Things to do in New York City

New York – City that never sleeps. Vibrant, lively, cheerful and financial/commercial capital of the USA(United States of America). This city lies on the East Coast of US.  New York is the most populated city in USA.  Famous for skylines, theatres, street acts, street food, glittering lights, yellow taxis and commuting system. In this article, I would discuss about Things to do in New York City in summers. New York is fabulous in winters too. Read about NewYork in winters. 

NewYork skyline
NewYork skyline

New York comprises of River Hudson which meets into the Atlantic Ocean.  It is an epicenter of Arts, theatre and dramas. Dining and Shopping capital too.  You can even go for a Gossip Girl tour in NYC. 

As a tourist, I got to see this city only in 4 days which are very less but tried to cover as much as I can. You can also purchase New York Pass to see many sightseeing attractions in one combo deal.  I travelled to NYC from  Dubai via London and it was a very very long journey with a jet lag. So know more about things to do with jetlag in New York City.

Top sights of New York city  | Things to do in New York City

1.)  TIMES SQUARE – It is the major tourist destination, entertainment center, and commercial intersection in the middle of the Manhattan area of New York City. From you get many Bus Tours.

Things to do in New York City
Times Square

Both days and nights are filled with people, entertainment, lights and a nice walk around the place.

Things to do in New York City
Famous Regal theatre of Times Square

 2.)  RIVER CRUISE TO STATUE OF LIBERTY – Take a Hudson River cruise sailing across iconic skylines of New York City, Brooklyn Bridge and across very famous Statue of Liberty.  These cruises tickets are coming as a total package with Bus tours of 5 day Pass also.   Check all deals before booking it.  

Things to do in New York City
Statue of Liberty

3.)  Empire State Building – It is 102 story skyscraper on 5th Avenue, in midtown Manhattan. On 86th and 102nd floor there are observation decks to view the whole city.

Empire State Building
Empire State Building
New York city from top
New York city from the top

4.)  Brooklyn Bridge – It is a hybrid cable/stay Suspension bridge and one of the oldest bridge in the United States.  Read about free things to do in Brooklyn

Things to do in New York City
Brooklyn Bridge

5.)  Museums of New York– As there are many museums in New York, which is impossible to do all in a short time. We chose Madame Tussaud’s (celebrities’ wax statues) and the American Museum of History. American Museum of History is for free and for Madame Tussaud’s there are many deals and offers running on. Also, a huge Q on weekends and public holidays to enter in these famous museums. Or visit to the New York Hall of Science with kids. 

American Museum of History
American Museum of History
Madame Tussaud's
Madame Tussaud’s

6.)  Grand Terminal – It is the world’s largest train terminal with 45 track platforms and 63 tracks. It is a very historic place and preserved like olden style but not also working.  Commonly known as ‘Grand Central Station.’  It is the busiest station. With 60 shops, 35 places to eat, it is a beautiful historic landmark of New York City.

Grand Terminal
Grand Terminal

7.)  St. Patrick’s Cathedral – A very prominent landmark of NYC due to Neo-Gothic styled Roman Catholic Cathedral.  

Things to do in New York City
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

8.)  Unisphere Globe – Located in front of Trump International hotel at Colombus Circle in Manhattan.  


9.)  Charging Bull (Famous Wall Street Bull) – Located at Financial District of New York.  It is a bronze sculpture.  

Charging Bull

Charging Bull

10.)  National September 11 Memorial & Museum – It is a very emotional and sensitive story.  Paying tribute to innocent people who were killed makes your moment very emotional.  

11.)  Night Tour in New York – Lovely city lights and moving traffic makes you believe that this city never sleeps. 

Things to do in New York city
Night Tour in NYC

 12. ) Enjoy Street Art – Walls of Street are decorated with colorful caricatures or cartoons.  Street art of New York City is one of the unique things which is admirable. Don’t forget to check Bushwick Art Collective in Brooklyn.  

13.)  Street shopping and Street Food – New York is famous for food trucks with lip-smacking global cuisine on roads.  Many paintings, belts, caps, sunglasses are available on streets where one can do a good bargain. If you love hot chocolate drink then read more about the Best hot chocolate drinks to keep you warm in New York City. 

