, you get a stunning aerial view of Chattanooga.

Point Park is part of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, a site of the famous Civil War. This war was also known as “The Battle Above The Clouds.” This battle took place on Lookout Mountain in 1863. You can spot the famous battle scene 33′ by 13′ in the form of a Mural painted by James Walker, an eyewitness to the battle, at the Visitor’s Center.

Timings – Open daily 8:30 a.m. – sunset

Tickets – Adults (16 and over) $10.00

You can also visit Battles For Chattanooga Musem and Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park adjoining this park.

Lookout Mountain Incline Rail – Chattanooga Funicular Rail ride 

Places to visit in Chattanooga Tn this weekend

The Incline Railway descending from historic Lookout Mountain is the world’s steepest passenger railway. It is 1 Mile long trip, and this system is one hundred and twenty-five years old. It is popularly known as “America’s Most Amazing Mile,”

The Incline’s transparent rooftop trolley-style cars climb through the natural and historic Lookout Mountain with an incline of 72.7% grade.

You can also take the panoramic views from the observation tower at The Incline’s top station, where you start your journey. If you are not taking the ride, you can also go to this deck for incredible aerial views of Chattanooga city.

At the bottom Incline station in St. Elmo, you will find a unique shop selling fresh flowers, homemade candlemaking, coffee, indoor climbing wall activities, freshly-made burritos, local dining joints, hand-dipped ice cream, and some fantastic clothing.

Entrance – Prices range from $7.00 to $15.00 – Entry times for the boarding queue are every 30 minutes.

Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Ruby Falls Tour - Chattanooga things to do
Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Cave Formations

Raccoon Mountain Caverns is located just 1.3 miles off of I-24 at the Lookout Valley exit (#174) and is less than ten minutes from downtown Chattanooga. Raccoon Mountain Caverns & Campground is home to Tennessee’s highest-rated cave.

Raccoon Mountain Caverns consists of over 5.5 miles of underground passageways. It has many caves with small areas of formation growth since the old days. Raccoon Mountain Caverns has many natural formations and is well preserved, considered one of the most geologically active caverns in the South.

Crystal Palace Walking Tour is a 45-55 minute guided walking tour through the first 1/4 mile of the cave.

Tennessee Aquarium

things to do in chattanooga with kids

Tennessee Aquarium on the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga, TN, is home to more than 10000 animals and an IMAX theater. It has one country’s most diverse freshwater and marine life collections. That is why it is one of the best places in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Enjoy the variety of playful dolphins and deadly sharks, all in their natural habitat.

Entrance – Admission to the Aquarium is $34.95 for adults and $21.95 for kids ages 3-12 (ages two and under are free).

Walnut Street Bridge

Things to do in Chattanooga TN

This BridgeBridge was constructed in 1891 and is a trendy pedestrian bridge in Chattanooga. The Walnut St. Bridge is one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges that connect downtown Chattanooga to the north shore.

Walking on this BridgeBridge in the evening is one of the most beautiful and romantic things to do in Chattanooga, TN. It spans the Tennessee River, with a beautiful sunset and a view of Coolidge Park. It is a famous spot for visitors and residents to walk, stroll, bike, skate, and dog walk.

This BridgeBridge is also available for Weddings and special ceremonies or events.

Entrance – free

Tennessee Riverpark

most romantic things to do in chattanooga

These 150 acres of Riverpark have everything for all ages and interests. It houses many unique and diverse elements such as the Tennessee Aquarium, the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Bluff View Art District, a historic neighborhood, Manker Pattern Tennis Club, U.T. Chattanooga’s Campus, a rowing center, riverside restaurants and businesses, and many boutique hotels. Chattanooga, a festival music city, hosts many outdoor music events.

Entrance – Free.

Parking – You can get parking at nearby spots on roads or in neighborhoods—paid metered parking.

Hunter Museum of American Art

hunter museum - most romantic things to do in chattanooga

This museum has a fantastic collection of 100 years of architecture and American art from the southeast region. In fact, outside the museum, too, you can spot many exciting sculptures.

This museum is located at the Riverpark and has beautiful views of the garden with Walnut Street Bridge. The building of 1905’s classical revival mansion is now a Hunter Museum of American Art.

Timings – 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Entrance – General $20. Book tickets online (above 17 years)

Chattanooga Choo Choo Historic Railway Station

Romantic things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend

The Chattanooga Choo-Choo Railway station is now a Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Once upon a time, it was a former railroad station owned and operated by the Southern Railway.

In the late 1880s through the early 1900s, Chattanooga, Tennessee, was a significant hub for industrial and passenger railway service in the South USA; therefore, railways were major communication hubs.

After the decline of railways due to the modern automobile industry, and airplanes, this station shut down, and On August 11, 1970, the Birmingham Special was the last train to depart. After that in 1974, this Terminal Station was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered one of Chattanooga’s first historic preservation projects.

