Best California Instagram captions – Quotes About California

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California – the Golden state of the United States of America, is blessed with a wonderful coastline, national parks, lakes, deserts, giant trees, colorful beach towns, and incredible history. All travelers and nature photographers dream of visiting California, so this destination has many Instagrammable posts. So let’s read some cool, funky, cute, and lovable California Instagram captions. 

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California Instagram captions
Pic Courtesey – Anas Hinde, Pexels

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Best California Instagram captions

  • Living my best live in California.
  • California hair, don’t care.
  • Follow me to California.
  • California Dreamin.
  • California is always a good idea.
  • I left my heart in California.
  • A golden state of mind.
  • California is where my heart is.
  • California vibes.
  • California bound
  • Seizing the day in California
  • California, be mine
  • Come, fall in love with California
  • California is calling me  California Instagram captions
  • Where Party never ends
  • California = Fun + Frolic
  • Eat, Sleep, Breathe…… California
  • Feel California
  • California, where every day is Sunday.
  • Where Palms kiss the colorful sky
  • Hooray for Hollywood
  • Traveling California was so beautiful, it was a Big Sur-prise 

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  • I’m Sur I’ve never seen a place this beautiful


Cute California Instagram captions
Pic Courtesy – Roberto Nickson (Pexels)
  • Cali Girl
  • California chica
  • California girl
  • West coast Babe
  • Cali Babes
  • Cali Chill Chicas

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Good California Instagram captions

  • California, I sea you.
  • Palm trees and ocean breeze.
  • My favorite color is sunset.
  • The West Coast is the best coast!
  • I love you to the pier and back.
  • Love you till Infinity
  • Salt air, cool breeze, and adventure in my soul.
  • Something beautiful is on the horizon.
  • Nothing comes close to the Golden coast. California Instagram captions
  • Palm trees and ocean breeze.
  • I love you to the pier and back.
  • My favorite color is sunset.
  • The West Coast is the best coast!
  • Salt air, cool breeze, and adventure in my soul.
  • More Pacific Ocean, please best beach near San Diego Beautiful & Prettiest beaches In California - Best Beaches In California 
  • Sun, Sand & Surf
  • Cali = Wild Hair + Sun Tan
  •  Soul full of sunshine.
  • West coast babe
  • Raised by waves
  • Where Mountain meets the ocean.
  • Beach bums and setting suns.
  • Sunsets & palm trees
  • My favorite color is sunset
  • Twilight + Beach = Perfection.
  • Sun kissing ocean. Beach touching bum.
  • Dreams are made of sand and sunsets.
  • All you need is California sunset.
  • Sunsets and oceans. It’s what I do.
  • California’s Weather = magnificent + colourful sky + bright day

California instagram captions

After visiting California, I still have California in my dreams as the magic of that place always enchants you. Now you know what to write when you post reels, stories, or posts on Instagram about California. So follow me on Instagram at #travelwithme24x7 and let’s plan #Californiaroadtrip.

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best California instagram captions best California instagram captions best California instagram captions

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