14.)  Bryant Park or Central Park – These parks have nice trees and nature lovers will truly love this place. Bryant Park is famous for an open library – read books under trees.  Central Park has amazing greenery amidst hustle and bustle of the city. But you would love Central Park in Fall – best places to see fall colors in NYC.

There are many more places but within 4 days I can cover this many only.  Hopefully, I will stay in NYC for more days to cover more places.  But for a short visit or 24 hours New York city follow this local guide with all major attractions covered. 

Shopping – Macy’s(for branded stuff), Marshalls, JC Penny (for budget shopping) or from Woodbury’s Outlet Mall (on outskirts of NYC) for factory outlets of all luxury stuff. 

Stay Recommendations – People prefer to stay near Times Square as they have many luxury hotels. I stayed at Grand Hyatt Times Square. Read my reviews on this hotel. There are many luxurious stay options in Manhattan NYC which you must check out when visiting NYC. But if you looking at the best value accommodation for your New York trip then read this or read this list of cheap hotels near Times Square in New York.

Read about Detailed Guide to New York City before planning your trip.  New York is very exciting for winter holidays and read for Things to do in New York for the holidays

For other East Coast Tour options in US please visit this page.  There are many famous tourist destinations on East Coast which can be covered by road trip or by air travel. Itinerary for this is on this page. Click to read it.  

Very soon post on Woodbury’s Outlet mall is coming for Shopping Lovers.

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  1. What a great round up of activities for NYC! I admit, I still have not gone to the observation deck of the Empire state building. As your list implies, there is just so much to do in the city.

  2. You certainly managed to get around and cover quite a bit over 4 days. I agree that it would be ideal to stay longer as there is clearly so much to see and do. This is a great post for those that only have a short time as you have covered the most popular things here so well.

  3. New York is truly a wonder for tourists and even locals! There is an endless things to do and even though the topic of ‘things to do in New York City’ might be often discussed in blogs, I’m always curious to see what each person has to say. I love that you listed some of the bucket list items here! I hope to try them out soon if I do get to visit NYC!

  4. What a great list to the most iconic cities of the modern world! All the places you have listed are definitely the most popular one! My favorite one is Times Square for the atmosphere and Statute of Liberty! Also I love to visit Central park! It’s a great respite to the fast life of NY!
    thanks for the lovely post!

  5. I’ve been to NYC twice now, planning a third trip, and there is definitely no way to run out of things to do in the city! Nice round up of some of the most iconic sites. Small note, the Natural History Museum isn’t free exactly, it’s donation based with a suggested donation of $25–but you can pay whatever you feel is appropriate.

  6. NYC!!! Oh, how I love that city! I’m actually visiting New York CIty next month, so this post is so relevant to me! I still need to see the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station! Those iconic places are on the top of my list!

  7. Still haven’t made it to the Big Apple but when I see posts like these, full of vibrant photos and snappy things to do, it definitely tempts me. The place just looks alive! Definitely wanna get to Times Square some day soon and also would love to check out all that street art! 🙂

  8. New York City is by far my favorite city in the entire world! I spent a great part of my childhood in Manhattan – it brings back so many good memories 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Safe travels. – Mariella

  9. The sites you recommend are those who first timers to the city want to see. They are what you see in the movies etc.. especially Time Square, these are what I want to see when I visit there too. Bruce Willis looks so real in your picture!

  10. I am in new york and have already ticked off all these places! And of this list of yours, I would say MET is a must visit but Empire State Building is overhyped and can be missed. Instead one can go to Rockefeller or One world observatory.

    1. It is your perception of overhyped thing. It depends upon person to person. I have viewed my city many times from the tallest tower of the world and find it interesting and new everytime. And here also it was interesting. I never compared the view of tallest tower with this one and enjoyed the moment to fullest. Travelling is to enjoy the moment fullest nor to compare except for services in the hotels. We also had a view from our hotel Grand Hyatt’s terrace in Times Square abd believe me it was the most beautiful one.