This building is spread across 24-acre that has three hotel buildings, five restaurants, a variety of retail shops, tranquil rose gardens, an educational antique trolley ride, a model railroad museum, and historical artifacts. Hotel Guests can stay overnight in beautifully restored authentic sleeper cars and can feel the experience of the wealthiest of passengers traveling during the railroad era.

Entrance – You can visit for free the Train trolleys tour, rose gardens, and station.

Creative Discovery Museum Chattanooga  

what to do in chattanooga with kids

Creative Discovery Museum is a children’s museum located in downtown Chattanooga. It is a unique museum that offers and inspires all to explore, innovate, create, and play. Their exhibits make children curious and educate them about the world with the help of art, visual effects, music, science, and many innovative ways.

Timings – Open every day except Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (through the Spring)

Entrance – $12.95 (discount due to renovations on the first floor)

Read the attraction review of the Creative Discovery museum.

Chattanooga Historic Lane/ Bluff View Art District

Bluff View Art District - things to do in chattanooga Tn
Bluff View Art District

Bluff View Art District overlooking the Tennesse river is a creative heaven. It is a family-owned and operated historic neighborhood with rustic restaurants, quaint coffee houses, art galleries, a historic Bed & Breakfast, and a premier spot for dining.

North Chickamauga Creek

what to do in chattanooga tn this weekend

North Chickamauga Creek is a 7,093-acre natural area located in Hamilton and Sequatchie Counties. It has a deep gorge cut into the sandstone plateau of Walden’s Ridge on the Cumberland Plateau.

What To Do In Chattanooga TN This Weekend

Book Best Tours in Chattanooga TN

things to do in chattanooga tn
Sunset in Chattanooga

Best Camping Spots in Chattanooga TN

  • Raccoon Mountain caverns & Camping Ground
  • Harrison Bay State Park
  • Chester Frost Park Fall camping essentials checklist
  • William’s Maclellan Islands
  • Adventures Unlimited
  • Lookout Mountain / Chattanooga West Koa
  • Cloudland Canyon State Park

As rivers and mountains surround Chattanooga, there are some fantastic nature day trips too. Explore some of the nation’s top venues for rock climbing, road and mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, whitewater rafting, hang gliding, and many more within a short drive from Chattanooga.

Best Scenic Overlooks in and around Chattanooga

Romantic things to do in Chattanooga this weekend

  • Sunset Rock (8 Miles from Downtown)
  • Snooper’s Rock (19 Miles from Downtown)
  • Signal Point (9 Miles from Downtown)
  • Color Blind Viewfinder at Ruby Falls (4 Miles from Downtown)
  • Edward’s Point (11 Miles from Downtown)
  • Point Park (8 Miles from Downtown)

    Best Things To Do In Chattanooga TN This Weekend
    View of Chattanooga

  • Cloudland Canyon(27 Miles from Downtown)
  • Lookout Mountain Flight Park (16 Miles from Downtown)
  • Stringer’s Ridge (2 Miles from Downtown)

Nightlife Options in Chattanooga – Things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend

  • Barking Less Theater
  • The Signal
  • Chattanooga Cigar Club
  • Hi-Fi Clyde’s
  • The Mckenzie Arena
  • The Tivoli Theater

Shopping Options in Chattanooga – Things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend

  • Hamilton Place Mall – Located off Downtown i-75, High-end brands, more than 30 eateries, and restaurants
  • Warehouse Row – Located Downtown – For Boutique, artisanal goods, unique home furnishings, and excellent unique restaurants and shopping.
  • North Shore District – Located in the North shore area full of trendy shops and eateries located in old warehouses.
  • Southside District – A perfect historic Chattanooga Choo Choo background with locally crafted goods and gifts, galleries, quaint, artistic shops, Southside antiques, some locally made treats, and food restaurants.
  • The Chattanooga Market – a weekend market in specific months

Getting Around Chattanooga – Things to do in Chattanooga Tn 

Things to do in Chattanooga tn weekend
Historic Downtown Chattanooga
  • You can walk around the historic and Southside Riverpark regions. Chattanooga has a unique walkable downtown with lots of historic buildings.
  • You can also catch the free electric shuttle, which covers Downtown, Southside District to the Riverfront and connects Northshore and St. Elmo neighborhoods.
  • Bike around – Bike Chattanooga is the first citywide bike share system in the South, which offers 400 cycles at 42 locations throughout the city. You can bike around by booking through this Bike app.

Chattanooga is a vibrant weekend destination with lovely and unique attractions like river parks, caverns, mountain tops, beautiful parks, art & culture museums, nature trails, and many more.

Chattanooga also hosts many exciting events throughout the year and so a lovely place to go for a weekend getaway. You can take a romantic stroll in Tennessee Riverpark with sunset, visit the Hunter Museum of American Art, and enjoy spectacular views from Lookout Mountain. Ruby Falls and viewing 7 seven states from Rock City are the unique things to do in Chattanooga TN this weekend. Now you know what to do in Chattanooga this weekend.

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