Perfect Washington DC Guide (One Day In Washington DC)

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Perfect Washington DC Guide (One Day In Washington DC) – From museums to iconic monuments to American history, you find everything in one of the most important capital cities in the world. 

Washington DC guide - one day in Washington DC
Washington D.C. Guide

Washington DC, formerly known as Washington (District of Columbia) is situated along the Potomac River on the East coast of the U.S… 

I did  Washington Trip during my East Coast Tour in the U.S. and so presenting you Washington DC Guide or know more about different things to do in Washington DC. Washington shares the boundary with three states Virginia, Columbia & Maryland. Read this article to know why Washington DC should be included in your USA bucket list

Read to know more about the best places to visit in Washington DC or how to spend one day in Washington DC.

Washington D.C. Guide
Washington D.C. Guide

Washington has many nicknames Federal City, City of Magnificent Distances, The American Rome, and many more.  It houses many famous museums that have collections in the field of culture, art, science, history, and air space.  Click here to book your Washington DC day tour from New York.

Before visiting this fantastic place, read some helpful 25 tips for first trip to Washington DC

Washington DC Guide | Different Things to do in Washington DC – One Day in Washington DC

UNITED STATES CAPITOL – Washington DC tourist attractions

This building is one of the most famous buildings in the world.  This beautiful dome-faced building houses the US Senate and US House of Representatives.  Free public tours of the US Capitol are available on specific timings and days, which can be checked on the official website.

  Click here to book the US Capitol Building tour and Library of Congress.

Washington D.C. Guide


Landmark building which is an official residence and workplace of US President.  The architecture of this building is Neoclassical style and was constructed in 1792 & 1800.

Washington D.C. Guide
White House


This memorial is built in honor of US President Abraham Lincoln.  It is located at the western end of the National Mall.

Washington D.C. Guide
Lincoln Memorial

The building is built in a Greek-style temple and has a big statue of Abraham Lincoln.  From this location, many famous historical speeches were named “The Second Inaugural Address”,  “I have a Dream,” and many more.


  It is an obelisk in National Mall built to honor George Washington,  U.S.’s first President. It is 555 feet high and the world’s tallest stoned obelisk structure.  

Washington D.C. Guide
Washington Monument


Permanent Home of the Court and built in 1935. It is a National Historic Landmark.

Washington D.C. Guide
United States Supreme Court


It is the nation’s museum which has well-preserved collections, exhibits, and works of art.  It is surrounded by a sculpted garden which was established in 1937.


It holds the largest collection of historic airplanes, and spacecraft and can be considered an Aviation museum.  It possesses the evolution of Airplanes and even the first Wright Brother’s planes.  Many shows run daily which are related to astronomy, space flights, and simulators in this museum. 

Entry to the museum is free but donations are accepted.  For watching shows you need to purchase tickets.  Click here to book your National Air & Space museum tour. 

SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE – Places to visit in Washington DC

It is an institute that forms a group of 19 museums and 9 research centers to increase and diffuse knowledge.  This is a historical building also well known as the castle.  Admissions to all Smithsonian Museum is free. 

There are many museums which are at walkable distances from each other.

Washington D.C. Guide
Smithsonian Institute

PENTAGON – Washington DC things to do

Five-sided structure headquarters of US defense.  

Washington D.C. Guide

NATIONAL MALL | Washington DC tourist attractions

Most visited the national park of America. There are many monuments with reflecting pools and memorials in this park to honor America’s sacrificing heroes and great presidents.

DAY TRIPS FROM WASHINGTON | Washington DC Guide | Different Things to do in Washington DC

There are many more things to do in Washington D.C. but I could manage these top-listed 10 places for 1 day. 

Where to stay in Washington DC ?

