Best Istanbul Itinerary 4 Days ( 4 Days In Istanbul )

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Read Istanbul Itinerary 4 days – 4 days in Istanbul with detailed things to do in Istanbul, hotels in Istanbul, and useful information.

Best Istanbul Itinerary 4 Days
Historic skyline of Istanbul, turkey with monuments & colorful houses

Istanbul, a bi-continental city, is a unique city in the world due to its location. This city lies at the confluence of two continents, so it has a fantastic amalgamation of two cultures. These two cultures and historical vibes have formed a unique character of this city, which you can see in the city’s lifestyle, architecture, food, dress, and markets. 

Istanbul In Pictures - Istanbul Itinerary 3 days Photography Tour
Want to have famous pomegranate juice in Istanbul?

Turkey is a popular holiday destination; hence, if you plan your Istanbul itinerary in advance, you can enjoy the most.

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Istanbul Itinerary 4 Days – 4 Days In Istanbul

DAY 1 in Istanbul

  • Head to Hagia Sophia (Public Transport – 1st ride)
  • You can use Hagia Sophia Fast Track Entry Ticket issued with Istanbul Welcome Card. Best Istanbul Itinerary 4 Days - 4 days in Istanbul
  • After that, visit Blue Mosque Tour (Free Entry).
  • Take the City tour by Tram and return to Taksim square (Use of Public Transport-2nd ride)
  • Stroll across Istiklal Street and Taksim Square for nightlife, and then head back to your hotel at Taksim Square.
  • Day 1 ends here.  Istanbul In Pictures - Istanbul Photography Tour

DAY 2 in Istanbul

  • Take Public transport (3rd ride) and visit Topkapi Palace. Then see Basilica Cistern, just walking distance from it on the other side of the road. Use fast-track entry issued by Istanbul Welcome Card. 

    Best Istanbul Itinerary 4 Days - 4 days in Istanbul
    Basilica Cistern

  • Take the Sultanahmet Square tour on foot for historical and cultural.
  • Take Vegetarian Turkish Lunch at an authentic Turkish Restaurant in Sultanahmet at Almedar Restaurant near Gulhane Tram station. Guide To Vegetarian Turkish Food – Complete Istanbul Food Tour
  • Go Shopping in a historic town as it has some beautiful options.
  • Return to Galata Tower for an evening view by Public Transport(4th ride).  
  • Stroll across rainbow steps near Galata Tower, Istiklal street, and then back to the hotel on foot. Dinner at Istiklal street

    Best Things To Do In Beautiful Istanbul City Tour – A Complete Istanbul itinerary
    Colorful restaurants in Galata neighborhood

DAY 3 in Istanbul

  • Early Morning – Visit the Galata tower top(Extra Ticket) to view the whole city. You can walk to Galata tower from Taksim Square.

    Best Things To Do In Beautiful Istanbul City Tour – A Complete Istanbul Guide
    View from the top of Galata Tower

  • Trip to Balat for Colorful houses and quirky cafes by Public Transport-Bus (5th ride). Best Things To Do In Beautiful Istanbul Itinerary – A Complete Istanbul Guide
  • Back to Sultanahmet(6th ride) for Lunch at the same Turkish restaurant.
  • Evening Sunset Bosphorus Cruise – Use Fast track entry ticket through Istanbul Welcome Card – 90 minutes cruise.
  • Take public transport(7th ride) to catch the Whirling Dervish Ceremony evening show at Hodja Pasha Cultural Center(Extra Ticket). Click here to book the Whirling Dervish ceremony show.
  • After the show, we had dinner with a view of Istanbul at the quirky café of Glamour Lounge.
  • Return to the hotel by Public transport(8th ride).

    Istanbul itinerary - Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
    Bosporus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

DAY 4 in Istanbul 

  • Walk along Istiklal Street and Galata Tower neighborhood from the hotel.
  • Take a tram(9th ride) to reach Grand Bazaar for shopping. Istanbul itinerary 4 days - 4 days in Istanbul
  • After Grand Bazaar, have vegetarian Turkish Lunch at a local Turkish restaurant at Sultanahmet.
  • After Lunch, go back to Istiklal street by public transport. (10th ride).
  • Take Red colored vintage tram at Istiklal street, which is included in the Public transport Card. Istanbul welcome card has a balance for ten rides. 

    Istanbul In Pictures - Istanbul Itinerary Photography Tour
    Let’s take a look of interesting markets and Bazaars of Istanbul through iconic Tram from Istikilal Street

How to commute inside Istanbul city? – Istanbul Itinerary 

  • Click to book airport transfers to and fro.
  • Take public transport like tram, metro, bus, funicular, and cable car. They are safe for tourists with standard precautions.
  • You can also use the ferry to go to another side of Istanbul and enjoy the stunning view of this lovely city.
  • Book a taxi by Uber. 
  • There are regular taxis too, but then there can be language problems, and they can ask you for any amount, so better to reserve through official channels.
  • All tourist places are well connected by public transport, and you can buy bulk rides by magnetic card – Istanbulkart, which is also cost-friendly.
  • Also, you can book some fantastic walking tours in Istanbul.

Fall in love with beautiful Istanbul – a silhouetted city with a confluence of many cultures, a bi-continental city of Eurasia where West meets East.

Istanbul itinerary 4 days - Istanbul Itinerary 3 days

Now you know how to plan your 4 days in Itinerary with the best Istanbul Itinerary 4 days covering attractions, shopping, nightlife, culinary tours, and all best of Istanbul. You can also plan an Istanbul itinerary 3 days by doing a historical tour of Sultanahmet in one day. If you are planning an Istanbul itinerary 5 days, then add a day trip to Bursa. Or visit the Gallipoli island tour from Istanbul on your 5th day on the Istanbul city tour.

Turkey Itinerary 5 days Video

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