  11. I can’t believe I haven’t visited some of these places. Never went to the Empire State building, never took a ferry to the statue of liberty.. Only saw these from a distance! The night tour looks like fun, I always seem to enjoy the city more at night. The lights make the city look so magical.

  12. New York has been on my travel list since the time I was fascinated with traveling the World. Sadly, I still haven’t been able to tick this off my travel list. Perfect guide on things to do in the vibrant city, you have listed down every landmark that makes New York one of the liveliest and most loved cities in the world.

  13. You did cover a lot even for only being there 4 days. I have been wanting to go to New York for years, but never seem to make it there. You covered a great variety of attractions to see while in New York. It would be great to go regardless of how long. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I have been to NYC this time last year and by seeing your pictures , It reminded me of those beautiful 3days spent in Big Apple <3 I just love NYC and I left my heart over there. you covered a good amount of things in 4 days .

  15. Wonderful. I want to visit New York more for its famous vibes than anything else. I have not visited it yet but somehow I feel that it must be as vibrant and culturally rich like other big cities of the world such as Mumbai in India. That said, I am still curious to see Empire State Building and Times Square, thanks to the curiosity piqued by all the Bollywood movies I have seen where they featured it.

    1. Yes it gives a feel of Mumbai because of multi cultural crowd all over. Also local transport is crowded like Aamchi Mumbai’s.

  16. Hi, what a great summary of places to visit in NYC. I’m lucky to have done them all on my visits. It’s made me want to return now though.

  17. Love your photos! I’ve only been to NYC once in my life, and it was at Christmastime with my grandmother. We mainly went there to see an exhibit at the Met and see the tree at 30 Rock. It was amazing and I want to go back!

  18. I would love to visit New York one day and experience all the activities you have highlighted in your post. I have never been higher than the 40th floor of a building so going up the Empire State Building has to be a must. Cruising to see the Statue of Liberty sounds like a great option for a day out as well.

  19. My husband and I absolutely love New York City! Every time we go, we spend time in Central Park, visit museums, and eat our weight in street food. (ps: Have you tried the rice pudding at Rice to Riches? It’s incredible!) The one thing I’ve yet to see that I’d really like to is the 9-11 memorial. Next time. x

  20. St Patrick’s Cathedral and Bryan Park sound interesting to me. I’ve been too many times to NYC, so have seen all the major sights. The food scene however never fails to impress me, always something good to eat!

  21. so jealous, looks like you had an amazing time. Somewhere ive always wanted to visit and I dont know whybI javent yet as I have a cousin who lives in NYC whos a fashion designer

  22. I just love New york city..It is so lively and vibrant..You did cover a lot in your 4 days…Hope u enjoyed it.
    Strangely i have never been to 9/11 memorial. Have to visit this and One World observatory soon..
    Thanks for sharing it..

  23. Looks like you covered all the basics! That’s pretty impressive given you only had 4 days. NYC is a great city. Whenever we visit we always discover something new.

  24. This is such a great compilation of things to do in New York. We missed New York the last time we were in the States but I hope we can go back soon, will be doing so many things from your list then. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  25. It’s been so many years since I went to New York, Your post and photos make me want to go back again right now! I loved how vibrant and bustling NYC is! It never sleeps, especially in Times Square.

  26. I really enjoy New YOrk, there really isn’t one corner of the city that you cant find yourself discovering something new. I love taking the metro when I’m there so I can go visit the different boroughs like SOho, chinatown and queens.

  27. New York is one of the beautiful places I want to visit. Especially in museum of new york and taking trip to River cruise to statue of liberty. I really loved how brillant NYC is.

  28. Looking at those pictures and places now make me thinking of big emotions. We were in NY as our last stop of our 15month round the world trip. And just a few days before we found out that I was pregnant. It was very very cold that time of the year in NY. We were so happy for our futur baby but at the same time very sad of ending our trip.

  29. That’s a cool list! I’m yet to get to USA and I dunno if I’ll get a chance. Till then thanks for this virtual tour. I’ve been to Madame Tussauds in London and it would be fun to see & compare it to NY one. Ofcourse river cruise of Liberty would be awesome to do.

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