Book your hotels in advance by clicking your location below in the map –

My tips for Different Things to do in Washington DC

  1.  Spring to Fall is the best time to visit Washington DC but summers can be really very hot.  If going in summer carry hats and sun protection creams. You can also visit Washington DC during beautiful Cherry Blossoms time in mid-February
  2. Wear comfortable shoes as lots of walking involved in seeing and visiting huge monuments surrounded by parks and gardens.
  3. Parking near the monuments is difficult, so if you are coming by car then leave your car at the hotel or you have to park slightly far. Metro and public Bus services are good options for internal travel. Or check some best things to do in DC by big bus tours.
  4. It is better to book hotel outskirts as hotels near the city center are over-priced and without free car park.
  5. Be prepared for security checks and metal detectors.
  6. Carry loads of bottled water & handy food as there are chances to stand long in Q’s.
  7. Plan ahead for museum entries and their shows.  Though entrance to special monuments is free it requires a lot of time planning.
  8. Don’t try to overdo it because Washington D.C. has so much and not much interest.  Make your top activity list while researching.  We skipped many museums but tried our best to go to Air & Space Museums because my children are Science & Aviation enthusiasts.  
  9. Washington D.C.  is a place for young children as they have many educational, scientific, and historic things to get indulged into.  Read more about Top things to do in Washington D.C. with kids. 
  10. Take a twilight tour of this city as all iconic monuments look wonderful. Click here to book Twilight evening tour bus tour. 
  11. If you are visiting Washington state then check the scenic Amtrak train trip journeys. 

There is much other worth visiting cities of the US, which I have toured during East Coast Tour of U.S.




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  1. We were surprised at how much we found to see and do when we visited Washington DC. We did get to visit the Air and Space Museum. But wished we had more time to visit the other great museums. We have never done day trips from here so good to know there are a few good ones.

  2. I love visiting DC! Being the capital, the city is filled with fabulous monuments and museums but it’s still a very manageable city to walk around and admire the architecture.

  3. Such a nice post! I always want to visit Washington DC, and this guide just makes me wanna go more! I haven’t been to the U.S. yet, but surely I cannot miss the U.S. Capitol and White House….Great websites! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have listed down all the important monuments of Washington DC that one must visit atleast once during their trip to the capital. I haven’t explored the US so this is going to be of huge help when I plan my trip in the future. It would be a dream come true to explore the city that has so much influence on the world!

  5. Such a nice post! I always want to visit Washington DC, and this guide just makes me wanna go more! I haven’t been to the U.S. yet, but surely I cannot miss the U.S. Capitol and White House.

  6. I haven’t been to USA yet, but would love to visit someday. The places in Washing DC are on my list. I would love to see each one historical building in city though. Lovely post.

  7. I LOVE Washington DC! I haven’t been in five years at least – Great post, you’ve mentioned all the main attractions and things not to miss in this beautiful city with rich history and lots of new happenings every day. My favorite landmark is, by far, the White House – Did you know the government is going to close the pathway for visitors that allows us to observe the building from the fence?

  8. I would love to take the public tour of US Capitol. Though the history of America is relatively new but is still intriguing. I didn’t know it was built to resemble a Greek style temple. Now when I look at it carefully, I did find many similarities. Interesting indeed.

  9. Being one of the most important capitals of the world, Washington DC really has a lot going on for it. I have always loved how grand it is and from an American point of view, there is so much history, especially political, that is evident in every direction. Thanks for such a detailed post and all the pointers.

  10. Never got a chance to explore the American continent yet! Let’s see what future has in store for me. Esp after the Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, exploring US Capitol has been in my wishlist!

  11. When I worked in Virginia a while ago, I was super excited to visit DC. I had seen enough movies to get excited. It did not disappoint. In particular, I liked the Lincoln statue and the obelisks.

  12. I’m currently in Latin America but hope to visit Washington DC one day! I’d have to make sure I visit in the summer though. Thanks for the inside info!

  13. When visiting the US, I would hope to visit Washington DC. It would be just cool to see the White House and other historical buildings in the city. I love the mix of the old and new attractions and most especially the historically important ones.

  14. I can imagine nowadays the security checks around this area! Still it keeps us safe. The monument I’d most like to photograph and see is the Lincoln Memorial, this has been in so many iconic movies. Thinking about it so have most of the Washington DC monuments.

  15. It’s been many years since I was in DC, and I remember seeing many of these places. The Smithsonian building is incredible, I love all those colours. I agree that spring and autumn are the best months to visit, summer is too hot!

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